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Kanye West feat. Paul McCartney – “Only One” (Video)

Kanye West is the greatest hip hop artist of this generation & he consistently proves it. A keen attention to detail, socially relevant commentary within his music, an a willingness to take risks. Check out this latest video called ‘Only One’ featuring Sir Paul McCartney which is dedicated to Kanye’s beautiful daughter ‘Nori’. I don’t usually get caught up into celebrity babies & crap like that, but Kanye & Kim Kardashian most definitely have the cutest kid amongst new celebrity parents. As a fan of Kanye West the artist, I’m definitely looking forward to what he hits us with next.

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Jhené Aiko – “Spotless Mind” (Video)

Sexy singer Jhené Aiko with another heater off her “Souled Out” (EP). This is a visual presentation for the single, “Spotless Mind.”


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R&B/Soul: Erykah Badu – “Bag Lady” (Pazmal x Corey Chase Remix)

The groovy Erykah Badu gets a new groove (a renewed groove) with this remix to her “Bag Lady” hotness by Pazmal and Corey Chase. Truth is WE get a groove made new again… AND a FREE download (hit the link below).


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R&B: Tiara Thomas – “Best Kept Secret” (Prod. By Dot N Pro) [Video]

Can we get three mmph’s for sexy azz Tiara Thomas in her “Best Kept Secret” video?

Mmph…mmph… MMPH!

White hot song needs a visual treatment like this. And what y’all know ’bout that track by Dot N Pro?

(And somehow, we end up in bed with Tiara. Nice!)

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Case – “Shook Up” (Video)

Lotta hub-bub made about Deangelo’s return and his LP’s heralding of the return of real R&B. Respect, respect. However, loyal follower of the Force, you know that good R&B hasn’t gone anywhere. We spotlight artists up next, as well as the R&B vets over here. Like this Case jawn – “Shook Up” – which is out as a single on iTunes now. But… you’ll have to wait until March 31, 2015, to get that as part of the “Heaven’s Door” LP (just saying).


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R&B: The Internet – “Girl” (Prod. By Kaytranada)

Now… this is pretty nice. Maybe you heard this on BBC One Radio. If not, you’re about to hear it here first and go searching for the rest of the set. Kaytranada laid the track. Syd Tha Kid laid on top of it with some smooth crooning. Done deal. Enjoy!

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R&B: Raheem DeVaughn – “Temperature’s Rising”

Confession: You could overdose on Raheem DeVaughn posts on this site. Just saying. That said, here’s why: DeVaughn has consistently dropped the smoothest brand of R&B that is not appreciated by nearly enough. We correct that oversight over here. “Temperature’s Rising” has you thinking about that R. Kelly line huh? Yeah, you keep thinking that… and press play.

From the new album ‘Love, Sex, Passion’ available February 17th, 2015.

Oh, you can pre-order the album at the link here.


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R&B/Soul: Stacy Barthe – “Live For Today” feat. Common

Definite soul with intermittent Hip-Hop – today’s forecast for this dope storm moving through your system as soon as you hit play. Stacy Barthe does her thing, like always. But adding Common is how you add a head nod to the body rock you are about to indulge in. Go ‘head. You can play this “Live For Today” now.

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R&B: The Weeknd – “Earned It” (Video) [NSFW]

Is… is he singing to that woman’s tit…? See what happens when you fall through for the nooner? Let the Weeknd start your weekend right? You “Earned It” (this video for the first single off the “50 Shades Of Grey” movie soundtrack, that is).

Before you press play: You see it’s marked, Not Safe For Work” right?

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R&B: ForteBowie – “So Emotional” (Video)

Yep! If you are trying to go the crunk-n-b route like ForteBowie with this “So Emotional”… make it catchy, bring the heat on your vocals, and please get a sexy Honey for the video. Check, check and check! Now check out this nicety jawn from Atlanta’s own. Above for the visual. Linked below for the audio.


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Lifetime: Whitney (Biopic)

Screenshot 2015-01-19 04.22.46

Have you heard the talk yet? Yeah you have. Good or bad… you have likely heard something about (and formed an opinion on) the Angela Bassett-directed biopic “Whitney.” Well…Have you watched it yet? If not, we got it for you. Catch it on Lifetime Network (click the pic above or the link below).

Watch the full movie Whitney, starring Yaya DaCosta. Chronicles the headline-making relationship between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown from the time they first met to their courtship and tumultuous marriage.


R&B: Ne-Yo – “Coming With You” (Video)

Definite banger for the dance clubs worldwide. Can see this “Coming With You” by Neyo jumping off internationally easily. Nice scenery in this vid, too though. Lots of eye candy featured at a day (and night) at the beach. The single is off Neyo’s forthcoming “Non-Fiction” LP (due out on iTunes on January 27, 2015). You can put your order in (and get some tracks) now via the link below.


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R&B: D’Angelo – She’s Always In My Hair (14KT Remix)

Nah, not yet HouseShoes. What’s up though?

I’ve been holding onto this for damn near two years.
A lot on deck from 14KT and Street Corner this year.
Stay tuned.

Well, well. A remix of “She’s Always In My Hair” from D’Angelo… by 14KT… nice. Thanks.


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John Legend – “Glory” feat. Common (Video)

Freedom is a religion to us… When it go down, woman and man up!

There have certainly been times when the music made the movie. Now, while “Selma” has a powerful enough historical civil rights story to tell in itself, a powerful John Legend song (featuring Common) can only enhance the experience. Watch the video. It is not a trailer, but the visuals may make you want to see this in theaters all the more.

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ArtByOdell Welcomes Atu & Dpat of the ‘Soulection’ Crew To Atlanta (Audio)

ArtByOdell sat down with local Atlanta promoters HomeTown Heroes to discuss their first ATL event. On the bill they had Dexter Brandon of Kolossus Records along with Thrice Groove of WERC Crew.  To headline the event was Dpat & Atu of Soulection who made their Atlanta debut.  Like past Soulection DJ’s (LAKIM, Jo Def & Sango)making their first trip to ATL Dpat & Atu spoke with ArtByOdell. The discussion talks music what inspires them and their international backgrounds.  Odell also speaks with Dexter Brandon 7 Thrice Groove both DJ/Producers telling him what they have planned for listeners in 2015.


-ArtByOdell Twitter / SoundCloud
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R&B: Emanny – “Perfect” (Video)

People waste a lifetime trying to find the shiniest dime…

Emanny with a visual off his “Songs About Her 2″ LP – “Perfect.” Turns out that we have more than a couple posts on here from the R&B’er… but it’s been a while. Damn good check in though sir. Welcome back!


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Ameriie – “Mustang”

It’s Ameriie with an extra ‘i’ now? Well, Dionne Warwick played around with her name too. Okay, I guess. As long as the music is still fi-yaaah, who cares, right?

(And Miss A being hella sexy doesn’t hurt at all!)

Listen to “Mustang” on the ‘Cloud stream above.


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Jeremih Returns On The Bus Through His Chicago Neighborhood (Video)

Incredible. Jeremih was steady going to school, just living day-to-day on the Southside of Chicago… and already had the hit record! In this vid, J takes us back to his old stomping grounds. We meet his family, walk through his old hood, and end up catch the same bus he used to catch.

(Footnote: He hasn’t rode a bus since.)

Good viewing. Hit play.

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R&B: Poo Bear – “Work For It” feat. Tyga x Justin Bieber (Video)

Yep. I’ve posted his music before. And as long as Pooh Bear keeps putting ‘em out like this… will continue to do so. Good music, this “Work For It” (featuring Tyga). Lots of pop star cameo power dropped in this visual, too. Can’t hate the player for that, right? Ha.

(And the Eye Candy in there. Nice. Won’t hate the player for that!)

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R&B/Soul: Stacy Barthe – ‘Angel’

It’s not every day a relatively new artist can successfully execute a remake of a classic song. Stacy Barthe is not your everyday singer & songwriter so I knew she would kill this cover of one of Anita Baker’s signature records. I’m definitely a fan of Stacy Barthe’s music so it’s a dope surprise she has more amazing work coming with her first official major release. She’s signed to John Legend’s new label ‘Homeschool’ & the new project ‘BEcoming’ due next year in 2015. Check out snippets of the upcoming album after the jump below….



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