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Rewind: Michael Moore – “Bowling For Columbine” (Documentary)

In light of the recent tragedy in Colorado involving a domestic terrorist shooting up a crowded movie theater, I immediately thought to myself that this is the second huge incident of gun violence to occur in the Rocky Mountain state. The U.S. has the largest amount of guns per capita in the world & staggering statistics in the amount of people killed every year. There are many other countries around the world with a high amount of guns per capita but their death & injury rates are far lower than the numbers here in the United States. Cities around the U.S. like Chicago are having rising rates of gun violence & far too often African-American males are the victims. It seems the U.S. has a problem that occurs everyday in its cities, but people don’t stop to reflect on it until something huge happens like out west in Colorado. All this week I’m positive the topic of discussion will & should revolve around gun violence. Director & social activist Michael Moore has had his 2002 documentary ‘Bowling For Columbine’ up on the web for free for sometime now & if you’ve never seen it this maybe a something to review before we all try to go back to business as usual on Monday.

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