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The Beautiful View From The International Space Station (Video)

Relaxing, but making my heart rate race at the same damn time! Epic visuals from miles above the Big Blue Marble. Just ran across this in my Facebook stream.

Shout to Cheryl for the share. She needs to do a vid like this for them CAKES though… she got ’em, warm and moist for YOU right now… Delicious red velvet cakes & cupcakes at The Red Velvet Rope.

She bakes. What’d y’all think I was talking about?

(Ohhhh. I forgot this is the ‘Nooner’ spot. Oh well, come back at 1. We got you… In the meantime, enjoy the view.)


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Technology: Bigelow Aerospace’s Inflatable Space Stations (Video)

Bigelow Aerospace is designing inflatable modules for space storage/work/living that will be more durable than today’s rigid modules. The company uses several layers of vectran, a material twice as strong as kevlar. In theory, (1) flexible walls of (2) stronger material should be able to sustain micrometeoroid impacts better. Ground-based testing has borne that out. Bigelow’s design will sustain impacts and other problems as much as 24 hours to remedy them before they become fatal. Better than today’s space tech. Good stuff!

‘[NASA] contracted with Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, Nevada, to build new crew quarters that will be attached to the International Space Station in late 2015. The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) will travel within an unpressurized cargo hold. At the space station, the module will be attached to an air lock and then inflated to its full size of 13 feet long and 10 feet wide (with 560 cubic feet of space).’

Check out the vignette above. Read the article I read in Oracle | Profit at the link here.


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