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Sesame Street: Janelle Monae – “Power of Yet” (Video)

You just didn’t get it…yet…
Janelle Monae, On The “Power of Yet”

Don’t you just love Janelle? If not, too bad. We do. And apparently the kids do. PBS and Sesame Street certainly had to love the work she put in for them on this!

If you believe in yourself, you’ll get there. That’s the power of yet. You might not be ready for outer space yet, but just work hard and keep your eye on the prize and you’ll get to where you want to be!

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Elle Varner – “Don’t Wanna Dance” feat. A$AP Ferg (Video)

Ever-sexy Elle Varner with another good look for us. Visuals for “Don’t Wanna Dance” (featuring A$AP Ferg) for us to drool over look at. Dope danceable track. It’s good. It’s good. Click play and experience it.


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R&B/Soul: Alicia Keys – “We Are Here” (Video)

We gone pray for the innocent… ’cause right now it don’t make sense.
Alicia Keys

“We are here for all of us.” Alicia Keys’ “We Are Here” message cannot get any clearer or more compelling. So, a nice visual would likely do well to simply bring ‘background’ and let the viewer soak in content and context. Keeping with that, Alicia went back early ‘Crucial Keys’ style on us – just a cutie in cornrows on the piano singing soul to the six billion on this planet. This is world music from New York y’all. Enjoy it. Reflect and relate to the music and message.

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Chuck Brown – “Beautiful Life” (Video)

I just need to see your smiling faces at my show… Beautiful Life.
Chuck Brown

Didn’t know much about Go-Go legend Chuck Brown? Good time to study up. You can get the Cliff’s Notes on the man in the visuals above. This vid for “Beautiful Life” blends light and loving scenes on stage, on the street, with his people… AND a rap by his daughter KK! It’s a beautiful song; and this presentation is a beautiful tribute to Brother Brown. You can get his posthumously-released LP at iTunes now.


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 18 “Lessons With Jazz” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Can I ask you a question… Was it a good fade?
DJ Ferno

DJ Ferno gets called onto the carpet (er… couch) for a DJ Jazzy Jeff post-show reprimand. Evaluations are evaluations, wherever you work, right? Nah. You probably don’t get a camera shoved in your face the whole time your boss is giving you the talkin’ to… and you don’t likely get a real opportunity to land a ‘counter’ like Ferno did. Haa! Even getting ‘dressed down’ on these Vinyl Destination eps is classic.

It’s all about IMPACT people. Remember that ya young’ns!

Keep watching though: The crew did a double in Manchester, then get over to Preston, UK. Jeff giving love to fans and they mans’n’em, meeting and greeting and signing stuff along the way. Skillz with his commentary added in. Prepare to chuckle.

(Notice how Jeff wouldn’t make the hand gesture he did not understand for the one fan’s pic. That’s not “being rude”… actually, it’s being smart… never know who you may offend, or if you are misrepresenting yourself in some way doing things like that just because someone asks. Careful people! Lots of laughs AND lessons in this episode. Enjoy!)


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Pharrell Williams Talks With CNN’s Don Lemon About Mike Brown, Ferguson Fallout And More (Video)

Okay, so Talib Kweli’s friend Pharrell Williams’ talk with Don Lemon went way better than Kweli’s. Check it. A self-admitted apolitical celeb, the singer/producer weighs in with comments on the situation in Ferguson (Missouri, USA), on Michael Brown’s death and more. Much more; even in this short clip.

This is gonna be the longest hangover in race relations…ever!
Pharrell Williams

Interesting insights.

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R&B: Joe – “If You Lose Her” (Prod. By Derek Allen x Gerald Isaac) [Video]

When she’s gone, you’ll know how much she’s worth.

Soulful singer Joe has another masterpiece on his hands – “Bridges” – ready for you to get it into your hands (rather, iTunes library). In this new music video for “If You Loser Her” (directed by industry vet Billie Woodruff), Joe starts on stage crooning some of that grown and sexy sound to a lady alone in the venue… as a compelling story concept plays out; beginning with her man coming in late… maybe too late. Gotta watch. Single produced by Derek Allen & Gerald Isaac. Got that album link for you if after that you want to cop.


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DJ Kemit – “Soul Makossa” (September 2014) [Promo Mixtape]

Held every First Friday of the month, our homie & superior sound selector DJ Kemit’s event – Soul Makossa – is where the cool & sexy music lovers are. Simple. If you are there every month, congrats. If not, get over to Sound Table over on Edgewood (downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA) for the next one… your friends will already be there (old and new)! Oh, we got Kemit’s latest hour-strong promo mix on that below. HOT! We’re sure the Dominican portion of Jayforce’s DNA is definitely digging this joint right here!


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Atlanta Event: Everyone Is Ready For ‘One Music Fest 2014′, But Are You Ready For DJ Deliver?

DJ Deliver

Join DJ Deliver and Jeremy Avalon, with special guest DJ Dice (official DJ for Redman & Method Man) at The Sound Table (Space 2), 423 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta (GA, USA).

See the announcement clip above. Be in the spot!

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Raekwon – ‘Close To You’

Raekwon continues his ‘Throwback Thursday’ assault over classic R&B joints from back in the day. This time around the Wu-Tang lyricist decides to take it back to the 80s & get ‘Close To You’ on this Gwen Guthrie joint. It’s an interesting choice for ‘the Chef’ to flip his lyrical finesse over, but I think Rae should have utilized her 1986 ‘get off your ass’ controversial classic “Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent”. It’s all good…. just another appetizer before Raekwon’s upcoming ‘F.I.L.A.’ project on the way.


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FKA twigs – “Hide” (Video)

For New Year’s Eve 2013, Young Turks threw a special party in Tulum, Mexico. Here, FKA twigs performs Hide amidst Mayan ruins.

Okay, so at one point in the recent GGN interview we posted (here) Snoop asked T-Pain about three artists he could not live without. Snoop has been on some Sade *ish, wanting to collab with the sizzling songstress for a while now… but Pain hit Snoop in the head with his first choice out the gate: FKA twigs. And they both went on tirade touting her; Pain even saying he’s worked with her (that she brought him back into music). Wow. Is it her music? Is it her look? Her presence?

Answer: YES!

Check this latest “Hide” performance video from producer/singer/songwriter FKA twigs out. Will leave your mouth hanging wide open. Well, it left me floored. ‘xscuse me for not knowing, FKA twigs.

And perhaps to get you further ‘open’… check out her concept video for “Hide” from a couple years back after the jump. WOW!


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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 17 “Oooh Kille’m” On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Good rest-up over the time off. Good van ride over to the hotel in England. Good sound check. Good chill time before the night’s show. Oh, speaking of chill… damn it got cold, right Steve? Bwaahahaa. All in all, no tripping just good times before, up to, and through the party set for this episode of Vinyl Solution. Until the crew gets stuck in the elevator…

We gotta draw straws to see who we gone eat…

- DJ Jazzy Jeff

Uh oh. Drama begins. The fellas get out, but it don’t stop. After the party it the after party NO! It’s a mad dash back to pack and load into the van, to dash over to another show in Ireland (Cork; where Jeff and Skillz kille’m every time with that “Jump Around” apparently), then catch a flight, to do back-shows after that (Bristol, then Manchester).

You probably recognize the work of one Dayne Jordan on the episode’s soundtrack; some of the cuts posted here on the site. Dope,

Enjoy the ep.


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Janelle Monae Surprises New York Based Band & Fans In The Park (Video)

McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY. There’s this street band there, The Drumadics, rocks! Worth seeing alone. But what if Janelle Monáe surprised them during one of their shows at the park? Dopeness through the roof! Well…

Janelle Monae surprises New York City’s most talented street musicians: The Drumadics at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. They put on an incredible performance that captivated an unsuspecting audience.

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Prince – “Clouds” featuring 3rdEyeGirl

His name is Prince. And he is funky. AND…he is dropping two plates this year (on September 29, 2014) – “Art Official Age” and “Plectrum Electrum” – because he can! Check out the dope artwork and this single he leaked entitled “Clouds” (featuring 3rdEyeGirl, his collaborator on “Plectrum Electrum”). Click that play button above and be amazed again by the Purple Rocker!

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Al 1Thing – “Armor” (Produced by Bobby Beats)

The underground rapper/singer/songwriter from Philadelphia (PA, USA) does visuals for his latest with the hometown as a backdrop. But check out what’s in the foreground. Mm mm mm! The lovely guest star Roni Graham (who also directed the video). Al 1Thing’s single “Armor” is on his mixtape “The Al 1Thing Project” (FREE stream/download after the jump). Interesting emotional roller coaster of love this video is; drove dude to have to drink a li’l something. It’s like that sometimes in love.


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R&B: Mack Wilds – “Don’t Turn Me Down” (Video)

The realest of real talk at the end of the night. Yeaahhh maaan. “Don’t Turn Me Down” baby. ‘Just show me which side of the bed is yours’ … smooth. How could any woman resist? But, the end of the video though; most real G move Mack Wilds pulls. Very hard to do, but it had to be done. “New York: A Love Story” (out now) is full of R&B bangers like this. Hit the link.


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R&B: Jared Evan – “Hot Sauce” (Prod. By The Arcitype)

This is FREE? Who looks out for us like Jared Evan? Dope new “Boom Bap and Blues II” album on the way, but check out this leak from it. “Hot Sauce” (produced by The Arcitype).

Here is some new music for you guys before I get ready to release “Boom Bap & Blues II.” Coming this Fall!

- Jared Evan

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R&B: Jeremih – “N.O.M.A.” (Not On My Album) [Mixtape]


Seriously. Jeremih has been killing it on the hooks of popular songs for a minute. Got to get something up for the dude for the respect due. How about this? The “N.O.M.A.” (Not On My Album) mixtape Jeremih has out. Check it…for the low, low price of FREE.99! You’re welcome.

(Oh, and the album these joints will not be on… that’s “Late Nights: The Album.”)


R&B: Vanessa Elisha – “Midnight Swim” (EP)


Oh so nice. We’ve got more from Vanessa Elisha. Posted on her before (FREE music, here). Now, check out the EP she’s dropped. Full EP with the same title as the single. This is “Midnight Swim” (EP).


Vinyl Destination | Ep. 16 ‘Proper Lube’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Okay, okay. Been a minute since we came with the Vinyl Destination posts. Apologies all around to all appropriate parties. AND sooo… if you are a stickler for watching in order, we do a solid. Start by watching AFTER THE JUMP (start it from the bottom then come here).

So we come to day 3 of European jaunt for this Vinyl Destination episode. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the best in the biz, riding out in the world’s smallest minivan, to Annecy, France. Not always ‘deluxe accommodations’ but chilling. Cookies and chips. Then…to get it IN… Pop Plage!! Then off Belfast, Ireland. Then to London…whew, they’re working people! And before you ask, yes the title is indeed ‘Proper Lube’ and NO… not saying anymore about that here. Watch the vid.

“Community hand towels? I’m cool.”


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