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Dominique Wilkins Rocks ‘2 Chainz’ In 3-Point Shootout (Video)

Three-point shoot-out between two Atlanta icons makes for one hell of a vid! Highly entertaining, and we got it cued up for you above. The Human Highlight Reel is nice shooting that pill …still! Wonder if 2 Chainz could talk him into stepping into the booth, though? He did ask about performing as part of the bet. Hmmm. NBA Ballers do be trying to rap. Hahaaa!

(The 2 Chainz rant about possible Russian involvement, too. A must see! Oh, and 2 Chainz is rocking the home crowd at Philips Arena on December 30, 2016. Ought to be a great event all-around.)

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Lebron James 360 Degree Dunk (Video)

I had this post set up a pending draft but I almost didn’t post this Lebron James highlight from the Miami Heat’s win over the Atlanta Hawks the other night. I’m a Lebron James supporter but my biggest issue with this dunk was that I thought “King James” made this joint look too damn easy. For many players close to his caliber it simply isn’t by any means but I would have preferred if he made this jam a little more nastier & angrier. (Shrugs shoulders) It’s still all good with me though. Under the hood Lebron kinda hints that Peyton Manning may possibly become a Miami Dolphin…..
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The Atlanta Hawks Experience The ‘Lin-sanity’ Of The New York Knicks (Video)

Not much of a contest as the New York Knicks route the Hawks as “Supa Lin-tendo” mania continues.

Charles Barkley Speaks on Weight Watchers & The Atlanta Hawks (Video)

During a commercial break Charles Barkley was speaking on his endorsement deal with Weight Watchers & called it one of the biggest scams ever. I think I understood where Charles was coming from because he was simply alluding to how it easy it was to get paid for something you don’t mind doing just like him working as an NBA sports analyst. In other words, it’s easy money. I’m sure the media will run wild with his comments that weren’t meant to be on air in the first place. The second eye opening comment from Charles Barkley I also agree with. I attended the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat game at Philips arena with my nephew last night & I even said on twitter that the Hawks as a franchise just doesn’t have enough “Attitude” as a franchise to win. The Hawks should have won this game easily with Lebron James & D-Wade out, but they just played too nice & uninspired. The Hawks eventually lost to the Heat 116-109 in Triple Overtime.
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Tracy McGrady Signs Contract with The Atlanta Hawks

Wait… What year is this? Oh yeah, this would have been real dope back in 2000. Its easy to forget at one point he was one of the top 5 players in the league. How times have changed, now he is coming off a season where he averaged 8ppgs for a losing Pistons squad…Welcome to Atlanta T-Mac.