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Technology: How To Build A Giant 9-Foot-5 inch Mechanized Robot (Video)

Now this is kinda cool! All too often, we see fantasy tech played out on screen with CGI, but check this real, in-person… um… in-robo tech out. The Wired Mech debuted at Comic-Con, and the people were dazed and amazed! Nowadays, the word is that the Mech is doing the morning show circuit. Nine-foot-five-inches of robo star power baby!

Check out the above clip on the Mech’s debut as the result of the work of dedicated designers, engineers, and staff… bringing unique tech experiences on (and now off) the movie screen.

‘[T]he crew from Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects reflect on a job well done. From concept to unveiling at Comic-Con, this was a labor of love, representing 2000+ man hours of work. Rest up guys, because next year … we are bringing the Mech’s BIGGER BROTHER to the show.’

– Wired

The above clip is the final, Part 7, of a Wired series that relates the story of the Mech’s development and launch. Check out Parts 1 through 6 after the jump.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Picture 2Now, when you see something like this walking toward you…


Picture 1…THIS is the expected reaction!

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