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Serch Freestyles and Talks About His New Talk Show on Arsenio Hall (Video)

With a new talk show to promote, 3rd Bass’ MC Serch shows up on Arsenio Hall’s couch. You know… to promote… and FREESTYLE rhyme for the studio and TV audience. You gotta watch. This is definitely off the top of the head. No arguments about whether or not this qualifies as freestyling. Golden Era representative! Check local listings for air times for Serch’s talk show. Check after the jump for an interview clip.

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Jim Brown Calls Out Kobe Bryant On ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ (Video)

I’ve often said I respect Kobe Bryant as a great athlete, but I’m not a “fan” of Kobe Bryant. One of my lifelong heroes in life, Jim Brown appeared on the Arsenio Hall show & when asked about his opinions on Kobe Bryant he pulled no punches. What Jim Brown says are a few of the reasons I’m not much of a Kobe Bryant fan. I’ve said the same things to friends of mine & via my own twitter page. Jim is not tearing down Kobe Bryant, but it is what it is.

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Diddy Does The Arsenio Hall Show (Video)

Diddy can’t stop, won’t stop, handling his business… sorta taking a break from handling that Calvin “Megatron” Johnson business to drop in on The Arsenio Hall Show. Check out the clip above for the biz… brief commentary on Kendrick Lamar and the controversy around his “Control” verse when it dropped, talk on the Revolt TV channel venture and more. Go on after the jump, where Diddy gets personal; talking about his late father.

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Paula Patton Gets Her ‘Twerk’ On The Arsenio Hall Show (Video)

“I can’t do the ‘official twerk.’ I do a shimmy.” – Paula Patton

An ‘unofficial twerk’ by the sexy Paula Patton? DEAL! Show us what you’re working with, Paula. Arsenioooo Haaaallll… is a luckyyyyyy son-of-a-gun! Mm mm mm!

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3rd Bass Reunites After 13 Years (Video)

The emcee wearing glasses is MC Serch. Pimp walking the stage with the fancy umbrella, Prime Minister Pete Nice. On the tables, THE DJ ‘Daddy’ Rich. Incredible. It’s like these guys haven’t lost a lyric, a spin or a step on stage after a more than 13-year hiatus. Respect! The Brooklyn crowd got a treat that night, with 3rd Bass running a set of classic favorites.

BONUS: After the jump, we go back 13 years…

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