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RJ Payne – “Ski’d Up” feat. Freeway (Prod. By Ski Beatz)

Let’s f**king GO!

Damn right! When RJ and Freeway get it in with the lyrical wordplay, quite frankly, it is not a game! Neither of these dudes play when it comes to the BARZ! Good collab for both of them on this “Ski’d Up” track. Ski Beatz is responsible for the Ski‘ing (HA)!


– @ojones1

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Jadakiss – “Angels Getting Pedicured” feat. 2 Chainz

Such and such for looking for you… for what?? You never gone see me… I don’t wanna conversate.

Jason and 2 CHAAAAAINZ!!! The line-up ought to let you know. The emcees on this jawn “Angels Getting Pedicured” and, of course, “Ignatius”… Yeah, you already know!

And that butter-smooth piano beat too though! Wooooosaaah!

“Ignatius” is out now!


– @ojones1

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Run The Jewels – “Yankee And The Brave” (Ep. 4)

I’mma have your whole block hot as a sauna all summer!
And I put that on Osama and my motherf**king momma!


Hard BARZ on a driving beat, with no let-up! Unmitigated gall and summer melon-sized balls right to the end; where Mike slid out on ’em to fight another day, taking out a kid-killing cop on the way out!

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Pounds & Flee Lord Speak On Griselda, Weight Loss, Jay-Z And New Music (Video)

Went from Pounds to half Pounds.

Pounds’ new project ‘Trafficante’ is out now for the getting! Here is Pounds and Flee Lord talking about their life journeys, the music their cooking up, getting in with Griselda, losing weight lots of weight, then tapping a connect for cash inflow… from a deal with Beyond Meat! Talk about a grind! And they talk about it all, and more, with Rosenberg on Real Late.


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Cassidy – “Coronavirus” (Freestyle) [Video]

Just remember that COVID only 19. It ain’t grown yet #BARZ

So. We know what Cass Larsiny is doing to make it through the Coronaviral Era we are in. Shiiiid… what he has ALWAYS done: Bless us with his blessed fire BARZ!! Fire spit is the holy water! Man, these artists are out here put that good work out there #Salute #NoBeerRuns #NoWorries #CassidysBarzStillOpen

Cassidy aka Da Hustla steps up to the plate to rap about the number one topic in the world … the Coronavirus/Covid-19.

Peep game as Cass lines this sh!t up.

Follow Cassidy @cassidy_larsiny

– PaperChaserDotCom

Dear other rappers: Feed us more information bars ASAP! All we picked up from the grocer is bread and milk. And we are tired of French toast. We need that nourishment… information, insight… Come on y’all. Dig deep and serve your people. The Nation is hungry for KNOWLEDGE, delivered with SKILL. Like the man said: Now that the clubs are closed down, it’s time to bar it up!! #RealHipHopPlease


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Rockness Monsta – “Winners Circle”

I’m Michael J with a Fox and she’s so Bad!

How do you think Rock got to where he got? He got out there to find it, grind it, and shine it. Rinse and repeat. And as you hear, dude’s sword is still sharp. He is still out there, getting it out the mud. The path to the “Winners Circle” is NOT pretty. At all!

(Mud? Maybe more like ‘out the bog.’ That sword grind – like, forging a sword from bog ore – has been around for a long time. See how got out there to get it – meaning ore out of the bog – back, back, BACK in the day here.) #BecauseImGettingItOutTheBog #BecauseImANerd #ImAGrimyGeek


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Performance: Freddie Gibbs – “Cataracts” (Video)

Whatever Gibbs has got going on while trying to make it through this Coronaviral Era now thrust upon us, I think he will be okay. And we will be okay. His ‘lock in’ at the house is probably not as much a lock down as a chill out (because smoking on that good ‘script’). But before going in, Crtl let the man in to bless their mic and spit on his Rx for them “Cataracts” (HA)!


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Curren$y x Fendi P – “Swang” (Video)

Lookit. Any hate you got for Jet Life will not fly over here. It will not even get to board on standby. And no hate in the overheads; can’t even check it (as I might have otherwise suggested). Because hatred is just too caustic to allow around while the rest of us are catching flights. So just keep it to yourself if you got any, because I am giving all Jet Life music out there a long look, esp. if Curren$y is involved #RespectDue #RespectEarn

Okay, thank you for letting me rant that on out. Just wanted to head off haters at the gore. Here is more reason to check for Jet Life like I do. This “Swang” is off that “Smokin’ Potnas” album (out now).



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JR Writer – “Pedigree” (Prod. By Boger) [Video]

I’d ask who wants the smoke from JR Writer, but the only ones that’d say “yes” would (1) have no idea of the “Pedigree” this guy has or (2) would already be too busy heating up a mic with more fire rhyming that a li’l bit… too busy to answer a rhetorical question like that.


– @ojones1

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DJ Kay Slay – “Growing Up In These Streets” feat. AZ x Raekwon x Ghostface Killah (Video)

DJ Kay Slay really pulled something special together here. And the effort in pushing his new EP titled “Living Legend” is readily apparent; the way the hits keep coming like this.

Check out the second official visual off of [the new EP] called “Growing Up In These Streets” featuring Ghostface Killah, AZ and Raekwon.
– PaperChaserDotCom



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Bishop Nehru – “Too Lost” (Prod. By DJ Premier) [Video]

Sick! And not because dude’s visuals takes rhyming off the top a wee bit, waaaay bit, too too far (severed head much? yeezus)… But because he’s got bars AND he’s got the one and only DJ Premier on the track! Yeah, that part. This Bishop Nehru jawn, “Too Lost,” is too ill #NoCorona



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Drag-On – “Part 33” (Freestyle) [Video]

See y’all niggas hope y’all can. I know I can!

Look. I know good and well I am a Drag-On fan. But I also know what he means when he draws his hand back from folks who try to shake it now that he’s got things moving and shaking… Sir/madam, Drag ain’t gone give you no kinds of handshake. After all, what chance did you take to get him to this point? Were you in the fight with him, or were you just rooting for him (if that) outside the ring… like a fan?


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Tall Black Guy – “Dance Forever” / “The Return Of Here & Now” (EP)

Hope you are safely tucked away in your [Coronavirus-free] fortress full of good snacks and solitude… Hey, if you have kids or other folks staying with you, that solitude part is not a given. They may not allow you much solitude, being cooped up at home just the same as you. And it’s not like they can just go outside any old time. If the kids are in schools like these Atlanta kids over here, then schooling is now virtual; and the homework is still due!

Good news is that the artists and producers and deejays are realizing they shouldn’t leave us… without a dope beat to step to. Maybe driven by cabin fever or by a desire give us ease in troubled times. Either way, folks like TBG are getting out that work! Here in the form of re-released classics. This post features the two-track trip – “Dance Forever” and “The Return Of Here & Now.”

But take a twirl to another back-in-the-day EP from TBG: “8 Miles To Moenart” too (earlier post for that here).


Showly – “Money Power Respect” Freestyle (Video)

…You don’t wanna see my jawn drawn like a Philly whore!.

That’s how that Showly flow will do you. Hit you in the noggin with bar after bar until feel them. Then when the onslaught is over, you are compelled to hit replay and let the bars bop you in the head again just as hard. No wonder you got that headache! You’ll be a’ight though. It’s Hip-Hop!

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Grafh – “Blow” feat. Benny The Butcher (Prod. By DJ Shay) [Video]

We both got money. Only difference is there’s blood on ours.

Daaayummm! So many barz it is hard to choose just one quotable. What a wonderful problem for a blogger to have. Right up there with having too much money. Check out Grafh and Benny as the “Blow” on this DJ Shay track!

“Oracle III” is out now!



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Flawless Real Talk – “Can’t Stop” feat. Vchenay (Video)

“Every Second Matters.” Nobody knows that more than Flawless Real Talk. And that is why he’ll make every song on that EP count. Like this one. “Can’t Stop” looping this video. It’s a good look. So is Vchenay (rowwrrrr)!



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Fabolous | The L.A. Leakers | Freestyle #102 (Video)

You can’t have a freestyle series without Fabolous stepping up and spitting some bars.

Absolute FACT!!! And The Leakers got Fab to fall through for #102 in the series. Short and sweet, but still HEAT. Hot sauce bars!

#Fabolous stops by the Liftoff show with the L.A Leakers Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk. Fab Freestyles over Nas’ “Black Republican” for freestyle 102
– Power 106 Los Angeles


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Method Man x DMX x Joey Bada$$ – “Cold Place” feat. Scarface (Video)


Straight-forward beat, and lay straight-forward lyrics from some straight lions, and you get a nice FIRE going. Good look for Joey Bad holding it down with these Golden Era greats – DMX, Meth, and Facemob.


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4-IZE – “My Cousin Got Bars” feat. Planet Asia x Señor Kaos x MicxSic x Z Rich (Prod. By D.R.U.G.S Beats) [Video]

The push for promoting “Look Into My IZE” is definitely on! And as you’d expect, just looking at emcee line-up on “My Cousin Got Bars,” the D.R.U.G.S-produced track is on FIRE!



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Yung JB – “Blazers” feat. Cory Gunz (Prod. By Young Devante) [Video]

You got worried when you saw Yung (as in most folks calling themselves ‘Yung’ anything can NOT be real spitters)… and got worried, didn’t you?


Okay, well, either (1) you already knew about JB, (2) you thought Gunz was gonna carry the song with his barz, or (3) you are flat-out LYING!

It’s alright. I will admit it. I was worried. Until I clicked play. FIRE #Blazers


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