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Diary Of A Cryptocurrency Made Man: Ian Balina (Video)

I first started investing in Cryptocurrencies early 2017. I didn’t know much in the beginning but one of the first people I started to follow on IG, twitter, & youtube was Ian Balina. It’s still not too late for people to get involved in Cryptocurrencies.

Introducing Diary of a Made Man, my video diary of my journey in life and in cryptocurrency investing. Get an inside look at the grind, and all the key people and events in the cryptocurrency market. Really excited to share this journey with you all. I believe sharing perspectives like this will help cryptos reach more mainstream adoption.
Ian Balina

More after the jump, including behind the scenes video.

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The Stars Of “Den Of Theives” Speak On Their Upcoming Featuring Film (Video)

This is the coolest part of Hip-Hop.

Preach on it 50 Cent! Hanging out with a descendant of Hip-Hop royalty, O’Shea Jackson Jr. (a rising movie star himself), Gerard Butler (Lionitis from “300” man, come on!) and Pablo Schreiber all talk sh!t AND talk up their “Den Of Theives” movie with the Breakfast Club.

(The exec producer of “Power” bringing the A-List cast through to do a promo round on Power 105 is a power move fa’sho.)

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Cozz – “Questions” (Video)

Lyrics matter! Yeah… you can tell a J. Cole comrade, right? Yet another question you already know the answer for. Cozz reps Dreamville well on this “Questions” jawn. Dope.

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R&B: Craig David – “I Know You” feat. Bastille (Video)

A hot song to herald 2018 in R&B. As well as a hella way to set off a set of hot jawns Craig David has cooked up for his upcoming “The Time Is Now” project. Check out the sound and visuals for “I Know You” (featuring Bastille).


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Fabolous & Jadakiss Break Down The Lyrics For “F vs. J Intro” (Video)

Daaaamit! We are NOT doing wack rap over here this year (as if we did ever). We are on the soapbox, standing for LYRICISM in the ‘018, like what we have her in the “F vs. J Intro.” The words and meanings behind them are laid out lovely by the architects of the rhyme – Fab and Jada.

Fabolous and Jadakiss ended 2017 with ‘Friday On Elm Street,’ a collaborative album that features Future, French Montana, Yo Gotti, Jeezy, and more. The title is a reference to the classic ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ horror movies, and the project kicks off with the aptly titled “F vs. J Intro,” an abbreviated version of the film series’ respective villains Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kreuger. The horror movie mythology is woven throughout the track, as both Fab and Jada explain to Genius.
– Genius


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Eye Candy: Katrina Brodsky (Video)

My, my. Don’t know what this Apt 4 thing is… but we LIKEY! A different approach to presenting a scantily-clad succulent piece ‘o Eye Candy. Not mad at all. Even if you were, how could you stay mad with some stretchy sexy Katrina Brodsky video playing?


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The Alchemist – “French Blends” (Pt​.​ 2) [Album]

Damn. A-L-C plays NO games when it comes to the dopest beats and blends, does he? That question is rhetorical. He absolutely does NOT play. You will hear that as soon as you press play. FREE streaming of the steaming hot “French Blends” (Pt​.​ 2) served below!


Peter Jackson Presents A Mega-Machine Movie, “Mortal Engines” (Trailer)

What kind of Lego Movie meets Connex Toys commercial meets Mad Max flick is this??? Check out the sci-fi and action-packed trailer above.


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The Diplomats – “Once Upon A Time” (Video)

The Dips still got hits for sale. Like this “Once Upon A Time” we got the visual for right ch’urr! Out on iTunes now.



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Dear Wack Rapper: Crank Lucas Will Steal Your Girl… While You Are In The Booth! (Video)


She fine like that AND got bars?? Yeah, ya girl is got if the engineer (1) thinks she’s hot, (2) thinks your rhymes are not, (3) invites you to hit the booth so he can hit on your THOT. Hahaaaa!


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Rodney Perry Did Two Stand-Ups Before He Went Down… Hard… Almost Permanently (Video)

So moving. Might want to grab a tissue… for those *er* allergies that comedian Rodney Perry’s real-life story is about to give y’all.

While on a comedy tour in 2016, Navy Veteran Rodney Perry suffered a severe stroke. He received life-saving care at the Denver VA Medical Center and spent the next 40 days in their inpatient rehab clinic.
– U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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Have You Seen The New “Black Panther” Teaser Yet? Epic! (Trailer)

No disrespect to the Alabama vs. Georgia National Championship Game, or that Kendrick Lamar halftime set, but this special look at the Marvel Universe’s next blockbuster – “Black Panther” – was a highlight for the night.

That’s why we’re leaving it right… here… watch!

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They Live And Die By The Code: No Snitching! Dame Dash & Kanye West’s Shoot-Em-Up “Honor Up” Coming Soon (Trailer)

Kanye produced this, Stacey Dash in here, and so is Dame. Many reasons to hate if you are looking for ’em. But if you are looking for what looks to be a good pick for a ’bout that life’ flick shot with a good budget and some vision… “Honor Up” got you maaaan!

Peep the trailer.

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Kendrick Lamar – “LOVE” feat. Zacari (Video)

K. Dot came back to the A-Town to rock during the NCAA Football National Championship game. Did you catch it? Dope set. And this set of visuals… dope, too. “DAMN” is the album of gifts that keep on hitting… us upside the head. This one is for “LOVE.”

(And we LOVE that Kendrick loaded this vid with all kinds of Eye Candies.)


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Former ‘Movie Marine’ John Cena Has A New Mission: Prom Night “C*ck Blocker” (Trailer)

It’s not a secret but in case you are not knowing, WWE Superstar John Cena is actually hilarious on film. Bit parts here and there show that, but this bigger feature part he’s playing looks like even better proof.

I just chugged a 40 with my a**hole. I’m a team player!

Officially the line of this movie. Baaahahaaaa!

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MSNBC’s Ari Melber Reviews SNL’s Deliberate Choice Of Dave Chappelle As Guest Host (Video)

Ohhhh, so Lorne Michaels (SNL Exec Producer) tapped Dave Chappelle to host that show because he KNEW Donald Trump would win the U.S. Presidency. Wooowwww!


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Lyric Jones – “Got Bills” (Prod. By Dre Phantom) [Video]

Uber sexy, uber dope, uber songstress going uber lyrical… pushing an Uber in a video talking about how she’s “Got Bills” to pay. Got it! About time though, Lyric! Had us waiting all this time when you KNEW the vid was gonna be all that. Haaa! Salute to ya though sis. Keep ’em coming just like this (and them bills will stay paid)!


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Unity Sound – “Dancehall Mood 21” (Rich & Bad Dancehall Mix 2018)

Oh my daaamn! The cover art catches (and keeps) your eye, and the dope riddim and flow are certain to capture (and keep) your ears and heart! Come together for this 2018 Unity Sound mix.


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Eye Candy: Candy Bordy Is Trying To Tell Ya… It Ain’t Easy… (Video)

How can you capture such outer and inner beauty, so much real talk with no facade, in a clip that is behind-the-scenes AND out-front, at the same damn time? I dunno how, but this Honey did that!

Salute to the homie Ralph for this vid. Sista from The Motherland, Candy Bordy, we are def checking for you now.

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Aries Spears Speaks On Black Thought’s Funk Flex Freestyle And Challenges Young Rappers To Step Up (Video)

Lean in around 7 minutes in. You are gonna need to watch this entire clip. But Aries Spears is speaking REAL LIFE to REAL HIP-HOP in this. Right there #ThatPart

And yeah. Being young, of a different era, that ‘old heads did drugs, gangsta ish and money talk rhymes, too’… stop it with all that; and hold this ‘L’ if you can’t.

Wack was wack back then. And it is now.

Salute to ALL artists for the COURAGE it takes to share your gift. Respect. But we LOVE dope music. At best, we ‘cool’ on the rest. And when we talk about being dope, we speak to the greatest in rap We mean those who speak to the Hip-Hop Nation. Folks we can stand on 20+ years later.

I submit all the music I try-out to a 20-year test. Black Thought and those of his ilk (Andre 3K, Scarface, Common, and many more) passed. I submit that Joey Bada$$, K. Dot, J. Cole, A$AP Rocky… will pass that test. But a lot of that work that Aries sh!t on in this will not.

Time will tell. And bet it won’t take 20 years.


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