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Camp Lo talks Classic Albums with ArtByOdell for ‘LiveHipHopDaily’

Recently Camp Lo touched down in Atlanta to kick off their RagTimes HighTimes tour.  This was the first time Camp Lo performed in Atlanta in a few years.  While here they hung around a few days after their show to soak up the Atlanta scene.  If you are a lover of music Moods Music is a must stop when you are in Atlanta one of the best record/cd selections in the city.  So the Beatz & Lyrics show teamed up with to talk classic records with Camp Lo at the landmark record store.  ArtByOdell speaks with Geechi Suede & Sonny Cheeba about classics from artists like Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, & OC to name a few.  Check it out and see how these artists influenced Camp Lo & ArtByOdell as well.

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Adventures With ArtByOdell : Los Trompos Exhibit at High Museum (Video)

Quite often I get asked why I go by the name of “ArtByOdell” it’s pretty simple really my name is Odell and I am an Artist.  Art is something I have been passionate about for years and the High Museum here in Atlanta, GA is one of my favorite places to visit.  So when they had an opening ceremony for their latest Los Trompos exhibit I had to go check it out and cover it for the site.  The term Los Trompos translates to Spinning Tops in Spanish and they are beautiful interactive pieces made with a special fabric that is very colorful and flexible.  The artists Hector Esrawe & Ignacio Cadena both hail from Mexico City worked together to bring us these beautiful creations.  They are featured in video along with my good friend DJ EU who provided the sounds for the day.  I even ran into the homie Blc Txt a local Hip Hop Artist here in Atlanta, GA.  The exhibit will run until November 29th 2015 it is located on the campus of the Woodruff Arts Center in the Silly Piazza right outside of the High Museum.  Be sure to check it out before it is over and be on the lookout for the next Adventure with ArtByOdell!

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Ma Dukes Announces ‘ATL J Dilla Chapter’ + Planet Asia & Methuzulah Performance (Video)

The spirit of J Dilla lives on way past his death.  If you are not familiar J Dilla as a producer set the soundtrack for artists from Common to Erykah Badu to Talib Kweli to D’Angelo, A Tribe Called Quest and many more.  His mother Ma Dukes along with the Dilla Foundation have kept his mission and movement going to this day.  Recently Ma Dukes along with the Dilla Foundation were in Atlanta to announce the new ATL Dilla Chapter.  The night consisted of a great beat battle from producers all over the country.  It was capped off by great performances from Methuzulah and Planet Asia.  Check out more videos after the jump.

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Joanna Teters Speaks On Her Band ‘Mad Satta’ & Their Performance During The Atlanta Jazz Festival (Video)

The 38th annual Atlanta Jazz Festival went down Memorial Day Weekend 2015 from historical Piedmont Park.  3 days of great music with talented artists from all over the US and the World performing for thousands of Jazz fans here in Atlanta, GA.  The opening night had only two acts the headliner Thundercat and the opening act Mad Satta.  If you are not familiar with Mad Satta they are a group out of NYC that have horns, keyboard, and bass players and a front lady named Joanna Teters on vocals.  They made their Atlanta debut and immediately had the crowd’s attention with their soulful original music.  They also did a classic Curtis Mayfield cover of “The Makings of You” that had the crowd asking to know more about them.  Well if you didn’t make their performance no worries the video below has live footage from their show along with an interview by ArtByOdell with Joanna Teters.

Learn more about them at

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Adrian Younge Has A Conversation With Odell While In Atlanta For His 1st Performance As A DJ (Video)

How many producers do you know that can say they have worked one on one with the likes of Bilal, Ghostface, Souls Of Mischief and the Delfonics?  Well the only one that comes to mind is Adrian Younge who was recently in Atlanta for his first DJ performance and ArtByOdell sat down with him for an exclusive interview.  They talked about what inspires his musical process what he thinks of today’s R&B and what new albums he has coming out.  He shares with us a great piece of information that he will have 4 albums out by the end of 2015 listen to find out who they are with and what the titles are!

“The level of execution of older music compared to music of today. By bringing in a Horn section, or just literally having a song arranged with complex chords and a  bridge with ill structures rather than just noise put together for a Stripper to dance to.” – Adrian Younge


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Male & Female Relationships: “Does Size Matter” on Odell’s RoundTable [Podcast+Recap Video]

The Round Table is back with another episode for you to check out.  The topic of discussion is “Does Size Matter” of course there is an obvious thought when that phrase is said.  The discussion goes much further than just the sexual connotation including size of someone’s bank account weight size and more.  Moderated by host Odell joined by co-host Dre Day & guests Lady Godiva, Ali Rai, Lady T, and Sheriff Quick sure you will enjoy the discussion.  So listen, comment on SoundClud page and share with others.  Stay connected email the show ortshow@gmail and follow on Twitter @ORTSHOW

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Iman Omari Speaks On His Music & His Debut Performance In Atlanta (Video)

Recently Iman Omari was in Atlanta to perform for the first time.  ArtByOdell talked with the talented Singer, Producer, DJ about his music making process and how he feels about music right now.  It’s a great conversation that also reveals the name of Iman’s new album coming out later this year.  Did you know that Iman is from a talented musical family and his father worked with some legendary R&B groups?  Well after watching this interview you will learn a lot about the singer.  SoundCloud link below for extended interview and live audio from his ATL performance.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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World Soccer Pioneer ‘Paul Canoville’ Speaks On Being 1st Black Player Signed to ‘Chelsea FC’ (Video)

When it comes to Sports being the first or a trailblazer can be good and bad at times.  It’s great if you are the first to set a world record or obtain hall of fame for having the most championship rings.  Well when you are the first to break the color line it can be a difficult process and Paul Canoville knows exactly how that feels.  The first black player ever signed to Chelsea FC (Soccer Team based in London, England) Paul experienced harsh treatment from his own fans and people associated with the team.  His love of the sport helped him push through and he helped the team secure championship silverware and now he is an advocate for the club speaking to kids  about pursuing their dreams and dealing with racism.  On his first trip to Atlanta I got a chance to speak with him for a few minutes about his experience at Chelsea and his foundation.  With Atlanta getting a MLS Soccer team in 2017,  we can expect more visits from Soccer legends across the pond!

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President Obama Calls On ‘Luther’, The Anger Translator, During Speech at WHCA Dinner (Video)

“Hold on to your lily white butts!”‘Luther’ The Anger Translator

This is classic!! America’s media pretty much has carte blanche in matters of merrymaking at The President’s expense. But imagine a comedy schtick that the President is actually in on! President Obama makes humorous remarks at the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) every year, sure. But this year, he “borrows” Keegan Michael Key (of Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele”) to do his ‘Luther’ thing for some over-the-top hilarity. Journalists, politicians and celebrities at the dinner seemed to cheer as Key steps to the podium about as loud as you’d expect they would for The President. The routine the duo does is subdued (sorta) but what Key and President Obama pull off here… Well, this ought to show up in somebody’s history book! Enjoy.


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Flashback 1969: The Doors frontman ‘Jim Morrison’ Accurately Predicted The Future Of Music (Video)

Jim Morrison, legendary frontman of the classic rock band ‘The Doors’, prognosticates the direction of music’s evolution… from the year 1969 (partial transcript of the above video follows):

“I think the two basic types of music in this country are Black music — blues — and the kind of folk music that was brought over from Europe… Those are the two main streams of root American music…”

“But 10 years ago, what they called rock ’n roll was kind of a blending of those two forms. I guess in four or five years, the new generation’s music… It will have a synthesis of those two elements and some third thing that will be in — maybe it will be … it might rely heavily on electronics, tapes… I can kind of envision maybe one person with a lot of machines, tapes, and electronics set up, singing or speaking and using machines.” Jim Morrison


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Damon Dash Shares How He fights Custody Battle Without Lawyer (Video)

In interviews Damon Dash has been making the headlines for the topics he discusses.  Some agree some don’t but most of the Blogs and Gossip sites love to use his words to stir traffic not really investigating his true talking points.  Well Dr. Boyce Watkins has reached out to Dame Dash allowing him to discuss issues on his platform.  This is not a pair of people you would expect to partner up but I am happy to see it.  In this video Damon Dash explains how he is fighting for custody of his daughters without a lawyer.  He gives some detailed facts on what fathers can and must do to see their children in custody battles.  He is upfront with the fact that the courts will frustrate you but you must have patience and remember that your child is the ultimate prize.  I am not saying that Damon Dash is who you should pattern your legal battles after but if you took the time to watch interviews with him yelling at someone how about watching a video where he is imploring men to fight to see their children legally!

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Hitting the Barber Shop: A Day Out with the Beatz & Lyrics Show (Video)

So ArtByOdell of the Beatz & Lyrics Show and our number one camera man James Lewis hit the town for another Night out with Beatz & Lyrics.  This time it is an early morning adventure with Beatz & Lyrics visiting The Swag Shop Barber Shop owned by rapper Killer Mike and his wife.  The Swag Shop is located in Atlanta, GA & recently Big Tigger of v103 did a live broadcast from the shop proviing kids with free haircuts for a couple of hours also promoting the new Furious 7 movie dropping April 3rd.  A cold Saturday morning didn’t stop people from showing up, even entertainers DC Young Fly & Eman Hudson stopped by to take photos and crack jokes.  So be sure to be on the lookout never know where you might see Beatz & Lyrics hosts Jayforce, ArtByOdell, TwiceBorn, & James Lewis with the camera out and about.

Check out previous A Night Out with Beatz & Lyrics video

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Dr. Boyce Watkins talks Finance, Black Masculinity, Racism & More on The Breakfast Club (Video)

There has been a lot of talk about Black ownership and financial freedom sparked from the Damon Dash interview he did on The Breakfast Club.  It set off a firestorm on social media some people being inspired and some comical moments with the hashtag #TweetLikeDameDash.  With all of that said Dame brought up some good topics and Dr Boyce Watkins helped to bring some perspective to the conversation.  He has a PhD in finance and owns his own business Financial Juneteenth.  Dr Boyce discussed obstacles like Racism & White Supremacy that play a part in blacks becoming financially independent.  He does not make excuses though and agrees with Dame Dash in regards to Black Men & Women having the be their own Boss mindset.  Overall it is a great discussion between Angela Yee, Envy, Charlagmagne & Dr Boyce Watkins a breath of fresh air rather than mindless gossip talk.

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The Phife Sports Network (PSN): Phife Dawg Narrates & Provides Game Analysis of Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Clippers in Mini-Documentary (Video)

In case some of you may not be aware, Phife Dawg of the legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest has been very active & vocal in sports for quite a number of years. In recent years he has appeared on ESPN, ESPN2, & various sportstalk radio programs around the country giving his opinion on everything from the NBA, NFL, NCAA College Basketball & more. There were rumors that Phife had some bigger plans in the works to further expand his sportscaster resume, but nothing stopping him from at least making inroads independently online with his own “PSN” or ‘Phife Sports Network.’ Check out one of the first video clips of Phife Dawg providing pre-game NBA analysis in great game that took place between the Toronto Raptors & the Los Angeles Clippers about a month ago on February 6th of this year. Phife Dawg & his manager DJ Rasta Root also performed at halftime while they were in Toronto that evening as well. In case you missed the footage from that, we have it below….


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Jayforce & ArtByOdell Discuss Propaganda & Give Tips to Artists on Channel Dynamic (Video)

Channel Dynamic a site based here in Atlanta, GA sat down with Jayforce & ArtByOdell of the Beatz & Lyrics Show during A3C 2014.  FBI & Jeff Blactracks of Channel Dynamic asked the two a myriad of questions about the music industry, how they got started in radio, and what advice to give artists.  ArtByOdell & Jayforce gave their opinions on modern day reality TV, propaganda & reminding artists they have to get out here and work to make it.

Check out Channel Dynamic site and YouTube page for more videos with Jayforce & ArtByOdell and a number of music professionals!

ArtByOdell  SoundCloud

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Meet ‘The Hulk': A Massive 175-Pound Family Pit Bull

“A TODDLER hangs off the back of a super-sized pit bull – that could snap a man’s arm with a SINGLE bite. But despite being a banned breed in the UK, breeders Marlon and Lisa Grennan say monster dog ‘the Hulk’ is 100 per cent trusted with their young son. Despite the lethal potential of 12-stone Hulk and the couple’s many other dogs, three-year-old Jordan has grown up with them within arm’s reach. The couple’s company Dark Dynasty K9s supplies animals to high-profile celebrities, billionaires and wealthy professionals – as well as law enforcement around the world. They are trained to have ‘no fear’ and some specialist dogs can even run up the side of fences and walls to reach second-floor windows. Many their dogs share their house on a sprawling 150-acre ranch in New Hampshire, USA. The dogs include more than a dozen highly trained pit bulls – and a single chihuahua.” – Barcroft TV



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Male & Female Relationships: Welcome To “Odell’s RoundTable” [Podcast + Introduction Video]

Welcome to the Round Table…. Odell’s Round Table, a place where real conversation happens between men and women. It seems like everywhere you turn someone is telling you about relationships giving their “expert” opinion. Who made these people experts? Are they really saying anything that you don’t already know? How about sitting some men and women in a room and talking about what’s going on and get a better understanding? You like how that sounds? If so, Welcome to the Round Table where Odell, an Atlanta based radio show host & visual artist will be stirring the quality discussion.

Odell will moderate the discussion along with his partner in crime “Dre Day” as they invite different ladies to join in & contribute to the issues. Listen to the first episode of the ORT Show where the topic is “First Date Rules”, what to do what not to do and we even have a drink of the week best for first dates. So watch the video learn more about the Round Table Go to Odell’s SoundCloud page follow the show on Twitter @ORTShow @ArtbyOdell.

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Odell Beckham Breaks Guinness Book Of Records For Most One-Handed Catches (Video)

Sure this weekend is leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. But how about we stop off at Record Breaking Saturday for just a bit, shall we? Odell Beckham, Jr. Guinness Book world record holder. Most one-handed catches. OFFICIAL (even after the whistle)!

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Kurupt Supports Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling + Thoughts On Marriage & Relationships (Video)

Kurupt opened up about his relationship with V. Stiviano during an exclusive sit-down with VladTV, and explains why he gave her a home visit soon after the news broke of her leaked messages with Donald Sterling. The rapper says that he was just looking out for a good friend, and Kurupt adds that he would do the same for any of his friends.

During the interview Kurupt also shared his thoughts on Donald Sterling, and believes they “took a good man down.” The West Coast emcee says that it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Donald is “racist,” considering his age.” – VladTV


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DJ Dug Boogie + Children Benefit

dj dug boogie + fam - jayforce.comAs you may have heard, Atlanta based DJ Dug Boogie’s wife, Linett Wilder lost her battle with Lupus on Tuesday. The hip hop community is coming together to raise some funds to help Dug & his children through this difficult time.

On Tuesday December 23rd, there will be a benefit concert at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta

Performances by
Clan Destined
Boog Brown
DJ Nervex
DJ Gee Supreme
Hosted by Fort Knox

We are suggesting a minimum of $10 donation at the door, but any support at all is greatly appreciated.

“This fundraiser is on behalf of my friend and DJ comrade Dug Boogie. Dug Boogie has been a prominent figure amongst the hip hop DJs in Atlanta and needs our help. His beloved wife Linett passed away from complications of Lupus on the morning of 12/16/14. Now what you may not know is Linett and Dug adopted Linette’s niece and nephew a few years after their mother passed away.

Now that Linett is gone, our homie Dug Boogie needs assistance for the two children that he’s become a dad to. Fortunately, he has the burial costs covered but I figured we in the hip hop community can offer some extra help to relieve some financial stress while he segways into being a single parent.”

Thanks in advance,
Rashuri Rasyrious

There is also a Go Fund Me page set up here: