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Blctxt Speaks On Being A Rap Nerd & His New Album On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Ohhhhh, so Blctxt is doing his different thing now… a photography thing, too, now… we knew about the music, but let’s learn about everything. Courtesy of the homie O-Diesel.

Representing Clayton County Blctxt joined me on the Roundtable to talk new music. The Working Class Music artist has just dropped a new album “Nothing Takes” where he talks about growth and following his creative spark. We also discuss how he started taking photos on his phone to now having his photographs in accredited Art Shows. A great conversation watch, share, and enjoy!

Like the late great Nipsey Hussle might say: Blctxt “Is Nothing Like These Other Rap N**gas!” Good interview.


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Lola Bastinado Shares Her Sexpertise On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

I’m on porn sets all the time…

Okay. I am not the jealous type. But if I gotta be jealous… Odell, my bro, you would inspire that. All these lovely lady ‘friends’ you have on the show… WOOOOOWEE! This ep of Odell’s Roundtable, we get HOTTIE Lola Bastinado talking sex, relationships and more,

I was joined once again by my friend Lola Bastinado Sexpert and media maven when she was recently in Atlanta. She is the owner of & she travels the world helping couples communicate better & find more passion as well. She is always a pleasure to speak with and we talked on communication the art of listening women in Hip-Hop & More. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube page and follow me on all social media at @artbyodell follow Lola at @lolabastinado


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Pretty Ken Speaks On Keeping It All The Way Atlanta & On His Show On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Haaaa! Dude went right in on Odell’s setup. But, O-Diesel… for reals… WHYYYYYY do you have two dudes sitting on ONE loveseat? Bahahahaaa! Some funny talk, some real talk, all good talk.

Pretty Ken joined me on The Roundtable. You might not know PK but he has been behind some of the biggest rap names coming out of his hometown of Atlanta, GA. We are talking the Dungeon Family, The Attic Crew, started off in a group with Cee-Lo. He is a veteran. Thing is we hardly discussed music but more about how he has built great relationships. How he has learned from past ways of not communicating well. We also discussed the power of marketing and how it’s important to want to be the best! Watch, Share and enjoy this is a great discussion.
– ArtByOdell


*** UPDATE: Part 2 of this interview is now embedded after the jump. Keep watching! ***

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Yamin Semali Speaks On Being A World Traveler, His Artistic Brand, And Building Relationships On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Score another bomb interview for the bredren Odell! DJ, Producer, and one of the O.G. emcees when we are really talking ATL indie Hip-Hop sector… Yamin Semali! stops by Odell’s Roundtable. We discuss how moving to East Point around the same time Outkast dropped Player’s Ball helped shape his musical identity. How he has built great relationships in the music game that has allowed him to travel not just the US but all over Europe performing his music. He explains the ratio of people you need to keep around you if you have dreams of being creative in this game! Watch, Comment, and Share hope you get some value from this!

Hit play for Part 1 above. Part 2 after the jump.


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Combat Sports And Hip Journalist Ismael AbduSalaam Speaks On ‘Beats, Boxing & Mayhem’ On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Aha! My dudes! A no-brainer that I had not thought of… until Odell put it together here. Why not have @ArtByOdell and BeatsBoxingMayhem’s Ismael AbduSalaam just start talking and record the jewels! Yeah. And how much content are we talking here? Enough such that we had to post the two-parter. Start above, and continue after the jump.

Ismael AbduSalaam is a well respected journalist who covers Music & Boxing primarily. He joined me on the Roundtable where we talked how he got into covering Boxing & working with great sites like before creating his own site I also shared with him how I almost got into a fight at a Camp Lo concert he was covering for which if it happened might have changed the chance of us ever meeting.

WHAT??! Somebody disrespected Odell and his lady?? Why do I still feel a way about that? Like I need to pick up something blunt and get my bro’s back on that… But it’s over. It’s just that Odell is such a chill dude. Anybody starting sh!t with him gets me heated. Wooosah!


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Tierra Speaks On Helping Herself By Helping Others On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Yoooo! My bredren Odell always gets the best guests, but Tierra though… she’s a goddess! BEAUTIFUL! Her poise and countenance spoke before she said a word. Just regal! And then we hear from the Queen. Wow!

Had the pleasure of having Tierra Burrell AKA Tierra Goes Green join me on the Roundtable. We talked about health, helping people and the importance of going inward. She is a great businesswoman along with being a plant-based holistic thought leader who speaks around the country. She holds no punches when talking about health & what we put into our bodies and how that affects our overall health.


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ALL CAPS, no cap: BoneBreaker Jones, Sam Peezy, J-Sun KOA, GreaseKydz & Sikz Earned My RESPECT

Above: J-Sun on the left, Sikz on the right, and all the GreaseKydz right down the middle from front to back (Tea Bag da HerbalistShawty PlxExpo, Phobro da Ab)!

…and that was waaay before this past Friday night! That is why I extended an invitation for each of them to give a feature LIVE performance at the 16th Anniversary Celebration of The Remix, one of Atlanta’s best and longest-running Hip-Hop radio shows. When @ATLRemix gave me the green light to program the first hour of the six-hour event with a live cypher-inspired lineup, I immediately reached out to the talented folks who showed love, showed up, and showed out on my dream mixtape “Livin Proof” Rebooth LP project (posted on here a few years back). When I could not pay them anything more than RESPECT, they did that for me. And though my pockets are still hella lean and linty, I still have RESPECT, with interest, for all these guys (including post-Rebooth newcomer Sikz). RESPECT earned, RESPECT due, RESPECT paid… In that way, me and mine are very wealthy indeed (RESPECT stays being paid). And the night of the event, the brothers showed love, showed up, and showed out like I knew they would (and then some)!

Sidebar: RESPECT is crucial, you see. So much so, RESPECT! was the theme for our portion of the Anniversary Celebration event; a program within a program you will see tagged #ALLCAPS #nocap around the Interwebs. Because we mean it, we are shouting #RESPECT to everyone involved in making this happen – in ALL CAPS, no cap, from the tippy-top of the ‘Snocap’ (as in ‘snow-cap’ on top of the mountain, as you will see in the logo after the jump).

Engaging interviews and mind-blowing performances from my bredren BoneBreaker Jones (with Sam Peezy aka Tony Factory), J-Sun KOA (King Of Alabama), GreaseKydz (Expo, Phobro da Ab, Shawty Plx, Tea Bag da Herbalist) and Sikz #RESPECT #ALLCAPS #nocap

And the family of support I had was HUGE: Gerald Olivari, DJ Yogi, Tierra, BigDee, and Brittany of @ATLRemix …videography by Si-Video Production’s own Robert Nunnally and on-camera Host/Spokesmodel Liza Ashe of @GoodCurvy …my invited ‘press corps’ (@ArtByOdell and Ismael AbduSalaam) …and my consultant & stalwart ally Iman Lexington who answered all my what-do-you-think calls and emails leading up to the event. Even my nephew Jasen (J-Sun’s son) came through and stayed with his old uncle to make sure I was ‘safe’ while out that late at night. Plus, after a long work week, seeing all the familiar and new friendly faces in the place gave me LIFE #RESPECT #ALLCAPS #nocap

The whole night was EPIC! And, man, oh, MAN! Just wait until we get our audio and video finalized. Keep keeping your ears and eyes open for that. And keep checking back here for the exclusives!

(In the meantime, I tossed in a few behind-the-scenes screenshots after the jump.)


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Charlton Palmer Speaks On Being “CP The Artist” & Not Being Put In A Box On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Knowledge and confidence in self. VERY important! Watch as CP draws a parallel between his lane in the art world and the rap game. Dude has been ‘Kanye-ing the game’ for some time now. Another dope interview from the homie Odell.

Charlton Palmer aka CP The Artist is a self-taught artist who refuses to be locked down by a particular style or medium. A native of NJ who has made Atlanta his home now knows firsthand what it’s like to try and get your name out in a new city. He talks about how he balances working his craft while also having to be his own publicist and anything else it calls for to run his business. It’s a great discussion on staying creative and also what he has coming up in the near future. So check his work out at and let he and I know what you got from the discussion!


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Britteny Speaks On Finding Herself As “Trap Yoga Bae” On Odell’s Roundtable (Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the interview quote of this decade: “How can yoga help you when you are so stressed out that you wanna just slap a hoe?” Baaaahahaaa (but for real, how?)!

YOU MUST WATCH THIS! I always watch & listen when the homie Odell uploads a show because it will be QUALITY. The bonus here is the guest. Odell always invites the best to sit with him, but Britteny is FIRE! Heavy on the woke (consciousness) and just as heavy on the WOW (just look at her, Yeezus West)!

Britteny AKA Trap Yoga Bae stops by the Roundtable. Its a great discussion on how she built her brand from the ground up. She explains how she took on Yoga just as a way to relieve stress and it’s led to her purpose. She breaks down some of her ratchet affirmations & encourages us all to just do some good in the world. This was a fun episode!


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DMC Has A Message For The DJs & Fans At Mobile Beat Las Vegas (Video)

Shout to Gerald Olivari with BV Mobile Apps for sharing this awesomeness from DMC.

Y’all (fans, us included) have been showing love to DMC for decades. So, he has to keep getting on stages and wrecking ’em. And he’s TIRED. Whew!

(HAAA! What a wonderful problem to have, right? Keep going, Darryl Mac! We love you, man!)


Read the rest of this entry » Has Joined The Fight For Freedom (Video) has become one of the founding members of “Building The North Star.”

171 years ago Frederick Douglass and Dr. Martin Delany started ‘The North Star’ as the leading abolitionist newspaper of the day. They spoke truth to power and unashamedly used journalism as a platform to fight for freedom. With the blessing and permission of the family of Frederick Douglass, we are rebuilding ‘The North Star.’
– The North Star News Group

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Being Sean: Truly Thankful

Very appropriate post from the homie Sean. Might make even the most ‘Hotep’ among us call this time of year ‘THANKSgiving’ at least once…

As I get older holidays are taking on a different meaning for me. When I was a kid Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year days meant toys and food. As a teenager it became gifts and food. As a young adult it became girlfriends and a different type of gift (heh, heh), oh and food of course. As a real adult with a daughter it became toys and food again and now that she is a teenager it has become something different and that is appreciation of who I am and what I have. With Thanksgiving around the corner I wanted to take the time to write a piece on what I am thankful for. First… (More at

Being Sean: The Battle At ‘Golden Corral’… A Special ’30-For-30’

Wow! There is an awesome mix of ‘now that is a damn shame’ and ‘getting the train back on the right track’ in this latest blog post from the homie Sean ‘Cisco.’ And if you aren’t chiming in with “amens” every now and then as you read, maybe you’re in the wrong ‘meeting.’ Check back in an hour. We ‘Waist Watchers’ will be done by then.

There’s A Reason It’s Called Golden Corral…

It’s been a while since I told you about my progress on losing weight and that’s because….I gained weight. Yup picked up quite a few pounds, 30 to be exact. I know you are saying “Whoa, what happened?” Well….life happened. Remember when I told in previous stories that I am an emotional eater? The emotions don’t have to be negative. Happy get food just as fast as stress and anger. Shoot that’s why McDonald’s named the combo “Happy Meal”. How many people are going to order a “depressed meal” or a “pissed off meal”? It doesn’t work that way…

(More at


Being Sean: Introducing Ibum Obu And Her First Single Titled “Tongue Tied”

The last post we shared from the homie Sean “DJ Cisco” Thomas, he was relating all his feelings (and fears) that come with a milestone in his daughter’s life. Well, that was “Daughter #1” (Syd). His new post, it turns out, is all about “Daughter #2” (Ibum). Read on, and listen!

It’s been a minute since I put up a story and that’s because I have been working on a major surprise to tell you about. That surprise is…..I am proud to introduce you to IBUM OBU and her first single titled “Tongue Tied” produced by yours truly!!!! That’s right I am working on new music and we have officially released “Tongue Tied”… (More at



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Being Sean: Sydney’s First Car

Great write-up on what has always been a hard moment in a girl’s dad’s life: when his baby gets her own car. Our homie Sean “DJ Cisco” Thomas puts it perfectly – relating all the feelings (and fears) that come with this milestone in your child’s life. Please read on.

July 26, 2018. Today was an extremely exciting and also a sad day for me. Syd bought her first car! Yup, her first car! Here’s the back-story…(More at

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Travel: Experience A Bit Of The Carnival Celebration In Aruba (Video)

Yooooo, put BoneBreaker Jones on the Team Jayforce Travel Squad for this post alone, will ya?? Actually, this is a combo Travel/Honeyz post. Because… just LOOK!


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New Ways To Get Started In The Stock Market With The RobinHood App (Video)

Use our code to get started in the RobinHood App & get some FREE stock! More info and video below and after the jump.

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Atlanta United Qualifies For MLS Playoffs In Their Inaugural Season – JAYFORCE.COM (Video)

The JAYFORCE.COM Sports Media Team was there as we covered Atlanta United securing a MLS playoff spot in their inaugural season. It was an opportunity for us to also check out the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta which also doubles as home base for the Atlanta Falcons NFL team. As soccer (Futbol) becomes more popular in the U.S., its an exciting time for Atlanta fans with sold out games for what was an expansion team in Major league soccer. Check out our time as the Atlanta United team beats Philadelphia Union to claim their spot in the MLS playoffs. Atlanta United will play their 1st playoff game ever on October 22nd at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  ATLUTD.COM

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Travel & Culture: Carmen Goes To Cuba (Video)

Hahaaa! Rrrrricoooo Suaaave. Where on Earth is Carmen, you ask? Well, we can tell you she was in Cuba recently. She checks in for the JAYFORCE.COM Travel & Culture Squad with this exclusive report.

As the saying goes, “It’s the simple things in life that can bring you the most joy.” That is how I sum up my experience traveling to Cuba.
It felt like I traveled back in time. No Wi-Fi nor ATMs. My first venture through Havana, I glanced out the window and was in awe of all the colorful old buildings and classic cars.

Throughout the time I was there, I mostly walked around Havana. I saw children playing outside and people sitting around talking with one another without their eyes being glued to their phone. The streets were serenaded by musicians on the corners. The city itself is a museum to explore.


Okay, that’s the preamble. Now for the pics and clips… hit the jump!

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Travel & Culture:’s “Lboogy” Reports From Cozumel, Mexico

I arrived in Cozumel (Mexico) so excited to see its culture and people. I wasn’t disappointed, from the moment I stepped off the boat. From its vibrant people and colorful marketplaces. After a little shopping and liquor buying!!!! We headed to a private beach area for FOOD, FUN, and RELAXATION. Cozumel is a cool place for both singles and families.

The food in Cozumel is relatively inexpensive. The food has a great flare with a little spice to get ya going. Attractions are plentiful – from parasailing, jet skis, visiting the ruins and private beaches. The markets offer lots of food, trinkets, and other gifts that are cheap. Fifty dollars, and you can bring back tons of gifts for family and friends!

Follow “Lboogy” on IG: @Lboogy171

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