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The SquADD Debates About Which Is The ‘Best Sex Position’ (Video)

No music… just the sound of belly slaps!

Hahaaa! Put it down then, Kev!

And look: Precious (with her sexy azz) is BACK… with a vengeance! I mean, the whole SquADD is hilarious, especially in this episode. But Precious goes IN… with rants AND jokes when she it talking (plus, she got BODY for DAYS)!

Great Taste is BACK!!! Watch the final 10 episodes of Great Taste as the SquADD debates the best sex position. What position are you “rocking” with? #GreatTaste
– All Def

And yeah, I see her (my crush). Shout to Meg with her cute self… but she is on that A-word ‘ish for this one. And… um… that’s going to be a NO from me (esp. if I am with Meg or Precious, because gotta get some of that)! Besides, abstinence is a position ON sex; not a sex position. So, Meg is disqualified from this debate!


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Comedy: Yes, Cynthia Luciette Can Bag Drake. But She Has Gotta Change First (Video)


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My woman crush every day (naw, that don’t sound stalkerish at all LOL) Cynthia Luciette is baaaaack! Doing it big funny style with my most-def-can-get-it—TWICE woman Precious Hall.

Let the hilarity ensue! The janks though. After all that ranking on ’em dude did, please believe they WILL be coming back and changing clothes before they go. Hahaaa!


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What Is The Best Appetizer? (Video)

Precious is about to say the most ratchet thing Patrick has heard. in. his. LIFE. Baaahahaaa!!! The appetizer debate (and the ‘shots’ fired) will get aggressive in this clip in here.


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The SquADD Debates: Which BBQ Meat Is The Best? (Video)

“Hot dogs are the R. Kelly of barbecue meat…” Shiiiid, mic dropped! The Internet is won! Bwaaahahaaa! Another great ADD vid.

The SquADD discusses their all-time favorite BBQ Meat.
– All Def Digital

And did KevOnStage have a Calgon-take-me-away moment with them ribs?? Like they can argue if they want, but whatever!

And they gone get off hotdogs being best ONLY off the grill… Gotta BOIL that weenie (my Dad LIVED that truth at his restaurant, RIP “Gauk” Jones)! Hahaa!


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Food: A Debate On ‘The Best Donut’ (Video)

The blueberry on them hoes… That blueberry go so HARD!

Haha! Precious is so… precious for saying that like that. She and the SquADD go hard about their favorite donuts AND with shots at each other (par for the course). Gotta admit: (1) I thought this would be a debate on brands (e.g. Krispy Kreme vs. Dunkin) and (2) Precious’ sexy matches her level of silly. She does it for me. Facts!


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