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Reggae/Dancehall: Honorebel – “Ravin and Clean” (Video)

Having launched his musical career in the late 90’s, Honorebel has found himself collaborating with Reggae legends such as Sly and Robbie, while infusing Hip-Hop Beats with producers like Scott Storch. Over the years, Honorebel’s music keeps morphing; hard to categorize, but easy to love. From Roots Dancehall to crunk Hip-Hop to techno-pop to pop-rock, Honorebel’s music has reached across audiences and across oceans (as far as Russia, where he performed live at the Russian MTV Video Music Awards in 2007 with Russian Pop Star, Julia Kova). Honorebel has already proven that he nor his music will be limited; and the Rebel in him comes through even in this club joint, “Ravin and Clean.” Click… and enjoy… and you’re welcome.

- ojones1


In Honorebel’s own words, “I didn’t find music, music found me.” According to his bio, it was a hard search. The native of Kingston, Jamaica, was born youngest of six who grew up in the roughest of times and circumstances. Violence and crime were prevalent; and they hit Honorebel’s family without mercy. The murder of his oldest brother could have set him on the path of crime and violence himself. Instead, Honorebel threw himself into the musical influences around him; becoming a different product of his environment. Accordingly, he chose to pick up an instrument instead of a weapon; and Honorable Apache (his initial stage name) was born. As his career began to progress, he took a new moniker by which he is now known: Honorebel. He declares that the Honor part represents his humbleness, while the Rebel is his Fighting Warrior Spirit. Well, I am glad to have run across “Ravin and Clean” from the “humble warrior”; and I will definitely be looking out for more hits from Honorebel.

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