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Baboons In The Office… And All Over The Internet (Video)

These folks NAILED it with these baboon gifs so long before there was a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. on which to share them. Baboons are already strikingly close to humans in their mannerisms, making them good fodder for all kinds of funny. But that ‘uploaded resume’ laptop shove gif… EVERYBODY knows and/or has felt that one. Hahaaaa!

Hear from the geniuses that started the trend before ‘trending’ was a thing.

(The Harts are surprisingly good-natured about missing out on all that licensing paper, too. Good clip.)

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Dumbfoundead – “Safe” (Video)

Shots fired. I’mmo reload!

In a word: Wow! OkayPlayer gets the credit for spotlighting Dumbfoundead. The Korean-American emcee takes to the mic (and above visual) to call Hollywood on [more of] its bullsh!t. We heard about the ‘lack of Black’ at The Oscars. But dude pointed out that the most ‘Yellow’ you saw then was the award statue.

BURN! Hollywood burn!

After the last Academy Awards and the regular whitewashing of Hollywood roles, I wrote this song and made this video to add my piece to the conversation. If you have any experiences or stories about this issue join the discussion at

You can actually get this single at iTunes.


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Travel: What To Do In Vegas (Parts 1 & 2) [Video]

Definite niceness as you see what Vegas has to offer through a couple’s eyes. More than just the clubs and casinos, way past the ‘Oceans Eleven’ view of the city. Watch vlogger Sazan Hendrix and her hubby Stevie do the town during the daytime (above) and after sundown (hit the jump).

Dude… a cupcake ATM… YOOOOO!


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Ultimate Industry Insider Steve Stoute And Kaz Speak On, Making Music & Marketing History And More (Video)

Steve Stoute – mogul, music exec, mover-and-shaker – has partnered with Kaz of and they are making a late major move, taking the online presence over to the print industry. Interesting, very interesting, as the media world seems to be moving off-page to online (e.g. the opposite direction). But we MUST hear these guys out; especially Stoute. Why?? Don’t tell us you don’t know about Stout’s marketing agency Translation LLC, the origin story of the tagline/jingle for McDonald’s “I’m Loving It” campaign, the State Farm ads…

Hmmm… if not, it would seem you have some Googling to do. But wait-wait. You can do a LOT of catch-up by just watching this interview (above). There is SO much more to tell, too. Hear these folks tell it!

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Technology: Nissan’s FPV Drone Is Insanely Fast (Video)

We’ve done our share of posts on drones on here for certain. We’ve even written up drone racing for sport. That might bring to mind just how fast these things go; but how fast is that really?

Well, Nissan has this GT-R Drone – one of the fastest accelerating FPV (First Person View) racing drones in the world. Watch it above, keeping up with the new 2017 Nissan GT-R while filming on the track.

Zero to 100, real quick. Like in less than two seconds. Crazy!

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Eye Candy: Roni Rose (Video)

Roni Rose. Mm mm mm! You’ve seen her before, right? Remember that perfect pic of the ‘random’ chick beaming Steph Curry down during the playoffs so seductively? Yeah, you do. The one Wiz Khalifa doctored up for his cover art for “More And More.”

Whew! Well, the pic probably wasn’t all that random. When you’re that fine, the camera tends to find you. Quality Honey on tap above. Plus her Instagram game is insane!



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DJ Premier, Kareem Biggs And Beef Jones Talk Roc-A-Fella History, Jay Z And “Reasonable Doubt” (Video)

Beef Jones hosts a sitdown with DJ Premier & Roc-A-Fella’s Kareem “Biggs” Burke. They discuss Jay Z’s classic “Reasonable Doubt” album. The video starts with a lot of prelim (some setup is going on); as this is a live online discussion forum while. The meat of the discussion is set out around the 11-minute mark. Check it out.

Interesting insights on Preem’s production process and some early history at The Roc (like who was the label’s first signee).

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Internet Famous: Keraun Harris And Simone Shepherd (Video)

Above: Cara Santa Maria is interviewing Vine power-couple ‘King Keraun’ Harris and Simone Shepherd at home to discuss how they juggle the demands of their current social media fame as they chase their ultimate dream: to build a lasting career as major Hollywood celebs.

Keraun Harris (“King Keraun”) and Simone Shepherd are two of the biggest celebrities on the internet, with millions of followers on Instagram, Vine, and YouTube. They’ve made a living entertaining the market segment that is called “Black Vine” or “Black Instagram.” For Keraun, social media has been a life-changer — just a few years ago, before he became a digital celebrity, he was in prison for robbery.

But how does a social media power couple actually live, and where do they go from here?

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Interview With The Creators Of “Tuskegee Heirs” at AwesomeCon 2016 (Video)

Major COOL!

Full disclosure: The cameraman/interviewer, going by the ‘Big O’ moniker, is NOT me. However, I am kind of envious of him. Watch this Blerd Verse Podcast ep with the artists/creators of the comic concept “Tuskegee Heirs” at AwesomeCon 2016. Blerd Verse – as in Black Nerd Universe all smashed together. Get ready to geek out on these guys homage and futuristic reinterpretation approach to the story of the heirs of the World War II pilots, The Tuskegee Airmen.

(More disclosure: I’m from Tuskegee… so I am extra GEEKED about all of this!)



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Is There A Link Between Former Toronto Mayor And The Dixon City Bloods? (Documentary)

As usual, VICE asks the toughest questions: Does the gang involved in the Rob Ford crack scandal actually exist? There is a neighborhood called Dixon. Truth. In 2013, police raided the area; alleging that a street gang called the “Dixon City Bloods” was responsible for crack and gun operations across southern Ontario. Facts. Several alleged gang members appeared in a photo with the former Toronto mayor, and the group released video that ignited his notorious crack scandal. And here we are…

But where are we for real? Can the gun violence, gang activity, street players’ moves, and media and police reports actually tie together in a substantial way; one that signifies a true criminal organization?

VICE investigates.


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Marvelous Mag – “Sade” (Letters From A Hethen) [Prod. By Madlib]

Marvelous continues his love-for-Women tributes as he drops this Madlib-produced track entitled “Sade” aka Letters From A Hethen. This is the smooth jazzy like sound that we’ve come accustomed to hear from Mr. Marvelous. The song explains what guys want to say to their lady when she’s upset and not understanding that he is not a normal Man and is doing what he can to be a gentleman and a street dude. He jumps on this unreleased Madlib track like the 2 were in the studio together and the beat was made for him. So sit back relax and listen to the sounds of Mr. Marvelous.

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Historical Brief: America Vs. Cuba (Documentary Short)

Bay of Pigs. Proxy warring between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Cold shoulders to Fidel Castro. An average American might know a little something about each or all of these pieces of U.S. vs. Cuba historic tension. However, the beef goes deeper and further back. Watch and learn what’s up and why Barack Obama’s Presidential visit to Cuba was so unprecedented.

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Eye Candy: Zmeena Orr (Video)

Mm mm mm! You gotta know that your booty is a whole other rare thing when your Instagram tagline is talking quotes for promotional twerking. Is that a thing? I mean, I know that thing she is packing is a ‘thang’ but PPT (pay-per-twerk, paper twerking)… That’s a thing?? Haa! I ain’t mad. Salutey to that bodacious bod and booty of Zmeena Orr! Watch above. Then scurry in a hurry to her ‘Grams. Yessuhhh!

(Did you HOLLER when she made it clap? I did.)



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Wiz Khalifa – “More And More” (Prod. By ID Labs x Jay Card x Dru Tang)

You get it? Wiz Khalifa blessed earlier with “So Much” and now it’s all about “More And More.” Okay, so we know Wiz biz is doing well enough to buy the premium smoke. Check out his new ‘joint’ produced by ID Labs, Jay Card and Dru Tang.


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Kimbo Slice: One Of A Kind (Trailer)

Check this out on Spike TV tonight (7 P.M. EST) before you head out. Should be good viewing.

One of the first YouTube stars, Kimbo Slice transformed himself from a viral sensation to a mixed martial arts icon. We pay tribute to the fighter and the man with “Kimbo Slice: One of a Kind.”


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The Birth Of A Nation (Official Trailer)

Okay, get ready for the why-can’t-you-just-let-it-go rhetoric… OR… the quiet silence/avoidance of some folks who are not ready to ‘read’ the pages left out of the history books. Regardless of how ‘they’ feel, Nate Parker is bringing it RAW to the big screen. We posted a teaser trailer earlier, but this is the full official trailer for this must-see Nat Turner story set to hit theaters in August – “The Birth Of A Nation.” Who’s ready??



(You know, they mentioned Nat Turner’s Revolt in the “Roots” reboot that aired on The History Channel a few weeks back. This movie is going to show what had ‘massa’ and his kin jumping like they were.)

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Fat Joe x Remy Ma – All The Way Up feat. French Montana x Snoop Dogg x The Game x E-40 (Westside Remix)

Game, Snoop, AND Fawty on that “All The Way Up” track. That’s GOT to be danky stanky funky! Well, you are about to find out (if you aren’t already listening to what they concocted for this remix)!


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Demrick – “Down To Roll” (Prod. By Cali Cleve) [Video]

Demrick leaked his “Down To Roll” single just in time for the release of his album, “Collect Call.” The West Coaster took it to West Hollywood for this vid. Demrick goes sing-songy on the Cali Cleve track, but with a bevy of beauties “Down To Roll,” we completely understand.


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R&B: Miguel – “Come Through And Chill” (Prod. By Salaam Remi)


Just say you will… Come Through And Chill

And, well, you know. Wow, Miguel’s trying to set your agenda for the next summer rainy night, isn’t he? HOT HOT HOT new jawn from Miguel produced by Salaam Remi entitled “Come Through And Chill.”

(So, y’all can skip the Netflix and fronting from now on. You’re welcome.)


In The End, U.S. Dollars Go ‘Green’ (Video)

Talk about making it rain for the environment. In a way, I guess this is using money to ensure we have the best soil for the best crops for people to consume. Watch how the U.S. takes dirty money (e.g. ‘spent currency’) and shreds and composts it to enrich gardening/farming soil.


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