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Comedian Katt Williams Speaks On Undeserved Fame Of Some Comedians And Roasts Co-Host Wanda Smith (Video)

On V-103’s Frank and Wanda In The Morning, Emmy-winning actor/comedian Katt Williams lit up the airwaves, sharing nuclear-hot takes on some of today’s top comedians, including Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Jerrod Carmichael, and Hannibal Buress. Watch as Williams calls some ugly, questions others’ talents, and suggests that race and colorism play roles in who Hollywood hires and why.

Yeah yeah. All that… but that’s not what made this thing go viral. When co-host Wanda Smith jumped over the fence and got in the middle of the melee. That’s when Katt’s scattered shots found focus. He got off all the other comedians and fanned all flame on Wanda. Too-hot-for-radio flames. So hot that [reportedly] the Smith men (her husband and sons) found Katt at a comedy club later and pulled a GUN on dude.

Wow. File this under ‘sticks and stones may break bones BUT HOW ABOUT WORDS ALMOST GETTING A COMIC SHOT OVER DISSING A MAN’S WIFE ON AIR!?

Watch. But only if you can stand the HEAT! Katt goes IN… smooth & vicious like. That said, he does make some good points…

(Hit the jump to see what Tiffany Haddish had to say via Twitter.)

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Kanye Speaks On His Early Days In Atlanta, Dealing With Corporations As A Black Artist, & Discovering Atlanta’s CyHi Da Prynce (Video)

Kanye West stopped by Atlanta’s V-103 for an interview with Greg Street. He discusses his tour show the night before, the things (experiences, staffing, concepts) that go into in his brand, grinding in Atlanta (including running with Jermaine Dupree) back in the day, his exercise of Black power and more.

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Saigon & CyHi Da Prynce Meet To Possibly Collaborate On A Song (Video)

While in Atlanta promoting his critically acclaimed album ‘Greatest Story Never Told’ album, Saigon meets CyHi Da Prynce for the first time & discuss working on a song together. It’s great timing how they met because prior to CyHi stopping by V-103’s studios unexpectedly, Saigon was giving the young Atlanta emcee his props as a lyricist to people who just so happened to be in the studio at the time.

Saigon Gets Love On Atlanta’s V-103 With DJ Greg Street (Video)

In preparation for his new album ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ dropping this Tuesday February 15th, Saigon visits Atlanta for the first time in 5 years & was surprised to discover people in the ‘A’ have love for him. In this recent interview with Greg Street they also discuss the new album, working with Just Blaze, his thoughts on Jay Electronica & run through a few songs.