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The Weeknd – “I Feel It Coming” feat. Daft Punk (Video)

The Weeknd has this new jawn “I Feel It Coming” that was produced by & features Daft Punk. Before hearing the song you already know it’s going to be the business, right? You are correct! Reward yourself by watching the visuals for the song.


This single came from the “Starboy” LP that dropped Novemeber 2016.


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Kanye West – “Bed Yeezy Season 5” feat. The-Dream

So. You got 17 minutes to check out some new music from Kanye West. He did something with The-Dream, flipping a track orginally done up by The-Dream (“Bed”, yeah the J. Holiday jawn)… calling it “Bed Yeezy Season 5”… and it’s out there but in there at the same time. Hard to explain, which makes it par for the Kanye course, right?

Think of this as an extended play for some extended play at the crib. Call bae. Test drive the track.


Syd Breaks Down “All About Me” (Video)

Above: With Syd’s solo album (“Fin”) off and running, she sits down to speak on the first single (“All About Me”). In the process, we learn a bit more about Syd’s views, her band (The Internet), her life coming up and more.


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The Punany Poets Push Spiritual Sex and HIV/Aids Awareness (Video)

Hahaa! You know, a touchless orgasm sounds like a great idea… until you get C Tha God hopping chairs to lay prone on the floor like ol’ gal was about to saddle up right there on The Breakfast Club morning show. Watch the shenanigans as the Power 105 morning crew welcomes The Punany Poets.

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Anderson .Paak Speaks On Making Music With Dr. Dre, Lifestyle & Music Influences And More (Video)

Good programming here. This OTHERtone show on Pharrell’s iamOTHER channel. Check out this extended ‘preview’ clip. But hold up… Dr. Dre put out 90% of .Paak’s work (and we still don’t get ‘Detox’)?? Doesn’t even matter if we believe it or not, it’s just a dope thing to say.

For the first OTHERtone episode of 2017, Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener are joined by Anderson Paak. Tune in on Beats 1 every other Sunday at 12PM PT / 3PM ET.

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Syd – “Body”

Damn. So Syd and the rest of The Internet will be at The Loft in ATL on March 3rd? Might need to be at the spot. Listen to mega-talented ma do her thing on “Body” from the upcoming debut solo album “Fin” (out now).


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Dec 99th – “Seaside Panic Room” / “N.A.W. Medley” (Live Performance) [Video]

Dec 99th – alternative Hip-Hop duo Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) and producer Ferrari Sheppard – performs “Seaside Panic Room” and “N.A.W.” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

(Good thing Yasiin has that distinctive voice. Otherwise, could we really be sure it was him?)

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The World’s First Male Sex Doll (Video)

Ooookay. VICE’s Karley Sciortino is taking girls “playing with dolls” to a whole other level! Getting mighty cozy with the concept in this documentary episode exploring the making of male sex dolls for women.

Because, you know, gender equality.

(Hahaa! Karley, though. Got an undeniable sexy about her, right? Just saying, she probably does not need to go the doll route. Surely there is a real ‘plaything’ out here that will gladly play with her… Errr… Just watch.)

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Black Gandhiii – “Views From The Death Star” (Prod. By John The Third)

This “Views From The Death Star” (prodduced by John The Third) is some of that off-center ‘ish that will catch my ear flying around in the Soundcloud. Check out New Orleans’ own Black Gandhiii. Not much online in the way of background/info on the artist. Self-described as…

A kid with an open mind. Who’s struggle defines him, also allowing him to create great music. Telling his story and the truth about life. Follow the movement and stay tuned…

So, there’s that. Also, Black Gandhiii is down with Lamaj Records out of Houston, Texas (USA).



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The Boyfriend Experience: In Japan, A Woman Can Even Rent A Man That Will Come Sit & Cry With Her (Video)

So the ‘Boyfriends For Hire’ business is still strong in Japan. We hipped y’all to it over three years ago on here. This is a next step. Sure, you can rent a boyfriend in Japan, but what about the elements expected of a longer-term bond? What if Japanese women could experience feelings usually borne of deeper bonds… without the being bound to a partner part? And do it a la carte? Would that be worth something?

Yeah, about $65 per hour. Yep, at least that’s what a ‘Handsome Weeping Boy’ will cost in Japan.


(Full disclosure: VICE finds some cute correspondents. Like this Karley Sciortino. Them legs, too. Just saying.)

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Alternative/R&B: Childish Gambino – “Redbone” (Live Performance) [Video]

Hip-Hop’s eclectic is seen here performing “Redbone” live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Check out Childish Gambino, outside his Ern role, going alternative with the stage show.

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Woman Undergoes Procedure To Become A Sex Doll (Video)

Actually… that music wasn’t creepy enough! You know how folks (okay, dudes mainly) get sex dolls, right? How they get them and use them as though they were women.

Okay, okay! The dolls are their women, and they have sex with them. There it’s out there.

As hard as that was to say, wrap your head and vocal chords around this: A woman undergoing a procedure to become a sex doll!! Aw hellllll no! That’s what we say. And yet, there she is above doing it!

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Alternative/Hip-Hop: Jaden Smith – “Fallen” (Video)

Jaden Smith with visuals for “Fallen” off his forthcoming “Syre” project. Pretty damn dope. An existential aural experience in audiovisual form. If you find a way to hate on the young ‘Syre’ of The Fresh Prince after this, get a checkup; there’s hate in your heart.

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Paris, France, Will Be The First To Have Flying Taxis In Service (Video)

These taxis ought to blast that ‘George Jetson futuristic funk…’ (ha! shout to Craig Mack) when they take off. I said ‘take off’ instead of ‘leave’ or embark because them shizz be FLYING!

Paris will be the first city with flying taxis.
– Discovery News

Seems like they are just hydrofoiling in this clip though. Still, cool tech.


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The xx – “On Hold”

Y’all can catch the official music video for “On Hold,” off the forthcoming album from The xx entitled “I See You” Due out January 13, 2017. But for now, roll with this joint.


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Jhenè Aiko Speaks On Love, Loss, Diversity And Family (Video)


Artists should be open in some way that gets fans open about them; but some don’t open up a lot. Others go full Yeezy with the openness. Ha!

But Jhenè Aiko is sharing in this documentary at a level that falls comfortably within that range; even when talking about the ‘uncomfortable’ aspects of her life and career. Watch this engaging, albeit short, documentary feature on Jhenè.


How Do ‘Real’ Doctors Feel About Chiropractors? (Video)

Aha! Thought the doc was gonna take shots or throw shade, huh? Actually, there is something very much aligned (get it?) with Hip-Hop culture in what the doc expresses about chiropractors’ place in the spine care spectrum: As long as (1) you are seeing a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL that is (2) providing VALUE and/or relief, it’s all good. In the lingo, if they have nice skills and delivery it’s all good!

NYU Langone Spine Center Co-Director Dr. Anthony Frempong-Boadu sat down with Tech Insider to talk about spine health, and gave his honest opinion about working with chiropractors. As with choosing any doctor, it’s smart to do your research and find someone who can truly help you.


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Weed Infused Wine (Video)

This line of Mary Jane Wines though… wooo… the promise of a glass of high-class high. Some conjecture as to whether the hemp-infused wine will actually make you flyyyy robinnn flyyyy, but the prospect is fun to consider, isn’t it. Check it out and see if it’s something you and your friends can go five on.

(Normally the ‘Mary Jane’ comes in a sack, right? So, would this come in some kind of Crown Royal bag? Some folks transport in that… we’ve heard *wink*)


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Illa J – “Spiders” (Prod. By Calvin Valentine)

Whatever Illa J hit before lacing this Calvin Valentine beat… Wait, Valentine probably got some of that medicine, too. Okay, so whatever BOTH of them did to get this “Spiders” crawling on the skin feel… It’s dope, but a helluva tradeoff. “Spiders” …yeesh!! Enjoy the product though (um…we’re talking about the music in this case…haha).

Spiders is an upbeat trippy psycadelic Hip-Hop tune. From Illa J’s visual lyrics to Calvin’s psychedelic synths and banging drums you will be hypnotized and really feeling you have “spiders crawling on your skin”. Showcasing his singing as well as his songwriting, Illa J keeps moving towards showing that he is not just a rapper.


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Insecure As F**k: Season 1, Episode 1 (HBO) [Video]

Good to see. DEFINITELY! New perspectives on comedy, no filter as far as we can see. We saw it from Donald Glover (“Atlanta” on FX is really good). Now, we see Issa doing her thing…on HBO! Watch the full ep. Not a trailer. No bootleg. Straight from Issa herself.

In the wake of her 29th birthday, Issa Dee and her best friend Molly reconsider their life choices.

Watch the half-hour comedy series Insecure, starring Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis and Lisa Joyce. Created and executive produced by Issa Rae, this eight-episode series is also executive produced by Prentice Penny, Melina Matsoukas, Michael Rotenberg, Dave Beck, Jonathan Berry, and Larry Wilmore as a consultant.

Insecure airs Sundays at 10:30PM on HBO.

Larry Wilmore attached. POWER move (do your research… the man behind “The Bernie Mac Show” to “Blackish”… too real for Comedy Central, but good while it lasted)!

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