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‘White Squad’ Helps People Of Color Enjoy White Privilege (Video)

Mm hmmmm! This is going to enlighten some, sting others, and make most of us laugh. Good! Saw MTV coming with something truly bold and provocative (no, not a ’16 & Pregnant’ spin-off) – a biting satire called “White Squad.” Part of the network’s Look Different campaign against prejudice, it features a ‘consultancy’ that offers advice and provides stand-ins to help clients of color get fair treatment in situations where being lighter (read: White) is an advantage.

As the “White Squad” site says, “White privilege is real. White Squad is fiction.” So, in a way that respects our intelligence (and sometimes may have us forgetting that it’s just TV), “White Squad” brings up and faces down uncomfortable societal issues. While being tongue-in-cheek funny, it makes us ALL think about how people of color are treated. Now, if MTV’s broaching topics they should ‘leave alone’… that is, if “White Squad” content threatens to make folks uncomfortable… then those folks should should watch. “White Squad” and the Look Different campaign was meant to reach them; not just so-called ‘offenders’ but those who have accepted being ‘offended’ as part of being part of society, too.

Fair is fair for everyone; not just the fairer-skinned. That’s what this site says. Watching you MTV. VERY interesting…

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