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Mýa – “With You” feat. My Guy Mars (Video)

Smooth and easy. Still hot! Like Mýa after all these years. She just doesn’t age, but the content stays ‘grown-up’ (though the feature by My Guy Mars is more like ‘what the kids are into nowadays’).


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Ciara – “Greatest Love” (Video)

Dedicated to Russell Wilson, officially The Luckiest Quarterback In The NFL. Tom Brady can have the Lombardi Trophy. Ciara IS the trophy.


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Safiya Oni – “FTT”

Butter smooth swaying R&B music to groove to right here. Enjoy this Safiya Oni joint she calls “FTT.” Plus she has some hot pics on the Instagram if you are into that sort of thing (wink).


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Ella Mai – “Shot Clock” (Video)

Oh yes, yes, with a side of yes sauce! The sexy one we all wanna ‘boo up’ is back with another one off her self-titled project (out now). It’s Ella Mai, trying to tell y’all to step up and shoot that shot before the “Shot Clock” winds down.



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India Arie – “That Magic” (Video)

I checked: We have not posted on India Arie since 2013. Bet your bottom dollar that she’s still got “That Magic” though. Or you could just watch her latest video above. No need to guess or gamble.

(Man oh man. Whoever inspired this song is a lucky dude. India is singing life to him… to all brothers.)



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Ray J Speaks On Putting ‘Old Controversy’ Behind Him And Moving On To Raycon And Family Business (Video)

Wow. Why would Ray J start by assigning a ‘side’ role to himself? At least call yourself an ‘honorable co-host.’ How about ‘business man?’

Ray J On Expanding Raycon Global, Fatherhood And Staying Drama-Free
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Raycon, eh? Okay, Ray, get your hustle on and on to the next level. Was not aware before. Now that I am, I am not mad.


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Teyana Taylor – “Gonna Love Me” (Remix) feat. Ghostface Killah x Method Man x Raekwon [Video]

Damn damn daaaamn. You know a sista is TOO sexy when she looks sexy when she is flipping her lid on ya and throwing stuff around the house all mad and such. Problem. Yes, Teyana Taylor, “I love you regardless,” like Ghost said on this “Gonna Love Me” Remix video. Method Man & Raekwon on the feature, too. Check out the video.


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NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series Presents: H.E.R. (Video)

A whole lot less stand-offish and enigmatic for this Tiny Desk set, as she should be, H.E.R. treats the intimate gathering of souls to warm blend of R&B and Soul, peppered with moments of Hip-Hop adjacent styled delivery. Enjoy!

Cool shades. Cute singer 😉

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Janelle Monáe – “Crazy, Classic, Life” (Video)

Speaking the truth of every “Dirty Computer” out there in this visual, Janelle just wants to be left to live her life… her “Crazy, Classic, Life.”


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Ernie Isley & Chuck D Speak On ‘Fight The Power’ (Video)

Wondering if each of the respective generations of listeners of these versions of “Fight The Power” knows about the other… Bet they do. Kind of cool even if they don’t, since NPR put this doc together #YouMustLearn

NPR’s American Anthem series brings together two songwriters — Ernie Isley of The Isley Brothers and Chuck D of Public Enemy — whose respective versions of “Fight the Power” eyed the same struggle… Ridenhour would later take the stage name Chuck D, as the leader of the pioneering rap group Public Enemy. In 1989, he wrote his own “Fight the Power” for the film ‘Do the Right Thing.’ The movie is set on the hottest day of the summer in a Brooklyn neighborhood, where the temperature leads long-simmering racial tensions to boil over in the street.
– NPR Music

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Kaytranada – “Nothing Like U / Chances” (EP)

Been a while since Kaytranada gave us that full work… and it’s gonna be a while longer. But maybe this’ll help in the meantime…


Illa J – “John Yancey” (Album Stream)

So here we go: A soulful ‘reintroduction’ to “John Yancey” (produced by Calvin Valentine). Stream the whole project and “Enjoy The Ride” (get it?).


Mila J – “November 2018” (EP Stream)

MILA J is Made In LA… and as always, keeping it hella hot. Check out this four-song EP for proof of that.

Rico Love – “Even Kings Die” (Album Stream)

Are you seeing some of these titles though? Rico Love is really trying to set it for cuffing season, right? All these back-to-school babies have this “Even Kings Die” LP to blame… Well, their parents do. Ha!


Anderson .Paak Speaks On Growing Up, Coming Up In Music, And His Hometown ‘Oxnard’ (Video)

Yes Lord! .Paak has been making the rounds to get the word out on “Oxnard”… going hard for the promo while smiling the whole time. Find joy in your grind. That’s one of many takeaways from this. Watch.

Anderson .Paak Talks Oxnard, Fatherhood, Being Saved By The Church + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

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Anderson .Paak – “Anywhere” (Live Performance) [Video]

If you saw ‘The Daily Show’ with .Paak on it you will get why Trevor Noah was speechless. Ha! But this performance was dope on that level regardless.

(The crowd certainly was not ‘speechless.’)

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Unsung: The O’Jays (Full Episode)

You know it didn’t start or stop with Eddie Levert or his sons, right? Of course, you did. But get the whole entire ‘Unsung’ scoop on the soul clapping we should be doing for pioneer R&B act The O’Jays.

(And hurry up… before haters on the Tube can get it pulled down.)

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Trey Songz – “11” (Album)

Well, if you are Trigga Trey. You can do that… meaning just drop a project like this with no fanfare or advance promo. And just name it something like “11” (like so). And folks will still expect it to be pretty damn dope. And it is.

(Couple of feature artists on this. So, it wasn’t a “secret” to everyone, huh?)


Anderson .Paak Speaks On ‘First Times’: Old Girlfriends, Blind Dating, And The Free Nationals (Video)

Pretty good interview. Plus, relatively short and sweet.

The FADER invited Anderson .Paak to come by the studio to take a look back at his humble beginnings on the drums at a church, the first memorable job he had, and a blind date to Olive Garden that ended before it even started. He ends his trip down memory lane with the first time he knew he could rock with the Free Nationals and the story behind creating “Suede” off of his ‘Yes Lawd!’ album with Knxwledge.

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AceQuared – “Be Someone” (Prod. By The Glowsticks)

Dope smoothness! Don’t know much about AceQuared right now, but my eyes are open and my ear is on the highway (as in Internet… Superhighway… because… nevermind, it was an old reference)! I do know that Abdullah “AceQuared” Abdulhadi is a rapper/singer/songwriter from Amman, Jordan, based in Toronto, Canada; because that is what his social info says. Spotify shows that he is being heard in Ontario, Germany, and in the U.S. (Los Angeles & Chicago). However, that footprint should grow if he keeps hitting bloggers inboxes as hard as he has been hitting ours. There have actually been several submissions, but there are only so many hours in our days. I finally got to take a good listen, and I am betting you will enjoy this “Be Someone” if you take a listen, too. One time for persistence!

“Be Someone” is an ode to home, for me home is where the heart is! It has a nice chill beat with motivating lyrics to go with it. “Be Someone” was released last week and has already been added to multiple radio stations, playlists and blogs across North America.



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