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Sydro – “Prolly” (Video)

Is Sydney changing the name up? “Prolly” and it might be a way to ‘Keep Hopes Alive’ in these streets. Or he could just be trying something new… That’s “Prolly” part of it, too. Check out the latest from Sydney Hopes Sydro! Let the trance take hold. Ain’t nothing wrong that… “Prolly” (haaaaa)!


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Sydney Hopes – “Water”

Good! Sydney Hopes is staying on steady grind, pushing out more music. Posted on him earlier (here) and I would have hated him to have found him lacking or slacking. The thirst for more is evident. Pass that homie a cup of “Water.”

Every Time Somebody Start To Say Somethin CRAZY To Me This Is What I Say To Lettem Kno That IM DONE!! Real Mellow Real Cool But This The NEW Wave People Finna Start Riding 10000000%



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Comedy: Why Are You Laughing? Sydney Hopes Is Just Saying What’s On His Mind (Video)

Because funny af!

Wonder if this guy Sydney Hopes ever thought about taking his talents to All Def Digital. Def Jam might be interested in the rhymes (hear his “All I Need” single here), but the SquADD would DEFINITELY have to take a SERIOUS look at Sydney’s stream-of-consciousness hilarity.


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Sydney Hopes – “All I Need”

What is so incredibly dope about a real community of artists is that they look out for each other AND the art! I have been following emcee and viral sensation Keith ‘Full Klip’ Wallace for a couple of years now, because he is always about #BARZ (specifically ‘barz over bullsh!t’). Get to know Keith on Facebook definitely.

But I want you to check this new up-and-coming rapper going viral out of Houston, Texas, USA. Keith was out there shooting his video, handling his business, and this guy… let’s call him Sydney Hopes (because that’s what he goes by). Yeah, Keith pointed his phone cam at this guy and told him to ‘go’ and Sydney ‘went’… viral!! Off-top rhyming from the drop to a beat coming from the dash of the car he was standing next to.

Barely 15 minutes into the webcast and Sydney Hopes was well on his way to over 20,000 Facebook views. Keith’s followers (me included) were accustomed to tuning in and catching #BARZ when he’d post a video, but this new guy brought new energy and BUZZ to a barz-at-the-car show.

Sydney Hopes is DOPE! Cats like this is why I stay eff’n with Indie Hip-Hop, and it won’t stop. I sent a request and Sydney added me. We chopped it up, and he sent me some FIRE. Here’s one he agreed to put up on the Cloud entitled “All I Need.”

Just something to get yall ready for the stuff I’m about to put out!!! Prod by @AlawnMusic beat by @JAAYSN
Sydney Hopes

Hit the jump for more on Sydney Hopes and to see the Facebook live footage that went viral.



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