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‘Change The Mascot Movement’ Scores A Major Win: U.S. Patent Office Cancels Washington’s NFL Team Trademarks (Video)

Aha! So we’re seeing some real movement on the ‘Change The Mascot’ movement since we posted about it here.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled six trademarks belonging to the football team on Wednesday, saying they are offensive to Native Americans…If the decision is upheld, it will be hard for the team to claim ownership of its brand, a crucial step in going after the makers of unlicensed merchandise…The decision came in response to a suit brought by five Native Americans.

It’s been time Washington; and the U.S. Patent Office obviously agrees. Change The Mascot. JayForce suggested ‘Washington Warriors’ as an alternative. See? Still bad ass, yet not offensive.

- @ojones1


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Bleached Beauty: Kenyan Women Are Risking Their Health in Attempts to Lighten Their Skin (Video)

One has to wonder how far is too far? Some folks are totally against makeup; while some say ‘never leave home without it.’ Cosmetics can be used for slight beauty enhancement or covering blemishes that might otherwise wreck a person’s self esteem and day-to-day function. So, what about lightening of one’s skin? We have lightening patches to even skin tone in the States, but what about the growing trend for our Kenyan sisters to lighten up entirely? If it can be done safely and reliably (note: the above vid more than implies it is unsafe and unreliable), is significant skin lightening okay? Is that right? Is it anyone’s businesses but the buyers and sellers of such products and services?

Watch the news clip above. Let it spark deep thought and conversation.

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Katie Couric Interviews Lupe Fiasco (Video)

Lupe Fiasco sat down with Katie Couric to speak on the fallout from his Obama-is-the-worst-terrorist comments, his Chicago upbringing, first linking with Kanye West and Jay Z, and to get Couric’s recorded testimonial to add to his efforts on the Stand Up To Cancer campaign. Her story will be part of Lupe’s forthcoming track “Re-Mission.” Dope interview.

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Cancelled: ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ Will Not Return For A 2nd Season

arsenio hall hat reutersFoxNews reports ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ has been cancelled after only one season.

DAMMIT! I thought we had at least one more season with Arsenio, right Jay Leno (that’s what you said)?

Sometimes TV gets it wrong…dead wrong. They (CBS is ‘they’ this time) cancelled ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ already. Fu#kin’ @ssh0les make me so mad! I wanted to take this as a ‘hater rumor’ but the reports are coming in from beyond the blogosphere… and Carmen Breezy announced it on the Beatz & Lyrics show’s Hip-Hop Week In Review. *Sigh* and I found this announcement from the CBS-holes themselves:

“Unfortunately, ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ will not return for a second season while there are many loyal fans of the show, the series did not grow its audience enough to continue. Arsenio is a tremendous talent and we’d like to thank him for all the hard work and energy he put into the show. We’d also like to thank Tribune and all our station group partners for their support of the show.”

I don’t want you to go Arsenio. But if you gotta go, please do a dope farewell show. I still YouTube your 90’s Hip-Hop megashow every now and then.

Please. I’m putting it out there. Throwback video after the jump.


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R.I.P. Dr. Maya Angelou (Video)

Local news report on the passing of an international treasure. We are deeply saddened by the passing of spiritual sister-mother to many, inspiration to all, Dr. Maya Angelou. Born Marguerite Ann Johnson, the legendary poet, author and social commentator left this earthly realm yesterday morning. She was 86 years old. Her son, Guy Johnson, issued this statement:

Dr. Maya Angelou passed quietly in her home before 8 a.m., EST. Her family is extremely grateful that her ascension was not belabored by a loss of acuity or comprehension. She lived a life as a teacher, activist, artist and human being. The family is extremely appreciative of the time we had with her and we know that she is looking down upon us with love.”

Choked up as we may be over this news, we can say this. Very few in the modern era can say they have spoken to and for ALL of us – the most powerful to the least thought of – lifting up all who heard or read her words; but never putting herself ahead of anyone. Anyone, ANYONE who lives four score and six years about whom that can be said MUST have lived a full life. Cry for a moment, because loss hurts. But please, find joy after the mourning. We were better for knowing Dr. Angelou in some capacity. It seems only right that we honor her by striving to be our best, as she seemed to see and celebrate the best in us.

Rest In Power, Dr. Angelou.

(See photos, remembrances and more after the jump.)

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Bill Nye Battles CNN Crossfire Host On Climate Change (Video)

Okay. In truth, renown scientist Bill Nye (aka “Bill Nye The Science Guy”) was invited to hold down the “for” side in a discussion about whether climate change (e.g. ‘global warming’) is a problem… that man caused. Not really a battle; UNLESS you consider a grown man square his shoulders and spit fiery truth in the direction of an opponent in a war of words.

“I will look anyone in the eyes and remind them that climate change is the most serious problem facing human kind…This is serious business.”

- Bill Nye

On second thought, the show is called ‘Crossfire’… It’s a battle. And Bill is schooling ‘em! Watch.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Show Up To Miami Heat Game Despite Solange’s Recent Attack On Mr. Sean Carter (Video)

0512-beyonce-jay-z-2Despite all of the chaos surrounded by the elevator surveillance footage (see after the jump) released yesterday of what appears to be Beyonce’s sister, Solange physically attacking her brother-in-law, Jay Z after the Met Gala at the Standard Hotel in New York City, the power couple are all smiles courtside at the Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets game last night.

The question that everyone has been asking is, “What happened for Solange to go off on Jay Z?”

Since Jay Z and Beyonce are so private, who knows if we’ll ever find out the reason it all occurred.


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With great sadness, we join throngs of Hip-Hop heads across the terrestrial and cyberworld who have learned of the loss of DJ EZ Rock (known to family and friends as Rodney “Skip” Bryce). The news is confirmed by several sources, including HipHopDX, who took it from EZ’s “It Takes Two” partner-in-rhyme Rob Base.

Rob Base took to Facebook to break the news of DJ EZ Rock’s passing. DJ EZ Rock of the duo Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock has reportedly died. The news quickly spread following a post on Rob Base’s personal Facebook page. “R.I.P. Skip (DJ EZ Rock) friends since 4Th grade I’m really going to miss you,” he wrote.

It’s the kind of news you hope against all hope is not true. Then you find out it is, and try to come to grips with it and move on as best you can. That’s what we are going to do. Family, let’s remember… We mourn only the loss, the rest is joy and great memories.

Rest In Power, Mr. DJ. And thank you for helping “make it out of sight.”

(Just chuckled a bit, as EZ ROCK would probably have punched someone in the arm for that groaner.)


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Comedy: KTLA News Anchors Dive Under Desks During Earthquake (Video)

Okay. Probably not funny at the time. But c’mon…


Check out the video above. Chuckle among yourselves.

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Snoop Dogg Talks About Life On A Different High On ‘CBS This Morning’ (Video)

Snoop Dogg was up for another Grammy (as Snoop Lion this year), but this CBS morning show expo shows him in a different light that’s so gangsta in a good way. Nearly 20 years of married life, loving and coaching the kids, no longer toting a gat, and visiting the White House on top of all that. Watch the above vid for that and more. It’ll make you proud of the Dogg Father. On some grown man ish.

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A First Look At The New VICE News (Video)

VICE usually travels to spots around the world to report perspectives. Imagine their HQ with an expanded news desk… AND bureaus around the world! From magazine to online video to HBO… and here they grow again! Let founder Shane Smith give you the tour in the clip above.

VICE founder Shane Smith gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of the new VICE News headquarters, and offers a sneak peek of the VICE News site and the exciting new documentaries coming in 2014.

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Minister Louis Farrakhan Supports Kanye West’s Socio-Political Comments In The Media (Video)

I’ve gotten into recent debates with people about Kanye West’s statements on entertainers having control of their work & more specifically the Arsenio Hall show analogy he used when he appeared on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 in New York.  People were quick to applaud Arsenio Hall’s response to Kanye West about what the real reason Arsenio’s late night talk show went off the air years ago, but most many have forget that it was Minister Louis Farrakhan who stated multiple times the reason why Arsenio show was threatened. In fact, when Minister Louis Farrakhan appeared on one of the very last episode’s of the Arsenio Hall Show he even said it to Arsenio’s face. Minister Louis Farrakhan also recently expressed his support for Kanye West after he’s been taking heat from various groups in speaking out on a number of issues affecting the black community.  Arsenio made a comment that Kanye West should never used the term ‘Slave’ as an artist, but he never addressed that back in the 90’s when Prince changed his name to ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Prince’ & performed with “Slave” written on his face years ago protesting the same economic issues facing creative artists. Arsenio is largely to blame for Kanye or anyone of us confusing the “facts” because Arsenio never addressed Louis Farrakhan or his fans when he had the opportunity & platform to do so years ago.

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Politics: Iceland Overthrows It’s Government & Jails Bankers (Video)

The movie above – “Pots, Pans and Other Solutions” – documents power-to-the-people in action in real life. The PEOPLE, not their so-called representatives and institutions, have taken control of their government and collective destiny. Hell, the reps were in the way… and the bankers responsible for financial wrongdoing and damaging the economy… got put away!

Icelanders forced their entire government to resign after a banking fraud scandal, overthrowing the ruling party and creating a citizen’s group tasked with writing a new constitution that offered a solution to prevent corporate greed from destroying the country. The constitution of Iceland was scrapped and is being rewritten by private citizens; using a crowd-sourcing technique via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These events have been going on since 2008, yet there’s been no word from the U.S. mainstream media about any of them.

- Liberty Voice

Respect to Liberty Voice for breaking this news. Just think if Americans would have been told of this around the time ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ was at full steam…

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LIVESTREAM: Nelson Mandela Memorial Service In Johannesburg, South Africa (Video)

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Thank You Nelson Mandela (Video)

Former prisoner. Former President. Forever to be respected, admired, loved…  now mourned by nations the world over. Pass now from us into eternity, Nelson Mandela. Quite literally, a man who was no myth; but who will remain a legend who lived a life of service to humanity died at his home yesterday. He was 95.

We don’t have the perfect words, Mr. President. But we sincerely offer the two that should certainly be heard forever in association with your name: Thank You! For your struggles, protests, imprisonment, iconification… for your work and triumphs freeing yourself and your people (of every color) from the bonds of man, from the oppression racist institutions, and the entanglements of in-fighting that kept us at war with ourselves… We say THANK YOU, President Mandela.

To be certain, the struggles continue. But it is now our turn to take up the causes we see fit and see them through to the end; to our own ends if necessary. And we cannot say we have not had folks to have shown us the way in our lifetime. Chief among them, Nelson Mandela showed us the way of the warrior suited for his lifelong battle against injustice and for peace on a national/global scale: Not perfect, but not waiting for someone or some perfect time to come along. Not looking for a fight, but willing to risk it all and fight with all he has for as long as he has. And as a result, though not seeking glory as an end, glory followed him to the end and will forevermore.

Rest in peace, Brother Mandela. We got it from here.

Video comments from U.S. President Barack Obama above. After the jump, a favorite clip of mine.



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Stay Classy, Bismarck. Is That THE Ron Burgundy On North Dakota’s Local News Leader? (Video)

WHAT? Ron Burgundy (yeah, Will Farrell’s character from the movie played by Will Farrell, yeah) guest anchored KXMB News in Bismarck, North Dakota; sticking around for the whole broadcast! “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” is due out December 20, 2013. Respect to the full-time crew for keeping it together. Hahaa!


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Comedy: Woman Quits Job Via A Video Of Her Dancing To Kanye West’s “Gone” (Video)

How far is too far with all this technology we have? Hey… whether or not this is too far, it’s too funny! Check out how this woman does the modern version of “Take This Job And Shove It” set to the music of Kanye West (“Gone”).

This looks like something a cast member on HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ would do. Great commentary on valuing shallow views-over-news stances in today’s information media. BUT… if this is really real… it was risky. And it probably helped that this lady works in a field where her job will involve making engaging videos.

Last funny: Though she had an ‘anti’ go-for-the-views stance message, the clip above has over 7 million views thus proving her point of quality over quantity. It took her one quality video like this to connect with people that generated views. Haha

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Comedy: Members Of U.S. Congress ‘Representing’ In Egypt (Video)

VOTE DAMMIT! Okay… no this is not going to turn into a PSA by @ojones1 (this time). This Daily Show with Jon Stewart clip is a comedy post (but watching ELECTED members of our U.S. Congress “represent” us could send me off on a rant). What’s really funniest though is the portion BEFORE the comedians (Samantha Bee, David Cross, Bob Odenkirk) come in. Just watch…


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60 Minutes: The Legacy Of Michael Jackson (Video)

It’s been four years since Michael Jackson’s passing. The late King of Pop is the subject of the above segment on CBS television’s 60 Minutes. The expose focuses on the talent he possessed (up to the end), his material possessions (all left in the warehouse), his debt (cleared by cash from investments and sales of music and other assets); with extensive conversation with John Branca, executor of MJJ’s estate.

(Damn. Michael Jackson’s estate has made $600 million in the four years since his passing. He’s the King even after going to the hereafter!)

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Teaching Old Drug Dogs A New Way To Sniff? Washington ‘Weed Heads’ Beware (Video)

In Washington state, changes in law enforcement procedures – especially allowing for legal marijuana possession and use – has come with unique challenges. Unique for now… I’m sure other states will eventually have to go through challenges like this: How do you get a dog to respond differently when sniffing for weed in Washington – to let “personal use” ride but still alert handlers to “intent to sell” situations? Some of Washington’s law enforcement agencies have an answer: Stop training drug-sniffing dogs to alert for marijuana.

“Moving forward, it makes most sense not to train dogs to alert to marijuana as that would likely lead to unwarranted investigatory detentions of people who are not breaking any law.”

- Alison Holcomb, author of Washington’s I-502 Law and Drug Policy Director for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

WHAT??!! Is that a round of applause I hear? Wait. You know I have to posit the downside on stuff like this. But I am not alone this time: My worry is ACLU’s worry. Not all law-enforcement agencies are changing procedures for training or using narcotics dogs, as the possession of marijuana is still illegal under FEDERAL law. That’s one thing, but not the MAIN thing. Holcomb has a concern that

“…narcotics dogs trained to alert for legal marijuana could extend detention and questioning beyond the scope of reasonable suspicion of a crime. This is especially worrisome because marijuana residue and odor are much more likely to be present on the state’s residents than any of the other substances dogs are trained to detect.”

Hate stop and frisk? Try stop, SNIFF, frisk, and DETAIN UNTIL COPS FIND SOMETHING TO ARREST YOU FOR.



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