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Watch Joe Budden ‘Rate The Bars’ (Video)

This is stupid trash… and I’m sorry…
Joe Budden

Bwaaaahahaaaa! I kinda expected frankness and shots from Jumpoff Joe. And he certainly delivers. What makes it funny, extra funny, is that he remains super-mellow while giving out the ratings.

Awesome that Budden knows half the emcees by their bars, too.


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Philadelphia 76’er Joel Embiid Makes A Play For Rihanna At The Bar (Video)

I mean… look at myself!

Hahaaaaa! You know how some athletes might clam up, play tough or off-brush when talk show hosts hint at blatantly push a love-life line of questionning? That is NOT Joel Embiid’s problem…AT ALL!

Shoot your shot, player! Not mad at you. Of course, you might consider that Jamele Hill is looking pretty nice and Kelly Rowland is hella sexy (as always); and they’re right there.

Because we’re considering it. Yeaaahhh, considering all that right now…

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Kool G Rap – “Capitol Hill” feat. Cormega x Sheek Louch x Manolo Rose (Prod. By MoSS)

Most n!ggas ain’t living to see 20 pass…

When you think about the Golden Era Hip-Hop legends who the legends build on, you think about Kool G Rap.

(You probably knew that, but tell somebody who doesn’t know. Promote proper Hip-Hop history.)

Just take that line above and do the math. Nas is a G.O.D.M.C. no d-o-u-b-t. Remember his line from “Illmatic” where he started

I woke up early on my born day
I’m 20. It’s a blessing…

Yeah, 20 years pass and we get that Kool G line above. But ask Nas about G Rap, who came before him, and bet money you hear respect. Reflect on that full circle legend sh!t and puff one if ya got one and get down like that. Do it while playing this “Capitol Hill” (featuring Cormega, Sheek Louch, and Manolo Rose) from the Queens legend Kool G Rap. Single off the forthcoming “Return Of The Don” LP (pre-order link on iTunes below).


Kranium – “Can’t Believe” feat. Ty Dolla $ign x WizKid

Kranium mingling dancehall and afrobeat to bring us flavor with some heat. Try a serving of “Can’t Believe” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign and WizKid). If ya likes, they gots… the download on iTunes… now!


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Ice Cube Reveals That “Last Friday” Is In The Works, Gives James Corden A BIG3-Style Hand Check And More (Video)

Marketing GENIUS! For one, going on the ‘Late Late Show’ rocking the BIG3 tee shirt and ‘demonstrating’ some expected rough stuff from his new basketball league (more on BIG3 here) on host James Corden in this segment… then, THENNNN letting it ‘slip’ that another installment of the beloved ‘Friday’ movie series (“Last Friday,” apparently) is in the works. Plus, Jason Derulo giving big-ups to the OG off top. ‘Today was a good day’ for Oshea J. Setting up for a good year!

Ice Cube and Jason Derulo had a blast on ‘The Late Late Show’ on Tuesday night (May 16), with Cube laying down a hard hand-check on host James Corden and Derulo busting out his best Michael Jackson moves.
– Refugio Mayer

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Nas – “Systematic” (Prod. By DJ Shadow) [Video]

Making the HBO soundtrack for the “Silicon Valley” series kind of puts Nas and DJ Shadow on the path to must-drop-music-video for their jawn “Systematic,” doesn’t it? Well, if you peeped above you already know that question was rhetorical.

Enjoy the lyrical visuals for the dope auditorial. You’re welcome.

You can pre-order the “Silicon Valley” soundtrack from Mass Appeal Records (due out this June).


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Snoop Dogg – “Neva Left” (Album)

To call that “Mount Kushmore” a ‘teaser’ seems almost like a backhand shot. Let’s call it a lead-in. And a great lead-in it was for Snoop Dogg’s “Neva Left.” Out now, we got the FREE sampler stream for you to try out (plus the link to cop, if you like, via link to an earlier post here).


Watch Remy Ma ‘Rate The Bars’ (Video)

Wow, Remy Ma is RAW! Weezy scores a 2. She recorded with Montana and he got the lowest score she could give. Zero for Fabolous and Joe Buddens, too. EVERYBODY can get it!

Interesting. Remy gave higher than expected rank to enemy-as-of-late Nicki Minaj. Seems like true ratings can come through when you cannot match the lyrics to Hip-Hop’s Who’s Who. Bars matter, not an emcee’s so-called ‘status’ in the game.


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Eye Candy: Kristyn Alexis Tries Models Swimsuits Like Only She Can (Video)

Whew! Kristyn Alexis keeps ’em coming *wink*

(Wait, it’s noon, right? Good. Hahahaaaa!)

So, sometimes I wonder if Kristyn Alexis knows just how sexy she is. Damn! Her understated descriptions of the swimsuits she is wearing – using terms like ‘cool’ and ‘super cute’ – don’t go anywhere near far enough in describing how HOT the outfits (or the model) are. Then again, she is ‘promoting’ the product to buyers. Then again, again, many of those buyers HAVE to be clicking product into their shopping carts because of how sexy Kristyn (with her THICK azz) is rocking swimsuits like these.



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Star Trek: Discovery (First Look Series Trailer)

YES!!! Debuting on CBS television, then moving to CBS All Access, the first new Star Trek TV series in 16 years is on the way. Coming this Fall, Star Trek: Discovery! Full disclosure: I am VERY biased in favor of this series for three huge reasons: For one, because Star Trek. Second, there’s my major crush on star Sonequa Martin-Green (whose character went out like a G on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ a few weeks ago). And then, yooooo, when Michelle Yeoh gives the order to ‘contact Starfleet’ because they have ‘engaged the Klingons’ … I got the same tingles when Captain Piccard (Patrick Stewart) delivered the classic line back in the day (“We have engaged The Borg”).

Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access Original Series arrives this Fall.

Maaaan, I got two boners. Nerd boner. And, well, it’s almost noon, right?


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Black Lightning (First Look Series Trailer)

If you remember the B-rate “Black Vulcan” hero from the old, old Superfriends cartoon that used to come on in, like, the 1970s and 1980s… Don’t worry, this is NOT that. Not much cheese being teased in this DC series trailer. At all! Way to go DC. Looks like you folks are learning what Marvel / Netflix has to teach you about making small screen storytelling. Now, if the TV folks (esp. the producers of The Flash and Arrow) could pass some notes to the DC movie makers. Shot.

In fact, I wil go ahead as say it before you do: This trailer for DC’s newest forthcoming hero series – “Black Lightning” – looks and feels a LOT like some LukeCage-meets-Daredevil ‘ish. No shot, just saying.

(Oh, on that shot at DC movies, the first two ‘Superman’ movies were good (RIP Christopher Reeve), Michael Keaton ‘Batman’ vs. Jack Nicholson ‘Joker’ was groundbreaking, and ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy was dope. Respect due. Just that recent ‘Superman vs. Batman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’… at best, on a scale of wack to dope, they score a solid meeeehhh. Solid, but meh).


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YONAS – “You F#cked Up” (Prod. By Benjamin) [Video]

Y’all vibing with the new song & video?! We had so much fun putting everything together hope you enjoy it! Make sure to spread the word and share…

Dude is channeling Drizzy Drake something serious. Just an observation. Not a bad thing, just got that feel. Cool song and vid. A man and his mannequin and not soon parted (hahahaaa). But these two are on the ‘outs’ because, according to YONAS, she “F#cked Up.” Check out the video for the song (produced by Benjamin).


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David Banner – “Magnolia” feat. Cee-Lo x Raheem DeVaughn

David Banner be banging! This release, “Magnolia,” off the forthcoming project “The God Box” (pre-order link below) is painfully deep with a story over a dope beat.

The song represents the relationship of trees in Mississippi and Africans throughout history. The taller the tree, the broader the story, the shorter the tree, the more personal the perspective is. My verse is about the relationship between the magnolia tree and Africans during slavery.
David Banner

“The God Box” has vocal performance features from Cee-Lo and Raheem (obviously) and Big K.R.I.T from the Magnolia State; plus Black Thought (of The Roots), Trinidad James, WatchtheDuck and Big Rube. Production assists come from DJ Khalil, DJ Swiff, and more.


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Machel Montano – “Waves” (Video)

Soca and more Socaaaa! Time for the dancing. Time for the sexy! Trust Machel Montano to deliver. “Waves” and waves. Soundwaves, ocean waves and Eye Candy that’ll make “Waves” all throughout the visuals.

Official lyric video for Trinidadian Soca artiste Machel Montano’s 2017 single “Waves.” Filmed on location across Trinidad and Tobago: Maracas Bay, Tyrico Bay, Las Cuevas, Fort King George, Mt. Irvine Bay, Parlatuvier Bay, Pigeon Point, and Castara.

Yep, I’m a fan!


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Big Boi Says White Suits Are Overrated, But How About Blowjob Robots And Other Stuff? (Video)

Big Boi rates bowling, blowjob robots (what??!), Atlanta’s oldest strip club, Hatsune Miku, Sade, pre-rolled joints, and more… No scale, just judging things as ‘pass’ or ‘passed over’ – Over/Under [rated] that is.

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Pharrell Williams Talks Praises Kaytranada’s Signature Sound And More (Video)

Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener in the OTHERtone studio with Kaytranada. Appreciation from your peers, even as a producer, is one thing. But props from Pharrell… commendable, noteworthy, epic!

At first, Pharrell had trouble describing Kaytranada’s music and its consistent effect on the listener; then he settled on ‘signature sound’ as a descriptor. Nice.

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Flying Lotus – “Night Grows Pale”

Maybe this was what it was, just an instrumental track that Flying Lotus cooked up and served as a standalone dish. But if there were emcees around when this “Night Grows Pale” was on playback in the studio… they were fighting for it! Guaranteeed. This is that dope beat somebody needs to pay, and pay dearly, for son!

Glad it’s up for streaming though. Call this a win either way.


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Cassidy – “VladTV Freestyle” (Video)

GeeeeYOTdam! Cass just said:

Me losing to a lame rapping…
It’s like you wipe your butt hole and your nose with the same napkin…

That does it. Time to write that letter: Dear wack rapper, why are you still here?? You and your cousin ‘mumbles’ can’t take a hint, sooooo… GET THE F**K OUT! Quit! Stop wasting The Nation’s time! You’re FINISHED! Cassidy Larsiny just sh!t on your tissue. Flush and wash your hands.

Legendary rapper Cassidy dropped by VladTV for an exclusive freestyle. The Philly hustler channeled his battle rapping roots acapella style, making sure you won’t forget this freestyle. Watch above.
– VladTV


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War For The Planet Of The Apes (Final Trailer)

Hey. You heard Caesar. He did not start the war, but he will damn sure finish it! And this trailer being the last before the July theatrical release, it feels like the start of the ending… of mankind’s reign over the planet. About to be ‘War’… About to be ‘The Planet Of The Apes!’

In War For The Planet Of The Apes, the third chapter of the critically acclaimed blockbuster franchise, Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet. In Theaters July 14, 2017.
– 20th Century FOX

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Snoop Dogg – “Mount Kushmore” feat. Redman x B-Real x Method Man

Off top, the roster on this jawn… Snoop, Red, B-Real, and Meth… OF COURSE these are the heads that should be on a “Mount Kushmore!” Plus, bonus: monumental music carved out of a landscape of dope beats and lyrics!

You can pre-order “Neva Left” (LP) from iTunes via the link below.


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