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Chris Rock Talks About “Top Five” And More On ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Video)

How about that. “Top Five” is in the top five highest grossing films at the box office. Talk of Tinsel Town to be certain. Here we have Chris Rock talking with the gang at ESPN’s First Take about the movie, some favorite athletes, use of the n-word and more. Made a quick pass at the lovely co-host, too. Ha! Chris ain’t slick…

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Mayweather Challenges Pacquiao for Cinco De Mayo 2015 (Video)

Looks like the Fight everyone has wanted might happen.  Mayweather has challenged Pacquiao to make the fight happen May 2nd 2015. Well since the last time they tried to make this fight happen Pac-Man has lost two fights so some of the luster is gone.  Regardless this would be a blockbuster draw for Pay Per View.  Check out what our friends over at BeatsBoxingMayhem have to say about it!

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DJ Premier Talks About his time Hanging with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion (Video)

While promoting his collaborative album ‘PRhyme’ with Detroit emcee Royce Da 5’9, the legendary DJ Premier stopped by ESPN 2’s ‘Highly Questionable’ with Bomani Jones & Dan Le batard. Preemo gave them a few interesting stories from back in the day including his time at the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner.

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BLITZ – 12/16/14: Watch The News

we want you to think newsKRS-ONE – “Disaster Kit”


Beverly Johnson Appears On ‘The View'; Says Bill Cosby Drugged Her

Camille Cosby Defends Her Husband Bill Describing Him As ‘Kind, Generous’

Parents Of North Carolina Teen Found Hanging Believes He Was ‘Lynched’

Dr. Dre Leads Forbes’ 2014 List Of World’s Highest-Paid Musicians

Comedian Dave Chappelle Says He Was Choked By The Police In New Orleans

A Guide To Philadelphia Brothels – Circa 1849

The Mysterious Rise Of The Non-Working Man

Inside The Lifetime Whitney Houston Movie’s Lesbian Lover Storyline

People Can Clone Their Dogs In South Korea For $100,000

How School Suspensions Disproportionately Target Black Girls

UK Singer Sam Smith & Taylor Swift Are The Only Performers To Go Platinum In 2014

Al Pacino Speaks On His Great Roles, Frustrations With Fame, & His Return in ‘The Humbling’

Former Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Says He Doesn’t Miss Playing For The Team

BMW to Demonstrate ‘Remote Valet’ Self-Parking Car

Undocumented Immigrants Flock To Get Driver’s Licenses Under New California Law

How Runaway Economic Inequality & Racism Are Linked To Police Killings

Scientists Develop A Soft, ‘Smart’ Skin That Could Revolutionize Prosthetics

The Navy’s New Robot Looks & Swims Just Like A Shark

BLITZ – 12/15/14: Tailgate Party

CAn't get enough of that funky stuffKool & The Gang – “Funky Stuff”


Detroit Lions Fan Caught On Camera At Tailgate Eating A Live Butt Burger

Saturday Night Live’s Edgiest Night: The Inside Story Of Richard Pryor’s Brilliant Evening

Bill Cosby Breaks His Silence & Asks ‘Black Media’ To Stay Neutral On Rape Allegations

Spelman College Puts Bill Cosby’s Endowed Professorship On Hold

Noam Chomsky on Ferguson: “This Is A Very Racist Society; it’s pretty Shocking”

President Of Cleveland Police Union Demands Apology From Cleveland Browns For Protests

How Undercover Cops Are Infiltrating The Current Protest Movements In The U.S.

17-Year-Old High School Student Scores $72 Million In The Stock Market

R&B Star Jeremih & Two Others Facing Charges For Incident At NJ Airport

7 Chaotic Hours Behind-The-Scenes At The NFL’s RedZone Channel

Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan For Third On The NBA’s All-Time Scorer’s List

Black Fraternities & Sororities Are Split On Protest Policies

Texas Cop Tasers 76-Year-Old Man with Expired Inspection

Pizza Hut Introduces Tobii, A New Order Menu That Tracks Their Customers’ Eyes

20 Ways To Travel Smart: How To Get Paid For A Flight Delay

NFL Considering Experimenting With Narrowing The Goal Posts During The Pro Bowl

Inventor Of The Internet in 1989 Says It Should Be Seen As A Human Right

Comet Data Clears Up Debate On Earth’s Water

Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan: Basketball Competitors And Compatriots (Video)

Don’t be in a rush to find the next Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

But c’mon Mike. If folks were to name someone close, it’d be Kobe Bryant. Great clip. Once combatants; now steadfast friends. Looks like Mike is ‘b-ball big bro’ to Kobe. Hear what the two have to say about one another above.

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Randy Moss Interviews Tom Brady (Video)

Great sit-down footage as “Tom Terrific” talks shop (e.g. Patriots football) with former teammate and current FOX Sports commentator Randy Moss, asking the tough questions…

“Was Gronk’s catch better than mine?”

Two outstanding players speaking on many aspects of the sport they love. Good watching.

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Kenny Smith & Charles Barkley Discuss Their Ferguson Disagreements on Inside The NBA (Video)

Easy to say; but hard to do. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Be able to say it face-to-face. Explain yourself when merited. Agree or disagree on what is being said above by Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley (and Shaquille O’neal) , this is some honest talk…

(Yeah. Honest talk. If ya say “real talk” I probably can’t trust ya…)

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Ayesha Curry With A Spicy Remix Of Drake’s “0 To 100″…Real Quick (Video)

Hahaaaaa! Ayesha (Steph Curry’s wife) gets it cracking like fresh pepper and does a remix video short of Drake’s “0 To 100″… Oh lawd! Kinda cute though. Wifey and the vid she did. Oh lawd!

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50 Cent’s Son Marquise Jackson’s Atlanta Area Highschool Basketball Highlights (Video)

Yooooo. 50’s son got skills… on the hardwood! Watch.

50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson is a 5’9″ senior point guard at St. John’s Military Academy. This weekend Marquise showed that he could knock down threes and run a team. The son of the famous rapper scored 20 points against number 1 ranked prep school in the country Brewster Academy and shot 75% from the field. Last season he averaged 19.1 points per game, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists on his way to 1st Team All Region at King’s Ridge Christian Academy in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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Shaq & Barkley Cookie Challenge (Video)

Former pro ballers DO play with their food… but they play to WIN! Hilarious clip above of Shaq going all out trying to get that cookie in his mouth #CookieChallenge

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New Orleans’ NBA Franchise Should Change Name To “Scorpions” While Anthony Davis Is Becoming A Star (Video)

It’s no question that Anthony Davis is going to be a significant star in the NBA, but I just wish New Orleans would change the name of that dang franchise. I mean c’mon man…. The Pelicans?! I’ve said it on twitter several times over they should change the name to the “New Orleans Scorpions.” Ever since the Charlotte Bobcats changed their name back to Hornets they’ve had impressive sales & huge response from fans in the city. I believe if New Orleans would switch to “Scorpions” they would do the same. I know I spent too much time on this issue instead of Anthony Davis, but I just had to get it off my chest. Make it happen New Orleans

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A ‘Starbury’ Is ReBorn in China (Video)

When Stephon Marbury came to China, he saw the potential to revive his career in a fast-growing basketball market. Five years later, he is starring in a musical about his life in Beijing. He is beloved by millions of basketball fans. “I am playing for the rest of my life,” he says. “This is my home now.”
– VICE Sports

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30 For 30: Rand University (Video)

Incredible ESPN docu-series 30 For 30 did an expo on former NFL phenom Randy Moss. Watch, and realize that Randy played in stadiums that could hold the population of his hometown nearly a hundred times over!

An exploration of Randy Moss’s incredible journey from isolated Rand, West Virginia, to NFL stardom.

Oh. And Rand University? Check out where it is. Man!

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A Day In Philly With Allen Iverson (Video)

A shoe game, fashion and lifestyle video short, presented as a laid back look at Allen I’s coming up in Philly, being a b-baller, relating to fans, keeping it real with himself and his folks and more.

In his own words, Allen Iverson explains the details of the VILLA x Reebok Question Pump “A Day in Philly” including his love for style, Bentley’s, Friday’s and of course the city of Philadelphia.

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Muscle & Fitness: How A 5’5 Basketball Player Trained Himself To Dunk (Video)

You know… when you grow up to be 5’5″ tall, and play basketball… you can get so far. Someone will coach you up; let you play… like through high school or so. After that you are likely on your own. At 5’5″ and want to slam dunk? Man, you are on your own!

Fine by Brandon Todd. He decided he wanted to dunk…hard. So tried hard, studied hard, worked out extraordinarily HARD and applied what he learned (about physical development)… and… well, watch!

“You see someone small. Don’t count them out!”
Brandon Todd

Great story. Inspirational. Call the kids over to watch with you.

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Ferrari Races A Rocket Bike (Video)

So, yeah. CRAZY! A bike takes the starting line to race a Ferrari. Okay, a rocket bike… okay a record-breaking 400+ mile-per-hour running, track-slaying… awww f#ck it… let’s get to the… er… race (if we can even call it that).

On November 7th of 2014, on the famous Circuit Paul Ricard located at Le Castellet in South of France, François Gissy has reached an incredible speed of 333 km/h on the rocket-propelled bicycle designed by his friend Arnold Neracher. More than 300 km/h on a skinny and completely stripped bicycle, this is amazing, and crazy! Who thought that one day a daredevil on a bicycle, with a rocket under the saddle, could travel the quarter mile in less than 7 seconds?

Straight jetted and smoked dat azz. HA!

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Ice Cube Speaks on the “Raiders” with Rich Eisen (Video)

A happier, rooting-for-the-Raiders, game geared up, dressed down, chilled out Ice Cube talking to Rich Eisen. A little about his movie “22 Jump Street” DVD release and a LOT about the Raiders. Raider Nation baby! Check out the cool convo.

(Oh, and he talked up the NWA movie and his son starring as a young Ice Cube.)

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Shaquille O’Neal And Charles Barkley Audition For ‘True Detective’ (Video)

Here’s a good idea… or good idea for a laugh. “True Detective” casting reboot for Season 3 with Shaq and Sir Charles playing co-leads. What do you think?

Since “True Detective” Season 2 have already cast their new pairing, we decided to get ahead of the game for Season 3. We auditioned the legendary duo of Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. Watch to see their auditions and the trailer of “True Detective” Season 3.

- Bleacher Report

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NBA Great Allen Iverson Names His ‘Starting Five’ For All-Time (Video)

Allen Iverson. One of those names that makes you envision hard hooping at a high level automatically. Now retired, from the court; but he still has much to say about the game.

Like coaching? Nah, according to Iverson himself, nobody wants that. Hahaaa. But what’s interesting in the clip above… Allen I’s all-time starting five… And remember, this is from a guy who’s recruiting class included Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Stephon Marbury, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

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