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Rolls-Royce Introduces A New “Dawn” (Video) (Video)

Oh wowww. Rolls-Royce’s Dawn convertible is cool; like a sunset dip in a beachfront infinity pool (see the promo video to know how cool that can be people). That’s a mighty sexy, luxurious good look… you know, for those of you who are into drooling over high-end vehicles. Yeah, that’s you… you will be drooling over this. The leather looks so butter soft… and the finish and… Just watch, please, watch above.

Striking. Sensuous. Endlessly sociable. Dawn marks the arrival of open-top driving as you’ve never experienced it before.
– Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

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Too Far To Walk? Nowhere To Park? WalkCar Lets You Ride In And Take Your ‘Ride’ With You (Video)

Wow! Are you seeing this? It’s like they’ve almost figured out a futuristic George Jetson car; one that you can ride to work and carry into the office. Now, if they could only make it fly (like this one here). WalkCar is the world’s smallest electric car, as small as a laptop. Super cool transportation tech! You steer it with your body movements; so it’s not a big effort to learn to operate. This could be the biggest thing is small vehicles EVER!

Soon to start fundraising via Kickstarter. Pre-orders for WalkCar will be taken starting October 2015.

Hmm… Did I say “could” be the biggest…? Nah, this WILL be huge! For more on this compact, powerful mini-vehicle innovation from Tokyo’s Cocoa Motors, visit the company website

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