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Joey Bada$$ – “King Of The Jungle” (Prod. By Salaam Remi)

In. Out. Bing bang BONG! Joey Bada$$ going in raw!! No doubt Biggie (RIP) would be proud. Is Brooklyn in the houuuuse??? Yeah, yeah!!!

iron fist. #RIPBIGGIE
– Pro Era Records


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Eye Candy: Veronica Valle ‘Re:Shoots’ As Rihanna in “Wild Thoughts” (Video)

Mm mm MM!! Does RiRi got thickums like this sexy chica Veronica Valle though? I’m asking…



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Comedy: Sterling K. Brown Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Video)

Got a little ’emotional’ here, but there will be tears anyway… from all the laughing!

Sterling K. Brown has gotten critical acclaim and fame from his recent work in NBC’s “This Is Us” and was even in Marvel’s box office smash “Black Panther.” Serious stuff, to be certain. But this ‘work’ on SNL shows him really having fun with it all… and gives us more chunks of entertainment from the hilarity that ensues.

Funny stuff, to be certain! Start with the opening monologue above, and be sure to hit the jump to keep chuckling.

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Crank Lucas – “Evolution Of Diss Tracks” (Video)

Hahaha! Crank Lucas nailed it!! I recognize ‘my era’… do you? I also recognize the ‘era’ when sh!t went off the tracks (sigh). But eff it, I will not waste a Friday griping about it. Enjoy!


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Calvin Valentine – “Glen Robinson” (Video)

What’cha know ’bout this new Calvin Valentine jawn? If you are in the know, good (means you’ve been peeping dude’s production on our posts on here)!

But if you need a program to review, to get up on game, I got you (after the jump). Above: Visuals for “Glen Robinson,” off the original beat tape, “Plush Seats” (linked below).


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So Cold: Kevin Hart Tries To Warm Up To Gabby Douglas (Video)

Hello! Three GOLD medals up in this piece. And by piece, I mean the ice tub… and it is still COLD AS BALLS! Check out Kevin chatting up the adorable Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas.

Kevin Hart and Gabby Douglas flip out about The Olympics, gymnastics, gold medals, and granny panties. You’ll cry tears of joy and laughter watching these two in this episode of Cold As Balls.
– LOL Network


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Activism: Real Justice PAC’s Grassroots Effort To Reboot The U.S. Justice System

Mass incarceration… mass victimization inflicted on us by unfair, overreaching law enforcement and an unjust judiciary. You KNOW the story. You (and/or someone you love) has LIVED the story. You’ve cried, as have we; and cried out, “ENOUGH.” But then what? Then ACTION, that’s what!

Real Justice PAC (Political ACTION Committee) is a grassroots political team determined to reimagine and completely overhaul America’s justice system. How? Glad you asked. Real Justice PAC’s Shaun King hit the inbox with much much-needed info, including an ACTION plan.

Our nation has 2,400 elected prosecutors. Not thousands, but millions and millions of cases come through 2,400 officers every single year. And it is these elected prosecutors who decide not just whether or not violent or corrupt cops are prosecuted, but these prosecutors decide how seriously to take those cases and how many staff members to put on them.

These prosecutors are 95% white, 81% male, and only 1% of them are women of color. They are also, as you can imagine, overwhelmingly conservative. Hundreds of them are effectively serving what amounts to unofficial lifetime appointments because they basically run unopposed term after term. Some of these prosecutors have been in office for over 30 years.

And they wouldn’t know a serious challenge if it smacked them in the face.

That’s where we come in.

No position in all of politics is more overdue for a complete reboot than that of America’s 2,400 District Attorneys. It’s ripe for innovation.

What We’re Demanding from District Attorneys:

1. Ensure that everyone is treated equally under the law
2. End the War on Drugs.
3. Promote Transparency and Accountability.
4. Promote Policies that Aid Undocumented Communities.
5. Make Punishment Fair.

Shaun King, Activist/Journalist For Real Justice PAC

Endorsing and supporting candidates for District Attorney offices who will herald the return of Real Justice for the people! Learn more about Shaun King, Real Justice PAC, and how you can help at

Comedy: Kevin Hart And Nerlens Noel Chillin’ In The “Cold As Balls” Ice Tubs (Video)

See there, Philly? It’s all about the X-Box? Don’t worry about the multi-million dollar weight room. Get some more X-Boxes so you can keep the Noels of the world on the squad happy when you get ’em!

Kevin Hart and Nerlens Noel on Love Lost and Traded.
– Laugh Out Loud Network

Bwaahaaaa! Why did Kevin have to holler to drop down in the ice bath though? He ought to be used to it by now, right?

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Adult Performers Answer The Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask (Video)

Careful. Are you SURE you’d want to hear the answers a pornstar has to your question? Something like “Does size matter?” could get someone’s feelings hurt. Just saying…


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Royce Da 5’9 | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #090 (Video)

All that smoke and wreckage in the studio. And it’s Flex’s fault. At least that’s what Royce said.

Royce Da 5’9 and DJ Premier shut it down for 10 minutes with Funk Flex.
– Hot 97

Plus Preem on the tables?? C’monnnn son! DOPE!


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Slob On The Knob Like Corn On The Cob: Juicy J Gives Relationship Advice (Video)

Juicy J with the how-to-get-some-play gameplan: (1) Be yourself, (2) smoke weed, (3) just say it, (4) let her THOT, (5) somebody’s hittin’ that, (6) smoke weed, (7) keep it 100, and (8) build somethin’!

Yeeeauhh, maybe pass us a can of that mayhem and a toke of that smoke. Then… we can understand that plan, maaan (or have a good time trying)!

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Watch Cozz’s Companion Documentary Short For His Album, “Effected” (Video)

He kinda was a hellraiser… He was a good kid though.
Caitlin, Cozz’s Sister

Wait, wait. Before you run & go grab that “Effected” LP (you can, you know), grab a seat and watch this doc right quick. Learn about the man behind the music.

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Draymond Green Speaks On Kevin Durant Coming To The Golden State Warriors (Video)

Now that title’s a topic to be spoken on… that and the d!ck-kicking thing… and these damn ice-tubs they KEEP sitting in for these sit-downs. Ha!

Plus, Kevin and Draymond got JOKES for each other. Hilarity, and some good sports talk in here.


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Deshun – “chooselove” (Prod. By Z-Wil)

Tell me what you really do for love…

Salute Deshun. This “chooselove” work done with producer Z-Wil is worthy. Nice funky bop to the song. For grooving at the crib, or rolling out spontaneously, pick this one!


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Joey Bada$$ Gives Props To Kendrick Lamar For His Role In Resuscitating Hip-Hop (Video)

Before we had [Kendrick Lamar], we was in a real critical condition.

Real talk and real respect from one of Hip-Hop’s best… all words from Joey Bada$$… about K. Dot and himself. Young star speaks the truth though. Kendrick has done a lot to keep the craft ‘alive’ and to keep a spot in the mainstream for some real Hip-Hop… AND Joey is one of the best emcees in the game today. #Facts

(Catch a clip above. The whole sit-down is embedded after the jump.)


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Comedy: Is Gaydar Real? (Video)

Who knows if so-called ‘gaydar’ is something folks can really have? But Chaunte Wayans’ game though… Fellas, watch your girls. Hell, girls, watch your girls!

It’s assumed that people who have a good “Gaydar” can easily call out if someone is gay or not. In this all new episode, Chaunte Wayans and Tahir Moore run tests to see if it’s true.
– All Def Digital

And Tahir with that “avert your eyes” line. Bwaaahahaaa!!


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A Toast To Nipsey’s Hussle… Celebrating Being Self-Made (Video)

Tell you what. What’s the first self-made name that comes to your mind? QUICK! I picked Nipsey Hussle. Who you got?

Belaire’s “Self Made Tastes Better” video series continues with the 7th episode starring American recording artist Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle’s highly-anticipated debut album “Victory Lap” debuted at #4 on the Billboard charts, and has reached #2 rap album in the US.

Here, he sits down with Luc Belaire CEO Brett Berish to talk entrepreneurial hustling, shoe shining and not breaking the rules!

– Luc Belaire


– @ojones1

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Lil Kim – “Spicy” feat. Fabolous

Say what you will, but Lil Kim makes the moves to be seen on the scene with the move makers. Collabo flow opportunities included. Staying ready to go into battle with any ally and let ’em fly! Like on this Fabolous track: They got together to make this… waaaait foorrr iiiit… this Kim jawn ILL!


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Tiny Desk Concert Feat. Big K.R.I.T. (Video)

Get some of this Soulful Southern Short Set from Big K.R.I.T. Not too shabby a spread laid out, with “Mixed Messages,” “Keep The Devil Off,” and “Bury Me In Gold” being offered to the gathering.

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“Freestylin’ With The Roots” With Bruce Willis (Video)

Haaa! Now THAT’S how you show up to promote a movie (“Death Wish”)! Of course, Jimmy got him to the couch to talk about it later. But check out the ‘surprise’ audience participation by Bruce and the resulting song The Roots created on the spot with Willis’ input before that happens.

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