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Boogieman Dela – “No More Good” (Video)

“For the first time she went against the good advice I gave her. Who knew that would be a decision that she would pay for.”

Boogieman Dela

Dope concept, song, and video from Boogieman Dela. I remember recently seeing yet another Facebook post on some ‘can men and women be just friends’ sh!t. But this vid brings out another vantage point to the ‘heyull naw’ stance I ultimately always take. Dela tried to tell her – his true friend from start to end – the ‘what not to do’ … and ultimately it didn’t work because she would not listen… suffering as a result of her bad choices, getting in bad situations, ending up with the ‘bad’ dude… and staying with his azz. Damn. To his credit, Dela stayed true throughout though. Great story told in audio-visual. Respect, Boogieman Dela. Respect!

Message: Don’t lay hands on her like that fellas. Better to just leave her. She just might have a Boogieman in her corner. And now for more on the artist (yeah, I do my ‘Net research, y’all)…

Boogieman Dela has been spittin’ official on his own since 2010 when he dropped his “Reality Rap.” However, he has always had a love for music, especially Hip-Hop/R&B as his mother was a musician. Like many with family roots in music, Dela’s family was a bit more religious than his chosen way of musical expression would tolerate. Good thing the Philly emcee stuck to it though. Dropping ”The Dirty Rehearsals” with Ace Mcclowd in 2011… going to work on a sequel (“Dirty Harmony”) shortly thereafter. The above video for “No More Good” should be seen as another dope step on the way up in the rap game. Watch for the Boogieman. Always good advice you’ve known since you were a kid. Follow it, and follow him on Twitter @BoogiemanDela.


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