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Griselda – “Fire In The Booth” (Freestyle) [Video]

When Conway, Gunn, and The Butcher come through… Is it not ‘Fire In The Booth’ by default? ‘Fire’ like BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

Rappers Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine alongside Westside Gunn make up Griselda from Buffalo, New York and are in the studio for their first Fire In The Booth.

🎤Artist » @Griselda Records
🎼Producer » Beat 1 – @daringer_ + @beatbutcha_soi



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Curren$y – “Round 3 Times” (Prod. By DJ Fresh) [Video]

Money been my bottom b!tch always…

You see Curren$y living out here. He’s going to make certain you do, haters. That’s why he circles “Round 3 Times” before he’s done pulling up!

The Tonight Show available now on all streaming platforms
– Jet Life Recordings


– @ojones1

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Nino Man – “Life Without Love” (Video)

I ain’t curving n!ggas. I just got a family to feed.

So if you don’t feel love for Nino… all love… but fall back!

Man. He used to SWEEP the water, because his folks did not even have a MOP. No MOP, son! A mop costs nothing. So for a time, his family had LESS than nothing. Feel that? Struggle BARZ! I know that life (and I’m not alone, I know). Glad you made it out brother. Much love and a salute to Nino Man for this one.

I know that a “Life Without Love” is no life at all.



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Performance: D Smoke – “Black Habits” (Live On ‘Strahan, Sara And Keke’) [Video]

A’ight D Smoke! I see you. We ALL do. But most important right now, forever cutie Keke Palmer is seeing you… AND sliding into your DMs though! See what happens when your skills and BARZ are strong? Take note emcees!



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Kay Slay – “Back To The Bars” (Pt. 2) feat. Styles P x Sheek Louch x Vado x RJ Payne (Prod. By Suits And Twins Productions) [Video]

I’m the one Akh, without a gun shot at Curtis.
This is how it sounds when you fire at 50!

When Kay Slay is ready to hit the streets with more work, guess it’s “Back To The Bars.” Here we go again, with the Part 2 heat. And it’s gonna make you feel a way… A dope way, unless you’re a hater. If that is the case, then it’s best you get out of the way!

DJ Kay Slay is gearing up to release a new EP titled “Living Legend” on March 6. The lead single/video off of it is a lyrical barfest called “Back to the Bars, Pt. 2” featuring Styles P, Sheek Louch, RJ Payne, Sauce Money, Vado, Nino Man and Jon Connor.

The EP also features Jadakiss, Queen Latifah, Bun B, Juicy J, A$AP Ferg, Dave East, Papoose, Joell Ortiz, Ghosface Killah, Raekwon, AZ, Uncle Murda, DJ Paul, French Montana, Gangsta Boo, Project Pat and more!
Pre-order “Living Legend” now.

“Back to the Bars, Pt. 2” produced by Suits and Twins Productions.

– PaperChaserDotCom

Look at the features! Some of them have like ‘YOOOOOO’ (as in ‘Where have YOU been??’ AND others like ‘What them BARZ do, my friend?’)!



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Interview: Rochelle Bloom On ‘The Remix’ (Video)


YES! I found the VIDEO upload for Rochelle Bloom’s @ATLRemix interview. I had access to the audio from for the whole show (shout to the fam over there for ALWAYS putting up the show, so I NEVER miss out even when I miss it live). But above, thanks to fam, we get to zero in, gain insight, and see, in 3-D, the lovely emcee, with all that bright energy. Peep her speaking about her recent event, her team, her promo moves, her Grammy-driven mission, and more!

Rochelle Bloom discusses her latest performance, her name change, and premieres her new single on The Remix.
ATL Remix




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Rochelle Bloom – “Stay” feat. Rez Leon

Okay. Let me get my notes together. So it’s Rochelle (check). Still Hot (AF, check). Still got BARZ (again, AF, check). But is not really going by Hot 16 nowadays (but she will still ‘answer’ to it, okay, check). The Bloom is all about growth and progression (got it, check) with clear vision (2020 vision, check) for The Grammys (eight, CHECK)!

Yup. That’s still Rochelle in there… Still chasing the dream but never a check (check, and get a ‘day job’ if all you want is a ‘check’). If you are still rocking with the true emcee and her vision, “Stay” #Salute

(Bonus: Hit the jump for a special IG message.)




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Kore – “Everything Remains Raw” (Freestyle)

It’s Kore muthaf**ker!

That “Everything Remains Raw” beat that Bussa Buss blessed back in the day… it was made for cypher rhyming. No arguments on this will be heard. The matter has been closed since I saw dudes freestyling to it while we were waiting for Biggie to take the stage over at The UA back in the mid-90s. Yeah, UA like The University Of Alabama. This beat had the barz flowing where The Tide be rolling!

And now, Kore puts himself to the oral test on it. Salute!

Kore (of EMS) presents an unreleased freestyle over the Busta Rhymes instrumental “Everything Remains Raw.” Hope you enjoy it y’all.


Snoop Dogg x Method Man x Redman – “Save Hip-Hop” feat. Ice Cube (Video)

Yessir! Time to let the vets speak on this Hip-Hop. These guys were fans from jump, when Hip-Hop was in its infancy… and were in the midst when one of its biggest timeline dots was getting blotted – the whole East Coast vs. West Coast thing. So who doesn’t want to hear from Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman and Ice Cube?

(If your hand is up, it better be because you thought one of these guys went old school like ‘throw your hands in the air’… Otherwise, YOU might be part of the problem.)


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Talib Kweli Speaks With John Forte On His Coming Up, The Fugees, His Cocaine Arrest, His Release, And Life Now (Video)

Man! What a great interview!!

Shout to Kweli’s people for the time indexing for this episode. I am a STAN for John Forte from waaaay back… like when I did not know his name… when he SNAPPED on the Fugees’ joint “Cowboy”… and we called him ‘The 7th Emcee’ because he never did not give his name at any point of giving us the most FIRE SHUTDOWN BARZ on one of the most FIRE songs… EVER #WhenPandemoniumStrikes

Buuuuut starting at 52:43 though…

John touches on “I, John” — the album he recorded at a time when he was aware of his pending prison sentence. He also speaks to his relationship with singer/song writer Carly Simon, who fought hard, advocating for his early release. Her efforts eventually proving to be successful, with an executive order of clemency from President Bush.

Yes. I wanna know how in the holey holy f**k did rapper John Forte get a President… President Bush… to let him out early??


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Joyner Lucas – “Revenge”

‘Cause “Revenge” feel sweet. You gone see.

Maaaaan. J Lucas is making you (the listener) wait… wait… and WAIT for that drop and the start of the raps. But it is worth it. I will admit to that no cap. At all. This “Revenge”… it’s like Joyner is taking out all aggression in him out on the track.

“ADHD” is out now!



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Terrell Owens & Matthew Hatchette Speak On The NFL, On The XFL, And On Their Podcast (Video)

Off field: An outspoken sports and media figure. And you gotta figure he was an on-field nightmare to folks who tried to D him up (feels like a ‘pause’ should be put on that, so ‘pause’ just in case). Nonetheless, a good get and dream guest for Power 105: Terrell Owens… AND Matthew Hatchette. Take ’em as a set.

Terrell Owens & Matthew Hatchette Talk Reputation, Colin Kaepernick, XFL + Their New Podcast
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

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Drink Champs: Steve Rifkind (Video)

Holy sh!t… The p*ssy there was ridiculous… I mean it was just ridiculous… I think I really wanna be in this record business!

Wow. Is N.O.R.E. gassing this dude? More so than the usual way he does during guest introductions… maybe. Definition of ‘C.E.O.’ (debatable, he might say) and Inventor of the ‘Street Team’ (since 1981, not up for debate, don’t come for him): It’s Steve Rifkind.

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are The Drink Champs. On today’s episode The Champs chop it up with legendary Record Executive Steve Rifkind. Best known for being the founder and chairman of Loud Records and of SRC Records. Rifkind signed artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Three 6 Mafia and more!

Steve is the inventor of the “Street Team” and in the 90’s / early 2000’s his methods and strategies helped revolutionize the way artists campaigns were marketed and promoted. Steve shares great stories about working with the legendary Quincy Jones and Jimmy Iovine.

As Johnathan Rifkind and Randy Ackerjoin the conversation, Steve Rifkind shares historic stories about legends such as Big Pun, ODB and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Steve announces that DMX is working on a new album and the 25th Anniversary concert celebrating Loud Records; which was held at the Radio City Music Hall featuring legendary Loud Records artists.

Lots of great stories and valuable gems that you don’t want to miss.

– whoscrazy

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Curren$y – “Gambling Shack” feat. T.Y. (Prod. By DJ Fresh) [Video]

N!gga, these is raps, but these is survival facts.

Once again Curen$y is trying to keep y’all current with how this Jet Life is lived. And this go ’round, the lesson is about how TREACHEROUS it can get out here! T.Y. got his back over at the “Gambling Shack.”

The Tonight Show available now on all streaming platforms
– Jet Life Recordings



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State Of The Culture: Season 2, Episode 11 (Video)

You know what. There is some good, DOPE media being made out here nowadays. Not huge in scale, so some (read: many) might miss it. But I am watching, and highlighting it as I come across it. Much richer than a ‘Black Entertainment Tonight’… This episode of State Of The Culture is epic. Plus, the eye candy on the bookends (Eboni K. Williams & Remy Ma though… mm mm MM)!

On the 11th episode of Season 2, Joe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Jinx & Eboni K. Williams sound off on the following topics: Kobe Bryant’s Legacy (6:42), Wendy Williams (34:19), Community heroes (39:20), Oscar’s diversity (40:45), Janet Jackson (50:40), Lil Wayne’s album ‘Funeral’ (54:12), Drake (56:32), Quentin Miller (59:58), Lil Pump retiring (1:04:37), Jussie Smollett being indicted (1:05:11), Who Said That? (1:10:51), 20 Years Since Big Pun’s Passing (1:21:00).


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4-IZE – “Verse 167” (Prod. By Dame Grease) [Video]


I should have gotten this up as soon as 4-IZE put this out. Listen and you’ll get it. I mean, the bite is still hard in this. But the pain would have hit even harder and even more different then. So RAW!

🎧 “We’ll Always Love Black Mamba” (produced by @DameGrease129)


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D Smoke – “Black Habits” (Video)

Black Magic. Black Excellence. Black Habits…

Better believe you all that my brothers and sisters. If you don’t yet, go ahead and push play and get to boppin’ and noddin’ to this D Smoke. Yeah, get all this Smoke in your system and let it [re]build you up fam!

Title track to the new album out now, here’s the visual for “Black Habits.”



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Performance: Cypher Of All Cyphers 10 (Video)

Ten is a milestone. You know, ain’t a lot of people with 10 cyphers out there.

True. But just because you do 10 of a thing doesn’t mean it’s gonna have the goods… Oh wait, Cypher Of All Cyphers 10 features Goodz. Okay, well played!

King Clive TV does it again as they bring you the 10th installment of the highly anticipated Cypher Of All Cyphers Series. Hosted by AMPZ this cypher features Goodz Da Animal, OT The Real, Ahdi Boom, Bones Brigante and more!!


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Watch Dr. Dre’s All-Star Tribute To Late NBA Legend Kobe Bryant (Video)


It can’t get much more West Side than this; than one of the greatest producers paying homage to one of the greatest ballers… EVER! The greatest LA beatmaker doing the damn thing for the greatest LA Laker (that’s coming from other Laker greats like Magic Johnson)

Dr. Dre delivers an epic tribute to Kobe Bryant with the help of Gibson Hazard and Jack Bannon.
– NBA on TNT

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