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Advice: Cheryl Avery Speaks On How She Books Acting Work (Video)

I saw this in my Facebook feed and felt COMPELLED to re-share it here. Maybe it will help someone.

Full disclosure: I also post this because I am very proud of how my AvJo sis Cheryl ‘Selah’ Avery gets that work out the mud! Even in a desert or a drought, she will bring her own water, make her own mud, and dig!

#FromReelToReal So many people have asked me how do I book work. Well here’s an example. This is my self tape audition for the General Mills Commercial AND the actual commercial. It first aired during this season’s 1st Alabama game and I was told it also aired during an NFL game last week. From audition to booking was about a month or so, and from booking, to shooting, to its air date was also about a month. Self tapes are just what it says, I tape myself doing the audition (I do as many takes as I want and submit the best 2) and submit it to my Agent, who then submits it to the Casting Director. You’ll see Anthony ‘Sam Peezy’ Avery in his acting debut as the adorable greedy hand that’s helping out LOL. He’s also my reader; the person who reads other lines (off camera) when I need help. {Did I mention how great my Husband is 🎈}. Sometimes you’re booked straight from tape and other times, they want to see you again, which is called a Callback; those are good lol. I love acting!

Want to know more about acting, check out this site:

Keep checking for Cheryl (like on college football Saturdays, for this NATIONAL commercial run). But above, check out the clip of her GIVING YOU GAME… not selling, she is TELLING you how she did it!

Lean in.


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