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Comedy: ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ on ‘Fair Play’ in the NCAA (Video)

Aasif Mandvi (staff ‘reporter’ on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) sticks it to the NCAA… in a comical way, of course. Jon Stewart’s show is about comedy first; but a lot of what’s funny on the show is true… REALLY true! Especially on this episode clip. C’mon now. You don’t think the NCAA really cares about the athletes, do you? Sure, they care about the athletes’… ability to put butts in seats, to put eyes on tubes, to put video games in kids’ XBox console… to make dollar$$$! But not about the athletes themselves. Not for real. Just watch the vid. Get ‘em Aasif!

- @ojones1
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BLITZ – 3/6/13: She Played You

Ms PacmanIce-T – “You Played Yourself”


Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Dies of Cancer At The Age Of 58

Hollywood Director Oliver Stone Calls Fallen Venezuelan President A ‘Great Hero’

Terrence Howard Praises Oprah’s ‘Tig Ol Bitties’ In ‘Dream Come True’ Movie Sex Scene

Fecal Matter Found In Cakes Sold Being By IKEA; Recall Taking Place In 23 Countries

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez: An Outsized Personality & A Domineering Figure

Big Oil, Big Ketchup, & The Assassination Of Hugo Chavez

Kanye West Calls Into Radio Station Upset Over MTV’s Hottest Emcee Rankings

How Hugo Chavez Challenged Major League Baseball’s Relationship With The Caribbean

Bill Cosby Equates Republican Racism With Anti-Civil Rights Segregationists

CNN Eliminating Black Journalists; Axes Black Commentators Donna Brazile & Roland Martin

Venezuela Expels U.S. Officials & Blames ‘Historic Enemies’ Of Inducing Hugo Chavez’s Cancer

NY Hit & Run Driver Who Killed A Family Was The Murderer Of The ‘Original 50 Cent’

An Elevator ‘Murder’ Goes Viral

ESPN Faces New Rival In August With New FOX SPORTS 1 Cable Channel

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Says He’s ‘Terrified’ A Player Will Die On The Field

Lamborghini Introduces It’s New $4 Million Dollar Super Car

Noam Chomsky: Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?

New Samsung Galaxy Phone Might Be Controlled By Your Eyes

9 Interesting Things About Sex We Learned Studying Our Ancient Ancestors

The World’s Tallest Hotel Opens In Dubai

Attorney General Eric Holder: In Theory President Obama Can Order Drone Strikes In The U.S.

The Death Of Hugo Chavez: The End Of The Latin American Left?

Millions Of Locusts Invade Israel

BLITZ – 3/5/13: Eyes Without Face

Eyes Without A FaceBilly Idol – “Eyes Without A Face”


12 Band Members Charged With Manslaughter In The Hazing Death Of Florida A&M Drum Major

Michael Jordan Asks An Atlanta Court To Dismiss The Paternity Lawsuit Against Him

Florida High School Student Gets Suspended For Disarming A Gunman On School Bus

Chubby ‘Batman’ Drops Off Burglar To Police Station Then Vanishes Off Into The Night

Woman Accused Of Leaving Poop In Her Former Employer’s Oven & Refrigerator

How Rappers Are Writing Off ‘Making It Rain In The Strip Clubs’ Off Of Their Taxes

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan Could Cost The Team $140 Million Dollars

Pharaohe Monch’s Fears Miami Heat Vs. NY Knicks Rivalries: Lebron As MJ & Melo As Ewing?

J.J. Barea Ejected After Shoving Ray Allen & Calling Him A F*ckn’ P*ssy During Heat Vs. Timberwolves Game

Family Of Gay Mayoral Candidate In Mississippi Says He Was ‘Beaten, Dragged, & Burned’

Rapper J. Cole Says He Once Thought That Jay-Z Was In The Illuminati

6-year-Old UK Break Dancer Outshining Older Dancers Worldwide With Her Moves

Farrakhan: Whites Promote Birth Control For Black Women Because They Fear Being Minorities

Female War Vets Coming Home To Homelessness; The U.S.’s Largest Growing Demographic

Mexican Drug Lord Bounced Off Of ‘Forbes’ Top Billionaires Of 2013 List

A 500-Foot Noah’s Ark Replica Is Being Built Near Miami As A Zoo

Indian Activist On Hunger Strike For 12 Years Being Charged With Attempted Suicide

Man Puts 40-Foot Mirrored Tube Slide In His NY Penthouse

Tuskegee Airman Carjacked In Detroit In Broad Daylight

Scientists Says ‘Ice Strengthened’ Ships Will Sail Directly Over The North Pole By 2050

Training Day Director ‘Antoine Fuqua’ Believes Lil Wayne Should Go Into Acting

BLITZ – 3/4/13: Skeet Invaders

Skeet Invaders - 2Jeru Tha Damaja – “Invasion”


Lebron James Soars Above $1 Million Dollar Dunk Offers & Other Distractions

Vice President Joe Biden & Congressman John Lewise Re-Enact Voting Rights March In Selma

Fugitive Wanted For Intentionally Spreading HIV To 100s Of Gay Men In The New York Area

Scientists Says Baby Born With HIV Has Been Functionally Cured With New Treatment

The Rare Air Of Lebron James

Dennis Rodman Speaks On His Visit With North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un

How Dennis Rodman & You Too Can Visit North Korea

Mom Drowns Her Baby Boy Because He Had A ‘Small Penis’

Female Kicker’s Historic Bid To Enter The NFL Ends Painfully

Former NO LIMIT Artist ‘Mr. Magic’ & Wife Die In Car Accident; 12-Year-Old Daughter Survives

Did Black People Own Slaves?

Nicki Minaj Fires Her Stylists, Hairdresser, & Makeup Artists In Efforts To Be ‘Taken Seriously’

Keith Olbermann Wants To Work At ESPN Again

Former NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens The IRS Over $430,000 In Unpaid Taxes

Man Breaks Into Popeye’s To Eat 16 Pies Then Falls Asleep On The Floor Before Cops Arrive

Randy Moss Hints That He Will Not Be Returning To The San Francisco 49ers

American Cities With The Highest & Lowest Taxes

Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Avoid His Angry Girlfriend & Gets Arrested

Jay Leno Leaving NBC’s ‘Tonight’ Next Season?

The Biggest Misconceptions About NBA Superstars

Bill Gates Dodges Questions Of Why He Owns 500,000 Shares Of Monsanto Worth $23 Million

BLITZ – 2/28/13: Headie Murphy

Heady MurphyEddie Murphy – Party All The Time


Dave Chappelle Is Joined On Stage By Chris Rock In New York City Performance

Former MTV Music Video Director On Trial For Repeatedly Raping & Impregnating His Daughters

North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un Pictured Rocking A Dennis Rodman Jersey In The 90s

NFL Investigating Whether Draft Prospect Nick Kasa Was Asked If ‘He Liked Girls’

Gynecologist Allegedly Hid Camera Inside A Pen To Secretly Tape His Patients

Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs Says The New England Patriots Are Hated By All 31 NFL Teams

Larry Flynt’s Wild Life: Porn, Politics, & Penile Implants

A Kentucky Man Makes $100,000 A Year Faking As A Mentally Disabled Beggar On The Street

Stephen Curry Scores 54 Points In Warriors Loss To The NY Knicks 109-105

Korean Kids Kicked Out Of McDonald’s For Throwing A $250 French Fry Feast

How The Food Industry Manipulates Taste Buds With ‘Salt Sugar Fat’

Rapper AP.9 Claims He Has Proof He Had Sex With Ice-T’s Wife Coco & Kobe Bryant’s Wife

Is This The End Of The Core Of The Voting Rights Act?

The 25 Hilarious Strippers You Should Follow On Twitter

Former WNBA Star Chamique Holdsclaw Facing 65 Years For Alleged Attack On Her Ex-Girlfriend

Dog Accidentally Shoots His Owner In The Leg With His Own Gun

How America’s Racial Wealth Gap Perpetuates Itself

Yahoo’s New Work-From-Home Policy Has Upset Workers Everywhere

Man Unlocks The ‘Physics’ Of Separating Oreo Cookies

BLITZ – 2/26/13: Kanye Kardashian

v3QcheZKanye West – “White Dress”


Janet Jackson Secretly Married Her Fiance’ Billionaire Wissam Al Mana Last Year

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Provocative Cover For French Magazine L’Officiel Hommes

Jay-Z & Beyonce Allegedly Got $1 Million In Misappropriated Funds For Starving Kids In Nigeria

Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Becomes The Newest U.S. Sports Ambassador To North Korea

Rev. Al Sharpton: The Hardest Working Man In Show Business?

Kobe Bryant Gets Multiple Shots Blocked In The Lakers Ugly Loss To Denver Nuggets 119-108

School Of Thought: When President Barack Obama Was My Professor

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Are Ready To Let The Jury Decide The Fate Of His Killer

Teen Walks 10-Miles In Snow For $7-An-Hour Job; Given Job By Owner & Double Pay

The Onion Apologizes For Vulgar & Offensive Tweet About 9-Year-Old Girl

Alabama Offers 8th-Grader Dylan Moses A Football Scholarship

Dad ‘Abandons’ 2-Year-Old Daughter In A Cold Truck While He Parties In A Strip Club

New England Patriots Sign Tom Brady To 3-Year, $27 Million Contract Extension

How Tom Brady’s New Contract With The Patriots Affects Baltimore Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco

Skull & Bones: It’s Not Just For White Dudes Anymore

African-Americans In Paris: The Black Paris History Tours

Lebron James Stages His Own Slam Dunk Contest During Miami Heat Warmups

China’s Pro Basketball League’s (CBA) Slam Dunk Contest Was A Huge Pit Of Sadness

China Is Why Gas Prices Are Going Up & Are Heading Much Higher

Why Are Gas Prices Rising So High? Blame The Refineries

Professor Accidentally Leaves Projector On While Watching Porn During Class

With Death Of Dr. Jerry Buss, Kobe Bryant Remains The Last Laker Connected To Team’s Past

BLITZ – 2/25/13: Watch Your Back

Lmao - Bosh PaulRockwell – “Somebody’s Watching Me” feat. Michael Jackson


‘Argo’ Claims Best Picture At The Oscar Awards

Cuba’s Raul Castro Says The New 5-Year Term Will Be His Last Running The Country

President Obama Meets With African-American Leaders To Address Economic Concerns

MC Hammer Pulled Over & Arrested By ‘Chubby Elvis’

The Onion Under Fire For Calling 9-Year-Old Actress A ‘Cunt’ During The Oscars

iPHone Found To Be 300% More Reliable Than Samsung Smartphones

Woman Arrested For Having Sex With A PitBull

50 Cent Tries To Plant A Kiss On Sportsreporter Erin Andrews During Nascar Race

Manti Te’o’s Sexuality Remains The Elephant In The Room For NFL Scouts

Recruited By Police & Thrown Into Danger; Young Informants Are Latest Victims Of Drug Wars

How To Post To Facebook & Twitter After You Die

Jamie Foxx Tries To ‘Holla’ At Kelly Rowland On The Red Carpet Of The Oscars

Floyd Mayweather Gets A Birthday Cake With His Face On A $1,000 Bill

FBI Battling A ‘Rash Of Sexting’, Nudity, & Wiretapping Among It’s Employees

Landlord Whips His Tenant’s ‘Bare Buttocks’ With A Belt Over A Late Rent Check

Apple Rumors: What The Apple iWatch Slap Bracelet Will Look Like

Inside The Most Expensive Home In Atlanta

BLITZ-2/15/13: Heartbreak Warfare

20718_222853181183030_439014863_nJohn Mayer – “Heartbreak Warfare”


Hundreds Of People Injured After Meteorite Crashes In Russia

Meteorite Crash In Russia Causes Explosions & Forces Huge Evacuations

Why Did So Many Russian Drivers Get Great Meteorite Videos?

The Family Of Emmet Till Upset About Lil Wayne’s Lyrics In New Rap Song

Rapper ‘Tim Dog’ Dead At The Age Of 46 Due To Complications From Diabetes

Man Slaps Crying Baby On Delta Flight After Yelling ‘Shut That N*gger Baby Up’

Charles Barkley Clowns The University Of Alabama Football Players That Were Arrested

James Harden Embraces His Rise As A Superstar For The Houston Rockets

Kevin Garnett Says This Will Be His Last NBA Allstar Game

The Worst Cities For College-Educated Women Trying To Find A Decent Date

CNN: Rapper Jean Grae’s 5 Meals For Single People

BLITZ – 2/14/13: Nuttin’ Butt Love

0x0_3198423Heavy D – “Nuttin’ But Love”


The FDA Expected To Approve The First Bionic Eye In The U.S.

Lawyer Convicted Of Murdering EX-NBA Player Eddy Curry’s Infant Daughter & Girlfriend

Actor Steve Martin Becomes A Dad For The First Time At The Age Of 67

NY Teenager Who Yelled At Cops Is Beaten & It’s Caught On Tape

Carjacking Victim Says EX-LAPD Cop Christopher Dorner Was ‘Calm’ & Didn’t Want To Hurt Him

Kentucky Freshman Basketball Star Nerlens Noel Done For Season With Torn ACL

Christopher Dorner’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She ‘Sort Of Expected’ Violence

Apple Cutting Prices On It’s MacBooks

Newark Man Forced To Strip Naked, Beaten & Whipped Over His Father’s $20 Bet

Apple Loses The Right To Use The ‘iPhone’ Name In Brazil

Former NBA Star Dikembe Mutombo Thinks He Deserves To Be In The NBA Hall Of Fame

Will ‘Made In Haiti’ Factories Improve Life In Haiti?

Pentagon Creates New Medal For Extraordinary Work With Drone Strikes & Cyberattacks

NFL Agent Gets Certified By The NFLPA Even Though He’s Under Federal Indictment For Fraud

Black History: The Nation’s First Black Professional Basketball Team

The Drug Laws That Changed How The U.S. Punishes Offenders

Orangutans Learn To Play With iPads At Kentucky Zoo

The Atlanta Falcons Vow To Be In A New Stadium By 2017

WTF?!: 2 Women Seriously Injured In Hot Oil Attack & Fight Over Instagram Pictures (Video)

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BLITZ – 2/13/13: Tryin 2 Get A Nut

Squirrel Getting A NutJ Dilla – “Two Can Win”


10 Metro Atlanta Cops Arrested In Fed Probe For Protecting Gang Members & Drug Deals

EX-LAPD Cop Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Charred Remains Found In Burned Cabin

Former LAPD Cop Says He Had Similar Experiences As Chris Dorner; Says He Was Right

Lebron James Sets NBA Record Doing Things No One Has Ever Done Before

Kobe Bryant Only Scores 4 Points In The Lakers 91-85 Win Over The Lowly Phoenix Suns

O.J. Simpson Has Allegedly Turned Gay In Prison; New Nickname Is ‘Daddy Juice’

President Obama To Congress: With Or Without You

4 University Of Alabama Football Players Arrested For Several Robberies

‘Anchorman 2′ Starring Will Ferrell About To Start Shooting In Atlanta

Apple Allegedly Has Over 100 Product Designers Working On The iWatch

Venom Might Be In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Movie

Loud Snoring Man Dies On Plane Headed To Salt Lake City

A ‘Heart Attack Grill’ Greeter Dies After Having A Heart Attack

The U.S. Birth Rate Drops Raising Concerns Over The Future Of The Country

Twitter Is Getting Into E-Commerce: Letting You Pay Your AMEX With A Hashtag

Woman Dies After Drinking 10 Liters Of Coca-Cola A Day

BLITZ – 2/12/13: Carnival Queen

braz5_630Martinez – Sambalaté


President Obama Calls North Korea Nuclear Test A Threat To The U.S.

Mike Vick Signs 1-Year Deal With The Philadelphia Eagles

Blackberry’s New Creative Director Alicia Keys Caught Tweeting From Her iPhone

Former L.A. Laker Rick Fox Says Dwight Howard Has A ‘Loser Mentality’

Male Teacher Posed As Female On Facebook To Solicit Nude Photos From Underage Students

The Vatican Is Poised To Elect Its First African Pope

Common Says Electing A Black Pope Would Be A ‘Beautiful Thing’ After Current Pope Resigns

Olympic Committee Drops Wrestling From The 2020 Games

Remembering Donald Byrd, Jazz Trumpeter Who Spanned Generations

NFL Executive Suggests Changing The Size Of The Field Would Reduce Head Injuries

Former Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward Makes Cameo On ‘The Walking Dead’ As A Zombie

Why Don’t More People Care If NFL Players Are Using Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Female School Librarian Caught In Police Sting After Pestering 16-Year-Old Student For Sex

Former NBA Player Mike Bibby Kicked Out Of Son’s High School Football Game By Police

Designers Give Their Opinion On Apple’s Rumored iWatch With Using Curved Glass

TV Station Emergency Alert System Hacked Warning Viewers Of A Zombie Attack

Conservatives Upset Over Jamie Foxx Comments That ‘Black People Are The Most Talented’

Walter Cronkite Vision Of The Home Of The Future In 1967 Was Fairly Accurate

R&B Singer Toni Braxton Says She’s Retiring From Music Because The ‘Excitement Is Gone’

Nas Babymomma Disses Him For Not Inviting Her & Her Daughter To The Grammys

Every Apple Product Supposedly In The Works

The Golden State Warriors’ New Alternate Jersey Has Sleeves, For Some Reason

BLITZ – 2/8/13: Donald Byrd R.I.P.

donald-byrd-160Donald Byrd – “Places And Spaces”Donald Byrd & The BlackByrds – “Walking In Rhythm”Donald Byrd & The BlackByrds – “Rock Creek Park”


Jazz Great Donald Byrd Dies At The Age Of 80 According To His Nephew

Monster Snowstorm Similar To Super Storm Sandy Expected To Slam The Northeast

EX-LAPD Cop Christopher Dorner Is Either On The Run Or Hunting Police Officers

Why J Dilla Maybe Jazz’s Latest Great Innovator

The Cast Of The Mini-Series ‘Roots’ Speak On Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Nas Announces ‘The Movement 2013′ Festival Beginning In Australia

Baltimore Ravens Planning To Erect A Statue Of Ray Lewis Outside Their Stadium

74-Year-Old Man Defies Time Using Human Growth Hormone

Spain Seizes 4 Tons Of Cocaine Worth $340 Million Dollars

Pubic Hair Grooming Injuries Are On The Rise Over The Last Decade

Fried Chicken & Sweet Tea: A Recipe For A Stroke

Puerto Rican Hip Hop Icon Tego Calderon Mixes Prose & Politics

Beat By Dre: The Inside Story Of How Monster Lost The World

BLITZ – 2/7/13: Thursday Bullrun

8873_223539971114351_1729315442_nGhostface Killah – “Run”


Postal Worker Goes ‘Postal’ By Choking Out 11-Year-Old Girl Who Laughed At Him

30-Year-Old Mother Pulls Out Gun During Argument At A Connecticut Chuck E. Cheese

The Bizarre 20-Year Ride Of Two Pharcydes

The World’s Longest-Married Couple Have Been Together For 80 Years

9-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth To A Baby Girl In Mexico

Bruce Willis Is Against New Gun Control Laws That Could Infringe On 2nd Amendment Rights

Swizz Beatz Purchases Co-Ownership Stake In Monster Cable Products

The World’s 10 Most Expensive Cities Of 2013

Russell Simmons Says ‘The Illuminati Doesn’t Exist’

Puerto Ricans Wrestling With High Crime: “Don’t Give Up On Us”

Kerry Washington Ebony Cover; Says She Would’ve Passed On TV Show If President Was Black

‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs: Young Han Solo & Boba Fett Movie In The Works

Hollywood A-Listers Are Angling To Play Some Of The Biggest Icons In Music

Public Enemy Frontman Chuck D: A ‘Hip Hop God’ Speaks

NBA Commish David Stern Says The League May Start HGH Testing As Early As Next Season

Mothra? A Robotic Exoskeleton Being Controlled By A Moth

Scientists Calculate Billions Of ‘Earth-Like’ Planets Throughout The ‘Milky Way’ Galaxy

Former NFL Player & High School Football Coach Arrested For Public Indecency In Atlanta

What Was The Best Super Bowl Ever According To Watchability

BLITZ – 2/6/13: Awww Skeet Skeet

b722f5046ba0e1d_280_190Prodigy – “Bang On Em”

18 People Charged By The Feds In A $200 Million Dollar Global Credit Card Scam

Former NBA Star Allen Iverson Loses His Atlanta Mansion To Foreclosure

Church Daycare Closed After 5-Year-Olds Caught Having Oral Sex

Jeremy Lin Helps Set NBA Record In Houston Rockets Win Over The Golden State Warriors

I Went To The Playboy Mansion (And It Was Kinda Depressing)

Female Prison Guard Pregnant With Inmate’s Baby & Had Multiple Affairs With Other Prisoners

Coco Brown Could Be The First Ever Porn Star In Space

Man Caught Having Sex With A Horse; Says He Was Trying To Get It Pregnant

Palm-Sized Nano-Copter Being Used In Afghanistan As A Spy Drone

Nigerian Prostitutes Offer One-Week Of Free Sex If Nigeria Wins The African Cup In Soccer

Atlanta Reporter Gets Sucker Punched In The Face Live On Camera

For 100 Years Pitbulls Were Considered The Perfect ‘Nanny Dogs’ Before Negative Stories

10 Questions Should Ask Themselves At The Beginning Of Their Careers (If They Want Success)

Room For Debate: Have Black Intellectuals Sold Their Souls?

Futuristic Freakum Dress: ‘Intimacy 2.0′ Dress Turns Transparent When Women Get Aroused

Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil New Team Logos

Jesse Jackson, Jr’s Wife Subject Of A Federal Investigation

Mixing Alcohol & Diet Soda Can Make You More Intoxicated Faster

Armor On The Field: How The NFL’s Use Of Kevlar Helmets Can Possibly Eliminate Concussions

Ray Lewis Does His Dance For The Last Time In The Ravens Stadium With Lombardi Trophy

New Orleans Saints Plan To Hire Rob Ryan As Their New Defensive Coordinator

Research Says Straight Men Who Watch Porn Tend To Be Supportive Of Same-Sex Marriages

Puerto Rico’s Battered Economy: The Greece Of The Caribbean?

The Wives & Girlfriends Of Super Bowl XLVII

Lebron James x Dr. Dre Grace The New Cover Of ESPN Magazine

GXb8sRZLebron James & Dr. Dre will cover the latest edition of ESPN Magazine that officially hits newsstands on February 8th. The upcoming issue will focus on music so having Lebron & Dr. Dre were two good choices for cover subjects. Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from the photoshoot below….
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BLITZ – 2/5/13: FatBack Breakfast

fatback breakfastJill Scott – “Fatback Taffy”

Congratulations To The Baltimore Ravens! Now Pay Your Louisiana Tax Bill

Justice Department Memo Reveals Legal Case For Drone Strikes On Americans

U.S. Military Struggling To Stop Suicide Epidemic Among War Veterans

The 10 Best Careers In Sports

Hitchhiker Gives Hilarious Account Of Saving Woman From An Attack Using A Hatchet

Lebron James Has Historic Shooting Night Against The Charlotte Bobcats

Lord Jamar Of Brand Nubian Says Kanye West Is The ‘Pioneer Of This Queer Sh*t’

What Would Happen If America Got Free “Nationwide” WiFi? Google Wins, Carriers Lose

Pakistan Building $30 Million Amusement Park In Town Where Osama Bin Laden Was Shot

The World’s Oldest Black Woman Dies In Detroit After Inspiring Life

Jalen Rose Partied With Indiana Students Until 5am Sunday Morning Because He’s A Hero

1-Way Ticket To Florida: How Puerto Ricans Are Leaving The Island’s Woes In Record Numbers

Noam Chomsky: U.S. Control Is Diminishing, But It Still Thinks It Owns The World

NBC To Stream Content Into Over 1,200 Philadelphia Taxi’s

Like Manti? Man Invents Girlfriend Because He Was Gay & Wanted To Play Football In College

Manti Te’o Loved Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Ray Lewis Says The System Failed To Properly Investigate The Double Murder In Atlanta

Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis Losing In The 1992 High School State Wrestling Championship

Was Super Bowl XLVII The Best One Ever?

R&B Singer Keith Sweat Explains He’s ‘Cheated & Been Cheated On’ In His New Book

Iran’s Leader Embraces Facebook & Twitter While Many Iranian People Are Blocked

BLITZ – 2/4/13: Great Champions

02-03-2013-muhammad-ali-3_4_r536_c534Apollo Brown x O.C. – “People’s Champ”


Baltimore Ravens Led By Ray Lewis Win Super Bowl XLVII

Baltimore Ravens Overcome Various Obstacles To Beat The SF 49ers 34-31 In Super Bowl XLVII

The Full & Complete Timeline Of The Baltimore Ravens’ Championship Season

Ray Lewis Rides Off As A Champion In Super Bowl XLVII

Despite Near Death Rumors, Muhammad Ali Was Watching Baltimore Ravens Win Super Bowl

Can The Baltimore Ravens Repeat As Super Bowl Champions Next Season?

Jokesters & Advertisers Pounce On The Super Bowl Power Outage Through Social Media

Grading The Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials Of 2013

Power Outage Stops Super Bowl For 34 Minutes

Are Mini-Reactors The Future Of Nuclear Power?

Do-It-Yourself Penis Implants & The Growing Fad Throughout The Prison System

Civic Leaders Call For President Obama To Help Slow Tide Of Homicides In Chicago

Judge Calls Former NBA Star Allen Iverson A ‘Horrible Pathetic Excuse For A Parent’

Who Is America’s Favorite Team According To Facebook Data?

Investigators Still Looking Into The Shooting Death Of EX-Navy SEAL & Author Chris Kyle

A Look At The New $39 Million Dollar ‘Rolls Royce’ Of Mega-Yachts

New DARPA 1.8 Gigapixel Drone Can See You Waving From 15,000 Feet Away

A County-By-County Guide Of Fans Of Various NFL Teams According To Facebook

BLITZ – 2/1/13: Smack Dat Friday

tumblr_ma8sp7VcsA1ruz6zso1_500Kendrick Lamar – “Backseat Freestyle”

As The U.S. Is Consuming Less Cocaine, Brazil Is Now Using More

South African Billionaire Patrice Motsepe Pledges To Donate Half Of His Fortune

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch Dies This Morning At The Age Of 88

Ray Lewis Seeks The Ultimate Prize: Going Out On Top

Are Shooting Ranges Becoming The New Bowling Alleys?

Geraldo Rivera Considering A Run For U.S. Senate As A Republican

Burger King Finds Horse DNA Inside One Of The Irish Plants Where They Purchase Meat

Judge Orders Unemployed Mother Of 15 To Learn How To ‘Suck D*ck’

Hundreds Of Bikers Stop Traffic On A Cali Highway So Their Friend Could Propose To His Girl

Why Is ‘Authenticity’ So Central To Urban Culture?

Gay Pitbull Nicknamed ‘Elton’ Saved From Execution At The Dog Pound

Man’s Dreadlocks Shaved Off & Stolen At Party; Dreadlock Thefts On The Rise In South Africa

Do You Need Apple’s 128G iPad When It’s Released?

New ‘Bang With Professionals’ App Helps You Have Sex With Your Co-Workers

Houston Texans RB Arian Foster To Undergo Procedure For An Irregular Heartbeat

The Top Black Girl Tumblrs To Look At

Black Men Are Heading To Tattoo Shops To Get Their Lips “Pink” Or “Red”

Despite President Obama’s Plans For Needed Immigration Reform, Deportations Are At A High

BLITZ – 1/30/13: Grade A Butt

tumblr_m6ln66hmnz1rp81lko1_500A Tribe Called Quest – “Butter”


Porn Star Ron Jeremy In Critical Condition With A Heart Aneurysum

Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis Denies Using NFL Banned Antler Spray

Brain Disease: Frightening Future For NFL Players

Man Behind The Alleged Hoax Involving Manti Te’o Says He’s ‘Deeply’ In Love With Him

George Zimmerman Wants To Delay Trial In The Trayvon Martin Shooting Case

HBO’s ‘Entourage’ Movie Gets The Green Light For The Big Screen

MSNBC’s Karen Finney Says The GOP Is A Bunch Of ‘Crazy Crackers’

San Francisco 49ers Player In Hot Water Over Recent Anti-Gay Comments

The Wives & Girlfriends Of Players In The 2013 Super Bowl

America Has 2 Black U.S. Senators For The First Time Ever In History

NAACP President Says Blacks Are Doing ‘Far Worse’ Under President Obama

Lebron James ‘Goes In’ On Brooklyn Nets Reggie Evans

Boondocks Creator Aaron McGruder Asks Fans To Help Fund An ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Movie

Whitney Houston’s Mother Says She Wouldn’t Have Lip-Sync’d The National Anthem

What If There Was No Super Bowl?

All The Singular Ladies: 6 Women At The Cutting Edge Of R&B

The Haters Guide To Ray Lewis

Former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky Is Running Out Of Excuses

Carmelo Anthony Sets Record In NY Knicks Win Over The Orlando Magic 113-97

Drunk 49ers Fan Crashes Broadcast; Reporter Asks ‘How Long Have You Had An STD?’