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New Voter ID Laws Take Us Back To The ‘Jim Crow’ Era (Video)

Supposedly, new Voter ID laws are being pushed into place “to reduce instances of voter fraud.” But many have said, on record, that voter fraud is NOT even a real problem. Now, fraudulent practices with vote COUNTING… Well, that’s another Bush election altogether. Fact: Requiring NEW forms of ID to combat voter fraud has the effect, intended or not, of DENYING THE RIGHT TO VOTE in key segments of the population! Keesha Gaskins and Michael Waldman from the Brennan Center for Justice sat down on PBS’ Moyers & Company to explain. Using new research, Waldman and Gaskins argue these laws represent “the first rollback of voting rights since the Jim Crow era.”

Watch… so you’ll be ready for the next “slick” argument for the way voter ID laws are being pushed today!


And if you think that the Black, Hispanic, elderly, and poor votes that will be lost is some kind of “unintended result” of this new type of legislation keep reading…

That’s right! You heard him admit it. Voter ID reform passed in Pennsylvania; and as a result, Republican Presidential Candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney is clear to win the state. Thanks for the making the intent clear, Representative Turzai. Watch the clip that follows as Cenk Uygur breaks down how Republicans win by pushing the fairy tale of rampant voter fraud.

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