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Eddie Murphy Accepts Mark Twain Prize And Does Bill Cosby Impression At Kennedy Center (Video)

Okay, it’s going to be some must-see TV on PBS on November 23, 2015. Comic legend Eddie Murphy was honored recently with the Mark Twain Prize; and PBS will broadcast the award show (recorded at the Kennedy Center) on that night. Most interesting is the title of the YouTube trailer, “Murphy Makes Cosby Jokes at Award Ceremony.”

On the one hand, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was known for biting witticisms and tongue-in-cheek commentary; so joking on current events and taboo stuff would be par for his course, right? But focusing on Cosby controversy will get the poster some more hits… is what it is. On the other hand, the Cos jokes were an overwhelmingly small part of the clip. Most of the video features celeb admirers – including JB Smoove, a near teary-eyed Tracy Morgan, and best bud Arsenio Hall – there to celebrate a comedy idol.

The Bill Cosby jokes and impression, though, were hilarious. That’s a given. It’s Eddie. Plus, he’s been killing with the Cos play since “Raw.”

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