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Eye Candy: Kimmy Maxx Takes A Quick Dip (Video)

Pull the shades and get real close to the screen. Time for another nooner with Kimmy Maxx. This Honey is hot poolside; even hotter in cool pool water. Whew! Maybe it’s just me. If it is, so what… I will just enjoy my alone time with Kimmy.



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Eye Candy: Olivia Marie Gives The City A Sexy Look From The Balcony (Video)

Ohhhh wowww. Quickened pulse, light sweat on the brow, panting, inability to speak, distant stare… DAMN! Watching this behind-the-scene video of Olivia Marie in all her sexiness; it’s like a stroke.

Speaking of having a ‘stroke’… after watching a video like this… I… I… See now I can’t even talk. Will I risk watching this again though? Um hell yes! Got to. I do it for you me I mean you ME for you. What a job!!



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Eye Candy: Jessica Kylie In Black Lingerie (Video)

Woooweeee! Jessica Kylie is so cot dam sexy that I get that happy feeling just seeing her name on something. But this is still work I do for the good of mankind. Or womankind. No judgements. Just don’t judge me if I wanna watch…

(Shaking it off.)

Okay, in my never ending search of the web for sizzling hotties, Jessica Kylie pops up over and over. Just like… um, never mind. Hahaaaa! Now, here’s my Honey in Black Lingerie (the series and the intimate clothing). Click play and pardon my drooling.



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illa J – “Strippers” (Prod. By Potatohead People x Kaytranada)

B2u9Y8YCcAEuU1HJ Dilla’s younger brother ‘Illa J’ is keeping the Yancey family legacy in music alive with some brand new music with this track called ‘Strippers’ produced by Potatohead People & Kaytranada.  The Detroit raised & L.A. based emcee released this funky joint in preparation for his forthcoming self-titled solo album, dropping Fall 2015 on Bastard Jazz Recordings.


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Next Stop… Honeyz In Lingerie: Models Shoot On The Chicago Subway (Video)

Talk about freedom of expression. Yowza! Well, this is an underground railroad of sorts. Ah hahahaaaa! Okay, ’nuff of the word play, check out the lingerie. Now the photographer says this CTA photo shoot series is about art; ultimately empowering woman and enriching our lives.

Ummmm… well, yeah, dude. We won’t fight you. Looks like everyone here is an adult. Some very adult (mm mm mm)! Here’s your Eye Candy ‘o The Day. And you are welcome!


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Wu-Tang Clan x David Bowie – “C.R.E.A.M. vs. F.A.M.E.” (Produced By Ryan Stinson)

FameCanadian producer Ryan Stinson who is the owner of the independent hip hop label Phonographique out there in the land of the great maple leaf, dropped this very dope mashup/blend featuring Wu-Tang Clan & David Bowie. This ‘C.R.E.A.M. vs. FAME’ joint is pretty ill from the the label owner who also happens to be a part of the production duo ‘The Dirty Sample’, who created the soundscapes to that dope ass Three Sixty Five joint’ for Roc Marciano that we posted weeks ago.  This ‘C.R.E.A.M. vs Fame’ joint is going to get much run from me on the radio show & at any other event I just so happen to be spinning at.

Eye Candy: Tianna Gregory Gets ‘Hella Fly’ Over Hollywood (Video)

Whenever we post model or eye candy type videos that are submitted to us or that we just so happen to run across we’re always looking for a few key things like good music, a creative backdrop or setting, great camera work on the visuals, & of course a uniquely beautiful model. We’re looking for works of art, but not model videos ass deep into pure raunchiness. It’s not everyday when you run into something that’s extremely creative & daring.

This new video featuring this fly lil mama in a chopper hits on EVERY element that we tend to look for with the Eye Candy videos we post. This lil’ mami will also have all the fellas standing at attention at 12 O’clock high with her Hollywood Hills flyby. Damn! Who is she again?!

Yes, yes. Feature model Tianna Gregory (that’s @_TiannaG on Instagram… get there and follow ASAP) is the one that’s got us on one. Watch and enjoy the high.

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Eye Candy: Stephanie Rao Goes To The Beach (Video)

Stephanie Rao is hella cute. But you know it takes more than cute to make it into the High Noon Hall Of Dames. Like that? Trying it out. Is ‘Dames’ too last century? Whatever. We’ll see. Just like you’ll see… some of the sexiest eyes and thighs walking on sand when you click play.

Just do yourself a favor and follow the honey Stephanie Rao’s Instagram (if you haven’t already since our last post on her here) okay? You’re welcome.

(But that foot tat though… I’m like ‘meh’ on that. I know, I know f#ck her feet… but still.)


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Comedy: Showering With Girls (Video)

Okay, this sh!t is funny!!! The high five alone started the chuckles for me. Give me a late pass on this different take on Eye Candy. Nooner in the shower. Afternoon delight and…

“She has a crack of LIES!”

Bwaaahahaaaa! Man just watch.


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Miss Africa Greece Beauty Pageant (Video)

Very interesting. Okay, we’ll take this Eye Candy lunchtime thing in a different direction for second. Check this VICE story out.

VICE Greece discovered a beauty pageant focused on celebrating the identity of African women living in Athens. We linked up to talk to them about what its like to deal with racism in modern Greece.

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Eye Candy: Gil Jung Brings Her Beauty To The Beach (Video)

You get more Gil Jung. You get more Gil Jung. Everybody gets some more Gil Jung! The Brazilian baby with all that back is back baby! Let’s take the shoot to the beach. Wow. That body was made for sunbathing, sand playing, even skinny dipping…

(Spoiler Alert: No skinny dip for this Honey dip in this clip. Not this time. But ohhhhh, if I ever find such a video. Have merrrcy!!!)

You know they got Gil Jung on Instagram. Get there and get some more of this bombshell.


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Eye Candy: Lisanda On The Shore. Call It ‘Rhythm & Beach’ (Video)

Okay. Take a deep breath. If I told you I found more Lisandra Rosales, how would you react. Like that!? Well, do you then. Oh, and do yourself a favor and press play to see this chica on here again (yes, again… do your research… we posted on her before here).

If you haven’t already, you can follow Lisandra Rosales on Instagram, too.


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Eye Candy: Jasmin Calle In “The Body” (Video)

Oh yeaaahh. If ever there were a video aptly named, Jasmin Calle’s (called “The Body”), is that video. Names aside though, do you SEE that body (and face, sure but…)… wooo! Thick around the hips. Nice tooty to a lovely booty. What’s not to like?

And for more you’ll like, head on over to Instagram and like @JasminCalle (Columbia’s finest).

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Eye Candy: Lexc Michelle (Video)

My my my. Someone has been to sexy class and passed with flying colors. You did know that there are different kinds of thickness, right? I would say Lexc Michelle is that fit thick chick that is a “can’t miss.” Shout to videographer Duane G for capturing the full sensual essence. When that robe falls off Lexc’s shoulder… wooo! I swear I reach at the screen to put it back up for her.

Damn, that was HOT! And I don’t even like it when Honeyz smoke. But this one …wowwwww!

Follow Lexc Michelle on Instagram.


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Eye Candy: Behind The Scenes With Tamra D (Video)

Warning: This Tamara D clip is so sexy it hurts!

You may not realize it, but there is a special type of “special” (as in “touched” in the head) we are about the ladies we display ’round noon ’round here. I don’t watch much of that ‘Chrisley’ show on USA, but his line “Class not azz” applies. We curate the video selection for as close to perfect balance between sexy and coy; that give-it-to-me-but-tease-me look and feel is what we go for. This Tamara D clip lives on that thin line. I yearn to find Honeyz like this.

Plus… She’s THICK, yo (you KNOW that’s what I like)!

Follow Tamara D on Instagram (or just anywhere, to be truthful… whew, the thirst… I admit mine).


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Eye Candy: Gil Jung Chilling In Sunny Miami (Video)

Let’s go hang out with sexy TV host/model/actress Gil Jung for a bit, shall we? From Brasil to Miami. The hotel to the beach. M-I-A with this hotness? YES PLEASE!

Follow this Honey-kissed Brazilian Honey-dip Gil Jung on Instagram.

(Psst… Who’s her friend though? She’s verrry nice, too. Soooo THICK yo!)


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Eye Candy: Lisandra Rosales (Video)

Behind the scenes with Lisandra Rosales. Like Visa… It’s everywhere you wanna be. Well, click play and take that trip. Mm mm mmph! Umm, babe, you missed a spot with that oil rub. Lemme get that. Moisturizing is so very important.

Y’all go on and follow Lisandra Rosales on Instagram now. I got this.


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Eye Candy: Rosey Rose (Video)

Just a li’l taste of a li’l sum’n sum’n (yup, both of ’em *wink*) I found. You know, Rose hips are actually edible. The sweet smelling flower’s fruit is actually a good source of Vitamin C and are good at calming the stomach. Learned something, huh? Now, don’t you wanna just taste Rosey Rose’s hips? Yeaaahhh youuu doooo!

Working hard to find the pleasing Eye Candies to satisfy our visitors’ palettes. Follow Rosey Rose (hips and all) on Instagram.


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Eye Candy: Aidan Nycole Is Back On The Balcony (Video)

Everybody who has enough Aidan Nycole in their lives, just hang out until the next post. Plenty of good music, videos and film trailers on here.

Okay, for the rest of you. Sexy azz Aidan Nycole is back with some footage from a balcony shoot. She might make you…

…Use your imagination.

Better yet, use that play button above to watch Aidan share her gift(s).

Aidan’s vid got Trigga Trey cussin’ at it. It’s alright, man. We know it’s her perfect smile, eyes, thighs, back, tats… hell everything on her is perfect! You can follow all that Aidan Nycole thicky-thickness on Instagram, too (if you aren’t already).


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Eye Candy: Jai Livia (Behind-The-Scenes, Part 1) [Video]

Almost perfect. Almost. Now, the model Jai Livia (aka 5StarJai) is incredible! And her on the beach… put it this way… I don’t know what the temperature was that day, but the shoot with the hot model looks like it went cool. Watch. It will have you feeling a little… warm.

So why almost you ask? The music. You know, sometimes the cussing just isn’t necessary. It just kinda goes way too hard when Future drops in with the rapping. Just saying.

Anyway, this visual experience is a very nice reminder of warmer days gone by (and coming again); with visions of lovely Jay Livia on some beach, somewhere. So nice.

Also nice: Jay Livia aka @5StarJai on Instagram. Follow her there if you want more.

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