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Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Cops Some Sneakers (Video)

Dez gots aaalll the Jordans. Dez cops aaalll the Jordans (hence, he stays having all the Jordans). Sure, he is Team Cowboys; but watching this, you KNOW he is Team Jordan Brand. This ep of ‘Sneaker Shopping’ is another one for folks who get their kicks from copping kicks.

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Ronda Rousey And Odell Beckham, Jr. Ask Each Other, “Would You Rather?” (Video)


Ummm… Odell Beckham, if you owned a dragon, why would put it on a leash??! Pay attention, son. It’s not a game! Actually, it is. Beckham and MMA Wonder Woman Ronda Rousey engage in a rousing round of “Would You Rather?”

Hit the jump and watch.

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Hands Of Stone (Trailer)

Trailer looks good. Damn good! When Robert De Niro (as trainer Ray Arcel) says, “You’re Roberto Duran. Get in there and act like it…” Whew!!

“Hands Of Stone” follows the life of Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramirez), the Panamanian fighter who made his professional debut in 1968 as a 16 year‐old and retired in 2002 at the age of 50. In June 1980, he defeated Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher Raymond) to capture the WBC welterweight title, but shocked the boxing world by returning to his corner in their November rematch, famously saying the words “no mas” (no more.)

The up-and-comings of Roberto Duran. So much more than ‘no mas’ (hope the film really shows that).

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ESPN’s 30 For 30: This Magic Moment (Documentary)

Think. Really think… that is, if you remember back when Shaq and Penny Hardaway were the 1-2 punch that was supposed to take the Orlando Magic all the way to the tippy top of the NBA. Do you remember why that didn’t happen? ESPN takes us back and takes us there; to the heart of the story about when the ‘magic’ happened and when the Magic fell apart.

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Dallas Mavericks’ Chandler Parsons Speaks On Facing Kobe Bryant One More Time, The ‘Deandre Jordan Situation’ And More (Video)

After signing a contract with Mark Cuban at a Dallas night club, Chandler Parsons became the Mavericks’ chief recruiter for Deandre Jordan. That… didn’t quite work out. In this Ride Along, Chandler recounts the tug-of-war over his longtime friend, his growth from a petulant and overlooked kid at the University of Florida to a respected NBA veteran, and his thoughts on facing Kobe one last time at the Staples Center.

(VICE Sports with another good clip. Parsons’ pre-game prep music selection though… Kobe’s in trouble after that sh!t. Hahaaaaa!)

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Michael Jordan: The Greatest Cry (A Fake ’30 For 30′ Trailer)

Waaahahaaaa! The meme game is mean mane. By now you’ve seen, heard, or seen AND heard about the latest of many many Jordan-crying memes. Instead of us trying to answer the ‘which one?’ why not just watch… and LAUGH… at the ‘official’ trailer for it.

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Meet [LeB]Ron… Blaze Pizza’s Newest Team Member (Video)

In between games in Los Angeles, LeBron James put in work on his off day. And by work we mean becoming Ron, the newest team member at Blaze Pizza. #MeetRon

Baaaaahahaa! They said Bron-Bron (aka Ron) looks familiar… Like Dwyane Wade. Check out this clip of King James being a little ‘off’ in his off-court time. Going all ‘undercover boss’ at Blaze Pizza – where’s he’s not only an investor; he’s also slinging them pies!

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Former Ole Miss Rebel Marshall Henderson Patting The Rock In Iraq (Video)

A lot of people aren’t cut out for this… coming to a warring country or whatever…
Marshall Henderson

And BOOM! This is how VICE Sports kicks off its ROAM series. Marshall’s a long way from the Rebel Nation, and the NBA, but he is still making it in pro-basketball. Watch VICE Sports get to globetrotting to hang out in Iraq, latest home to former Ole Miss (on- & off-court) standout Marshall Henderson and get his story.

Marshall Henderson had one of the most infamous runs in NCAA Basketball history, dominating the SEC with his three point shot at Ole Miss (while also running into trouble with coaches/opposing fans/the law/etc.).

Then he went undrafted, and fizzled out of the NBA’s D-League. Now he’s in the massive and convoluted international basketball pipeline, playing wherever he can. His latest stop: Naft Al-Janoob of the Iraqi Division I Basketball League in Basra, scene to some of the most vicious battles of the Iraqi War and a city that continues to experience its share of violence.

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Pelé: Birth of a Legend (Trailer)

Quick! Name a soccer legend. Off top, that name you just blurted was Pelé (and if it was someone else’s, you are ready to revise right now). Facts. And it looks like this biopic on the brother from Brasil was done right. Bravo! “Pelé: Birth of a Legend” hits theater screens May 13, 2016.

“… the miraculous story of the legendary soccer player’s rise to glory from a young boy, to the 17 year old who scored the winning goal in Brazil’s first ever World Cup victory in 1958. From a life full of disadvantages and an impoverished youth in Brazil, Pelé used his unorthodox yet authentic style of play and his unbeatable spirit to overcome all odds, find greatness and inspire a country that he changed forever.”
– IFC Films

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Marshawn Lynch And Colleagues Teach American Football At A Camp In Egypt (Video)

Marshawn Lynch. He ’bout that action, boss!’ And above you see a great way Beast Mode is taking action on the other side of the world – teaching American football to a full camp of eager attendees in Egypt. See more about this global sports education effort – American Football Without Barriers (AFWB) – after the jump.

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Nate Robinson: Is A Pro Football Career A Slam Dunk For The Former NBA All-Star? (Video)

You’ve watched sports contests on the tube, and from time to time likely thought, “Look at the big man. He could bowl ’em over on the field as easily as he bangs down low to the bucket,” or… “Dude can move! Even at his size, he’s dunking over the crossbar AFTER leaving everybody 20 yards behind!”

Let’s call them crossover [football or basketball] ballers. Now, who among the retired greats of one sport do you think could come back and do the damn thang in the other? Quickly… times up! How about Nate Robinson? Is anybody thinking Nate Robinson can do it? Well, Nate is…and he could give a damn whether you agree or not.

Nate Robinson, the three time Slam Dunk champion and one of the most dynamic athletes in NBA history is considering a run at the NFL. Friends (Jamal Crawford, Glen Davis), former coaches (Rick Neuheisel), and NFLers (Marcedes Lewis, Brendon Ayanbadejo) think Nate has what it takes. Do you?

Could Nate be that next-level crossover baller? Looks like we are about to find out!

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Regular People Wrestle Sumo Champions (Video)

Bwaaahahaaaa! Some of these folks really went at it with the Sumos. Well, if you gone do it… For though, I like the way that the pros in this segment are not that brash, and willing to share in their sport. One even took a ‘L’ and not so much as a frown. We could learn a thing or three in The States from them.


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Eye Candy: Ashley Graham (Video)

YES! YES! YES! Ashley Graham is that THICK ‘nilla shake making my mouth water like a steak! Eff everybody who don’t like it; because they don’t exist. Nothing not to love about ‘Curves In Bikinis!’ I mean, what else is a swimsuit supposed to show off. And Ashley, with all that body my dear, are a showoff!

Oh yeah, some of you already know. Ashley made Sports Illustrated: Well, a bold ad campaign featured in Sports Illustrated. SI has gone somewhat nontraditional with modeling in recent years; but the mag still holds the line at Serena Williams’ type of thickness. Keeping with the athletic exception motif. I get it. At least the SI website has Ashley up for Swimsuit Rookie Of The Year (VOTE HERE). But in this campaign featuring Ashley (video above), no sportiness; just curves. However, if Ashley wants to grip some equipment, I definitely got a…

(Okay, enough! We interrupt me to bring you links for Ashley Graham.)




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Unforgivable Blackness (Documentary Trailer)

Sometimes it takes outsiders to tell you about yourself. PBS America – out of the United Kingdom – put out this documentary on the first Black American boxing champion, Jack Johnson. Dude was ahead of his time ways that would still scare a good amount of White people today. Just saying.

This film by Ken Burns tells the story of one of the greatest boxers of all time and his refusal to accept the rules of a society that considered people of his colour to be second-class citizens. This is the story of a man who refused to recognise racial differences and who forced America to reconsider its very definition of freedom.

Check out this trailer. Watching this documentary would be the way to end your Black History Month viewing with a bang…to the rib cage. Damn. Johnson was a baaaad maaan (Muhammad Ali voice).

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Donovan McNabb Speaks On Terrell Owens, Cam Newton And More (Video)

Well. If ANYBODY can speak on it, former Philly football beast QB Donovan McNabb can. And he’s talking to Tiki and Tierney on CBS Radio. Plainly spoken, straightforward, honest, real. What T.O.’s former teammate has to say about him may or may not sit well, but you can tell he’s speaking his truth… about Owens, Cam Superman, his own time in the League… so much.

(Interesting take on Cam and that Super Bowl fumble.)

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The BlackBoard (Teaser Trailer)

Wait, wait! Don’t click off like this is some schoolwork on a weekend. School’s out, but class… that’s always in. Remember that. But this is a chance to learn something. It’s a doc vid on Black skateboarders. Ahhh, right? Now, you see the whole title: “The BlackBoard.”

“The Blackboard” documentary film was produced and directed by attorney/indie filmmaker Marquis Bradshaw. The film aims to challenge what it means to be Black in America by examining the issue of acceptance within the Black community through the lens of skateboarding culture. “The Blackboard” stars prominent Black pro skaters Jabari Pendleton, Karl Watson, and Ron Allen (one of the first Black pro skaters and one of the first skaters to ever receive major corporate sponsorship). As it relates to pop culture, skateboarding among Black people has only in recent years become socially acceptable, beginning with artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams.


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‘Key & Peele’ Present Their Own Bowl Line-Up (Video)

OMG get ready to LOL your A-S-S off! Caught this Super Bowl weekend replay on Comedy Central yesterday. Key & Peele are fools for those football names… but’cept some of those names in there are REAL! Hahaaaa! Shout out to Ha Ha Clinton-Dix from The University of Alabama. Champs again, Alumni! #RollTide #EastWestBowl


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Denver Broncos’ Von Miller And Carolina Panthers’ Josh Norman Do Battle Before The Big Game (Video)

A Super Bowl tradition? Is that what we’re calling this pre-Big Game ‘Clueless Gamer’ ep now? Bahaaaaa! That’s alright…especially if #BeastMode keeps coming back.

Conan celebrates the big game by playing “Doom” with the Denver Broncos’ Von Miller, the Carolina Panthers’ Josh Norman & Marshawn Lynch.

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Al Jazeera Investigates: The Dark Side (Documentary)

Yes, this is the documentary that folks are tying to Peyton Manning. And while the Super Bowl bound quarterback is a key figure in the way all this came about, this work should be allowed to stand on its own as an impactful, informative piece by Al Jazeera. Huge insights into the how and why of high-performing, high-achieving, highly-paid athletes even go there with these chemical enhancements. When is good enough good enough? For them, NEVER. That realization alone should let you begin to understand how far these athletes would go to get the stuff; driving how far/deep into the “Dark Side” folks will go to get the stuff to them.

Al Jazeera investigates the secretive world of doping in sports and raises questions about whether medical professionals are linked to some of the greatest sports heroes.

A related side note: it’s a shame that we are losing Al Jazeera America – one of the few well-respected world-renowned true investigative journalism entities with a foothold in the West. The news agency will shut down in America in April.

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The Golden State Warriors Visit The White House And Get Roasted…By President Obama (Video)

Cool clip of the Golden State Warriors’ White House trip. Know who else is a trip? President Obama. He welcomed the NBA champs to the house, as is custom, and gave ’em a good ribbing. Steph will most def be working on his jump shot form thanks to The President’s wisecracks. Haaa!

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