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Somethin’ Like That – “Speech Rich” feat. NamedTobias. x Matt Storm (Prod. By S.L.M.N.) [Video]

The reason I wanted to connect with you is that I’ve got a music video releasing on April 13, 2017 and was wondering if you would do a write-up/interview/or post for it on JayForce. I really like the format of your channel and from what I gather, you’re very dedicated to tastemaking, pop-culture and great music/community building – so I was hoping that you’ll consider this content that I’ve got to share into the global Hip-hop environment. There are definitely messages in this song that should be heard and considered by all!
Somethin’ Like That

Now… how could I refuse such a heartfelt and graciously-worded request? I mean, if it was not up to par, we would have to find a way give an easy let-down… but this is dope stuff (whew, thank goodness)! Check out this visual for the title track off the EP from Somethin’ Like That. Featuring NamedTobias. (I’m including the period, as the named is consistently spelled) and Matt Storm. Beat by S.L.M.N. This is “Speech Rich.”

Hit the jump for more info on the artist and movement…including an extended version of this video (featuring an in-depth interview).



Somethin’ Like That is striving to make decisive contributions to further the local music scene of Vancouver, BC, and throughout Canada since 2010. He is originally from Hamilton, Ontario where he lived the first 19 years of his life and began learning the art of freestyle cyphering. Through rigorous work ethic, and by creating events to provide local Vancouver artists, himself included, opportunities to perform – it is clear that his inclusive and positive approach to business and music is what independent Hip-Hop needs. The dedication to his craft has not gone unnoticed and can be seen in the rise in quality of his content creation and event production over the years.

Somethin’ has been writing lyrics and executive producing his conceptual mixtape projects since the early 2000’s. His unorthodox approach to Hip-Hop exposes a Jekyll and Hyde type experiment that the crowd can’t help but love. With east coast flavor and west coast warmth, S.L.T’s tracks illustrate the complexity of Ab-soul’s writing style with substance similar to Common and Smoke DZA.

Featuring a catalogue of conscious raps and party tracks he provides somethin’ for any playlist. Most joints being fired up for S.L.T.’s heart-felt scribes feature lo-fi experimental sounds with groovy basslines and cruisy rhythms reminiscent of classic boom bap and new age industrial bangers. These subgenres of beat production are extremely well suited to his pitch which depicts a vocal tone said to be similar to Bun B’s. Major influencers of his flow are renowned artists Common and Choclair.

S.L.T. manages concepts for his mixtapes and original works and in many cases creates the artwork and video treatments for tracks while performing and writing his vocals. His live show has been described as having heavy performance energy and a noticeably upbeat attitude. Complete with extremely creative, self-made and captivating visual components, Somethin’ Like That is a clear asset to any event bill.
– Facebook Bio for Somethin’ Like That

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