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4-IZE – “Beware” (Freestyle) [Video]

Full disclosure: I should have BEEN sharing these dope azz 4-IZE freestyles off Facebook. My bad. I apologize.

Dude is straight FIRE with the rhymes, and the fact that he just decided to walk into Inman Park Public Library and start recording and posting these is the best crazy. Enjoy the flows and follow my bredren please. He. Spits. FLAMES!

I gave you fair warning…


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Arsonal | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #116 (Video)

GeeeeeYOTdam! Arsonal is a lyrical assassin… with a LOT of weapons and shots for WHOEVER want it! And he calls names in this no-let-up bar show he put on for Funk Flex.

Got so heated in there that Flex had to take the last couple of minutes to ‘de-escalate’ the situation. RAW!!!


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Mad Squablz – “Rubbing Off The Paint” (Remix)

Been a minute since I have had occasion to post on Squablz. But I found a couple of gems from dude. First of all, this! Lyricism so acidic, his rhymes are “Rubbing Off The Paint” people!!


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Chris Rivers – “I’m Litty Too”

Hey. Rivers got something to say…

Chris Rivers responds to Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas beef with his own freestyle called “I’m Litty Too” where Chris flexed his lyrical abilities and states why he should be regarded as one of the Earth’s greatest when it comes to rapping. He doesn’t wanna be left out of the conversation and clearly when it comes to lyricists, he shouldn’t be.


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Drink Champs: Talib Kweli x Dead Prez (Video)

Talib Kweli AND Dead P-r-e-z on Drink Champs… MAKE SOME NOISE! They have been making noise in the political discourse and conscious rap lanes.

Talib Kweli & Dead Prez came through for Happy Hour with the #DrinkChamps N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN. During this 2 hour session, they discuss “conscious rap,” Hip-Hop going corporate, Mos Def being deported, the state of their longtime friend Kanye West, book trading & more.
– Revolt TV

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50 Cent Almost… ALMOST… Offered The L.O.X. $1.5 Million Each To Sign With G-Unit (Video)

Not 100% sure how to judge the outcome of this. What do you think? Fif chose not to sign an act that he was once hyped enough to lay down 1.5 milly on? Could be seen as a very sharp turn on a very thin dime… then again, he had raw cold beef [nothing sweet, no ketchup, uncooked] with Ja Rule sooooo…

50 Cent Wanted to Sign The L.O.X. to G-Unit For $1.5 Million Each But Ja Rule Record Ruined It

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Smoke DZA – “Get You Some” feat. Buddy (Prod. By Austin Powerz x Jacob Reske)

Plenty of dope music out here if you know where to check for it… and you do, because are here (good for you)! Like this Smoke DZA single “Get You Some” (featuring Buddy) from his “Free Smoke” EP.


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Meek Mill – “Uptown Vibes” feat. Fabolous x Anuel AA

Meek ‘dogged this beat like he was Cujo’… and then Fabo and Anuel AA jumped on the track and kicked it while it was down. A lyrical beat down, in a couple dialects. Plus that beat though!


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Anderson .Paak Speaks On ‘First Times’: Old Girlfriends, Blind Dating, And The Free Nationals (Video)

Pretty good interview. Plus, relatively short and sweet.

The FADER invited Anderson .Paak to come by the studio to take a look back at his humble beginnings on the drums at a church, the first memorable job he had, and a blind date to Olive Garden that ended before it even started. He ends his trip down memory lane with the first time he knew he could rock with the Free Nationals and the story behind creating “Suede” off of his ‘Yes Lawd!’ album with Knxwledge.

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Apollo Brown x Joell Ortiz – “Grace Of God” (Video)

Smooth boom-bap beat excellence meets megalomaniacal wordplay! This is Hip-Hop!

From the album “Mona Lisa,” Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz present “Grace Of God” (featuring DJ Los).


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Ras Kass – “Smoke Break” (Joyner Lucas Diss) [Prod. By Simplex]

Sooooo… do we file this under “keep my name out’cha mouth” or “all love, but barz as f**k!” No matter. There are not many rappers out there that really want it with Ras. And Ras is trying to hold Joyner Lucas up as an example of someone who wants NONE in this rhyme.


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RIM – “Slumble Pie” (Prod. By Stainless Art) [Video]

Duck Down with another hot property putting out a heat rock chipped off a lava boulder! This “Slumble Pie” ain’t nothing sweet. Definitely off the old block though… the street block. Available now on the “D.O.A.” album from RIM. Album produced entirely by Stainless Art.


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The Diplomats – “On God” feat. Belly (Prod. By MurdaBeats) [Video]

Interesting style changeup for The Dips. Got some new school bounce to the flows, but still The Dipset essence in there. Give a spin around the block (on iTunes now, if you actually want to download and take this new Dip to the whip roll around the block and play it).



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Tisha Campbell & Tichina Arnold Speak On The Struggle To Get Work Back In The Day And Working Together On The Soul Train Awards (Video)

Oh. Okay then! It goes down (or up, depending on how she ‘looks’ at it) in the DM’s for Tisha!

Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold Talk Dating, Friendship and The Soul Train Awards
Sway’s Universe

Tisha AND Tichina, on the show together, working it out as only they can.

(Whaaaa? Tichina on some f**k ’em, suck ’em, and duck ’em out here, too. Keep playing T & T. Y’all gone get that f-s-d ‘work’ you are looking for!)

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Black Thought – “Streams Of Thought” (Vol. 2) [EP]

Basic literary rules… if there is a Volume 1, there should at least be a Volume 2. Black Thought, lyrical literary genius, in turn, followed his first “Streams Of Thought” with a Vol. 2 (produced by Salaam Remi). Check the stream for more dopeness…


Stetsasonic’s Daddy-O Says Rakim Lied (Video)

Rakim…Is he the greatest emcee? No.

(Insert that disturbing record scratch sound here.)

Now, I am Stetsa Crew loyal for LIFE! Love Stetsasonic. So, I can admit to being torn about this. But not so much; need to hear who Daddy-O is thinking is #1. Besides, the throne is not truly the throne if it cannot be challenged. Word to Wakanda. The title of ‘greatest’ or ‘best’ or whatever MUST be able to be called into question if we are going to acknowledge or crown any royalty in Hip-Hop.

And that’s not even the controversy here. It’s the allegation that the G.O.D.M.C. lied. Watch and see exactly how Stet frontman Daddy-O says Rakim Allah lied…


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AceQuared – “Be Someone” (Prod. By The Glowsticks)

Dope smoothness! Don’t know much about AceQuared right now, but my eyes are open and my ear is on the highway (as in Internet… Superhighway… because… nevermind, it was an old reference)! I do know that Abdullah “AceQuared” Abdulhadi is a rapper/singer/songwriter from Amman, Jordan, based in Toronto, Canada; because that is what his social info says. Spotify shows that he is being heard in Ontario, Germany, and in the U.S. (Los Angeles & Chicago). However, that footprint should grow if he keeps hitting bloggers inboxes as hard as he has been hitting ours. There have actually been several submissions, but there are only so many hours in our days. I finally got to take a good listen, and I am betting you will enjoy this “Be Someone” if you take a listen, too. One time for persistence!

“Be Someone” is an ode to home, for me home is where the heart is! It has a nice chill beat with motivating lyrics to go with it. “Be Someone” was released last week and has already been added to multiple radio stations, playlists and blogs across North America.



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Jill Scott Calls In To Speak On Her Recent Display Of ‘Skills On The Mic’ Going Viral (Video)

If you are looking for an apology for her flexing her extra sexy on stage recently (see here, again), Jill Scott does NOT have it for you. Sucka!

No need to apologize to me, at all, by the way, Jill. In fact, I want more… Wait what? No more shows for a while because WHAT?? Aw maaaan 🙁

Well, we understand. Tell Joe Budden all about it.


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Illa J – “Enjoy The Ride” (Prod. By Calvin Valentine) [Video]

Let the music set you free. Just relax and enjoy the vibe…

Singing that thing, ain’t he?

Another one of them bangers from one of them Yancey boys. This is by John aka Illa J, and the title is “Enjoy The Ride.” Album due out later this month, but you can pre-order via iTunes (linked below) now.


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Meek Mill – “Oodles O’Noodles Babies”

Meek is not just out here walking them dogs… he’s MUSHING ’em! With an album dropping soon, there can be no let up. The songs have to hit home and hit hard. Just like this “Oodles O’Noodles Babies” joint #Philly #Banger


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