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Sports: Tom Wrigglesworth Probably Looks Like Someone You Know… Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers! (Video)

There ought to be some money in this… Just saying. An Aaron Rodgers’ look-alike so good he fools some Green Bay residents? Yep, that’s Tom Wrigglesworth (who?).

‘The Amazing Mr. Wrigglesworth’ was made by NFL Films and follows Tom Wrigglesworth as he visits the lovely people of Green Bay in a quest to meet Aaron Rodgers.

Li’l little for an NFL quarterback, isn’t he? Well, big enough to put one over on a few Cheeseheads. So there you have it. Watch above.

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Fabolous Joins Stephen A. Smith x Skip Bayless on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ (Video)

Fabolous joins ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to talk about Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary concert, about if the Dallas Cowboys beating the Seattle Seahawks last week means they are really getting it together, about Fantasy Football and more.

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Jadakiss With Some ‘Highly Questionable’ Responses On His ESPN Interview (Video)

More fun stirring the pot. Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard and Papi – on this episode of ESPN’s Highly Questionable – get Jadakiss to cop to partying the mojo out of visiting teams’ players, so the the hometown Knicks would face worn down opponents come game night. That, origins of Jada’s raspy voice, some crazy DMX stories (shout to Boomer), and speculations on who his homie Notorious B.I.G. might have been talking about on “I Got A Story To Tell” make for some mess…

…and good watching.

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Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater’s ‘Moment Of Arrival’ (Video)

If you have been watching recent Sundays, you know Teddy Bridgewater can do a li’l something down-field with a pigskin. But like most men who’ve made it to the NFL, there’s more to the story than a good spiral. This episode of ‘Moment of Arrival’ has Teddy featured; and he has a story to tell.

From the time he first picked up a football, Teddy Bridgewater knew he wanted to play, but the path to the NFL isn’t an easy one. Minnesota’s rookie quarterback takes us on a tour of his Miami hometown, including his high school football field where it all began.

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20 Years A Yankee: A Farewell To Derek Jeter (Narrated By Black Thought Of The Roots) [Video]

Know anything about baseball? If so (or even if you don’t), you are probably very aware – and at least a bit melancholy – about the last trip around the diamond of New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter. Yep, the cap is calling it quits. But not before EVERYBODY (including the U.S. President) wishes him a bon voyage. The future hall-of-famer has spent all his 20 years as a pro in Yankee blue and white; so you can understand how, for even the most jaded New Yorker, it’s so haaarrrd say goodbyyyye to the team’s all-time hit leader.

But Black Thought and The Roots have got something (a song far better than the ‘attempt’ above; guaranteed). The group calls up a 2009 single – “The Fire” – for the heartfelt fare-thee-well. Rock out with your tissues out.

(If the clip above doesn’t get you, the one after the jump will.)

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BLITZ – 9/25/14: Loot Juice

Loot JuiceeBob Marley – “Burnin & Lootin”


Justice Department Investigating Ferguson Police Department As New Unrest Develops

South Carolina Trooper Fired For Shooting Unarmed Black Man During Traffic Stop

South Philly’s Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Rapper Wiz Khalifa

New Video Released Of An African-American Man Killed At Wal-Mart Holding A Toy BB Gun

Woman Sues Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Alleging Sexual Assault

‘Black-ish’ And The Color Of Money

Saints QB Dree Brees Critical Of Roger Goodell & NFL’s Lack Of Transparency

CHP To Pay $1.5 Million In Federal Lawsuit After Officer Beat & Punched A 51-Year-old Woman

The Pre-Huxtable Golden Age Of The Black Family Sitcom

Shane Smith, Founder Of VICE MEDIA Explains Its Evolvution To TV & Covering War Zones

Magic Johnson Says Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry Deserves A Second Chance

Virginia Airlines Flight Diverted After Masturbating Passenger Tries To Open Emergency Door

Outkast’s Andre 3000 Speaks On His Starring Role Portraying Jimi Hendrix

Lawyer For Florida State QB Jameis Winston Says He Was Being Extorted By His Accuser

Half Of Adults Don’t Believe In The American Dream; 72% Believe We’re Still In A Recession

ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons For Profanity-Laced Comments On NFL Commish Roger Goodell

U.S. To Pay Navajo Nation $554 Million In Largest Tribal Settlement In History

Televangelist Pat Robertson Goes Off On TV Viewer Who Wants To Tax Churches

Facebook’s Wi-Fi Drones The Size Of A 747 Could Be In The Air By 2015

Apple Fixing iOS 8 update Bug Plaguing iPhone6 & iphone6 plus

Stephen Colbert & John Stewart Take On The American War Machine

30 For 30: Playing For The Mob (Trailer)

Screenshot 2014-09-22 03.04.08

In the upcoming 30 for 30 - “Playing for the Mob” – the Goodfellas and mobster Henry Hill tell the story of how they helped orchestrate the fixing of Boston College basketball games in the 1978-79 season. The fall run begins on October 7th, 9pm ET ESPN.


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Jadakiss on ESPN First Take (Video)

Jadakiss. Money Team affiliate and loyalist. Willing to trade jabs in a debate with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take: On Floyd Mayweather’s recent fight with Marcos Maidana, how he’d do against Manny Pacquiao

Starts slow and subdued, but Bayless really knows how to push buttons and get the debaters amped. Watch!

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Talking ‘Bout Biggie And More: NBA’s John Starks Has Answers For ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’ (Video)

This episode of ESPN’s Highly Questionable will be highly memorable for one reason: Starks stuck to the ‘G’ Code… No snitching! Former NBA standout John Starks declares that Notorious B.I.G.’s song “I Got A Story To Tell” was not about him. It was about one of his New York Knicks teammates… You can guess all you want though… ’cause Starks will NOT speak on it!

But watch the whole video though. Memories and chuckles shared by the bag boy turned pro baller Starks.

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New Zealand Basketball Team Performs Haka Dance (Video)

Well, the United States basketballers beat New Zealand handily in their bid to win the FIBA World Cup. But New Zealand won the crowd, and the moment, with its pre-game war chant, the Haka. Several of the American athletes looked on with wonder and amazement at the spectacle. Great clip!

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‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Coming To Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (Trailer)

I don’t know if you ever did… but back in the day, I actually remember looking around before I laughed at a Iron Mike Tyson impression; wondering if the boxing champ could take a joke or would go off and randomly whupp an azz or three including me. Not saying I’mo just go out like a punk; but back in the day… squaring off with the Baddest Man On The Planet wasn’t good for your general health. Ask any prize fighter he dropped on the ring mat in 90 seconds or less.

But now, with his appearances, movies and stage plays and interviews poking fun at himself and even his past, the world gets a different Mike; less Iron, more amiable. And definitely funny! But who could have known just how funny? Well, Adult Swim on Cartoon Network had a clue; and now there is a series to prove it. Spoofing the ever spoofable “Scooby Doo Mysteries” cartoon show (and its many, many reboots), the “Mike Tyson Mysteries” will be on the Toon tube very soon (due out Fall 2014).

Check out the hilarious trailer above.


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Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles Says, “Smile. You’re On Courtyard Camera!” (Video)

Trading in his helmet and pads for a fake mustache and apron, Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles went incognito, posing as a Courtyard employee. We captured the reaction of fantasy leaguers, who were surprised by the Pro Bowl MVP.

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BLITZ – 8/18/14: LOL’er Skates

Blackstreet – “Don’t Leave Me Girl”


Chandler Parsons Talks About Sex, ‘His Performance’ And More On ‘Chelsea Lately’ (Video)

Too bad Chelsea Handler’s run on E! is almost done. This is a cool clip with her putting the NBA’s Chandler Parsons in the hot seat. She does that. A little ‘sex talk’ on Chelsea Lately.

Chelsea: “Are you allowed… to like have sex… They say you can’t have a lot of sex when you’re performing at that level, right?”
Chandler: “There’s…there’s definitely some sort of penetration during season.”

Hmm. Why is Chels so curious though? A li’l Handler on Chandler after Lately maybe? Heh… Seriously though, I’ve always dug the way Chandler Parson’s game when he was playing the Houston Rockets. I’m looking forward to him doing great things with the Dallas Mavericks.

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Comedy: Minnesota Timberwolves Fans React To Kevin Love Leaving (Video)

Hahaaaa! Maybe call this clip ‘Minnesota Burning’ … without all the animosity or flames of the civil rights framed film (or of the first half of the Cleveland-Lebron saga). In fact, some might say…

Leaving is the most ‘Minnesota’ thing Kevin Love can do.
– Timberwolves Fan

Well… Good luck in Cleveland, Kevin. Say hi to King James. Come back anytime.

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Comedy: The Mannings ‘Fantasy’ – Coming Live And DIRECT With The Flows (Video)

Confirmed. Every athlete wants to be a rapper… EVERY… athlete. So, finally the Brothers Manning (Peyton and Eli) admit and act on the fantasy… together! HILARIOUS! Relax, it’s a spoof video for a fantasy…football league. It’s not like they’ll retire soon with major accomplishments in the sport, money, and a lot of time on their hands to pursue a post-NFL passion.

Uh oh.

Okaaaay… we HOPE it’s a spoof video. Really…It’s for a DirecTV Fantasy Football ad (this time).

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Lebron James Homecoming Party In Ohio Not Much Different Than The Miami Heat’s 2010 Pep Rally (Video)

Here’s the full video of Lebron James’ Homecoming party in Akron Ohio. In this full-length video Lebron states that he doesn’t plan on eventually leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers or the state of Ohio. It’s rather ironic how hypocritical fans & the media have been since Lebron decided to return to his home state. The Miami Heat inherited all of Lebron’s hate when he left & even protected him while he was playing in Miami. The pep rally & everything the Miami Heat did when Lebron & Chris Bosh joined D-Wade in Miami was criticized by the media, but his homecoming pep rally in this video was celebrated.  You can say that now the Miami Heat have officially become ‘Villains’ or  ‘Anti-Heroes’ largely because of Lebron.  It wasn’t like that prior to 2010.  Personally I don’t feel he should have left Miami after the way the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert & some of the racist comments & taunts from fans in Ohio acted.  Ultimately it’s Lebron’s life to live and he ultimately has to do what’s best for him & his family.  Barring injury or any other unforseen circumstance I believe he will be considered to be the best ever to play the game.  We’ll see how things turn out up there for the long haul though because as Lebron said himself, he didn’t come back to make himself happy….He came back to try to make his city & state happy.

< !–more–<
Miami Heat 2010 Pep Rally & Celebrating Welcoming Lebron James & Chris Bosh

AEBL Hoops ‘Final Four’ Playoffs, ‘3-Point’ & ‘Slam Dunk’ Contests Taking Place This Weekend

AEBL 3-pt dunkConsidered to be Atlanta’s answer to NY’s Rucker Park, the AEBL (Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League) continues to grow quickly in popularity in only what I believe to be it’s second full season of existence. NBA stars such as Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard & many other entertainers have come out in support & to take in the games. This weekend proves to be no different & only better.  It’s playoff time with the ‘final four’ of the tournament games taking place tonight at 6pm & the final championship game on Sunday in addition to a 3-point & Slam Dunk contest. If you happen to be in Atlanta, this is something you may definitely want to come out at Central Park 400 Merrits Ave in Atlanta. Shouts out to @AEBLHoops!



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‘Mission Impossible’ aka Jordan Kilganon in ‘White Men Can Jump’ (Video)

He’s not exactly ‘White Chocolate’ by looking at his hairstyle or swagger, but 6’1 basketball player Jordan Kilganon got busy up in New York City’s Rucker Park last week with a series of ill dunks. I believe the host of the event gave him the nickname ‘Mission Impossible’ loosely based on Jordan’s Tom Cruise inspired hair cut. Hahaaaaa! No matter what it’s easy to see ‘Mr. Mission Impossible’ has some hydraulics in his legs. Skill is skill son & Woody Harrelson’s character in the 1992 film ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ would be proud. Maybe he’ll come down & make an appearance in Atlanta this weekend with NBA stars like Dwight Howard for the ABEL (Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League)‘s upcoming 3-point & Slam Dunk contest this Sunday 8/8/14. The ABEL is Atlanta’s version of what goes down at the Rucker in New York City with games taking place Saturday at 6pm  & contests on Sunday.  Shouts to HoodMixtape & @AEBLHOOPS

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Cam Newton’s ‘Huddle Up’ (Episode 1) [Documentary]

Cool Cam Newton documentary. Covering mostly his moves in the off-season. Behind the scenes, rehab, return to his Auburn University stomping grounds (to go back to school mainly). Great stuff. All part of his story as told by the Huddle Up series from Greenlight Productions and sports clothier Under Armour.

This is just the first episode. Catch all the upcoming episodes as they are released at the Under Armour site.

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