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Comedy: Stephen Colbert Goes To Russia For Vodka, Pickles And Politics (Video)

Stephen Colbert appears on Russian TV, slaps a talk show host, gobbles his pickle, and jokes About Presidential Run’… think maybe I should have made that the byline?? Hahaaaa! Hilarious clip.


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Eye Candy: Kristyn Alexis Presents A ‘Fitbit For The Va-Jay-Jay’ (Video)

Hmmm. This is like that Yoni Egg talk that Regina Hall was talking on Conan. So that’s two of my dreamiest dream girls who preach about working that ‘v’… Well, amen!

Watch. Kristyn Alexis with the product that provides benefits women on a whole holenother level (ha!)… and that gives women “points” for doing Kegels and keeping it tight!



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Lord Jamar Asks Why Is Funkmaster Flex Is Dissing 2Pac Now And Not Back Then When He Was Alive (Video)

Remembering… There was a BET interview – back, back in the day – where then Death Row CEO Suge Knight was getting out after a bid and was addressing people who had gotten brave and talked big talk about him while he was locked away. He coldly looked into the lens and said [pretty much], “Be bad enough to say it to my face when I’m in yours.” Well, on any ‘fly talk’ Funk Flex had to say about the late Tupac Shakur, Lord Jamar is making the same point; plainly, not cold but real talk. Right or wrong, why speak ill of 2Pac now that he is gone.

Funk Flex recently made waves in the hip-hop community with his comments about 2Pac, and Lord Jamar is in agreeance with T.I. and others that Flex shouldn’t be talking down on a dead person. Jamar went on to say that he doesn’t understand why Flex is coming out with this now and not when 2Pac was still alive, but he questions whether it had something to do with his money being messed up back in the day.

Later in the clip, Lord Jamar spoke about rumors he heard that 2Pac did shoot himself in Quad Studios the night that he was shot, but it was only because he kept his gun off of safety in case a situation arose. To hear more, watch the above clip.

DJ Vlad

And it is certainly fair if Flex rebuts that truth is truth, even after one has passed. And there is timing to consider… just watch. Lots to unpack.

(For perspective, check out the Flex and T.I. clips and snips regarding all this after the jump.)


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Bruce Lee Showing The Martial Arts Skills In Real Life (Video)

That’s right. You read the headline right: Bruce Lee and Ted Wong (his student) square off for a match. Both covered by protective gear, no arrangement made to allow us viewers to see the fighters’ faces. This is that real! Footage from 1967 above showing far less movie magic; and far more real setups, kicks, and punches. Good stuff!

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Big Boi – “Boomiverse” (Album)

“Boomiverse” is an entire plate of Big Boi going solo; and by that we mean apart from his Outkast homie Andre 3K. Important to make that distinction, because Big Boi has a gang of collaborators on this album: Pimp C, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Adam Levine (from Maroon 5), Killer Mike, Curren$y, Janelle Monáe… Yeah, it’s LOADED!

Let the YouTube playlist run by clicking play above. You can cop if you like via the iTunes link below whenever you are ready.


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Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine Are ‘The Defiant Ones’ (Video)

Getting close to the HBO four-part docu-series debut date: July 9th. Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are “The Defiant Ones”. Got the latest trailer for that cued up above.

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Deepak Chopra​ Give Tips For You To Get Your Best Night’s Sleep (Video)

You and boo should take a hot bath together after an early dinner. Don’t forget Jasmine (bonus if someone’s name is actually ‘Jasmine’) for the therapy. Then turn down for… BED! I would suggest putting on that C Brown “F*** You Back To Sleep” song but Deepak Chopra says that’s a sack time no-no. Soooo, y’all will just have to figure out your bedroom activity without music. You’ll figure it out *wink*

There’s not much worse than insomnia or a lousy nights sleep. Deepak Chopra, physician, educator and author of “You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters,” reveals the secrets to a restful nights sleep.
– Tech Insider


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Alternative/R&B: SZA – “Drew Barrymore” (Video)

TDE’s top sexy SZA releases a visual for “Drew Barrymore” of her “Ctrl” album (out now)… and damn if the real life Drew Barrymore ain’t fall through for a cameo. Dope!


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Sneaker Shopping With ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair (Video)

Okay, at the count of three holler out a multi-time champion out of North Carolina who is all about the shoe game: One, two, three, Michael Jordan Ric Flair. Hell yes, we are going Sneaker Shopping with The Nature Boy! Woooooooo!

Ric Flair goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC, and talks about partying with Michael Jordan and LeBron James being the greatest athlete of all time.
– Complex


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Many Spanish And Arabic Words Sound Nearly The Same (Video)

Maybe you remember young Keke Palmer in “Akeelah And The Bee” studying the language roots of English words for clues on how contest words might be spelled and it clicking: English words have shared/borrowed elements from other cultures. Well, whether you do or don’t, you are going to love this. Knowledge!

Spanish and Arabic have more in common than you think, and it’s not a coincidence.
– Annenberg Media

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Chadwick Boseman Tells The Story Of Activist, Attorney & Supreme Court Judge Thurgood Marshall (Trailer)

It would be kind of cool if Chadwick Boseman were to do a Black Panther movie… Nah, not Marvel Universe’s T’Challa one (that’s coming soon); but a fight-for-Civil-Rights-era Black Panther. But just as cool, if not cooler, Boseman got tapped for this “Marshall” movie – about Thurgood Marshall, an icon who fought for our Civil Rights via the U.S. court system.

Trailer looks good. Gotta check for this!

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Buddy – “World Of Wonders” (Prod. By Kaytranada) [Video]

Pretty damn dope single; one of five off the EP “Ocean & Montana” Buddy and Kaytranada released. Kaytranada handled production, Buddy did the rest on this “World Of Wonders.” Check out the vid.


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Eye Candy: Lady Lebraa Defines What “Thick” Means (Video)

Woohhoooooo! Lady Lebraa so cot dam sex-c I went scraight to her Instagram and went HAM! KnowwhutImtalkinbout mane? I almost neglected y’all, and left the video and ‘Gram after I had my fill of Eye Candy; not evening writing up a post for her. But naaah, I’m the Honey Hunter. I gotz to bring home the booty bounty when I go looking. So herrrree’s Lady Lebraa!

Buffalo born/Atlanta residing exotic dancer, Lady Lebraa aka Empresaria, sits down with DJ Smallz and defines the phrase “thick.”
DJ Smallz Eyes 2

Watch, then go to her IG… SO worth it. So lit. So en fuego! And you’re welcome.



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Ice Cube – “BIG 3” (Video)

Ice Cube made the moves off court to bring the bangers and hoopers on court for FS1 this Monday, June 26. You’re gonna check it out, right? We told you about it earlier on here. Now Cube’s got a video about it – a music video. Wanna see it? Here it go!

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“Milk + Honey” Debuting On Issa Rae’s YouTube Channel (Trailer)

Could Issa Rae be angling another show for Showtime (like “Insecure”); or whoever wants to pick up another hit series from her? Check out this “Milk + Honey” trailer. Got Debbie Allen channeling her character from “Fame” back in the day.

Episode 1 embedded after the jump. You’re welcome.


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Dave East – “What Is The Hold Up” (Video)

And anotha one from Dave East. Props to the director (Max Comfort) for this “What Is The Hold Up” shoot. Nice style and format. Oh… and shouts to East… and to whomever cast the model on the car (sweet Eye Candy)!


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Scotty ATL – “Top Drop” feat. Curren$y (Video)

Scotty ATL animates some real life for his low-key less-animated song “Top Drop” (featuring Curren$y) off his “Smokin My Own Strain” mixtape. And you can hear this on Curren$y’s “Andretti 10/30” mixtape.


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Pusha T Speaks On His ‘Run For the Oceans’ And Says “King Push” Is 85% Complete (Video)

Interesting. Instead of moping about ‘taking the L’ in the recent U.S. Presidential election, Pusha T is getting into being more ‘self-governing’ and pushing the causes he is interested in (with no more ties to the White House)… and partnering with companies in line with them.

Adidas and Parley join forces to help draw attention to and preserve the world’s oceans. Pusha T performs and speaks on the importance of brand activism and his love for Adidas.
– Complex News

Hmm… Push drones on and on a bit about Yeezy’s beats being the driver for choosing his production to dominate the forthcoming album… over his OGs The Neptunes (Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams). Not disrespectful really. Kanye is a well-known worldwide all-time beast on them beatz. But, maybe, someone might feel slightly slighted with how ‘energetic’ Push got when he got the question. Just saying.

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Eye Candy: Bubblez Cold & Morocca Speak On Snapchat Vs. Instagram And Dealing With Online Haters (Video)

Wait… these Honeyz are BOTH dating Mike Eazy B Eazy AND they are real-life sisters??? AND they are sitting on the same couch interviewing? Um… Okay, I’m leaning in and listening for real now. Even though… why would he need to be in the vid, Steebie Jay’ing on ’em like this? Hahaaa! Ah well, no hate for the player. And the sisters are fi-yah!

Indianapolis exotic dancers and real sisters, Bubblez Cold and Morocca, sits down with DJ Smallz alongside rapper, Mike Eazy B Eazy, and explore their Instagram, how they got popular, strategy, how they deal with hateful or negative comments, SnapChat versus Instagram, social media pet peeve, fake pages, strangest booking request, biggest misconception and craziest rumor about themselves, as well as their keys to success.
DJ Smallz Eyes

Usually don’t go for the Eye Candy with a dude dead in the middle. Forgive me folks. I will keep looking for Bubblez Cold and Morocca content sans any males… because they are sexy af!



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‘Alien Body’ Unearthed In Nazca, Peru… Is It A Hoax? Are You Sure? (Video)

It looks like it could be fake to me, but you never know…

A new anomalous discovery has been unearthed in Peru. Join Gaia’s ongoing investigation and decide for yourself if this is proof of a non-human species.
– Ancient Origins

Still working on carbon dating and DNA testing for authenticity, and to determine age and gender of the mummified figures (current scientific ‘guesses’… about 1900 years and female). Hit the jump for another report and video (from Collective Evolution), featuring an in-depth interview with renown investigative reporter Jaime Maussan.

Man, oh man. Just when evolution-deniers get textbooks printed that challenge the theory of evolution we get this… someone’s head might pop.


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