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Decoding Marvel: All The X-Men Explained In One Clip (Video)

Now, this is what we needed. Why hasn’t this been done before now? You think you know your X-Men? Watch this and see? Every X-Man… er… person… is covered in this Marvel character timeline video above. From the 1960s to today. Nice!

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Respect: Buckshot Remembers The Time Tupac Stood Up To Suge Knight For Him & His Crew (Video)

Some things from way back when affect us to this day. Such must be the case of this story Buckshot shared about Tupac standing firm against the wishes of his Death Row label boss Marion ‘Suge’ Knight on behalf of his homie Buckshot and the rest of his crew. If you are an artist, and you swear you have people around that are truly down… think… would they have bucked up (and possibly f#cked up) with the man who held their career in hand?

AND Snoop was already on the plane??? Damn. Salute to the fallen soldier. What a story!

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The Daily Show’s Senior International Correspondent ‘Trevor Noah’ Reports On Boko Haram…Because Somebody Should! (Video)

Watching our posts from The Daily Show, you are probably familiar with the way Jon Stewart and his people dance along the fine line political satire – the one that separates comedy and tragedy. Trevor Noah (repeat ‘contributing reporter’) files this report on happenings in Boko Haram – with an all but in-your-face jab at the West’s lack of media coverage of such.

“Africa Is The Vegas of Islamic Terror: What Happens In Africa Stays In Africa”

That’s the punchline of the night, but you can tell that the audience was struggling to find it’s funny bone. Is it that we are that under-informed… or insensitive… or desensitized… or suffering that much from an attention deficit disorder, being crippled by news media currently chasing down leads on ‘deflated balls’ in the NFL or…

Yes… yes… okay dammit… YES!

Watch this report. We have to get our political and current affairs news from somewhere… even if Comedy Central is in the lead reporting it… AGAIN!

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Cormega Speaks Truth About Hip-Hop, Respect For Joey Bada$$ And More (Video)

We want to be great. We want to leave legacies… I’m motivated by that…

Cormega, in a short but power-packed sit-down, talks of what should be making Hip-Hop strong (watch that accent NY MC’s), makes a couple of knocks on his art and R&B/Soul (UK… respect), on wanting to link with Joey Bada$$, what’s on Cormega’s plate and more.


Screenshot 2015-01-25 20.46.27

Eye Candy: Van Styles Gives A Photographer’s Perspective on Shooting Models (Video)

Late pass on discovering this video, but professional photographer Van Styles highlights the difference we appreciate when photographers shoot models. Everyone will get bored at looking at naked women, but how do you make it creative & turn it into art. Van Styles does just that.

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Oddisee x Phonte – “Requiem”

“I got the blues; and I watch the news. Like, n!gga what the f#ck I’m supposed to tell my kids?”

Jazzy bluesy bap joint “Requiem” is from the forthcoming Mello Music Group compilation album “Persona” (due out March 10, 2015; but you can hit the pre-order link below). Of course, Oddisee is on the beat (double duty). Here’s more.

Persona unveils the murderer’s row that is the Mello roster of 2015. Oddisee, Apollo Brown, yU, L’Orange, Red Pill, Open Mike Eagle, Rapper Big Pooh, Quelle Chris. The stars of the present teamed with timeless innovators like Phonte (Little Brother), Blockhead, Ras Kass, Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Oh No, Masta Ace, and Bilal Salaam. The result is something that binds current greats with the pioneers who paved the asphalt. It’s both a historical moment and hard as hell.

If most compilations are nothing more than a loosely thrown together collection of songs, Persona boasts meticulous focus. These aren’t spare tracks, they’re potent messages and poisonous darts. “Requiem” finds Phonte and Oddisee indicting American racism and Xenophobia with fury and precision…

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The KURATAS Mechanized Suit Will Let You Live Out Your Sci-Fi Battle Fantasies For Only $1 Million (Video)

Why? Why? WHYYYY don’t you have a million bucks laying around so we can buy the KURATAS suit? Designed in 2012 so anyone can pilot it, the suit runs on diesel and has a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour. AND it has lots of “weapons,” automatic alignment targeting; even a machine gun with a “smile shot” feature.

Careful while enjoying. Too much grinning can be dangerous in this thing… BUT… imagine all the Gundam, Transformer, Toonami play this would get…

Man. For only a million dollars… and a lifetime pass to DragonCon.

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Malik B x Mr. Green – “We Gonna Make It” feat. Nate Green (Video)

“We Gonna Make It” (featuring Nate Green) is a hold-your-head-up song with a much cheerier feel. Guess that’s the point of such songs, right? This gone-be-alright jawn is a lead leak off the forthcoming “Unpredictable” project from Malik B and Mr. Green (due out February 24, 2015). Check out the video above. And don’t worry, we have the LP’s pre-order link below so you can cop as early as you like. See? Better already…


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Beatz & Lyrics Show with Jayforce Tonite 9pm-12mid EST / 6pm-9pm PST Uncensored on @ablradio

image1In addition to all the great new music that will be spun, this week the team of Jayforce, Twice Born The God, & Odell are prepared to speak on various issues such as the upcoming Super Bowl & #Deflategate involving the New England Patriots, the death of 26-year-old A$AP Yams who was the founder the harlem based A$AP Mob, & recapping what happened earlier in the week as it pertains to the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.



Follow The Music Playlist via Twitter: @BeatzLyricsATL



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The 15 Project By ‘Fahamu Pecou’ at the ‘High Museum Of Art’ (Video)

Fahamu Pecou is an Artist, Scholar, Father, oh and he is also known as THE SHIT!  He recently had another edition of his Artist Live Talk Show The 15Project (Andy Warhol was famously quoted as saying “…in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”) The 15 Project facilitates that claim as an irreverent fusion of pop culture, fine art, sketch comedy, musical entertainment and much more.  The show was co hosted by Fabian Williams with DJ Kemit on the 1’s & 2’s and this went down at the renown High Museum. Read the rest of this entry »

The Legendary Jim Brown Joins Discussion On Manhood & Race with The #ZoWhat Morning Show (Video)

In 2015 there are many images shown of men (Black Men in particular) not a lot of them flattering. What is it to be a MAN?  Has society worked to suppress Alpha males?  These are all great questions and a great discussion about this was lead by Zo Williams.  Zo aka “The Voice of Reason” an author, life coach, & relationship specialist tackles this topic on his Zo What Morning Show. To help with the discussion he has his co hosts Geoff Brown (Comedian) and Dr. Mark Goulston with special guests legendary Jim Brown and author Tim Wise. So check this out and note that M.A.N. =(Manifest Answers Now) so check out some quality reality TV and learn something!

-ArtByOdell / SoundCloud

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R&B: Raheem DeVaughn – “Temperature’s Rising”

Confession: You could overdose on Raheem DeVaughn posts on this site. Just saying. That said, here’s why: DeVaughn has consistently dropped the smoothest brand of R&B that is not appreciated by nearly enough. We correct that oversight over here. “Temperature’s Rising” has you thinking about that R. Kelly line huh? Yeah, you keep thinking that… and press play.

From the new album ‘Love, Sex, Passion’ available February 17th, 2015.

Oh, you can pre-order the album at the link here.


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Joey Bada$$ – “Born Day (AquariUS)” [Prod. By Statik Selektah]

Who’s Bad? Joey Bad. Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning… Bada$$!! You get it. And now you got it. Stream access to Statik Selektah chopping up a Nas line to get the beat for the Joey Bada$$ rhyme going. Hella dope. Press play and get some of this “Born Day” for FREE (download link follows)!


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R&B/Soul: Stacy Barthe – “Live For Today” feat. Common

Definite soul with intermittent Hip-Hop – today’s forecast for this dope storm moving through your system as soon as you hit play. Stacy Barthe does her thing, like always. But adding Common is how you add a head nod to the body rock you are about to indulge in. Go ‘head. You can play this “Live For Today” now.

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R&B: The Weeknd – “Earned It” (Video) [NSFW]

Is… is he singing to that woman’s tit…? See what happens when you fall through for the nooner? Let the Weeknd start your weekend right? You “Earned It” (this video for the first single off the “50 Shades Of Grey” movie soundtrack, that is).

Before you press play: You see it’s marked, Not Safe For Work” right?

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Classic Clips: 12-Year Old Kanye West Recites Poem Dedicated To Martin Luther King, Jr (Video)

Any of you have to do that MLK Jr. Day poem… in front of the school? Were you nervous? Got it on video? Did you go mega-platinum and marry a Kardashian later in life? Good for you: So did Kanye! Aww, watch li’l Yeezy give his very important reading in tribute to a very important man.

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A Fan Tribute To J Dilla’s “Donuts” (Video)

You’re a J Dilla fan. Yeah, but how much? If you love Dilla, you will love watching this. If you LOVE Dilla… you can understand the motivation for making a visual mish-mash like this. Spread the love, and share this (after watching).

A personal project celebrating the works of J Dilla (RIP), beginning with an exploration of Donuts (2006).

For more info on the full project:

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Black Dave – “Respect The Intellect”

FREE download beloooowww! “Respect The Intellect” of Black Dave for that idea; getting this good Hip-Hop out here en masse. Off the forthcoming “Skate Life” EP.


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Anarchy (Trailer)

Solid ensemble cast. Compelling story. The trailer above is teasing some must-see viewing. Might have to get in a theater seat this Spring to catch a first showing.

[“Anarchy” is] a gritty story of a take-no-prisoners war between dirty cops and an outlaw biker gang. Now, a drug kingpin (Ed Harris) is driven to desperate measures in this explosive film based on Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline.”

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Ludacris – “Lituation” (Freestyle)

Bars and bars and BARS! Luda decided to wait for it… wait for it… then jump the Fabolous “Lituation” track like a beast on safari. Yep, it’s another Ludaverses Freestyle for “Lituation” for y’all to enjoy.


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