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Kurupt Gets Enraged Over The ‘King Of New York’ Title Both He & Kendrick Lamar Used (Video)

“In this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV, Kurupt went ballistic over New York’s defensive response to Kendrick Lamar’s “I’m the King of New York” line on his “Control” verse.

Kurupt originally spit the “King of NY” line on the 2010 track “Get Bizy,” which also featured verses from Kendrick, Terrace Martin, and Bad Lucc. When asked about the meaning behind his original line, Kurupt replied, “That means I’m the f**king worst, and that’s all it meant.” Shortly after giving an explanation behind his line, Kurupt went off over how quick New Yorkers are to get offended by any line that mentions their city.

He explained that “King of New York,” is actually “a f**king movie” from 1990 about a drug lord named Frank White who returns from prison to take control of his streets once again. Kurupt is extremely angry by how quickly New Yorkers are to jump to the conclusion that anything mentioned about their city is a diss of some kind. He emphasized that there is no problem between the West Coast and New York, and that every state within the United States is ultimately a part of a family.

He did, however, state that if anything were to happen to Kendrick, or anyone else from the West Coast, that there would certainly be severe repercussions, but ultimately it is New York who is always quick to ignite drama between the two coasts even when the West has no intention of starting problems.”

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