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Jermaine Dupri Speaks On Why Men Ghost On Women (Video)

Saw several commenters crying foul and calling b.s. on Mr. SoSo Def’s take on the matter. If you end up being one of them in that camp, there is more commentary to see. Buuuut, I reserve comment on JD’s callout. I have seen truth in it. Might not be something universal, but there is something to it.

What misconceptions do women have about men? Why do men ghost on women? 🤔 Jermaine Dupri and our BETs Mancave hosts break down common beliefs that women have gotten wrong about men. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments. #MancaveBET
– BET Presents Mancave: Uncut


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Nipsey Hussle Stays True To Himself, Even If It Means Being ‘Uncomfortable’ (Video)

You get the furthest being authentic…

And that’s that if you ask Nip Hussle. While he kinda went with the temp of the room (e.g. the rest of the guys declaring that your ‘approach’ should fit the circumstances), Nipsey did hold to the ‘no code-switching’ mode. Gotta believe that being Hussle made him a boss. Why would he change his persona for anyone, in any situation? Respect.

The rapper chats with the men of “BET’s Mancave” about being uncomfortable.
– BETNetworks


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