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Comedy: Adrien Broner Says He Beat Manny Pacquiao?! Comedian Shuler King Gives His Post-Fight Commentary (Video)


Many have tried to say it, and maybe you were one of them, but Shuler [sarcastically] sums up the WTF sentiments of the masses who watched Broner’s “win” over Manny Pacquiao last weekend.


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Marshawn Lynch Is ‘The Most Interesting Man’ On Real Time With Bill Maher (Video)

Did you catch Beast Mode on Bill Maher’s show last weekend? We know he does not speak much, esp. not to the press. But he made some memorable TV that night. Watch his segment. Speaking from the heart about President Trump, marijuana, and more.

Raiders running back and Beast Mode inspiration Marshawn Lynch responds to a Trumpian insult and addresses the NFL’s restrictions on its players.
– Real Time With Bill Maher


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Comedian Shuler King On A Meal Fit For Champions, Served To The Clemson Tigers At The White House (Video)

Trip to the White House for the National Champions. Yuuup.
Unforgettable dinner. Yuuup.
They had McDonald’s. Nooooo! Whaaaat in the Ray Kroc is goings on here??? They could have had that ‘dinner’ on the way there. On the way back home to Clemson. At home, in Clemson, while ‘face-timing’ with the President and not even making the f**king trip!

Guess this is all the Prez can afford for now… what with the shutdown and such. Womp waah…

Wow. Just wow… And now it’s time for Shuler King to roast The Donald
#ComedyCentralGovernment #WhiteHouseSpecial #MaybeWhiteCastleWouldBeBetter


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Comedy: ‘Frienemy’ Teams Visit Bama In The Hospital (Video)

Haters! Hahahaaaa!

Everybody’s got jokes after a Tide loss. All good though, homies. If we can dish it, we gotta take it. Bama dished out L’s to all the visitors. So we have to take it when they brought salt to Bama’s recovery room to rub in our wounds from that Clemson beatdown.

We’re #2… for now. Get your jokes in.

Actually, I chuckled at a couple of these shots, too #RollTide #Still #Always

– @ojones1

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Controversial Sports Commentator Jemele Hill Always Had A Strong Sense Of Who She Was, Before And After Her Time At ESPN (Video)

Above: Jemele Hill speaks on what it felt like leaving ESPN after more than a decade. There really wasn’t a mourning period. More than just the controversial Tweets and stands she took. By the time President Trump came ‘sniffing & riffing’… It had been time.

In this clip, Jemele Hill speaks on having three years left on her contract and being bought out via an offer. Hill noted that things weren’t already going right on ‘Sportscenter’ by the time the issues with Donald Trump happened, so she didn’t have plans on coming back to the show.
DJ Vlad

Hmmm… forgot about the production stuff she got into. Dope!


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Sports: Clemson University Wins The 2019 College Football National Championship (Video)

It still stings. A whuppin’ will do that. But the better team won last night, and I am ready to say it… capitalized for effect: The Clemson Tigers Pounced Upon, Pounded Down, And Prevailed Over The Alabama Crimson Tide (my Alma Mater) To Win The College Football National Championship.

Clemson is the best football team in the land. They beat us… DOWN! We were out-played, out-coached, out-willed. Period. The Tigers are UNDEFEATED and UNDENIABLE.

Congratulations to Dabo Swinney and his boys. And no, I am not angry, at all, over their win (no hate). When asked about his final message to the team before they came out to start the game, Clemson Coach Swinney said he told the players (1) to join him in reciting The Lord’s Prayer, (2) to play with joy, and (3) that he loved them.

Man. They won right then! They just hit the gridiron and made it official.

It was an honor for The Tide to meet real Champions on the field of battle. And an honor to watch it (on the big screen… munching on ‘super nachos’ and peach cobbler a la mode) with a living room full of Bama fans.

That’s my take. Coach Nick Saban speaks on the Alabama championship loss after the jump.

#WatchHighlightsAbove #UntilNextYear #CongratsChamps


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Comedy: How A Post-Game Interview Should Actually Go (Video)

You know how the players, coaches, and even fans ‘hold back’ during the post-game interviews? Don’t you just hate that? Wouldn’t you love to see an honest post-game interview? Well…

(Whoa! That reporter said WHAT at the end???)


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Pee Wee Kirkland Left The Court To Become A Kingpin In The Drug Game (Video)

Surely you know something about the dual life lived by hood icon Pee Wee Kirkland. At least you’ve heard that rap line “Legend in two games [like] Pee Wee Kirkland.” Basketball was one game. VICE will give us the real deep scoop on Pee Wee’s second.

Richard “Pee Wee” Kirkland began playing basketball in the streets of Harlem when he was 9-years-old. By age 13, he split his time between playing ball and committing robberies to help finance a growing drug empire.

In college, Kirkland was the 1968 MVP for Norfolk State, turning down an offer from UCLA to play alongside Kareem Abdul Jabaar. Kirkland was then drafted by the Chicago Bulls but turned down their offer when he realized he could make more money in the drug game than the basketball game. With law enforcement on his tail, Kirkland found himself behind bars twice between 1971 and 1988. From there, he made a change, becoming a motivational speaker and inspiring young, inner-city athletes to take a different path out than he did.

Presented by Ryot.

– VICE Sports


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LeBron James & Friends Remember The Backlash From His ‘Taking My Talents To South Beach’ Announcement (Video)

Remember when LeBron James had an entire state butthurt when he announced ‘The Decision’ to leave Cleveland and go play for Miami? Well, LeBron does. Still. Today.

In this clip from “More Than an Athlete” on ESPN+, LeBron James and his friends and business partners — Maverick Carter, Randy Mims, and Rich Paul — reflect on The Decision and what went wrong.

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Sneaker Shopping With Kyrie Irving (Video)

‘It’ dude of the League, Kyrie Irving, already has plenty of shoes. Even has his own line. All he wants is one thing from this Sneaker Shopping trip… MORE!

NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Concepts in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and talks about his signature sneakers, his love for Nike SB and skateboarding, and his favorite sneakers growing up.
– Complex

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Allen Iverson Speaks On Meeting Michael Jordan And Knowing The Notorious B.I.G. (Video)

Wow. A.I. knew Biggie like that. Got to think about that music project he was determined to drop at risk of torpedoing his pro ball career back in the day. Birds of a feather and such; wondering if he got a push, nod (or unh!) from Biggie if that rap career would have taken off.

(Okay, done thinking… NO WAY anybody gives up multiple MILLIONS for playing ball under contract for a ‘chance’ to make ‘some money’ in the rap game. NBA ‘bankshots’ paid WAY more than the ‘bank’ A.I. would have gotten as a rapper.

NBA legend Allen Iverson sits down with Complex’s Speedy Morman to drop gems on everything from his relationship with The Notorious B.I.G., to his conversation the first time he met Michael Jordan, to his iconic shooting sleeve, most memorable Kobe Bryant moment, opinion on the state of the NBA and more.
– Complex

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Jemele Hill Has Nothing But Love For ESPN (Video)

… Yeah, now that she is outta there, and cashing BIG checks!

I will admit to being in my feelings (not in the fun Drake way) about the drama ESPN was giving Jemele before her departure, but it looks like she is doing alright now. Better than alright.

Jemele Hill Talks Leaving ESPN, Mental Health, Lebron James + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Watch FlippingYouth’s Skateboarding Fundraising Clip (Video)

Here’s a safe bet: You do NOT think about skateboarding when you think about Jamaica. Yeah, but that was before you peeped this…

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Sports/History: Tommie Smith Raised A ‘Black Power’ Fist During The Medal Ceremony At The 1968 Olympics… With No Regrets (Video)

Talk about REPRESENTING! You know the black and white video at the Olympic games back, back in the day, with the raised fists in it? Yes, this guy, that part!

Tommie Smith sits down with Bill Rhoden to discuss the 50th anniversary of his iconic gesture at the Olympics and how it is relevant in these times.

Shout to John Carlos (the other athlete who raised his fist on the podium), too. Watch this though. Great insights on what modern day athletes can and should be doing with their platforms for humanity, applauding Colin Kaepernick for his taking a knee and taking a stand.

#BlackPride #Undefeated

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Comedy: Isaiah Thomas And Kevin Hart Show They Have The ‘Balls’ To Get In The Ice Tub And Talk About The Big Men’s Game (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! Kev started off with the ’94 Pistons Captain Isaiah, friend to Magic Johnson… This is young I.T. not that ‘Bad Boy’ (plus he was only 5 years old back in 1994). Silly. And it only gets sillier from there.

Kevin Hart and Isaiah Thomas bond on being the short guys. Isaiah Thomas talks about his longest day ever- being the last pick in the NBA draft, losing his tooth and his top 5 Point Guards in the NBA.


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Family Feud: Can Charles Barkley & Shaquille O’Neal Make One More ‘Fast Break’ For Some ‘Fast Money’? (Video)

I’ve often seen posts go viral with Sir Charles and Shaq Diesel taking shots at each other. They’re really on the same team. Watch how much so (above), as they have fun going for some ‘Fast Money’ for charity on the Family Feud.

(You can tell when bros get rich… listen to BOTH their “Fortune ___” answers. Ha!)


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Sports: Muhammad Ali x David Frost Interview (1974) [Video]

David Frost (yep, that dude they’re talking about in that ‘Frost Nixon’ movie) interviews boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. Frost could give it to U.S. President Nixon, but Ali is the Champion Of The World… and of classic jibber-jabber! Gotta love hearing the Champ talk. You definitely will after watching this.

Lots of funny, but Ali drops some jewels in here, too.


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Sneaker Shopping With Omari Hardwick (Video)

Important. Most important. What are THOSE… on Ghost’s feet?? For this episode, sneakers!

Actor Omari Hardwick of “Power” goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about why the Air Jordan III means so much to him, 50 Cent’s personal style, and looking up to Michael Jordan.
– Complex


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Family Feud: Ayesha Curry Wins ‘Fast Money’ For Charity. Oh, And Steph Curry Helped (Video)

Been a minute since we had a Celebrity Family Feud clip up. Always fun to watch. After watching a second time I realized that Ayesha was actually one answer away from winning the whole thing herself! Has that ever happened??


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Sports/Relationships: Pro Wrestling Icon Ric Flair Marries Longtime Fiancee (Video)

My brother BoneBreaker Jones told me, but I had to see it for myself. Wow.

Congrats to The Nature Boy, walking that aisle again. Looks really happy. All the best to the newlyweds from a lifelong fan of ‘The Man.’

Ric Flair is now a MARRIED jet-flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ ‘n’ dealin’ son of a gun!!!!!
– TMZ Sports

Wait… Can you guess what music he chose to ‘walk that aisle’ to? Hit the jump.


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