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2 Chainz & Amber Rose Talk About The Most Expensivest Sex Toys (Video)

2 Chainz’s look when Amber Rose schools him on the butt plug… priceless! But all this stuff here has a price, but they don’t talk about that in this clip. Besides, you know what they say: If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford… these orgasms. Haa!


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Jenna Dewan Tells Jimmy Kimmel About The ‘Good Vibes’ She Got From Janet Jackson Back In The Day (Video)

She called it ‘pleasure chest’ (dope)… Wowwww, what a gift! And what a story “World Of Dance” star Jenna Dewan (Channing Tatum’s hot wifey) shares with Jimmy Kimmel’s audience.

Jenna talks about getting the job as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson right out of college, the crazy life that she led on the road with her, and reveals the amazing and interesting gifts Janet gave to her.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

#StimulatingConversation #PositiveVibes #JanetGaveJennaGoodies


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Comedy: Old People Check Out Sex Toys (Video)

Watch as the older generation finds out about all the new-age sex toys of today! With Honest John, Deloor James, Myles Cranford, Rhonda Bankston and Joyce Sindel.
– All Def Digital

The reactions (the guys vs. the ladies) are priceless! Baaahahaaaaa!

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