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Coldplay “Music Of The Spheres” Tour Atlanta 2022 – JAYFORCE.COM

Coldplay is one of our favorite bands of this generation & this world-renown group haven’t been to Atlanta that often over the years so this show for attendees would be nothing less than special. The last time Coldplay performed live in Atlanta was back in 2012. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay acknowledged the significance of their return to Atlanta this past June 11th on Saturday night. Chris Martin explained that prior to their first ever show in Atlanta more than a decade ago, they weren’t doing well or maybe things weren’t going as they expected as a band. Their first ever show in at Atlanta was at the popular concert venue “The Tabernacle” & the show turned out so well for them that he said it was a significant turning point in their careers afterward. Coming out of the pandemic amidst everything else going on in the world, Coldplay’s Atlanta’s return was nothing less than visibly electric & spectacular for the 70,000+ sold out show at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

This Coldplay “Music Of The Spheres” show has been one of the best concerts we’ve attended by any artist in years. The stadium roof was open, the fireworks, the lasers, the LED wristbands given to fans, & the four different stages strategically positioned at various points on the floor all worked out perfectly in unison for one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. The band brought out surprise guest & Atlanta native Kelly Rowland at one point in the show for an acoustic cover of “Independent Women” from her time with her group Destiny’s Child. Prior to introducing Kelly Rowland to the crowd Chris Martin spoke to the audience about how when Coldplay was a new band with little money, not very fashionable & some notoriety via their one hit song that was hovering around the mid 20s on the UK charts, they met Destiny’s Child at UK televison show “Top Of The Pops.” This was the initial meeting & beginning of their friendly relationship as artists in the music industry. It was fitting that the band started their show with their song “Higher Power” as its noted that most of the performance at Mercedes-Benz stadium was powered by green energy. Fans that danced & moved around on the floor of the stadium powered many of the lights & prior to the show beginning their were people riding stationary bikes which interestingly assisted in this green energy task. It’s just one of the many efforts that band has been supporting in making the planet better as well as continuing to making the world better through music. Check out some exclusive videos above & below from the JAYFORCE.COM crew covering the event…
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Hawaii 2022 Travel Report Part V

Sam Peezy – “Floodgates” feat. BoneBreaker Jones x J-Sun

The “Peezy’s Way” project is out now. Loaded with bangers, but I pulled this joint to give you a good sample of what’s on the plate you’ll be copping (on all streaming services, iTunes linked below). This single is called “Floodgates” and features familiars from super-producer Sam Peezy’s (aka Tony Factory) #AvJo collective – J-Sun (King Of Alabama) and BoneBreaker Jones.



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Fabolous – “Cold Summer” (Video)

Not to bring up old sh!t… I’m not a plunger, dog.

He’s right. A summer cold SUCKS! But I’ll tell you what does not suck: this “Cold Summer” visual that Fabolous just dropped on the masses. Trying to avoid the illness out to get us out here. But no avoiding how SICK Fab’s flow is on this one off the “Summertime Shootout 3” mixtape #SoCOLD


– @ojones1

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Cassidy – “Not Affected”

Yeah, the sh!t I’m speaking is increasing the Fahrenheit.

Aha! So THAT’S why Cassidy ain’t worried about getting sick in this Coronaviral Era. HEAT! The Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is scared of that HEAT! So, because of that, we know Cass is not infected. And because of this latest self-produced song he put out, we know he is “Not Affected.”


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Knxwledge – “1988” (Album)

Well, if someone is gonna drop something for the people after nearly five years, it may as well be good… and an extra-long 20-something strong LP. Like Knxledge did right here with this “1988” plate.


Ras Kass – “Soul On Ice 2: Instrumentals” (Album)

Okay! Now we got an artist thinking of other artists (and wannabe emcees) in this damned Coronaviral Era in which we find ourselves house-arrested in. From Ras’ house to yours, via the Interwebs, you are blessed with your OWN copy of the instrumentals for his latest album. So, now what?! What’chu gonna do?

As for me… I’m listening and bopping to the beats. Like, now, because how often will we get something this dope at this price (FREE.99)???

Cali legend Ras Kass has decided to release the instrumentals to his newest album “Soul On Ice 2” today. To make things better, he’s giving them away free all week so that people locked down on Covid-19 house arrest have something fresh to write to.


Rigz – “You Mad” feat. Flee Lord x Mav (Prod. By Thank5th)

Drunk minds deliver sober thoughts.

Getting Griselda gritty with it! And winning because of it. So sad (but not really) if you are mad at Rigz, Flee Lord, and Mav Mean eating out here… and eating WELL! Apparently with some strong drink… strong enough to bring out the TRUTH!

Don’t know which came first, the sample or the song idea, but I ain’t mad either way. “You Mad” though?


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DJ Drama – “350” feat. Rick Ross x Westside Gunn x Lule (Video)

…I like when they count me out. It makes it that much sweeter when I’m counting up!

This “350” is more Quality Street Music on behalf of Mr. Gangsta Grizzill aka DJ Drama! Oh, and his folks… Rozay, Westside Gunn, and Lule on the hook on the track!



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Joyner Lucas – “Will” (Video)

I wanna get married, but none of my shorties remind me of Jada.

Think Joyner Lucas is a “Will” Smith fan? Rhetorical question. Totally. Matter of fact, he wrote a tribute song about it… and there is a video for it… Here it go!



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Cassidy – “It’s All About Hip Hop” (Da 4 Elements)

I spit scripture. These niggas singing to the choir.

Cassidy is trying to teach y’all; rather remind y’all (for those already know). This “It’s All About Hip Hop” jawn is all about Hip-Hop history… and bars, of course.

Cassidy is dropping gems as he raps about the four elements of rap. Check out his new song titled “It’s All About Hip Hip.”
– PaperChaserDotCom


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Conway The Machine x The Alchemist – “Shoot Sideways” feat. ScHoolboy Q

In the streets or on the beach, I could kill ’em in the booth.

Ohhhh damn! Are you hearing that evil A-L-C beat come in?? That beat called for a track MONSTER, like the kind that fights Godzilla and tears up Tokyo every so often!

Oh, it’s Conway (and Q) coming to wreck? Say less! “Lulu” is on the way!



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RJ Payne – “Ski’d Up” feat. Freeway (Prod. By Ski Beatz)

Let’s f**king GO!

Damn right! When RJ and Freeway get it in with the lyrical wordplay, quite frankly, it is not a game! Neither of these dudes play when it comes to the BARZ! Good collab for both of them on this “Ski’d Up” track. Ski Beatz is responsible for the Ski‘ing (HA)!


– @ojones1

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Jadakiss – “Angels Getting Pedicured” feat. 2 Chainz

Such and such for looking for you… for what?? You never gone see me… I don’t wanna conversate.

Jason and 2 CHAAAAAINZ!!! The line-up ought to let you know. The emcees on this jawn “Angels Getting Pedicured” and, of course, “Ignatius”… Yeah, you already know!

And that butter-smooth piano beat too though! Wooooosaaah!

“Ignatius” is out now!


– @ojones1

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Run The Jewels – “Yankee And The Brave” (Ep. 4)

I’mma have your whole block hot as a sauna all summer!
And I put that on Osama and my motherf**king momma!


Hard BARZ on a driving beat, with no let-up! Unmitigated gall and summer melon-sized balls right to the end; where Mike slid out on ’em to fight another day, taking out a kid-killing cop on the way out!

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Rockness Monsta – “Winners Circle”

I’m Michael J with a Fox and she’s so Bad!

How do you think Rock got to where he got? He got out there to find it, grind it, and shine it. Rinse and repeat. And as you hear, dude’s sword is still sharp. He is still out there, getting it out the mud. The path to the “Winners Circle” is NOT pretty. At all!

(Mud? Maybe more like ‘out the bog.’ That sword grind – like, forging a sword from bog ore – has been around for a long time. See how got out there to get it – meaning ore out of the bog – back, back, BACK in the day here.) #BecauseImGettingItOutTheBog #BecauseImANerd #ImAGrimyGeek


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JR Writer – “Pedigree” (Prod. By Boger) [Video]

I’d ask who wants the smoke from JR Writer, but the only ones that’d say “yes” would (1) have no idea of the “Pedigree” this guy has or (2) would already be too busy heating up a mic with more fire rhyming that a li’l bit… too busy to answer a rhetorical question like that.


– @ojones1

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Bishop Nehru – “Too Lost” (Prod. By DJ Premier) [Video]

Sick! And not because dude’s visuals takes rhyming off the top a wee bit, waaaay bit, too too far (severed head much? yeezus)… But because he’s got bars AND he’s got the one and only DJ Premier on the track! Yeah, that part. This Bishop Nehru jawn, “Too Lost,” is too ill #NoCorona



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Tall Black Guy – “Dance Forever” / “The Return Of Here & Now” (EP)

Hope you are safely tucked away in your [Coronavirus-free] fortress full of good snacks and solitude… Hey, if you have kids or other folks staying with you, that solitude part is not a given. They may not allow you much solitude, being cooped up at home just the same as you. And it’s not like they can just go outside any old time. If the kids are in schools like these Atlanta kids over here, then schooling is now virtual; and the homework is still due!

Good news is that the artists and producers and deejays are realizing they shouldn’t leave us… without a dope beat to step to. Maybe driven by cabin fever or by a desire give us ease in troubled times. Either way, folks like TBG are getting out that work! Here in the form of re-released classics. This post features the two-track trip – “Dance Forever” and “The Return Of Here & Now.”

But take a twirl to another back-in-the-day EP from TBG: “8 Miles To Moenart” too (earlier post for that here).


Teyana Taylor – “We Got Love” feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill (Video)

Hey. Them Spike Tey Joints are on fire! This is another heater. Very warm, very sweet, with a poignant, timely message of timeless wisdom offered by THE Ms. Lauryn Hill to close it out.



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