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DJ Premier x A$AP Ferg – “Our Streets” (Video)

This is dope! Great to see 2 different generations of hip hop come together to make something that knocks!! Dope! PayDay Records bring it back with DJ Premier & forward with A$AP Ferg


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Joyner Lucas – “I’m Not Racist” (Video)

Way north of 4 million views in less than four days? Yeah. That’s pretty viral, Joyner Lucas. Though he must credit his fans, true Hip-Hop heads, audio art aficionados, and maybe a few duped “Make America Great Again” advocates (ha!) for hanging in there for this vid until the end.

Warning: If you have not seen this yet, it starts off RAW… sooooo RAW… you’ll wanna turn it off (or go hunting for the “MAGA” heads). BUT hang on. Trust. This is WELL worth watching and sharing.

A compelling piece of moving visual art. Click play and get into it.

(Kinda has a Hopsin feel to it. Biting social commentary therein.)

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Cam’ron Says He Did Not Diss Ma$e. He’s Just Telling The Truth About Him (Video)

For all the folks out there thinking that Ma$e ‘won’ that beef with Cam… or that they even know the whole way it went or how it ought to go… Hold the phone! Watch and learn something; at least Cam’ron’s side of the story.

I’ve never dissed Ma$e. I’m telling you stories about real life situations… I’ve never made up [anything] like… “f*cked my sister”… the imaginary sister I don’t have…

So, let’s start there. Click play and watch Cam break it down.

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Faizon Love Does Not Travel With Security. Want To Know Why? (Video)

The whole Katt Williams controversy, guns, and all kinds of whatnot. Faizon ain’t scared to talk about it! Never scared. But always hilarious!

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Fabolous x Jadakiss – “Friday On Elm Street” (Album Stream)

Fabolous and Jadakiss announced a joint project – “Freddy vs. Jason” – March last year. But it kept on getting pushed back for some reason or another. Welp, here we finally go: “Friday On Elm Street” is here!


DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Holiday Mix 2017” (Mixtape)

DJ Jazzy Jeff did a mix to get you and your crew into the season. Why are you not clicking play and starting your party yet??? Cider and eggnog optional. Jamming… VERY necessary!


Jay-Z – “Marcy Me” (Video)

Here’s the last of the music video trifecta Jay-Z dropped in the continuing promo for “4:44”. Above: The exclusive Tidal debut for “Smile”.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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Jay-Z – “Smile” (Video)

Another movie-mode music video from Jay Hova. This visual is for “Smile” (off “4:44”)? Debuting exclusively on Tidal.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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Jay-Z – “Legacy” (Video)

Yup. While some rappers get in celeb circles, take selfies and drop names, Hov is making the connects… and getting them to show up in his music video. I mean, why not make your music video a MOVIE by putting a movie star in it? Like Ron Perlman and Susan Sarandon, for starters, in this visual for “Legacy” (off “4:44”)? Exclusively showing on Tidal.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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Shots Fired, Then Returned! Killa Cam & Murder Ma$e Go At It, Releasing “The Oracle” And “Dinner Time” Diss Tracks

Woo hoo hoooo sh!t!! Shots fired, by both sides, over the weekend, over some beef that has been simmering for quite some time. Okay, get “The Program” (FREE here), because like the old guy at the ballgame yells, you can’t tell what’s going on without a “Program.”

And it’s not a game; it’s true. The first track, “It’s Killa,” on that FREE Cam’ron mixtape was the straw that rubbed Ma$e the wrongest way on this hayride. A couple of lines in that joint tell of a time when Ma$e was in danger and Cam bailed him out: He sent some of his goons in the area to deal with the danger and Ma$e got home safe. Grateful, but apparently not grateful enough, Ma$e’s offer of remuneration was met with indignation from Cam.

Then Ma$e called, said “Yo, I’m stuck inside some b!tches house”
Her boyfriend at the door, could I hurry up and get him out
Aight, what’s the address? Homie said “Kingsbridge”
That was great I had some n!ggas right on Bainbridge
Yeah, we play but believe it ain’t no game kid
Hopped off the elevator, aimed it at that lame lid
I ain’t give a damn, yeah Cam I was gung-ho
Got this n!gga home and he passed me a hundo ($100 dollars?!)
Told him straight up I ain’t feeling him
Let me curve this n!gga ‘fore I end up killing him
Cam’ron, from “It’s Killa” (as transcribed by Genius Lyrics)

Cam went on with, “I would make 80k on a lazy day.” And the dissing goes on from there. Yeah. Plenty of shade with no shadow! BEEF! In broad daylight, signified by bonafide unmistakable digs. And the streetz being the streetz, they watched… and talked. But they’ve been “talking” for decades about this sh!t. It all just recently came to a head when folks pressed Ma$e about it as he was trying to enjoy the Thanksgiving Day parade with his family (as documented by…

It took me about an hour. I went in the studio on Thanksgiving. I went to the parade with my family and I was like, “Nah I can’t.” I don’t know if it was Hello Kitty or Charlie Brown or one of them, I just said: “Nah, he can’t do that.”

Somebody asked me about it at the parade and I was with my kids, but that’s New York for you. So I put them on a plane, sent them back home and then was like “Daddy’s gonna handle this.”

And in the crucible of the studio booth, the fire burned and Ma$e came out that caustic sh!t like this (damn)!!

Much dirt as I got on you, don’t even need no research
My hand filthy, heart guilty, n!ggas like me need church
Tax know you as the nigga that snitched on the Roc
D.C. crips only know you the nigga they shot
OG n!ggas don’t have no history with you on the block
And everybody seen the footage I got
Every since 10 you was a thirsty nigga
I ain’t gone talk about the time you f**ked your sister
In 2002 you lost 50 pounds, ulcers in your liver
And now you tryna sell n!ggas liquor, N!GGA
You always play the sucker part
Where was all that Rico sh!t when you left Jim in Rucker Park?
Ma$e, from “The Oracle” (as transcribed by Genius Lyrics)

And now, we are at WAR!! The hotshot from Killa Cam’s ‘gram shows NO love (above). To be fair, here are the recent diss tracks from both – “The Oracle” and “Dinner Time” in order of release (below).

Wow. Just wow. More after the jump.

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Talib Kweli – “Heads Up Eyes Open” feat. Rick Ross x Yummy Bingham (Live Performance)

Above: Coming up next to Jimmy Fallon’s set… Talib Kweli and Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham doing “Heads Up Eyes Open.”

(Note to artists: Don’t front. You WANT The Roots to get your back on stage! So dope!)

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Cam’ron – “Hello” feat. Don Q (Video)

New hot sh!t from Killa Cam, “Hello.” Ah, the days and times we live in… They ain’t all bad. We live in a time of DOPE music (some) we can get for FREE (like, all of the latest mixtape from Cam’ron)


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The Cast Of Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It” Speak On Sex-Positivity, Aspects Of Relationships And Spike Lee (Video)

Interesting talk. VERRRRY interesting. Actually started out thinking that the folks on here would downplay the sexual aspects of this Netflix series based on the Spike Lee joint. And while they don’t get pornographic, the convo is ‘graphic’ enough to keep you engaged to learn about how this series addresses poly-amorous relationships, pan-sexuality, love & relationships, friendships, characters & the canon (the characters, the original film & director, etc.)

Def gotta check this out!

(Yoooo, there was a comment on the Tube on this that was like, “Pan-sexual: if she’s good with a pan, then we can get sexual.” Bwaaahahaaa!)

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Dee-1 Speaks On His New Album, His Career & Life Thus Far, And Kills It On The “Five Fingers Of Death” Challenge (Video)

Sway started off by saying, “God is great.” Truth! And Dee-1, on that mic, not too shabby. Gotta recognize that. If not now, after you watch dude SNAP on the “Five Fingers Of Death” freestyle segment of this interview, you will!

But don’t skip past the interview. Compelling content. Dee-1 talks about how a male executive ‘tried him’ (e.g. tried to make him do sexual favors). Now that is way past Industry Rule #4080 sh!t there.

Good to see Dee-1 make it through. Still standing. On God, and His Word.



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T-Pain – “Oblivion” (Album)

Yessir, that T-Pain. The one that brought auto-tune to the masses in the day (you know, when rappers hit the studios and did not come out until the engineer ‘put some T-Pain on it’). His LP is called “Oblivion”… as in he is back from it!


Knxwledge – “Krew_”

GoldLink does remixes (yup). And now, know what? Knxwledge did a remix… of a GoldLink joint. This is his take on “Crew” (retitled “Krew_”). Part of the “WT.11_8” project.


ScienZe – “I Would Rob A Whole Bank For You” (Video)

A hot jawn off “Kind of Dessert” and a video featuring tasty hot caramel-coated piece of sweetness. “I Would Rob A Whole Bank For You” is the right title ScienZe. Shiiiid. For her, so would we!

The vid blends into “Main Course” late in as a ‘Chapter 2’… where we get a good look at how good a look it was for ScienZe to have the uber-sexy Leiza Marie Cabrera in this. Oh. My. Damn!


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CyHi The Prynce Speaks On Kanye West And Kicks A Freestyle On The Spot (Video)

A couple of takeaways from this sitdown: (1) CyHi happily left ‘that life’ to make [G.O.O.D.] music, and (2) Kanye is Kanye…and that’s all the ATL MC is gonna say about that nowadays (respect).

But eff all that. Watch through to the end and be rewarded. That freestyle to “The Blast” instrumental though. The Prynce got the spits of rap Royalty!


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Statik Selektah – “No. 8” feat. Conway x Westside Gunn x Termanology (Video)

You know what the f**k it is!

Starting out lyrically strong-arming ’em! Yeeeauuh gahdammit!

And putting Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, and Termanology on a Stat track is more than asking for it, right? So that’s why you get what you mother-father getting right now!! Give it up! Run that!

(Trying to be on some ‘thug-it-out tuff stuff’ because Hip-Hop, but actually… this sh!t is too dope. So I gotta grin at the win!)

Yet another banger off that forthcoming “8” project from Statik Selektah.



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MED x Blu x Madlib – “The Turn Up” (EP)

Soooo… how’d you feel about an EP that hit you with banging azz Beatz & Lyrics, then left you with a couple of beats to bob to and play with… AND a couple of a capellas to let you know that the team ain’t to be played with? Well, that’s what you get on “The Turn Up,” so like it or learn to LOVE it! Dope!