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BLITZ – 3/20/12: Weird Science

Cameo – “Strange”

U.S. War Game Sees Dire Results Of An Israeli Attack On Iran

Peyton Manning Chooses Denver Broncos For Reportedly $95 Million Over 5 Years

Shooter Kills 3 Children And A Rabbi At Jewish School

Disney Projects A $200 Million Loss On The “John Carter” Movie

ISP’s Are Selling Out Their Customers And Pushing Backdoor SOPA Strategy

Wendy’s Takes Number 2 Spot From Burger King As The One Of The Biggest Hamburger Chains

Shaq Dumps His Fiance Hoopz And Has Police Escort Her Out Of His House

Can You Be Sued For Simply Watching An Illegal Video Stream?

Airline Passengers May Soon Be Able To Use Electronics During Takeoffs & Landings

R&B Singer & Songwriter ‘The-Dream’ Says “Blacks Can’t Do Soul Music Anymore”

“Sneakerheads” Rush To Stores To Buy Shoes For Cred And Profit

400 Pound Gorilla Escapes, Bites Zookeeper At Buffalo Zoo

The NFL Introduces It’s First Ever Pop-Up Store In New York City

Man Knocks Out Applebee’s Manager After Getting Booed During Karaoke

New Black Liberation Militia Leader Pledges Citizen’s Arrest On Trayvon Martin’s Killer

President Obama To Make Cameo In New Entourage Movie

How Public Relation Pro’s Keep Their High Profile Clients Out Of Trouble On Twitter

Sean Kingston Accused Of Beating Up Woman At Justin Bieber Concert

The Myth Of The Mama’s Boy

Treasury Nets $25 Billion Dollar Profit On Mortgage Debt

Antoine Walker Forced To Sell NBA Championship Ring

Dwight Howard Battling Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed For Custody Of Their Son

Dwight Howard Allegedly Has 3 More Children With Other Women?

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