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It’s Official: Super Bowl 2019 Will Be In Atlanta (Video)

Next time someone asks, “What’s so special about Atlanta?” grab their smartphone (or get them here online somehow) and show them this. Then, right as the clip is ending, tell them, “Oh… and Atlanta’s got the SuperBowl coming… AGAIN!”

That’s right. @11AliveNews tweeted it out. ATL ho! (shouted in Lil Jon’s voice)

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John Lewis: Bad Ass Vegan (Exclusive Interview)


Photo Credit: Eye Recap Photography

A favorite phrase that I love is Health is Wealth something I state quite regularly. Sometimes when the conversation starts to get organic people start to check out. Alkaline water, Vegan food, juicing that’s not Hip Hop or is it? Rappers and liquor companies have partnered for decades Sprite and Taco Bell have used Hip Hop in campaigns also. Times are changing, some artists are promoting exercise and nutrition rather than beers & popping pills. I had the pleasure of speaking with John Lewis better known as BadAss Vegan about Nutrition and business. We also discuss his new partnership with Styles P of the Lox regarding his Vegan Smart product. John is not your typical Vegan so this is not your typical interview. He provides tips on how you can transition into the Vegan lifestyle. Before you ask trust me John knows your struggle he is not some hippie that grew up on nuts and berries. Rather someone who grew up in Ferguson/St. Louis an area known for their Beer & BBQ. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi so he knows about college campus eating habits as well. We cover it all and he also provides encouragement about taking that entrepreneurial leap. So now get ready to learn what it takes to be a BadAss Vegan!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Africa’s Biggest Mall Opens In South Africa (Video)

Just a mall opening. That’s all. The continent’s biggest mall. Sure, but big or small, a mall’s a mall… Oh wait, the continent is Africa; which is big. And this Mall Of Africa grand opening was HUGE!

By 1:30pm, 70,000 people had walked into Mall of Africa. [Morné] Wilken said many customers were taking advantage of opening sales by large stores such as clothing retailers H&M and Cotton On and electronics group Dion Wired. Starbucks had also opened its second branch in the country and was “trading extremely well.”

“We are really excited about what this mall can do. It is located in an extremely good position. Shopping mall culture is very much entrenched in South Africans. In Gauteng, we hang out at malls. Families go to malls. It’s what we do. We feel we have built a centre which has a strong choice of tenants, more space and more facilities than any other shopping centre in SA,” said Mr. Wilken.

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Former Zulu Nation Acolyte Ronald Savage Acuses Founder Afrika Bambaataa Of Child Sex Abuse (Video)

Screenshot 2016-04-11 13.48.45

I want him to know how much he damaged me growing up. I was just a child. Why did he take my innocence away? Why did he do this to me?
Ronald Savage

Savage was known as “Bee Stinger” when he was a youngster with the Zulu Nation back in the day. Now at 50, suffice it to say, those days are long gone. But to Savage, his days of suffering have gone on too long; and it’s time to air it out.

Savage has publicly accused Zulu Nation founder and Hip-Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa of sexually abusing him as a youth.

The Hip-Hop Nation is floored! Must watch (after the jump)… Must NOT jump to judgement. Savage is the only one talking here; but the talk is damning though. In the video above, he also makes a compelling statement in favor of lengthening (or even removing) the statute of limitations for bringing sex crime charges.

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Spike Lee Officially Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

SpikeLeeSpike Lee appears in a new promo ad lending his support to Bernie Sanders for President. Spike Lee joins many other celebrities such as Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Killer Mike, Zoë Kravitz, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, & of course yours truly, Jayforce in “feeling the Bern.”

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Al Jazeera Investigates: The Dark Side (Documentary)

Yes, this is the documentary that folks are tying to Peyton Manning. And while the Super Bowl bound quarterback is a key figure in the way all this came about, this work should be allowed to stand on its own as an impactful, informative piece by Al Jazeera. Huge insights into the how and why of high-performing, high-achieving, highly-paid athletes even go there with these chemical enhancements. When is good enough good enough? For them, NEVER. That realization alone should let you begin to understand how far these athletes would go to get the stuff; driving how far/deep into the “Dark Side” folks will go to get the stuff to them.

Al Jazeera investigates the secretive world of doping in sports and raises questions about whether medical professionals are linked to some of the greatest sports heroes.

A related side note: it’s a shame that we are losing Al Jazeera America – one of the few well-respected world-renowned true investigative journalism entities with a foothold in the West. The news agency will shut down in America in April.

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Damon Dash Speaks On His Cousin Stacey Dash ‘Cooning’ For Cash On Fox News (Video)

That’s her job right now: To evoke emotion on that platform… Either way, she’s my cousin.

What Dame is on: Yes, associate the name Dash with cash, but NOT with ‘coonery’… and NOT with Republicans! Well, say what you want about Damon Dash; but he is going to say what he is going to say and mean it. Family or not.

Above he goes straight ahead on the hot topic of the minute – the craziness his cousin Stacey is spitting on Fox News (especially against BET) for the entertainment of White people. But the balance and majority of the interview is about his business and movie moves on deck. Good watch!

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Ryan Coogler Interviews J. Cole For #MLKNow (Video)

Above: Ryan Coogler (Director of “Creed” and “Fruitvale Station”) with a deeper than in-depth interview with J. Cole. You can tell it was more a frank discussion than an interview though; Coogler admitting to this being his first time as an interviewer and Cole admitting to a gang of things: the tragic death of Oscar Grant as told in “Fruitvale Station” makes him cry every time… fear-frustration-sadness and artistic motivations that came from subsequent incidents of police brutality… feelings on Black-on-Black crime… life as a married man (stunned the crowd, and toned down the ladies’ screams…for the time being).

Watch the whole 20 minutes. Very appropriate conversation in the wake of the Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration. Engaging, enlightening and empowering! The web was on fire due to news of Cole’s nuptials being dropped like a bomb in this clip, but the most powerful moment was when the brothers were exchanging thank-yous to end the interview.

Stop thanking me… We a part of the same body. Bruh, my hand don’t wake up and thank the other hand.
Ryan Coogler

Wow… feel that chill? That surge of pride? That’s #MLKNow and hopefully motivation to take strides.

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The Singularity Is Coming. Are You Ready To Live Forever? Are You Sure? (Video)

Time and again, TEDx Events we come across prove that you can be thoroughly engaged and enlightened by a smart person presenting a point of view at the front of a room. This relatively low-tech presentation of the highest-tech (and perhaps most hopeful/scary) idea is no exception.

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Would you upload your personality if you could? What do you think of the possibility of living without a physical body? Dr. White addresses a reality that is not so far off as we might think – and what the ethical and philosophical implications of this future might be.

Dr. Jonathan White, originally from Northern Ireland, is a surgeon at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Dr. White is a renowned teacher, and has won numerous awards for his innovative and creative approach, including being the first surgeon ever selected as a 3M National Teaching Fellow, an honor bestowed in 2014. At TEDx, Dr. White will point out the unforeseen consequences of the rapid technological change we are experiencing – the unexpected societal, medical, and philosophical issues that we now must consider. He will introduce us to the concept of the “singularity”, a possibility which has enormous potential but also carries immense uncertainty. As we enter the next phase of human evolution, Dr. White will pose provocative questions that will challenge our ideas of what the future holds.

Now, before you make up your mind either way, you must check out this write-up at The Activist. Everlasting life, achieved by man by whatever means, is one thing; but what do we do with it? Really think this through. What does a life sentence mean when the prospect of eternal life is on the table? And do we really want to talk about the possibility for resurrection? Mind…blown!


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David Bowie And The Story Of Ziggy Stardust (Documentary)

Man. Rest In Power to rock legend David Robert Jones pka David Bowie. We are going to be sad for a bit, knowing that the guy who brought such surreal music and mania to the music world since the 1970s will no longer be here with us.

But his music (and film) work…they will live forever here on this plane with us. Speaking of films, check out this documentary from BBC; detailing the early times of David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust.

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Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: Rest In Power Queen!

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.07.43 PMAs the new year of 2016 begins we have to take a moment to reflect and pay tribute to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing who has passed away at the age of 80 on January, 2nd 2016.  Born in Chicago, IL March 18th 1935 daughter of Henry N. Cress (physician) & Ida Mae Griffen (teacher) she was always in an academic background.  She went on to obtain her B.S. degree from Antioch College and her M.D. at Howard University in the 1960’s in psychiatry.

She made DC her home after her time at Howard University where she worked at many hospitals especially children’s hospitals.  She is probably most known for her book “The Isis Papers” where she discussed the Melanin Theory and tackles the topic of White Supremacy.  For decades she tirelessly worked to make sure that her works would help teach black people especially black children to have a love of themselves and their rich history.

She has spoken at numerous universities and taken part in a number of documentaries and she was a part of the Hidden Colors Documentary produced by Tariq Nasheed who worked with her as his mentor.  Dr Welsing will truly be missed but her great works will not be forgotten! (March 18, 1935 – January 2, 2016) Rest In Peace………

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Odell’s Roundtable: “Interview With DJ Jamad” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable, DJ Jamad stops by to talk with Odell.  Brittany of the “ATL Remix” show co-hosts with Odell to interview Jamad who discusses his start as a DJ.  Jamad goes into detail about his journey from Allentown, PA to Atlanta, GA sharing with Odell & Brittany what motivated him to start his Afromental movement and what’s next for him.  Make sure you Subcribe to Odell’s RoundTable on iTunes Subcribe on Stitcher & Subscribe on SoundCloud


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Seattle Cultural Ambassador & Radio Show Host “J Moore” Needs Your Help In Fight For His Life

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.46.14 PM
Two years ago I visited the city of Seattle, WA to cover the Bumbershoot music festival.  I knew some friends that moved from Atlanta to Seattle but no Radio/Media people.  I only knew DJ Hyphen from interacting online and listening to Hyphen & J Moore on the Sunday Night Sound Session show. Well not only did I meet these good brothers they invited me on the show and connected me with great people in the Seattle scene.  With J Moore’s help I met DJ DV One and Seattle artists, promoters, and more.  If you know J Moore then you know that he is a stand up man who loves his Family, promotes great Music and always pushes the culture forward.  He is battling some serious health issues at the current time and his family has started a GoFundMe page to assist with medical bills.


As many of you know, Jon underwent a kidney transplant a few years ago that helped save his life, Caitlin was his donor.
Over the last few years he has been taking medication and is being followed closely by his doctors to ensure that his body accepts the new organ.
Over the last few months, Jon’s health has begun deteriorating, and he has suffered a kidney rejection.  This week Jon took a turn for the worst, and he ended up in the ICU wth a lung infection that has also become systemic and was in his blood stream.  He is now hospitalized and recieving several antibiotics, IV fluids, oxygen therapy, and more diagnostic tests to help understand the nature of his illness.

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Odell’s Roundtable: Love, Sex, & “Cuffin’ Season” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the topic is “Cuffing Season”.  It is getting colder and people are going out less and want to snuggle up with someone.  What goes in to cuffing season?  Is this really a scenario where you are only dating someone for a Season rather than a Reason?  Do you let the person you know that this is temporary and not to catch any feelings?  What about you do you catch feelings or what happens if someone tells you this was only temporary?  The panel consists of host Odell along with Alita, Brittany (from ATL Remix show) & guest BoxMann.  Funny but informative discussion like always on the Round Table.  Follow the show on Twitter/Instagram and email them at


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The Price We Pay: How Hiding Wealth Offshore Robs The People At Home (Video)

When it comes to sheltering the wealth of the super-rich, the United States is moving up the ranks. A new study says the U.S. is now the third most secretive country for offshore finances, trailing only Hong Kong and Switzerland. While recent U.S. laws force banks and other firms to disclose assets of American citizens, Washington has been criticized for failing to share that information with other countries.

Well, a new documentary tackles the issue of tax havens and their cost to the societies losing out on trillions of dollars in revenue. The film is called The Price We Pay. This is the trailer.

Kicked off by that intro and trailer, part 1 (above) of this episode of Democracy Now to explain how big business and the law of the land allows the USA and other countries to take money that should benefit its citizens and keep it. Some might call that theft (and yes, the tone you note in that last statement is sarcastic). Come on now, no one is saying that winners have to give back all their chips; but winners should play fair. Too bad the players (big business) and the rule-makers (law-makers) do not see things that way. Oh, and by the way, the U.S. is not ‘playing’ in a league of its own. Looking at you Switzerland, UK and others.

Individuals and small businesses pay taxes that fund the construction and repair of roads and bridges, that fund public services like firefighters and police… BUT big business entities – Google, Chase, and others – get access to these essential services without paying taxes on HUGE chunks of income. THAT IS NOT FAIR, player (even if it is legal).

The conversation continues in part 2 after the jump. Watch and go… damn. Link to this episode’s transcript follows.


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Atlanta Event: “Must Love Beards” + Ticket Giveaway


Atlanta is known for having events on top of events. Something is always popping off in the city. The club scene can get tired, and more people enjoy events where people can talk interact and have conversations with new people. If you are someone who enjoys the latter then has just the event for you. Saturday November, 7th from 3p-8p Must Love Beards is going down at Suite Food Lounge 375 Luckie ST NW, Atlanta GA 30313. So imagine a day party that has great Music, Food, beautiful women and bearded men. is starting their No Shave November tour with Atlanta being their first stop. The last party they had here was a great time so don’t miss out this go around. The event is free for men who RSVP (Click Here) and tickets must be purchased for the ladies $12-$22 (Click Here). No women’s tickets will be sold at the door so these tickets will be a hot commodity. Well for our lady readers of the site we have you covered. Recently I interviewed Genese Jamilah the editor in chief and founder of IDDC. And she gave us a pair of tickets to give away. Contest Details after the jump


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Lifestyle Blogger ‘Genese Jamilah’ Speaks on Why “I Don’t Do Clubs”

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.33.06 PMHere at JAYFORCE.COM we have no problem telling you about other great sites to check out. One of my favorites is or IDDC for short. A friend of mine sent me a link to one of their stories about black owned Restaurants here in Atlanta, GA. I was impressed with the list and took the time to surf the site. Great events and alternatives to the nightclub life. So I reached out to the editor in chief and founder of the site Genese Jamilah. She took some time from her day to speak with me about why she does not do clubs. She also shares details about an upcoming event she has planned here in Atlanta. So enjoy this interview and stay tuned because we will be doing an upcoming post dedicated entirely to her Must Love Beards event happening here in Atlanta. We will also be giving away two free tickets for one of our lady readers of the site!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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The Dangerous Rise of K2: America’s Cheapest High (Video)

K2 is a baaaad trip. Just watch this VICE News video on this whack marijuana substitute; comprised of plant matter sprayed with synthetic chemicals (designed to mimic the effects of marijuana’s active ingredient).

Weed is already lower-priced than most all illegal or controlled substances. However, VICE News reports (above) that K2 is currently America’s cheapest way to get high. The drug is often sold at corner stores, labeled as potpourri and unfit for human consumption. A bag of K2 sells for $5 to $10, while a joint goes for just $1.

The drug’s dangerous side effects have taken a toll on a wide variety of communities across the country, particularly in New York City. US poison control centers received more than 6,000 K2 calls in the first nine months of 2015, around a quarter of those calls came from NYC.

VICE News’ Nilo Tabrizy takes us to take a look a glimpse of the challenges New York City is facing with K2 through the lens of volunteer ambulance corps and harm reduction specialists in its outer boroughs.

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Art & Music: The “787 Graffiti Ball” Visually Captured By Atlanta’s ‘Hometown Heroes’ (Video)

One thing about Atlanta is the range of events that happen here.  Whether it is a Hip Hop Show, EDM or the Ballet & Symphony. Or it could be a Falcons, Hawks, Braves game or NASCAR event.  Besides those well known events you have cool niche events like BonFire ATL, Elevated ATL and 787 Graffiti Ball.  The 787 Graffiti Ball recently went down here in Atlanta at 787 Windsor St.  An event where the first 250 people who RSVP’d got a free spray can for the event.

What is Graffiti Ball ? Well it is a night dedicated to the art of Scribbling, Scratching, and Defacing.  Not only is it a chance for the everyday person to do some graffiti without having to look over their shoulders for cops.  Some of the biggest and emerging aerosol artists are brought together ranging from NYC, Miami, and of course here in Atlanta.  One of the well known ATL artists represented was DR. DAX whose amazing work can be seen all around Atlanta.  This video recap was shot by HomeTown Heroes make sure you check out their site

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya’s Women-Only Village (Video)

Where the foothills of Mount Kenya merge into the desert, the people of Samburu have maintained a strict patriarchy for over 500 years in northern Kenya. That is, until 25 years ago, when Rebecca Lolosoli founded Umoja village as a safe haven for the region’s women. Umoja, which means “unity” in Swahili, is quite literally a no man’s land, and the matriarchal refuge is now home to the Samburu women who no longer want to suffer abuses, like genital mutilation and forced marriages, at the hands of men.

VICE Broadly’s Michelle De Swarte visited Umoja (and the villages it inspired to also start their own women-only societies) to meet with the women who were fed up with living in a violent patriarchy.

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