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Coldplay – ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ (Video)

I can recall a conversation I had with someone about a week ago who said they were a “big Coldplay fan”, but when I mentioned Cemeteries Of London was my favorite song from their last album Viva La Vida the person I was speaking with drew a blank stare.  Fake. They’d probably confuse Chris Martin with Dj Premier. I’m a Coldplay fan unlike many of these people who say they like Coldplay only because Jay-Z name dropped & eventually worked with them.  It’s almost the same how Jay-Z became a fan after Kanye initially mentioned that he wanted to work with them.  Doesn’t seem like those type of people are truly fans more so than they are fans of the power of a particular band’s popularity.  Or, at least to them, its the “popular” thing to say.  What initially drew me into Coldplay’s music was not only the great music itself, but they’ve always had creatively interesting videos that leave an impression with you hours, days, & months after you viewed them for the first time. Hard to believe that Coldplay have been carefully crafting good music for over a decade now. Today they dropped a brand new video from what will be their fifth album dropping this fall. From the looks of this video they didn’t change up their formula.

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