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Ghostwriting: Rap’s Messiest Secret (Video)

Think about your all-around fav emcees. Would they still be if you found out they did not pen those rhymes that have you holding them in such high regard? Welcome to the conversation.

Good breakdown by Justin Hunte on the whole ghostwriting thing. I’ve definitely got thoughts on it. Even put ’em in the Twitterverse from time to time. Not fully accepting or deeply butt hurt by those cats. I am a proponent of calling out folks on their sh!t… even the self-procalaimed ‘god emcees.’

DJ Khaled’s “Shinin” featuring Beyonce and Jay Z seems to include another subliminal aimed at Drake. But what would an outward battle between Hov and Drizzy actually look like, considering the two MCs each come from eras with differing tolerance for ghostwriting? Tyrese let the cat out of the bag during his interview with The Breakfast Club this week. He’s planning to release the ghostwriters and reference tracks to all ghostwritten rhymes included on his next album under his rap alias, Black Ty. But how is lyrical greatness defined when crews are enlisted to craft classics? Stones Throw Records MC Homeboy Sandman, as well as Rude Jude from the All Out Show on Shade45 share their perspective on rap’s dirtiest secret.
– HipHopDX

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Well, Watch And Learn! (Video)

Now, pay attention… This is some serious personal finance!

How difficult is it to become a millionaire? It’s probably not as hard as you might think, if you plan ahead. Author of “Smart Couples Finish Rich,” David Bach, came up with a chart showing how much money people at different ages should set aside each day in order to save a million dollars at the age of 65.
– Tech Insider

Maybe another takeaway from this: The earlier in life you start the better. So, again, we see that time is a most valuable commodity. If only I had more time (perhaps I could have more millions).


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Stay Melo: Carmelo Anthony Explores Rio And Its Favelas (Video)

Yeah, Melo could have just stayed on the celeb tourist path laid out by the Olympics host committee when he went there to hoop for the USA. But nah man. He had to take the VICE crew out and about and bring back this; another dope ep of #StayMelo

Carmelo Anthony won some hardware when he visited Rio for the Olympics, but he still wanted more out of the trip. In this episode of Stay Melo, we spend a day exploring some of the best views in Brazil and the favelas of Rio.
– VICE Sports


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Roc Marciano – “Rosebudd’s Revenge” (Part 1) [Video]

This is the official first compilation video for his album Rosebudd’s Revenge. It features these songs: “Rosebudd’s Revenge,” “Move Dope,” and “Here I Am.” Get Rosebudd’s Revenge on now.
Roc Marciano


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Science: What Is The Future Of Human Evolution? (Video)

What are the next steps in human evolution? Astrobiologist Caleb Scharf, who is the director of the Columbia Astrobiology Center at Columbia University, New York, and author of “The Copernicus Complex,” explains how the future of human evolution could unfold
– Tech Insider.

Now, I can only begin to fathom some Earthly idea of what an astrobiologist is. But Caleb offers some fascinating points to ponder above. There is absolutely no reason to believe that modern humans will continue to exist as we do over the coming milennia. Interesting to think about what we might become as a species… especially those of us who don’t go to Mars (those ‘Martians’ will have their own evolution to go through).


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Eye Candy: Lira Mercer (Instagram Girls) [Video]

Wowwee wow wow! Lira Mercer is something like a legendary Honey; at least on here. For our purposes, Lira Galore debuted in the “Geechi Liberace” video as Rick Ross’ love interest on screen (and soon-to-be wifey in real life for a while…until they split last year). Picked up her signal back then, and haven’t put her down since. So damn thick. So damn sexy. So press play above and enjoy another example of why I love my job 🙂



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First Ever No-Parachute Jump (Video)

Incredible. And crazy! Looks like a good idea… for a Bugs Bunny cartoon… or maybe the next Marvel movie of TV episode. Either way, fantasy has indeed become reality. Above, you can press play and watch the first ever jump, from an airplane to the Earth, pulled off with NO PARACHUTE!


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Tyrese Speaks On Your Favorite Artists Using Ghostwriters, Donald Trump, & Political Puppets (Video)


Hezekiah – “Gods” (EP)

Don’t tell us about how hard you’re grinding… Producer Hezekiah put out there on his Bandcamp that he is recouperating from a brain aneyurism, and yet he still has heat for the streets that he can serve from the shelf! Check out this “Gods” EP with features from Bilal, Freeway, Blu, T3 of Slum Village, and more.

(Peep the video spot of Hezekiah & Peedi Crakk in the studio after the jump.)


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Science: How Colonizing Mars Could Spark New Kind Of Human Evolution (Video)

So, we talk about going to Mars. And leave it to futurists like Elon Musk, we talk about STAYING and establishing human life there. But watching this video though… Colonizing Mars means former “Earthlings” become real-life “Martians”… and that is a different kind of human; or it least it most likely would be.

If humans ever successfully colonize Mars, how would their biology change? An evolutionary biologist at Rice University and author of book “Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution,” Scott Solomon, explains how humans might evolve on Mars and what significance that could have for humans left on Earth.


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O.C. – “Good Man” (Prod. By Soultronik) [Video]

Another heater from that O.C. album. Man, can’t wait for it to come out? Good, ’cause it’s already out! Watch this “Good Man” (produced by Soultronik)… and you can go cop… if you want.


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Look! ‘The President’ Is Reading His Next Batch Of Executive Orders (Video)

Hahaa! Jon Stewart is a FOOL and a half!

Well, no doubt, you’ve heard that President Trump has gotten more accomplished than any other President in history… from Trump… And he did it via executive orders. How appropriate that Colbert had ‘The Donald’ (well, an unreasonable facsimile) to let The Late Show audience in on a batch of ‘special’ executive orders.

Friend of the show Jon Stewart stops by to give Stephen a sneak peek at some executive orders he borrowed off the President’s desk.

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The Breaks (Series Trailer)

Niiiice! Somebody got their head on straight over at VH1 and greenlit “The Breaks” as a series to pick up right where the movie they made left off.

Get that steady check (again) Mack Wilds! Tip in there, too. Cool.



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Eye Candy: Brittanya Razavi (Instagram Girls) [Video]

I guess the open music fits so right because Brittanya is what every head wants (pause, reflect, go). Might spit that hardcore boom bap, but this softness right here, yeah… Rap all you want, but you wanna wrap up Razavi ASAP fo’sho!

(Oh, so it’s just me? Fine. I’ll be that. Brittanya Razavi can be THICK and FINE and MINE. Deal!)



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Dear White People (Series Trailer)

Okay, let’s start with the obvious about this “Dear White People” Netflix trailer… baby girl cute af! Oh, you thought ‘the obvious’ was the overt shot at White America that is the probable running theme of this series? NO. And if that offends you, I dare you to watch to the end and think about how MANY times White folks (esp. White college students) smear themselves and wear blackface. That’s in here, too. Think that might offend some of us?

Well if you don’t, or don’t get it, f**k yo’ feelings, esp. if you cancelled your Netflix subscription over this.

This is gonna be some aw-hell-naw kind of programming!

And yeah, this series is based off the movie of the same name. We posted on that years ago… here.)

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Troy Ave – “Freaks Only” (Video)

Man, remember when, like, rappers would speak on doing dirt, doing the bid, and getting out to do more of the same? Like getting those types of stripes and being ’bout that life was what was hot?

Well, F**k that dumb sh!t. THIS is the jail-then-free babe spree we can get down with. Thick prison guards. Thick pick-up chicks. Thickness at the crib, on the boat trip. Hot dam! Ready to do your ‘time’ yet? We are! Especially if it’s like Troy Ave is in this “Freaks Only” video.

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Making The Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2016 NBA Championship Ring (Video)

In a word, three words: Championship. The pinnacle of achievement in a competitve endeavor. To symbolize and celebrate the against-all-odds achievement of King James and his Cavaliers, Baron Championship Rings (another three words) crafted the Cavs’ 2016 NBA Championship ring.

Until now, you probably thought about the ring for the five seconds you ogled it. Now you will see how much goes into one of these things.

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NxWorries (Knxwledge x Anderson .Paak) – “What More Can I Say” (Live Performance) [Video]

Yessir Mr. .Paak. It is always the simple things. Beautiful strings. Soulful singing. Sexy slimmies. Silky underwear… that ain’t theirs… wait what?! Nice. Plays out on the Jimmy Fallon stage like a modern day Aesop fable. Remember: Greedy greedy makes a hungry puppy, .Paak. Check out this live performance of the Knxwledge & Anderson .Paak collabo “What More Can I Say” (off their “Yes Lawd!” album).


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Tom Clancy’s “Ghost Recon Wildlands” Trailer: Open World Of The Wildlands (Video)

The once beautiful South American country of Bolivia is now a perilous narco-state; its citizenry suject to lawlessness, fear, and rampant violence every day. But you, Ghost Recon, are going in to change that… armed with your wits, any arms you can get your hands on, and absolutely no support or acknowledgement of your mission. So, are you in?

You may say no in real life, but in the realistic Wildlands, you would definitely consider it. And after you play this latest “Ghost Recon” trailer, you will probably be ready to join up (or at least play the game)!


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How To Make A Survival Whistle From A Soup Can (Video)

The video shows a kid front-and-center for this survival scenario, but maybe let’s not say this is for kids. If they gotta they gotta, but with the sharp edges, handling makeshift poking tools and such, it is just not safe for kids.

An empty soup can gets hacked into an emergency survival whistle using a nail and a rock. Be careful with the edges of the can and lid, they can be very sharp.

This could actually save your life, or let you make life miserable for someone who has to listen to you practice ‘survival whistling’ (hahaaa).

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