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See What It Takes To Make Acura’s NSX Hybrid Supercar (Video)

Acura’s NSX hybrid supercar is capable of a blistering 191 mph but to make a car this fast, you have to build it slowly and precisely.

You understand (or you will): Precision. But before we see the process behind the phenomenon… can we slow down and see that speed run again? DAAAAMN! So that’s what 191 MPH on the straight, screeching into the turn looks/sounds like?! DOPE! Okay.

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How Would You React If You Saw a Lamborghini Drive By? How Would You React To The Reactions If You Were Driving It? (Video)

Are you curious to know what it is like driving a Ferrari #lamborghinimustang in the streets of Toronto? Enjoy another update of my POV Reaction Series.
The Leviathan

Ha! Lie to yourself if you want, but even if you were not curious, you are now. Watching this from The Leviathan’s point-of-view, you might feel different about the a-hole (or awesome dude) that rolls through your ‘hood in a Lambo. This should give you a whole other perspective on what ‘that sh!t cray’ means. Can you just be ‘regular’ while driving a supercar? Can you just live?

(Wow. Maybe not…A couple of those encounters captured in the vid above will definitely make you think before you give your final answer!)

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