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Eye Candy: Hoopz Hooping (Video)

So this is what it takes to get Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander huffing and grunting “Yes! YES!” Taking note of that… AND of the thickest Honey-coated thighs… better than a KFC two-piece #LookingSweetAndTasty



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Eye Candy: Joy Reyes (Video)

Haaaave MERCY! Do you seee those think and juicy HAMS on Joy Reyes? The homie Ralph Lenard was blessed to shoot her shoot. And yoooo, if he shot his shot, I cannot be mad. But if not, ummm… Joy, PLEASE send me the digits in the DM #PleaseBabyBabyPLEASE


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Tiffany Haddish In Her Showtime Stand-Up “She Ready!” (Teaser Trailer)

Mercy mercy! Did you see comedian Tiffany Haddish on Showtime for her Friday night special though?? Sexy on super-smash with that all black outfit gripping her… figure (wow). But she got jokes, funny jokes, for the whole show. So your bae won’t get mad. Hilarious hella sexy Tiffany did great.

Got a few of clips – starting above and more after the jump for you to see.

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Sneaker Shopping With Rita Ora (Video)

Rita Ora loves shoes like a girlie girl; but SNEAKERS though! This is Eye Candy meets sneaker obsession… Nothing like a cutie in fly kicks, plus she’s kicking down a unique fashion strategy (way beyond ‘because they are cute’).


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Belly – “P.O.P.” (Video)

Ahaaa! Belly learned his lesson well from that “Jackson 5” video he was in with French Montana (see here)… Load that thing up with thick Honeyz maaaan! Check out “P.O.P.” and yield to the Power (for a few minutes at least).


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Eye Candy: Jalande Jaguar (Video)

Somethings (yeah, with an ‘s’) about this cutie Jalande Jaguar… Hmmm, what could they beeee?! FOH! If you got eyes to see, you gotta be kidding me! Jalande is the epitome of caramel MILK chocolate Eye Candy. If you are a sucker for a succulent bosom, Jalande Jaguar got you baby. MERCY!

I am overloading this post with maaaaaddd clips after the jump. Starting with a fave above, where she does a Friday redux of the ‘Ms. Parker’ scene that would likely make Chris Tucker and Ice Cube say DAAAAAMN in real life, too.



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Lil Duval Says He Is 40, Is Not Politically Correct, And Is Ready To Toss Shots At Sidechicks (Video)

Still single… Nah, Lil Duval is just going in and out of blessings. Maybe he can get ‘blessed’ by some Charlotte Sidechicks in this. Hahaaa!

Oh, wait. This is the show that got Duval in all that hot water with his transgender commentary. Alright, shutting it down. Watch and make your own judgments.


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Cardi B On Her Approach To Making Money & Music And Her Dating Preferences (Video)

Very interesting interview snip with Cardi B. Don’t even have to be a fan of her music, life choices, or her opinions or whatever to really hear that she has her own mind. Insight from a thick Miss is something I will always support. If you truly are more than just a body and a face, I will salute that EVERY TIME!

Of course, I am still ogling your body and face. Just facts. That all.

(Catch the full interview after the jump.)



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Drive By Dunk Challenge Accepted By CBS 6 Anchor And Former Wichita State Shooting Guard Candace Burns

A ‘Drive By Dunk Challenge’ never looked so sexy. The cute smile and them legs in them heels hit me in the feels! Mercy! Hey, Candace Burns. Come interview with me. Let me holler at you for a minute or two! And her her IG is lit… up with uber-cuteness *smile*



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Kendrick Lamar – “Loyalty.” feat. Rihanna (Video)

Watch. What’ll get your heart racing faster… ever sexy and sexier RiRi or K. Dot hanging her off the side of a sky rise in his visual for “Loyalty.” Insanely good. Good insanity. The visuals, the depth of the song, everything!


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Eye Candy: Shareenashlee (Video)

Ay Dios mio! This chica is thica than a Snica!

(Hmmm… let’s put that in the Honey Hunter translator… “Oh my God! This girl is thicker than a Snicker” is what I meant. Let’s move on.)

Amateur selfie shot camera phone vid for sure, but that does nothing to diminish how sexy Shareenashlee is in that white onesie. Mercy!


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Eye Candy: Ariansas Jones (Video)

Gotta tilt your head to see, but Ariansas Jones is Honey that belongs on the top shelf no doubt! Look at the vid above and follow the link to her lit Gram (below) to do ya ‘research’ and judge for self. Plus bonus, after the jump, get a look at a clip showcasing this beauty’s quirky sense of humor. Her so SILLY! Haaaa!

(Shout to to photographer Ralph Lenard aka DaMan WithDaPlan playing the background and playing down Ariansas’ shout out while she is playing on her smartphone before the shoot.)


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Eye Candy: Tamika Rawson (Video)

If you want to know the artist behind the music, clock in on YouTube time and see about that. We are about that fine azz thick azz beautiful azz Tamika Rawson over here right now. MERCY!

(Know what, I got some music for Tamika“Isn’t she LOVELY”… on Stevie Wonder… I swear she is!)



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Eye Candy: Amber Alexxa And Her Towel… And Nothing Else! (Video)

Whew! Amber Alexxa looks into her mirror and sees the fairest of them all. Promise you will never wish so hard for a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ (or x-ray vision) in your life!



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Angela Rye ‘Hates’ Charlamagne Tha God Most Of The Time, But Credits Him For Her New Podcast (Video)

Angela Rye (1) is VERY HOT, been sleeping on her cuteness and her voice; (2) is VERY WOKE, activism is in her DNA; and (3) is VERY much wishing Omarosa WOULD swing on her!

Yuuuup. All that in just the first 10 minutes of the interview. So, now, while I go find her podcast (On One With A. Rye) and subscribe, you should watch this interview. Awesome stuff!


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Eye Candy: Amber Alexxa Gives Details, Do’s And Don’ts On Breast Augmentation (Video)

Before 32A (bee stings) … after 34C (them THANGS)! Yay medical science! Actually, yay for women doing what they feel they want to do with their bods. By all means get comfortable in your skin ladies. But please do your research and be safe. I cannot imagine anyone wanting Amber Alexxa to pursue beauty to the point of loss of life. I’m sure she was cute before. But most important she is okay now!

Dallas model/actress/host, Amber Alexxa, sits down with DJ Smallz and weighs in on women who get work done on their bodies, reflects on her own breast augmentation including why she got it, what type, what size, doctor, recovery process and shares some DO’s and DON’Ts with it.
DJ Smallz Eyes 2

And you gotta love her voice. Sexy!



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Up And Coming Dancer/Choreographer ShirJuanda ‘Bounce’ Woodson Debuts Her HoverKicks Ad (Video)

Wow! Have you been keeping up with ShirJuanda ‘Bounce’ Woodson? So beautiful. So talented. And her grind… how can someone start from the bottom, get it out the mud, and look so clean every step of the way? I will post a couple more vids (including a behind-the-scenes for the one above) after the jump to initiate those who don’t know and allow those who do to celebrate. Watch and realize that HoverKicks is just now recognizing what many already know… Bounce is the BUSINESS!

After creating her viral ’90s video to Boyz 2 Men’s hit “Motown Philly,” Bounce was discovered by Hoverkicks and asked to create their newest commercial for their famous light-up shoes line!!!
– HoverKicks

I feel very fortunate to have gotten in on her ‘friend wave’ before she can accept no more. We’ll hear more from Bounce to be sure. But for now, let’s salute to her success for just a sec.

(Time’s up! Bounce is already on the move to the next project. Trust.)


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Amber Rose Speaks On Her Life Journey From Poor Girl From Philly To Being Famous (Video)

People would be on the Internet were like, “You’re famous for no reason!” And I’m like yeah, I don’t f*cking know why. Blame yourselves.
Amber Rose

You know her for the music videos and racy photos, being with Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West, the Slutwalk, and all that. And hate it or love it, Amber’s look… all that (platinum blonde ‘buzzcut’ down to that triple platinum Triple X butt)! And Amber talks about all that with the Drink Champs (N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN).

I know everybody may not be a fan of Rose. Some may even question why the Hip-Hop nation puts so much ‘shine’ on what she has to say (on some ‘your job is to just look sexy’ ish). Buuuut she is a prominent figure (pause, reflect, give thanks) on the Hip-Hop landscape. And buuuut that BUTTTT (even though it is not ‘featured’ above)!

Hahaaaa! Nah, but I do like to hear from the Honeyz and learn a bit about them, too. I do. Gives some insight on them. Watch this talk with Amber Rose. It won’t change your life. Not promising that. But it might just make you more thoughtful of Amber as a person if you thought ‘less’ of her some way.

(I like her voice, too. It’s cute.)


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Eye Candy: Octavia Bowers (Video)

Man oh maaan! Shout out to the homie… the luckiest photographer I know, Ralph Lenard. I would say he is underappreciated, but with Honeyz like Octavia Bowers constantly coming through and showing love like this. Nah, son is VERY appreciated by the ones that count – including lovely models like this. Hot visuals, and a hot IG featured here for Octavia.

OMG yes, I did it again; and she did it again. Ms @ceobeautifullupus came by and did a shoot with yours truly. I like this girl so much. Wow! Check her out and go and follow her on IG. She’s real cool also.
Ralph Lenard aka DaMan WithDaPlan


Yep. Let me hit this ‘subscribe’ button right NOW! Plus, bonus points for Octavia being an all-in-one beauty in & out. See the tagline on Instagram for proof that she is the truth: “Octavia Bowers A Mother, Lupus Advocate, Business Owner, Model, Radio co-host and just Beautiful.”


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Eye Candy: Nira Sanchez At The Beach (Video)

Woohooo! All the Nira Sanchez in swimsuits at the beach a brotha (and some sistas, no judgments) can stand! Have mercy and be still my beating heart. In fact, this might be more than you can stand if you got a weak heart. Haaaa!


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