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The Lone Buddhist Monk Who Stood Against The Communists And Saved His Temple (Video)

One man can make a difference. Full disclosure: There is no fist fighting in this docu-vignette. This monk fought Communist aggression against his temple in a different way, but he definitely stood his ground.

Very few of Mongolia’s Buddhist temples survived the Soviet era. But one particular temple in Erdenetsogt still stands thanks to the efforts of one monk, who risked a long prison sentence to save it.
– Great Big Story


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His Shaolin Technique Is Very Good: This Monk Is Runs On Water (Video)

Okay, first one that comments that the monk is running on boards on water… slam the door behind you on the way out. Do you see how small the boards are?? Furthermore, even though Shi Liliang could claim god power with such a feat of near super-human achievement, he is still so humble; and his cause, so noble. He did it (1) to show what can be accomplished when you believe in yourself and (2) to raise funds to send kids to school. Watch this clip please!

Shi Liliang, a monk who made headlines last year running 118 meters across the surface of a water reservoir, established a new personal best of 125 meters on Aug. 29.

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The Real Wu-Tang: New York’s Shaolin Warrior Monk (Video)

(Video Courtesy: The Atlantic)

Shi Yan Ming has been in some action movies; but he is more colorful (and astonishing) in real life. At age five, he began training in the ancient Shaolin Temple in China’s Henan Province. He defected to the States in 1992, eventually founding USA Shaolin Temple in NYC, where he teaches philosophy and martial arts to kids and celebrities alike. What’s more, when interviewed for a documentary series (New Yorkers), the directors discovered a Wu Tang symbol in his studio… yeah, that Wu Tang symbol… as Yan Ming has RZA as one of his students. Check out the brief video expo on Yan Ming above.

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