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The Bella Twins Take Over Both Tubs… Leaving Kevin Out In The Cold (Video)

Kev! C’mon son. If Nikki wants to share some space in the tub with you… you jump right in there and enjoy a cool Bella ice bath with the babe! Unless, you are worried about ‘shrinkage’ (it being ‘Cold As Balls’ and all).

Two tubs are better than one. Kevin’s in for a surprise when The Bella Twins take over the cold tubs to talk about their historic wrestling careers, and the crazy path that started with Hooters – and ended with them fighting Ronda Rousey in a WWE main event.
– LOL Network


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Tek (Of Smif N Wessun) – “Brooklyn Shootouts” (Video)

Tek with the barz… with the storytelling… with the sh!tz… AND he blessed a beat once blessed by the G.O.D.M.C. Nasir?? Yessir. That’s how they do in the Boot Camp. Prepared for lyrical warfare anywhere!

New from Tek of Smif N Wessun, featured on his ‘Lost G-Mixes’ mixtape. Stream + download
– Duck Down Music


– @ojones1

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Fancy Rims And Lights? Nah, More Than That. This Is 2020! This Mercedes Is ‘Alive’ (Video)

This not a car. It’s a creature!

AVTR… Like “Avatar”… but somehow even more sci-fi… but in real life though. This is CRAZY!

This is the 2020 Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR – inspired by Avatar the Movie.
Massive thanks to Mercedes and Gordon Wagener for giving this channel an exclusive look at what could be the coolest car of 2020.
The team at Mercedes worked closely with the director of Avatar, James Cameron, to come up with a car that could act as your avatar in the movie. Their vision is for this to be more of a creature rather than a car.
Take a look at some of its coolest features…
Supercar Blondie


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Redman – “Slap Da S**t Outcha” (Video)

White people call him what?? Bahaaaaa! This new Redman“Slap Da S**t Outcha” – is a smacker! Nothing not to like in this vid. The barz are there, and funny, and there is a very liberal sprinkling of Eye Candy (thickness, too) all over the visuals (damn near every Slap out scene has a cutie in it).

“Slap Da S**t Outcha” is one of the “3 Joints” on Redman’s latest EP.


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Eye Candy: Curve Model Chelsea Rose Shares Her Story (Video)


The way Chelsea Rose pranced in and stopped, but the boobs kept bouncing… All Good Things! Like when the whip stops but the rims keep spinning. A perfect ride, look and feel. And lean in for the measurements: 42-35-51! And she’s just a five-footer! Yeezus WEST! Mix-A-Lot would have to salute baby for that much back (remember, his 36-24-36 was 5’3″… way less ‘compact’) #THICKNESS

Curve model Chelsea Rose @iamchelsearose gives her first interview on YouTube and tries on Fashion Nova Curve outfits and swimwear with AllGoodThingsTV at YouTube Space Los Angeles.
– AllGoodThingsNetwork



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Jared Leto Is “Morbius” (Trailer)

Oh, okay. So, Jared Leto is hopping from one Universe to another – Joker in DC, to being NO JOKE in the Marvel Universe… “Morbius” (not mad though). Watch this all the way to the end. Because someone got some ‘splaining to do… Is that Michael Keaton in another role, or is ‘The Studio That Brought You Spiderman: Homecoming introducing Vulture into this story arc?? Wow!

One of Marvel’s most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar® winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.
– Sony Pictures Releasing Australia

“Morbius” is in cinemas July 30th.

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Drink Champs: Memphis Bleek (Video)

YES! I should’ve expected N.O.R.E. to go where I was thinking SOMEBODY should go… Like, HOW did Bleek become Jay-Z’s man like he is? I wasn’t mad or hating. I just didn’t know… until today.

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. On today’s episode The Champs welcome back legendary recording artist Memphis Bleek. Bleek shares lots of great Roc-a-Fella stories, creating Warehouse Music Group and helping develop the D’usse brand.

Bleek shares how he’s looked up to JAY Z since a very young age and how a personal conversation with Hov changed his whole life. Bleek shares stories about creating his classic debut album “Coming Of Age” and gives his opinion on what caused the end of Roc-a-Fella Records.

As the D’usse shots keep pouring N.O.R.E. and Bleek reflect back on receiving “Pimp” awards. The Champs and Bleek also discuss a variety of topics such as working with legendary producers, growing older in Hip-Hop and traveling the world.

Memphis Bleek shares stories about working on films such as “State Property” and “Paper Soldiers” alongside Kevin Hart. Bleek also admits to starting the legendary battle between Jay Z and Nas and much more!

– whoscrazy


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Jay-Z – “Tim Westwood Freestyle” (1997) [Video]

You know how everybody used to pine for “Reasonable Doubt” Jigga… that Golden Era Jay-Z? Well, see what Tim Westwood pulled out the vault for all y’all!!

Jay-Z never heard before freestyle on Westwood in 1997.
– TimWestwoodTV


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Wait… GaryVee’s Is Calling It Quits For “DailyVee”… For Real? (Video)

Okay, so not necessarily the ‘end’… just the end of promising a ‘Daily’ vlog… It’s gonna be #WeeklyVee for 2020. But before that, Gary wrapped the daily series with an epic four-hour episode!

For the final episode of DailyVee, Gary goes back to his roots at Wine Library for a meet and greet and answers an insane amount of questions… 105 to be exact! Gary felt that going back to the stomping grounds where his career as a professional entrepreneur began is a poetic and perfect way to close this incredible chapter of his journey. We couldn’t fit all 105 questions here so we made a separate blog post where you can see the full list of the timestamped questions. Be sure to check it out the link and find the questions that interest you most! Thank you all for the amazing support with the DailyVee and can’t wait to continue on to the next chapter with all everyone ❤️… Enjoy!

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Loaded Lux Presents: Topshelf Freestyle (Episode 1) [Video]

Okay, Lux passed the mic to another crop of unsigned up-and-comers. Let’s watch ’em go! Who you got? Who’s ‘Topshelf’ among these emcees? You could tell us. But what you really need to do is VOTE for your favorite at

This is the premiere of HOT97 and Loaded Lux Top Shelf Freestyle competition. It’s a series to seek and crown the best-unsigned emcees in the U.S. After a call-out for free-stylists to drop and post their tightest “24” a few months ago, host – and freestyle extraordinaire – Loaded Lux selected 16 rappers to be featured in our 4-part video series on Hot 97 Youtube and Your VOTE will determine the finalists in each weekly episode to finally compete in the championship round for 2 Grand + more prized to be announced.
– HOT 97


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Fivio Foreign | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #141 (Video)

‘Buckle up’ he says. Well, let’s get it then!

Fivio Foreign checks in for a Flex Freestyle. Looks like he is coming off the top for this rhyme; or at least lacing several of his memorized lines together for the rhyme patchwork.

A’ight then… before you ‘head out’… Check it out.


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Comedy: Jenny Loves Her Male Friend. But Not Like That… Unless He Gets A Girlfriend (Video)

Pretty funny. It bees like that sometimes.

And so much good Eye Candy it ain’t even funny. It bees like that ALL THE TIME in these vids!

Ans speaking of ‘bees’… Serious Honey in this clip… Ayona AND Jenny AND introducing Maricris Lapaix. Damn, damn, DAMN! All three so fine AF. Whew!


– @ojones1

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50 Cent Enters Partnership To Produce An Animated Version Of The “Trill League” Graphic Novel (Trailer)

VERY interesting. Could this be a ‘move over Justice League‘ situation in the making? 50 is on fire with his studio production moves (which reminds me, the last episodes of “Power” just started Sunday… gotta get on that).

I saw a reviewer post a video on “Trill League” on YouTube and went looking for a trailer on an ‘official channel.’ This one above is as close as I could get to that. Looks like this teaser has been floating around on the Tube for years. Now, it’s getting ‘real.’

Trill League, an animated series based on Anthony Piper’s graphic novel, is a combination of superheroes, anime, and Hip-Hop culture. Piper is co-creating, writing, and executively producing the series with Jameel Saleem (Disenchantment, Whiskey Cavalier). The executive producers are 50 Cent and Jermaine Johnson of 3 Arts Entertainment, which is producing the series with 50’s G-Unit Film & Television in association with Lionsgate TV.
– Black Enterprise


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The Cast For “Equal Standard” Is Loaded With Golden Era Emcees (Trailer)

Ah! And Fredro Starr from Onyx is on the acting roster for another movie. Keep it pushing then man! Looks intense.

Coming soon, “Equal Standard” stars Ice-T, Fredro Starr, and Treach (of Naughty By Nature).


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Onyx – “Hoodies Down” (Prod. By Snowgoons) [Video]

Seeing that Mad Face logo does let you know that hardcore Hip-Hop, from Onyx, is on the way ASAP. That music that makes you make a ‘mad face’ too. Throw Ya Gunz hands in the air, and pull your “Hoodies Down” and rock with this!

“SnowMads” is out now.


– @ojones1

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See If You Agree With AskMen’s “Top 10 Sex Positions” (Video)

Hump Daaaaay!

Trying to live your best life? Best sex life? Found a write-up and video from AskMen that might help. Variety is the spice of life. And they have some variety in the positions you already get down with… Check that… you might already know all this, but I learned something.

Now, to put the knowledge into practice #NotAGame #ButPRACTICE #BedroomGame


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Comedy: Honey, The Homies Are Staring At Your Cakes. Go Change! (Video)

Okay, Tiffany Laryn is caked up AND out… but leg game on this one won it for! Thick and sexy, wrapped in the floral leggings, sauntering in the stilettos… Daaaayummm!

Sidebar: If dude is gonna CashApp the money to his barber, why didn’t he just pull his phone out and handle that before he walked out?

Sidebar to the sidebar: They shot this in ATLANTA? Whyyyyy didn’t someone tell me???

Sidebar from the salad bar: ElHadj has some weird pizza orders, right? I mean, I could kinda see lettuce on the slice. But carrots though?


– @ojones1

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The SquADD Debates About Which Is The ‘Best Sex Position’ (Video)

No music… just the sound of belly slaps!

Hahaaa! Put it down then, Kev!

And look: Precious (with her sexy azz) is BACK… with a vengeance! I mean, the whole SquADD is hilarious, especially in this episode. But Precious goes IN… with rants AND jokes when she it talking (plus, she got BODY for DAYS)!

Great Taste is BACK!!! Watch the final 10 episodes of Great Taste as the SquADD debates the best sex position. What position are you “rocking” with? #GreatTaste
– All Def

And yeah, I see her (my crush). Shout to Meg with her cute self… but she is on that A-word ‘ish for this one. And… um… that’s going to be a NO from me (esp. if I am with Meg or Precious, because gotta get some of that)! Besides, abstinence is a position ON sex; not a sex position. So, Meg is disqualified from this debate!


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China Mac x Method Man – “Wu Tang Remix” (Video)

China Mac & Method Man send that fire right down the pipe in this “Wu Tang Remix.”

China Mac teams up with the legendary Method Man of the Wu Tang Clan, to serve up a killer boom bap track. The two MC’s trade off some serious bars, over a classic Hip-Hop track produced by J-Zone.

And then tops it off with a cinematic video directed by Serge Para. This is definitely a Hip-Hop Gem, that helps 2020 start off on the right foot.

China Mac TV


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Nems – “Heavy Metal” (Video)

Nems with the Nas homage barz… on another heat rock from “Gorilla Monsoon”. Check out the visuals for “Heavy Metal” above.


– @ojones1

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