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The First Ever NFL Draft In Las Vegas 2022 – JAYFORCE.COM

The JAYFORCE.COM team headed out to Las Vegas, which is the new home of the Raiders, for the first ever NFL Draft in Sin City. Here at JAYFORCE.COM we wanted to get a few interviews if possible, but most importantly cover the NFL Fan experience. Check out the following videos & captions about the experience over the weekend through the lenses of JAYFORCE.COM

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Performance: KRS-ONE Live In Concert (3/12/2020) [Video]


It’s The Teacha himself coming to bless the mic and stage. But lets start with some turntable masters – Teacha’s assistants, let’s say – the legendary DJ Scratch and the Legendary Kiiiiid Capri! Enjoy this hour-strong liveness!

KRS-ONE shows this New York crowd why he is Number ONE, two, three, four AND five!


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Campaign 2020: Watch A Quick Recap Of The Biden Vs. Sanders Debate (Video)

Okay, so now that we have boiled down the HUGE field of Democratic Presidential candidates to two, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, the choice is an actual ‘choice’… Now, watch the “boiled down” version of Biden and Sanders’s first one-on-one debate. And get ready to vote if you have not already made your voice heard in this race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) debated each other for the first time on March 15. Here’s what you missed.
– Washington Post

Of course, there was more to it than this. This is a gist. If you want to dig for real, I am sure you can watch the whole thing on-demand a la your local cable provider.

#VoteDammit #GetToKnowYourCandidates #MakeYourChoice #UseYourVoice


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Politics: Now The Choice Is Clear For Democrats. It’s Bernie Sanders Or Joe Biden (Video)

Okay, so now we have thinned the herd of Democratic opposition for President Trump’s position in 2020. I was clearly on my #FeelTheBern with Senator Sanders last go ’round, but now Papa Joe Biden is in the race for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Presidential race; Barack Obama’s Veep and right hand man. What to do?

I’ll leave the who to you. But the what… you gotta VOTE! My state’s vote is coming up. And I will be voting for one of these guys, so I really have to study up. Up first (above), I am putting my ‘incumbent’ choice, Bernie Sanders. Hit the jump to see Joe Biden’s speech.

#GetIntoIt #GetInvolved #Campaign2020


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One Vibe Africa Presents: Year Of Return (Trailer)

From the U.S. back to Kenya. Yes indeed.

You KNOW we are about travel abroad (e.g. from The States to overseas destinations). But this one hits home. As in Mother Africa, being home to ALL humanity and civilization. And this… this is epic. Of course, you know plenty of Sisters and Brothers who have declared that ‘one day’ they are going to make that pilgrimage back Home. Making it a big deal; maybe ‘too big’ a deal. But what if that ‘pilgrimage’ was less of a ‘trip’ to take. Like, let’s just say the family, the homies, the homegirls… are going to make it to an awesome event… and take in some of The Motherland while over that way. We could do that, right? We already do it for other festivals.

And like those other festivals, maybe we make it a yearly thing; or trips more often if we find things over there that draw us back.

Moving Madaraka Festival from Seattle back to Kenya signified the importance of not only arranging for individuals to travel back to Africa as it was with the case of Ghana’s year of return initiative, but getting significant events back to Africa and keeping them in Africa as a way to build a sustainable bridge allowing people of all backgrounds to travel to Africa to enjoy a festival of a lifetime, immerse themselves in the African culture, and inspire global change and collaboration towards mitigating climate change, which does not only threaten the climate but is an existential threat to our music, culture, and livelihood.
– One Vibe TV

Dope music and culture do it again. Let’s get together; for the community and the cause. It’s a Vibe. One Vibe Africa! Matter of fact, why not show love and SUPPORT right now: Cop the EP (linked below) #ForTheYouth #ForKisumu #ForKenya #ForOurWorld

Hit the jump for more on that. The fam Mazzi really blessed with the knowledge on this one. Knowledge and blessing right to mobile #Mobilize


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D Smoke – “LA Clippers vs Miami Heat Halftime Performance” (Video)

Lowry’s with black pepper. I’m fully seasoned!

You know, come to think of it, D Smoke is rapping like he’s rapped to thousands before. Solid performance here. I could actually see him holding down a halftime slot at the Super Bowl. The talent, energy and swagger… already big time. Given time, grind, and marketing push (of course), D Smoke could be a real force. That last element, the marketing, is probably what’s needed to wake this crowd up a bit more; because they got a show for sho’. Most times the masses have to be told to act like they know though.

Yeah, I said it.

Keep it pushing, D Smoke. Great performance during that Deontay Wilder entrance at the big Fury vs. Wilder rematch, too.


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Performance: Cypher Of All Cyphers 10 (Video)

Ten is a milestone. You know, ain’t a lot of people with 10 cyphers out there.

True. But just because you do 10 of a thing doesn’t mean it’s gonna have the goods… Oh wait, Cypher Of All Cyphers 10 features Goodz. Okay, well played!

King Clive TV does it again as they bring you the 10th installment of the highly anticipated Cypher Of All Cyphers Series. Hosted by AMPZ this cypher features Goodz Da Animal, OT The Real, Ahdi Boom, Bones Brigante and more!!


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3D Na’Tee Tells Students At Dillard University Her Greatest Accomplishment (Video)

Again, we are doing looking at something different for the Nooner post. Still very beautiful, but in a different way.

(This time a dude actually tries to shoot his shot. Beat me to it. HAHA!)

Now this is a guest lecturer I would NOT have missed in school. 3D Na’Tee with such real talk and WISDOM here. Lean in and listen. Won’t take long. You WILL wish it was longer!


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Performance: World Freestyle Session (Round 2) [Video]

Looking for Round 1? Me, too! Because DOOOOOPE!

For real, I am looking for Round 1. So when I say #MeToo it’s a genuine movement! If you got links to Round 1, share ’em. But go ahead and watch this real spit! Hip-Hop has BEEN worldwide. This is just more evidence of that #FACTS

Incredible artists from around the world traveled to Queens, NY, on August 29th 2018 to take part in the BIGGEST rap competition on 🌏! we captured the vibes for you guys to witness all these new upcoming songwriters and lyricists in their truest element.. Beats by the legendary producer Shroom!
– World Emcee


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An Athlete, Artist Activist And Action Movie Maker Have An MLK Day Conversation (Video)

Yeah, I know the preview ‘looks’ like it ain’t there. But it is… Until it ain’t. Powerful convo about POWERFUL topics, esp. from a Black perspective… might just go ‘poof’ at any time. So, click play NOW!

Ryan Coogler sits down with Marshawn Lynch and J. Cole to have a discussion about their respective careers, activism, giving back, race, the college athletes, financial literacy and the NFL.
Marshawn Lynch, Beast Mode Productions


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Performance: 2019 Sway In The Morning End of Year Cypher (Part 1 & 2) [Video]

(Part 2 after the jump.)

Got the whole two-parter to show y’all the HUNGRIEST HYENAAAAS!!! This is how you wrap a year up. Respect to Skillz and Murda. But this FIRE!!

To end off 2019 Sway invited a number of emcees for an open cypher.

Shadon, Philly Haze, K. Craig, Jonny Empire, Falease, Leff, RichStarz, Infamous Prime, Unique, Dub Aura, Scorch Da Burner, LyteWork, Eric Notes… LET’S GO!

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A Panel On Building Wealth & A Solid Credit Profile (Video)

Okay. Quiet as kept, Angela Yee (looking VERY cute in this by the way) is late to the financial get-money-keep-money gang game as far as content goes. C Tha God and DJ Envy been on it with the book sales and real estate moves (do your Googles).

Let’s get rid of this “Poverty Of Understanding” that has a lot of us in its grips, people! Angela and her guests speak on it.

Wealth Wednesday Tip Of The Day With Angela Yee & Stacey Tisdale Thanks To Self. How To Build Your Credit Profile.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks On What Is Really Important: Happiness (Video)

Just in case you need a bit more help in the “What Do I Have To Be Grateful For?” department, listen to what the GaryVee has to say. The real game is HAPPINESS, people. Reset your sights and go for that. That money and bling-and-thing game… your ‘score’ will NEVER be high enough when you hear that final buzzer (playing a no-win game sets you up to lose). Go for happiness.

Gary says it better. Check him out above.

We put money and financial success on a pedestal at the expense of our own happiness. So many of you would be much happier if you quit your current job that you hate and made 20% less doing something you actually love every day of your life. Of course, we all need money to survive but once you are living reasonably, the money will not make you significantly happier.


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Hit Producers Share Their Blueprints For Producers (Video)

If you are trying to make money, you should find some money makers and really listen to what they are telling you. Likewise, if you are trying to make beats… Click play above and lean in!

At the REVOLT Summit’s Beatmaker panel for Los Angeles, hit producers Bryan Michael Cox, Murdabeatz, Hit-Boy, Sounwave, & Terrace Martin discuss the tools available for upcoming producers, and stresses the importance of staying consistent.


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Performance: Loaded Lux x Goodz x T-Top x Cortez – “How To Hip-Hop Cypher” (Video)

If and when you get your 15 Minutes Of Fame… what will you do with it? Maybe watch these emcees for some ‘ideas’ on that #CatchWRECK #ThatsWhatYouGottaDo #BARZ #SKILLZ

The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet.


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DaBaby Vs. The World’s Hottest Hot Wings (Video)

DaBaby didn’t know what the milk was for? And he’s about to do a ‘Hot Ones’ challenge?? Uh oh… not good. I mean, the wings are probably good… but HOT!

(Wait. He’s got ice cream on deck though. He’ll be alright. I think.)

DaBaby is a breakout rap superstar in the middle of one of the hottest runs in Hip-Hop, with more than 20 songs on the Billboard chart in 2019 and the release of his debut studio album, KIRK—which, of course, debuted at No. 1. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Charlotte emcee takes on the wings of death in front of a LIVE audience at ComplexCon and discusses everything from his smash-hit “Suge,” to his love of Krispy Kreme donuts. Don’t miss the iconic hot wing ice cream dunk!
– First We Feast


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Advice: Gary Vaynerchuk Says If Your Social Media Is Not Popping… It Is YOUR Fault (Video)

Shout to #ThisChrisEdits over on YouTube. I’ve been looking for this, at least clips of GaryVee at A3C last month. But check it out: Above, you can see the whole talk!

Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk knows his stuff about following attention. When he came to the A3C conference in Atlanta, he spoke about CONTENT, CONTEXT, and HUMILITY.

Now living in the era where content is KING , and context is QUEEN, Gary Vaynerchuk knows where the under-priced attention is of the people that you could potentially sell to in the future.

He’s been proven to be right over the past decade, so why not execute?

Listen closely, for he has some great information that he doesn’t mind giving away for free. All that we have to do is EXECUTE!!

Music in the intro was made by myself, and I was also the editor and videographer of this video.

ThisChrisEdits In Atlanta

Note to self: Get my LinkedIn and TikTok game up… STRONG… NOW! SO much WISDOM in this clip!


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Dave Chappelle Awarded The Mark Twain Prize For American Humor (Trailer)

Congrats to Dave Chappelle! A well deserved honor. Set your DVRs and TV reminders to catch this when it airs on PBS.

An outstanding lineup of entertainers gathered in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall to salute Dave Chappelle, recipient of the 22nd annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on October 27, 2019. The Prize, which is named to honor one of the world’s greatest humorists, was given at a gala performance featuring some of the biggest names in comedy. The program will be broadcast on PBS stations on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.
– The Kennedy Center


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Will Smith Mixes Work & Play In LA At His YouTube Space Promo Event (Video)

Epic slo-mo stuff! Will looks like he had fun doing it, too!

Will visits YouTube Space LA to merge his old world and new world as he promotes his new film “Gemini Man”
Will Smith


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Have You Seen ‘The Booth’ Freestyles At The 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards? (Video)

AHA! They did another Tigger In The Booth freestyle session this year, too? Looks like they had fun!

#SwatBaby #ShowMeThatTwxtBaby #Bars #LOL


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