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Events: The 2013 ‘A3C Festival’ Blasts Off in Atlanta This Week!


A3C, the largest Hip-Hop festival in the United States, is this week (starting Wednesday, October 2nd)! That’s a reminder for the two or three of you who are not already amped about it. Have you got your passes yet? If not, a word… HURRY (and get the all-access, five-day pass…best value)!

Have you SEEN the lineup of events, appearances, and happenings for this year’s A3C? I mean, besides the dopeness that will be the True School Cypher hosted by our own JayForce & Fort Knox (see earlier post), A3C encompasses a spectrum of entertainment and cultural experiences – education, film, style, pro-audio, art, technology, gaming, sports, break-dance and more.

The lineup? Oh, I dunno… just the likes of Ghostface Killah, Questlove, Bun B, Too Short, ScHoolboy Q, A$AP Ferg, Talib Kweli, Meek Mill, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Young Guru… (more). Man, enough said. We’ll see you there; in person if you’re coming to the True School Cypher or any number of events from Wednesday through Sunday.

StaHHr Talks About The Upcoming ‘ATL True School Cypher’ During the A3C Festival And Intros A Few Of Her Cypher Mates (Video)

“Hip-Hop is supposed to be FUN… we’re going to make it fun again!”

- StaHHr

Atlanta’s A3C Hip Hop Festival is coming back to Atlanta (Georgia, USA) again this year! Raquel aka RAQ of Dead End Hip Hop takes us inside for what promises to be one of many great showcase events – The ATL True School Cypher! Click play to get a sample of what you’ll get when you get there October 2, 2013. Co-hosted by Jayforce

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Rich Kidd Gets It Crackin’ In Canada During The Caribana Festival (Video)

Ghana-by-way-of-Toronto rapper/producer Rich Kidd goes up to North North America for a work-cation – ending up at Canada’s Caribana parade, but not before doing some studio work with Young Guru, doing some stage time, and visiting The Remix Project (a community center for kids interested in music and film).

But the Kidd finally does get to the festival of fine women, and he gets it in. Chatting, partying… running amok on the streets… horsing around so wild he manages to break his ankle (different spin on “break a leg, Kidd to be certain). Now, you might think laughter is the best medicine; but check out the medical ASS-istance Rich Kidd gets instead. Crazy!


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Best of Both Worlds: Hip-Hop & Rock Mashup Live Event (Trailer)

From the folks that bring you the ‘Welcome 2 Atlanta’ Concert Series we get another epic event:

Best of Both Worlds: Hip-Hop & Rock Mashup will feature such Hip-Hop and Rock bands as New Fad Zoo, Howling Star, iNDEED, The Weirdos, and Mr. Black and Hip-Hop artist’s Naj Murph, Space Suit Junkies, Da Public’s Eye, and Trayon Pass. The host will be the animated, live and direct, well-known Fort Knox with sounds by the one and only DJ Mike Mars.’

Doors open 8 PM eastern time on Friday, August 23, 2013 at The Basement (at the Graveyard), East Atlanta Village, 1245 Glenwood Avenue SE, Atlanta (GA, USA). Discount advance tickets available now at (FREE copy of the “Best of Both Worlds” mixtape with purchase).

For more information, contact SouthEastern Concerts (SEC) at

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Nas Talks Hip-Hop’s Presence In Fashion & Culture and Gives His Response To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse (Video)

Check out Nas’ response to Kendrick Lamar

‘My response is “Wow, I love Hip-Hop right now.’

Miss Info, as an adept interviewer, tries to pull more from Nasir on the current “Control” verse controversy. But Nas is appropriately terse. Answers on that topic, and Hip-Hop’s influence and place in fashion and culture, were pointed and polite. You get the feeling that, toward the end of the clip, Nas is more ready to party than to answer more questions. Let’s go, Miss Info!

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The ‘Welcome 2 Atlanta’ Concert Series Stage Set To Premier Artists (Video), Southeastern Concerts, DDB Entertainment, and We Got This Entertainment bring you the ‘Welcome 2 Atlanta’ Concert Series hosted by Maurice Garland. Go. It’s where you will see Atlanta’s “next up” talent. You know… folks like Cyhi the Prince (who was on the bill for the inaugural event), held for the 2012 BET’s Hip-Hop Awards’ Pre-Show Party), Trinidad James, Sean Falyon (S.F.B.E.), Ducko McFli, Scotty ATL, iNDEED and more. Check out the footage above for Scotty’s event. Milling around in the crowd are Hip-Hop heavyweights like Big K.R.I.T. and DJ Jelly.

‘We will continue to use this concert series to showcase the new and dopest artists from the city.’


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BET Experience 2013 ‘No Guns Allowed’ Panel Discussion With Host MC Snoop Lion (Video)

Incredible panel discussion held by the League of Young Voters, BET and Snoop Lion entitled “No Guns Allowed: Disarming Violence in Our Community.” This was a roundtable dialogue on the impact of gun violence in America filmed over the BET Experience 2013 weekend in Los Angeles.

Roundtable Host: Dr. Rob “Biko” Baker, League of Young Voters Executive Director
Panelists: Snoop Lion, T.I., Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), H.E.L.P.E.R. Foundation Executive Director Melvyn Hayward Jr., writer and director of the critically-acclaimed movie on gun violence “Fruitvale Station” Ryan Coogler and New Generation Foundation Executive Director Brandon T. Jones.

A short, but powerful recap everyone should watch.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff – The Do-Over L.A. 05-19-2013 (Mixtape)


DJ Jazzy Jeff’s does a two-hour set at the Do-Over L.A. for the Los Angeles Day party. Skillz on the mic. Get the party mix for FREE at the download link below.


Live Event: Nik Wallenda to ‘Skywalk’ Across the Grand Canyon Tonight (Trailer)

Tonight at 8pm eastern time, Nik Wallenda is going to walk across the @#$!ing Grand Canyon… LIVE… no harness, no tether, no safety net!

‘What kind of person attempts to walk across the Grand Canyon without a harness?’

- Discovery Channel

It’s too easy to answer: “A crazy person.” Instead, watch the trailer above and the bonus clip after the jump. Then, watch the skywire event tonight.

- @ojones1

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The Roots Picnic 2013 (Video)

‘This is probably our most successful picnic.’ – ?uestlove, The Roots

And the above video mush-up packs The Roots Picnic 2013 experience into a capsule with less than 3 minutes total run time. Take a deep breath and click play. Focus! Among the appearances: DJ Premier, Hit-Boy, Solange, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Meek Mill… Joey Bada$$ (sure)… Trinidad James (what?!)…

And without spoiling it… let’s just say Naughty By Nature found a way to ‘make it work.’ (Remember the last post on them?)


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Rakim Performs at CityParks Brooklyn SummerStage 2013 (Video)

Somebody will sneak a camera into a live performance venue and bring footage out to the masses. That’s just how we do. Well, they did; and here it is just for you: Rakim rocking live at CityParks Brooklyn SummerStage 2013, presented by Lyricist Lounge and the NYC Parks Department. Extra special bonus footage after the jump.

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J. Cole Explains Events Leading Up To Recording ‘Let Nas Down’ Song (Video)

Footage (part 1 above) from J. Cole’s listening session for his “Born Sinner” album in New York. Before pushing play, Cole gave the background story behind one of the tracks on the album, “Let Nas Down.” Part 2 after the jump.

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Red Bull Music Academy Guest Lecturer: Q-Tip (Video)

Above: Q-Tip (of the famed Golden Era group A Tribe Called Quest) speaking at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York. This episode of the Red Bull Music Academy’s lecture series gives us two hours of content featuring Leader Quest / emcee / producer / DJ.

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6th Annual Roots Picnic Mixtape By DJ Cosmo Baker


“Official 2013 Roots Picnic Mixtape” is a helluva stamp of approval for a mix. Cosmo Baker’s “Picnic Mix” starts with “Full Clip” from the late great Guru and DJ Premier (Big L rest in peace’)… and peppers in audio cameos (Vin & Treach of Naughty By Nature, Robert Glasper, and others) throughout. By the way, the 6th Annual Roots Picnic goes down June 1, 2013 in Philadelphia (PA, USA).
Check for more info. Go get the track list and FREE download below.

Wisdom From Harry Belafonte at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction for Public Enemy (Video)

Icon/artist/actor/activist Harry Belafonte did the movie “Beat Street” (that’s right). A supporter of the Hip-Hop Culture from way back then! So, listen to the OG speak on PE and more in this vid. Respect!

‘In this clip, Harry Belafonte, who helped induct Public Enemy into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, shares his views on rock and rap, the growth of Hip-Hop, favorite rock artists and connecting with younger generations.’

- Backstage at the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

Belafonte’s mission of changing the universe should be OUR mission, too!

(The 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on HBO Saturday, May 18.)

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Pete Rock – 60 Minute Boiler Room Mix at The W Hotel NYC (Video)

Dope! Footage from the Do Not Disturb event at the W Hotel, New York City USA. Video courtesy Boiler Room TV. Watch and listen to the mixing by legendary DJ Pete Rock! Get the audio download for FREE below.


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Free Event: One Love Wednesday


Young Guru Speaks On Piracy vs. Invention in Hip-Hop (Video)

Young Guru has mixed most of Jay-Z’s albums over the years. He has been Jay-Z’s tour D.J. for years. Safe to say he knows a thing or two about Hip-Hop. Well, the NY Hip-Hop aficionado goes in-depth on the thin line between piracy and invention in the genre.

“When we study hip-hop we are actually studying the history of piracy. If we go back and study all piracy, we see that most things that were created in the world are a remix of something else.”

- Young Guru

Now, don’t let that quote make you defensive Hip-Hop heads. Watch as Young Guru takes us on a journey of modern human history referencing the history of Hip-Hop to show how our ‘remixing’ things in industry over time is good for all overall… we just have to address some tough questions of who owns what, who should should get paid, what we consider ‘piracy’ (versus ‘new creation’) and more. Very interesting.

It has been said that ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ Play the video clip above, and watch more after the jump, to get Young Guru’s application of that in the study of Hip-Hop.

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Raekwon “Lost Jewelry” EP Listening Party In NYC (Video)

The above clip is video captures Raekwon’s Listening Party for “The Lost Jewlry” EP held at PNC Radio. Saw some things: Several sponsors recognized at the end (money). Chef received well among the crowd of well-wishers gathered (power) and on the mic where he admonished the up-and-coming emcees to NOT to think too highly of themselves (respect). Check it out.
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KarmaLoop TV Covers First Ever Global Spin Awards (Video)

Carissa Rossi, of KarmaLoop TV, goes to the first ever Global Spin Awards. She interviews Sway (who hopes this event blows up to be the Grammys for DJs), DJ Drama, Karen Civil, DJ Premier, DJ Statik Selektah, Fred the Godson, and more. The video captures chit-chat about life as a DJ and what the awards show means to those interviewed.
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