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DJ J-Live – “Sounds of ’68” (A Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday Mix) [Mixtape]


Extended celebration of the Day of the KING! Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on reeeewind! Lean in and listen to The Reverend speak on ‘coming to get our check’… then lean back and groove to the smooth sounds of ’68… when the King walked among us and marched with and for us.

Mucho ‘spect to J-Live for doing this holiday mix up right!


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Science/Technology: Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Be A Real Thing? (Video)


And a great choice for narrator… Movie ‘Tony Stark’ himself, Robert Downey, Jr. Kinda like how Morgan Freeman is spot on as narrator for documentaries about the universe, being movie ‘God’ himself.

Can A.I. make music? Can it feel excitement and fear? Is it alive? and Mark Sagar push the limits of what a machine can do. How far is too far, and how much further can we go?
– YouTube Originals

Because science! Cool tech RULES! And this is intriguing.


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Rapsody – “Afeni” feat. PJ Morton (Video)

What we made in the night we gotta raise in the morning.

This “Afeni” (as in Tupac Shakur’s moms) is that new Rapsody dopeness off her “Eve” album.

More and more. That’s what Rap is giving us… One time for the Sistas #Respect


– @ojones1

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“Charm City Kings” Hits The Streets… And The Screens… This Coming April (Trailer)

Okay. OKAY!

Meek Mill making it work in the movies. Salute. And this “Charm City Kings” looks epic. Teaser showing snips from what should be a wild story to tell. Check it…

Fourteen-year-old Mouse (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) desperately wants to join the Midnight Clique, an infamous group of Baltimore dirt-bike riders who rule the summertime streets. His older brother, Stro, was their top rider before his tragic death—a loss that consumes Mouse as much as his passion for bikes. Mouse’s mom (Teyonah Parris) and his police mentor, Detective Rivers (William Catlett), work overtime to help the charismatic teen reach his full potential, but when the Midnight Clique’s leader, Blax (Meek Mill), takes the boy under his wing, the lure of revving his own dirt bike skids Mouse toward a road way past the straight and narrow.

Puerto Rican director Angel Manuel Soto (Dinner Party, 2018 New Frontier VR experience at Sundance Film Festival) returns to the Festival with this electric feature that pulses with teen gusto, thumping Hip-Hop, and amazing bike tricks. Soto directs an astonishingly talented cast to create a narrative bursting with pitch-perfect performances and intoxicating emotion. Based on the documentary 12 O’Clock Boys, Charm City Kings is one boy’s unforgettable journey toward manhood.

(AND Jada and Will Smith are helming this as Executive Producers?? Oh heeeell yeah!)


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Smoke DZA x Benny The Butcher – “By Any Means” (Video)

Maaaan, damn! I miss Jayforce doing Beatz+Lyrics because this jawn would be on the mix first thing. I know. Trust that I just know. This is some East Coast overdose ‘ish. Hella hard! Dza! Butcher! FIRE! #Gdddrrr

Me and Benny the tag team champs and we just giving y’all that NY feel for the 2020!

“By Any Means” from Smoke Dza x Benny The Butcher x Pete Rock project ‘Statue Of Limitations.’

Get SoL [on iTunes]
Starring Smoke Dza & Benny The Butcher
Produced by Pete Rock




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Uncle Murda Says K. Michelle Started The Beef (Video)

The most disrespectful rapper living. And it’s not even close!

That it and that ALL! Charlamagne said that. We can go home now… or we could watch the rest. And Murda interviews get greasy real easy (e.g. just ask, and he’ll talk about it… ANYTHING). So, um, I’mma stay and watch.


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Comedy: While G. Wayne & Redd Are Playing, Kewon & Destiny End Up Winning (Video)

Okay ReddStylez AND Destiny Hayes are BOTH sexy AF! I know both of them do waaaay more than study in school. But that BUTT on Redd though… gaaaaaat DAMN!

For the record: I knew it was gonna turn out just like this! Watch.



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Young M.A – “Sober Thoughts” feat. Max YB (Video)

If you pay attention then you paying homage…

Man oh MAN!! This new Young M.A vid for “Sober Thoughts” is everything. The song already bangs (shout to Max YB for the hook work) but the visuals take it to the next level!

“Herstory” is out now!


– @ojones1

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Marqus Clae – “White Face” (Video)

So why not end the day with a banger from Clae? No reason not to. Every reason to lose your mind once the beat drops, because that thang is tough! And the word work. Choice!


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Homeboy Sandman – “Dusty” (Album)

Yep, Homeboy Sandman definitely has a [relatively] new LP out. And you know it’s a banger! When has the Homeboy ever not delivered? #Dusty #ButTheFlowsAreStillClean

This is the latest chapter for one of the most storied underground rappers of his generation. A versatile talent who has checked every last box: Unsigned Hype in The Source, Chairman’s Choice in the XXL. Rolling Stone hailed his songs as dense and word-drunk, spilling past the margins, demanding repeat listens as he re-works rap forms and functions into something truly personal.” Pitchfork said that in the all-star game of the new subterranean, “he is the guy with flawless fundamentals, wearing his socks high and his cleats sharp and polished.” His solo catalogue is sterling and over the last two years he’s mastered the group dynamic in tandem with fellow legends Aesop Rock and later, a brilliant psychedelic slab done in union with Edan.



Lords Of The Underground – “Insomniac” (Prod. By Snowgoons) [Video]

Ohhhhh sheeeeit! I am a LOTUG fan from way back maaaan! Another Golden Era great visited by Snowgoons. The result of the sit down is a dope banging azz get down! DoItAll, Mr. Funke, and DJ Lord Jazz… get ’emmmm #DontSleepOnTheRealRap


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Rock (Of Heltah Skeltah) – “Repeat” [Prod. By The Arcitype] (Video)

Calling ’em out right from the start! Rock ain’t gotta wait-and-see. You get hit with disrespect from the first line… and punchlines hit even harder going on as Rockness goes in!

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R.A. The Rugged Man – “Legendary Loser” (Video)

I came out the pxssy losing…

One of the dopest out, but he has no problem hopping off the pedestal and getting down and dirty with the flows. Self-deprecation barz! Still dropping the hot sh!t on a beat #DefecationOnVegetationBarz

He’s not hard on himself for the whole song though. But the barz stay hard though. So, judge R.A. not by the color of his skin but by the rhyme skills therein!


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Eye Candy: A Happy Tabria Dances The Morning Away (Video)


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I mean… I dunno how you spend your MLK Day (or any holiday)… but here’s maybe how Tabria is starting hers. Actually, I have no idea that that is true. No way of knowing. But if she’d like to tell me, I’d like to know. Tell me something Major, Tabria. Anything. I’m here for YOU #SweetMercy #ThickHoneyz #BestEyeCandy


– @ojones1

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Jack Frost x Sammy Smylez – “Free”

Jack Frost being cold with the flows once again. But this time, more meaning and message than braggadocio. Appropriate for the King Day playlist spins. Shout to Sammy, too!


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The Bella Twins Take Over Both Tubs… Leaving Kevin Out In The Cold (Video)

Kev! C’mon son. If Nikki wants to share some space in the tub with you… you jump right in there and enjoy a cool Bella ice bath with the babe! Unless, you are worried about ‘shrinkage’ (it being ‘Cold As Balls’ and all).

Two tubs are better than one. Kevin’s in for a surprise when The Bella Twins take over the cold tubs to talk about their historic wrestling careers, and the crazy path that started with Hooters – and ended with them fighting Ronda Rousey in a WWE main event.
– LOL Network


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Tek (Of Smif N Wessun) – “Brooklyn Shootouts” (Video)

Tek with the barz… with the storytelling… with the sh!tz… AND he blessed a beat once blessed by the G.O.D.M.C. Nasir?? Yessir. That’s how they do in the Boot Camp. Prepared for lyrical warfare anywhere!

New from Tek of Smif N Wessun, featured on his ‘Lost G-Mixes’ mixtape. Stream + download
– Duck Down Music


– @ojones1

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Fancy Rims And Lights? Nah, More Than That. This Is 2020! This Mercedes Is ‘Alive’ (Video)

This not a car. It’s a creature!

AVTR… Like “Avatar”… but somehow even more sci-fi… but in real life though. This is CRAZY!

This is the 2020 Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR – inspired by Avatar the Movie.
Massive thanks to Mercedes and Gordon Wagener for giving this channel an exclusive look at what could be the coolest car of 2020.
The team at Mercedes worked closely with the director of Avatar, James Cameron, to come up with a car that could act as your avatar in the movie. Their vision is for this to be more of a creature rather than a car.
Take a look at some of its coolest features…
Supercar Blondie


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Redman – “Slap Da S**t Outcha” (Video)

White people call him what?? Bahaaaaa! This new Redman“Slap Da S**t Outcha” – is a smacker! Nothing not to like in this vid. The barz are there, and funny, and there is a very liberal sprinkling of Eye Candy (thickness, too) all over the visuals (damn near every Slap out scene has a cutie in it).

“Slap Da S**t Outcha” is one of the “3 Joints” on Redman’s latest EP.


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Eye Candy: Curve Model Chelsea Rose Shares Her Story (Video)


The way Chelsea Rose pranced in and stopped, but the boobs kept bouncing… All Good Things! Like when the whip stops but the rims keep spinning. A perfect ride, look and feel. And lean in for the measurements: 42-35-51! And she’s just a five-footer! Yeezus WEST! Mix-A-Lot would have to salute baby for that much back (remember, his 36-24-36 was 5’3″… way less ‘compact’) #THICKNESS

Curve model Chelsea Rose @iamchelsearose gives her first interview on YouTube and tries on Fashion Nova Curve outfits and swimwear with AllGoodThingsTV at YouTube Space Los Angeles.
– AllGoodThingsNetwork



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