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Listen To Cam’ron: If You Know What President Trump Is Up To… You Must SNITCH! (Video)

Hilarious! Wow, how’s Cam’ron REALLY feeling? Mr. No Snitchin’ says that everybody and anybody has a DUTY to snitch on President Trump. CIA. Even the First Lady. Gotta tell us what The Donald is up to in the White House, Watch him speak on it on ‘The Daily Show’ #SnitchesGetRiches

Rapper Cam’ron believes that members of the Trump administration have a civic duty to leak information about White House dysfunction.

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Lifestyles Of ‘New Hugh Hefner’: Off The Felt With ‘Dan Bilzerian’ (Video)

Wowwww. This is dude’s LIFE… the life! This two-parter is all about the Dan Bilzerian win-it-all-try-and-spend-it-all lifestyle. Can’t imagine. Don’t have to, because we got part 1 above and part 2 after the jump. Poker, yachts, copters, hot cars … chilling with rap stars, porn stars… no big thing. Watch.

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The Difference Between The Haves And The Have-Nots? Cal-Berkley Study Says… Morality (Video)

See? This is why money cannot buy happiness… because those who have money never feel they have enough OF ANYTHING. Astonishing clip above. PBS coverage of a research study that concludes that folks in high-end vehicles are in such a rush they’d nearly run a guy down in a crosswalk (when those worse off probably have more motivation to ‘not be late’ to wherever they are going)… that given opportunity, well-to-do study participants (more often than poorer participants) would take candy from kids… lie about test results reported via ‘honor system’… I mean, wow.

In a series of startling studies, psychologists at the University of California at Berkeley have found that “upper-class individuals behave more unethically than lower-class individuals.” Ongoing research is trying to find out what it is about wealth — or lack of it — that makes people behave they way they do.


Check it out.

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Muhammad Ali Speaking On How People Only Respect Wealth (Video)

While talking with a few friends of mine about how athletes & many rap artists today don’t get behind any causes other than their own I was reminded of this interview Muhammad Ali did back in the day. He spoke about how most people are sheep until you can lure them in & then give them the message you’re really trying to get across. Unlike Ali, the majority of preachers, evangelists, athletes, & rap artists today aren’t delivering any real message with what they are doing. I guess it makes sense to be flossy if there is some sort of purpose behind it.