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Ali Siddiq’s So Serious, But Seriously Funny, Talking About Hooligans Who Are Determined To Ruin Date Night (Video)

Everyone develops their own coping mechanisms to deal with life situations, like folks who are too comfortable with being rude and rowdy at the theater. Somebody needs to check ’em and address that. For real. Not Ali though. HA!

Comedian Ali Siddiq explains why he doesn’t complain when hooligans attempt to disrupt his date night at the movies.
– truTV

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Method Man Remembers & Praises The Excellence Of Prodigy (Video)

Meth says Prodigy was ‘Top 5’ in his day… PLUS he was a fan. Dopest and most real thing a colleague can say in almost any field of endeavor; but esp. so in Hip-Hop. One more RIP to Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

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Say No To The Dress, The Caterer, To The Whole Expensive Wedding… It’s All A Total Rip-Off (Video)

How could the College Humor crew dare to attack the sacred, traditional, necessary institution of marriage? Well, because it is really none of that. Just hella expensive for no damn reason (except, well, commerce)!

No hate, even though Adam does Ruin Everything… like the need for big weddings in this episode. Just like he did the ‘wedding ring’ racket (see here).

(Your fiancee might not need to see this though. Haaa!)


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Debunking The Myth Of Women’s Fast-Ticking “Biological Clock” (Video)

Hahaaa! She said she’s gotta get baking before her oven breaks down. Easy lady. Take it easy. Experts agree that you can still have a baby after 35. Above, Adam tells you why.

(You should know the ‘how’ by now.)

The data that “modern” fertility advice is based on is actually straight-up medieval.
– College Humor


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Comedian Hari Kondabolu’s Movie Will Explain “The Problem With Apu” To Us (Trailer)

It’s funny because it’s racist.

Folks (let’s call them ‘the majority’) would probably murmur or outright tell Hari Kondabolu he is being too sensitive about The Simpsons cartoon character Apu; that he should ‘let it go’ as it is ‘just comedy’). But Hari Kondabolu, in fact, HAS let it go. He has let it go for 20+ years. Enough is enough.

So, he made a movie about it. Watch the trailer for it above.

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Facebook Isn’t “Free” (Video)

If you’re not paying, you’re not the customer–you’re the product.

You gotta know this. Whether you know already, or not, you GOTTA know this. So, since College Humor put together a palatable way to tell you so, I’m gonna share and let you know…


Watch and see how you ‘pay’ for it, because you are not willing to pay for it otherwise. Hey, everything has it’s price. How do you think Zucks got so damned rich? And you could quit Facebook, but good luck escaping Google!


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