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The 2019 Grammys: Standout Live Performances (Video)

Did anybody catch The Grammys? Not on ’em like that so much, but landed on the channel and peeped a while. Some out-there performances on there; memorable to say the least. Snagged and embedded some of the noteworthy ones – starting with a very special opening above, continuing the showcases after the jump.

(Now when I say ‘snagged’… Well, you’ll see. Just please forgive the bootleggedness of some of the clips.)


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R&B: Alicia Keys – “Blended Family” (What You Do For Love) feat. A$AP Rocky [Video]

Off the album “Here” by Alicia Keys (still makeup-less in this vid; still lovely as ever), this is “Blended Family” (featuring A$AP Rocky). An incredibly real feel of love-in-spite-of coming from Alicia who’s coming from a genuine place with it. You probably know the SwizzAliciaMashonda situation…went from the worst mashed up situation to a more-than-cordial one. The vid is well worth the watch. And the album, likely worth the cop.


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Activism: 23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America (Video)

Remember when Chris Rock did the comedic PSA “How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police” on his show years ago? No? We’re not surprised. With the passage of time AND all the police involved tragedy going on today, who can remember? And with all the unwarranted KILLING happening to us, it is really hard to laugh anymore. Crazy thing is… there seems to be NOTHING we can do to GUARANTEE living through a police encounter nowadays. Truth is, the time for folly is at an end. Hence the #WeAreHere Movement and the video above.

Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Bono, and others explain why it’s time to take action to heal the long history of systemic racism in America. #23Ways

In collaboration with Alicia Key and the We Are Here Movement, with original reporting from Mic’s Jamilah King. Go to to find out more.


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Alicia Keys – “In Common” (Video)

Our Noontime selection is the lovely, incomparable Alicia Keys’ video for her latest, “In Common.” We posted the audio earlier here.


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Alicia Keys – “In Common”

Goodnight usually means goodbye.

What?? Who dips out on Alicia Keys? That’s like an anti-fantasy (and for those who say ‘no such thing’ I say…MY POINT EXACTLY)! Nice track. Enjoy listening to Ms. Keys cooing this “In Common” for us.


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R&B/Soul: Alicia Keys – “We Are Here” (Video)

We gone pray for the innocent… ’cause right now it don’t make sense.
Alicia Keys

“We are here for all of us.” Alicia Keys’ “We Are Here” message cannot get any clearer or more compelling. So, a nice visual would likely do well to simply bring ‘background’ and let the viewer soak in content and context. Keeping with that, Alicia went back early ‘Crucial Keys’ style on us – just a cutie in cornrows on the piano singing soul to the six billion on this planet. This is world music from New York y’all. Enjoy it. Reflect and relate to the music and message.

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R&B: Alicia Keys – “Tears Always Win” (Video)

Another great video for music off Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” album. This vid is for “Tears Always Win.”


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R&B/Soul: Alicia Keys – “Fire We Make” feat. Maxwell (Video)

Cot dam! Never seen ice look hotter than when Alicia Keys uses it. Have to expect that a song that features Alicia AND Maxwell is going to be very hot. It is. And the visuals don’t disappoint (damn, Alicia…damn)! Check out the video for “The Fire We Make” off Keys’ “Girl on Fire” LP.


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R&B/Soul: Raheem DeVaughn – “Fire We Make”

183384_10151099979829261_1607017743_nSoul singer Raheem DeVaughn is back with another one of his ‘Radio Raheem Remixes’ of songs that he continues to make greater when he adds his own personal touch to it. This time he does justice to Alicia Keys & Maxwell’s collaboration the ‘Fire We Make’ record. Radio Rah is doing a great job in providing these musical appetizers before the upcoming release of his ‘A Place Called Loveland’ project later this year.

Alicia Keys – ‘Brand New Me Part 2’

dj-ak-47Alicia Keys is taking me back to that early 90s Philly/Jersey/NY Hip Hop & House music era with this Crystal Waters inspired track “B.N.M. Part 2” (Brand New Me Part 2) joint! Pure Fiyah! Although “DJ AK-47 put this joint out in celebration of her 32nd birthday yesterday coupled with the many well wishes from her fans, I feel like she was really giving us a gem of a gift with this joint right here! This is hot! Crystal Waters would be proud.

“I’ve been so overwhelmed by all of your birthday love that I HAD to do something extra special for you! Love to you!!! Big shout to Crystal Waters for your inspiration!… New Music!! B.N.M Part 2!!!!” – Alicia

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Alicia Keys Loves Her Some ‘Gummi Bears’ (Video)

Who doesn’t love Alicia Keys? As she performs her soulful rendition of the theme to the 1990s cartoon ‘Adventures of the Gummi Bears’ on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, you kind of want to laugh… but you’re kind of saying to yourself… ‘Alicia knows she can sing anything!’

On top of that, she is just that damn fine. You can laugh though. Alicia won’t be offended… mainly because she won’t find out that you did. At least, not from us. Hahaaaaa.
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Alicia Keys On Nightline (Video)

Grammy winner Alicia Keys talks about a range of things in an interview with ABC’s Cynthia McFadden. She excited about her new album, motherhood, and more. She speaks on it all in the clip above. Note: Alicia is REALLY excited about motherhood… declaring that she’s up for at least one more baby. Swizz! Your wife needs to talk to you…
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Alicia Keys iTunes Festival Concert (Video)

That’s right! We got the whole concert from the 2012 iTunes Festival embedded in this post. Hookups like this is why you stay down with us…we know! Alicia Keys came through with the talent and sex appeal on 10! Very nice. Okay, enough reading. Click and watch. Thank us later!

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50 Cent – “New Day” feat. Dr. Dre x Alicia Keys (Lyric Video)

This is a pretty dope lyric video for 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, & Alicia Key’s very big collaboration “New Day”. I really like this song, but this particular lyric video is very creative & dope too! Sounds good, sounds, & feels big! Nice
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50 Cent – “New Day” feat. Dr. Dre x Alicia Keys

50 Cent releases his new single, “New Day,” featuring Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys, off his “Street King Immortal” album (due out by this Fall). The cut, produced by Dr. Dre and mixed by Eminem, is available for download now via iTunes. Alicia Keys dropped her own version of this joint that we posted several weeks back….



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R&B: Alicia Keys – “New Day”

New banger from Alicia Keys entitled “New day.” You know her man Swizz Beatz had to put it to the track. It’s his baby’s summer joint! Signature shoulder-jump-bump-beat-heat with lovely Alicia lyrics laid over it? Yeah, I like it.


Alicia Keys Is…. DJ AK-47 (Video)

Everyone is DJ’ing these days so why wouldn’t “AK-47” better known to the world as Alicia Keys step into the DJ arena? Of course she would. Mrs DJ AK-47 was rockin’ the 1s + 2s @ Yotel in New York City on Oct. 29, 2011. Swizz Beatz , Busta Rhymes & Alicia’s crew represented for her public NYC debut on the wheels.

Alicia Keys Gets That Azz Waxed (Video)

I can only imagine what the male employees did to Alicia Keys’ wax replica of herself at the Madame Tussauds museum in New York City before the official unveiling. They may even need to hire additional security in case someone tried to take her replica home & literally ‘wax dat ass’. Hahaaa! The super beautiful Alicia Keys, who just so happens to be married to & has a new child with Swizz Beatz, unveiled her new wax likeness & also celebrated the 10 year anniversary of her debut album Songs In A Minor. Yeah..just like Virginia Slims…’ve come a long way baby. More photos after the jump….
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