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Hammer Speaks On Tupac, Beef With Jay-Z, And His Back-In-The-Day Days As An Emcee (Video)

Okay, score on for REVOLT TV for a full hour of power with MC Hammer. He’ll always be MC Hammer to me. Respect! I still have a chip on MY shoulder about how folks dissed MC Hammer, calling him something ‘other’ than Hip-Hop… Nah, MC Hammer was Hip-Hop; just maybe not how everyone else was doing, and maybe not how many people preferred at the time.

Hammer joined REVOLT to talk Tupac, his former beef with Jay-Z and more!


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Redman Speaks On Beef Being More Aggressive Back In The 90s, MC Hammer Confronting Him And More (Video)

Social media has changed music in general, including how rappers beef nowadays. Back in the 1990s, if beef was real, rap dudes came to SEE you and get it on strong! Redman comments on how social media gives artists a chance to start, then settle, beef before it gets physical. He quickly follows up that overall, it is a good thing that artists don’t have to get violent nowadays. BUT… he does recall how real beefing can get. MC Hammer let Red know back in the day.

Speaking [about] rap beef, Redman shared a story about the time MC Hammer confronted him at the taping of the last Yo! MTV Raps episode over his diss on his debut album. Redman pointed out that MC Hammer is very serious about beef, adding that he knew the “2 Legit 2 Quit” rapper wasn’t messing around when he stepped to him at the show.
DJ Vlad

Haha! Red is hilarious, but speaking realness. Great clip!

(Yes, sir! The 3-5-7, too. Baaahahaaa!)

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