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Homeboy Sandman – “Bus (A Rhyme)” [Prod. By Onra] (Video)

Right off, you are likely not knowing Onra. Homeboy Sandman says it on the “Bus (A Rhyme)”… He didn’t even know the beatmaker when he put this down… but he sure did like the work! You will, too. And shout to Steven Miosku for helping bring another dope Homeboy Sandman piece and concept into perspective with these back-to-VHS visuals.

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Standing Bears Entertain Tourists on Bus (Video)

Would you look at that. Baaaahahaaaaa! Hey there, Boo-Boo. Maybe if we walk alongside the people rolling by they’ll open up their picnic baskets and feed us.

All kidding (and very dated Yogi Bear references) aside, these are bad bears. Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good… incredible. Watch these quadrupeds go bipedal; welcoming the attention (maybe) and food (definitely!) from the group of astonished passersby.

A group of tourists are entertained by bears walking on hind legs in exchange for snacks.

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Jeremih Returns On The Bus Through His Chicago Neighborhood (Video)

Incredible. Jeremih was steady going to school, just living day-to-day on the Southside of Chicago… and already had the hit record! In this vid, J takes us back to his old stomping grounds. We meet his family, walk through his old hood, and end up catch the same bus he used to catch.

(Footnote: He hasn’t rode a bus since.)

Good viewing. Hit play.

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