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Z. Rich – “Tranquility” (Prod. By Sounds By Coop x Steven Chea) [Video]

More barz for the cause from the artist formerly known as Phene. He’s Z. Rich now, so get on the page. Taking it to the streets the righteous way in this video flanked by BIGREC and others. Peaceful, powerful protest footage being the backdrop; reinforcing the song’s theme. Super dope! “Tranquility” (produced by Sounds By Coop & Steven Chea) is what you want and what you want to see and hear right now.


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Technology: SAW Robot Moves On Its Own Like A Worm And Can Be Shrunk Down For Use As A Medical Device (Video)

Came across this on the Interwebs. A robot that ‘moves like a worm’ that could be ‘shrunk and sent into your intestine’ sounds like a good idea… but ONLY by comparison.

(Yeah, compared to camera jammed on the end of a tube being pushed up your rectum for that colonscopy.)

So, um, lets focus on the tech and other applications for the 3D-printed SAW (Single Actuator Wave-like) robot that swims, crawls and climbs.

Intelligent motion, ease of manufacturability, design for scalability… HUGE selling points for any tech. Think about how way less cool a Roomba would be if we had to keep checking on it and repositioning it to finish the vacuuming, or if it was really hard or expensive to make. Imagine if there is some ‘much bigger’ Roomba cleaning huge warehouse floors somewhere. And that’s scaling it to big. What about scaling smaller? Wouldn’t fields involving exploration of hard-to-reach, hard-to-negotiate areas find shrunk down versions of this tech VERY useful?

(Wait. Are we talking about robo-worming our guts again??? Maaan PAUSE! PAAAAUSE!)

Enjoy the expo above.


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Spider-Man: Homecoming (Latest Trailer)

Here we go yo! Spider-Man’s theatrical solo Marvel Universe debut (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”) is on us.

Does the suit make the man? Watch the all-new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer now and make sure to see it in theaters July 7.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in there. The Vulture (Michael Keaton) in there. Veterans like them giving young Spidey (Tom Holland) the business from all sides in this extended-length trailer!

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Eye Candy: Demi Rose [Instagram Girls] (Video)

Now, class, today we will observe stills and video of thick visual confection perfection; the Eye Candy known ’round the ‘Net as Demi Rose! While I understand your urge to ‘shush’ bystanders while ‘observing’ her loveliness… RELAX… she ain’t going nowhere player. The footage of this cutie was culled just for viewers like you to enjoy. So don’t stress, rather be blessed. In fact, invite those ‘bystanders’ to come take a look. Ogling Demi Rose is a fine way to let lust love conquer hate!



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Sleight (Trailer)

Have you seen “Get Out” yet? Well, hurry the f**k up maaaan… the producers are coming out with another flick that’s about to make that sh!t the OLD sh!t. Don’t get left behind! This is the trailer for “Sleight” – and it looks like about three movies’ worth of dopeness distilled into one incredible dramatic piece. Watching will have you thinking one thing from the start, feeling that way then changing that up, then ending up in a whole other reality!

(Hmmm… WWE, the ‘rasslin folks, is on board for marketing. And Dulé Hill from Ballers is in there.)

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BFyne Designs With Curvy Women In Mind (Video)

Hmmm… you know, if I did not know any better, I would say BFyne Designs is parading sistas of all hues and shapes to show us that every shade of womanhood is all good. Black is beautiful – in the sexiest ways. Pretty bold stance (wink). May not sell many outfits, but I am sold on the concept AND this video!

An unapologetic tribute to women’s curves and confidence, with purposely cut lines and strategically placed seams to make any figure alluring.

Who am I kidding??? BFyne is gonna sell SO many Designs with models this fine. Ah, the desert evening approaches, so warm and inviting. Hot, and cool, at the same damn time!


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Black Women’s Defense League (Video)

Something about that U.S. Army Oath Of Allegiance comes to mind: ‘support and defend… against all enemies foreign and domestic.’ The documentary above starts off getting right into the range of threats posed to the Black woman by a myria of factions, all the way down to Black men. In the tradition of the Black Panthers, and holding to their radical activist philosophical underpinnings in many ways, the Black Women’s Defense League (BWDL) is all about Black women fighting against the oppressor for each other.

VICE’s Wilbert L. Cooper meets the Black Women’s Defense League, a Dallas-based womanist organization notable for its pro-gun stance. As he follows them from their political education classes to their firearms training, he sees how they fight against White supremacy and patriarchal violence.

On ‘support and defend’… These sistas are definitely doing community education, empowerment and nutrition programs the Panthers intiated and implemented. But note the use of the word ‘many’ when it comes to what Pather traditions BWDL will support and defend… Founder Neicy X says that, unlike in the past, BWDL is NOT toeing the line for ‘the cause’ so far that it even compromises the liberty of women – like not standing against the abuse of their mates. No! ANY enemy, including an abusive husband/mate/relative, can catch a bad one!

Interesting viewpoints – about the right to self-defense, gun ownership (and the U.S.’s racist historical stance against Black ownership) and the inherent dangers, how some see women with guns as sexy (which BWDL does not mind, but stresses that the guns ‘are for USE’) and more – shared in this VICE short documentary.

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James Lewis “Love or Lust” (Video) & ATL Show

A little over a year ago I went to interview Waldo an emcee from Grand Rapids Michigan.  He was performing in Atlanta for the first time. He has worked side by side with the likes of Sango & Soulection music collective.  I posted the video on and the visuals was shot by James Lewis.  He told me that night the show inspired him and that he wants to be more in front of the camera going forward.  Well fast forward and James Lewis is releasing quality material like his new track “Love or Lust”.  Oh and James Lewis is performing here in ATL March 30th at Aisle 5 opening up for you guessed it Waldo.  This didn’t happen by luck this came about from hard work and staying the course.  So check out the new visuals and make your way to Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points on Thursday March 30th for one heck of a show. Waldo, James Lewis, Cheeze Weez w/B.M.G., & Seventh!


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Young ‘Yoga Warriors’ Fighting For A Better Future For Themselves (Video)

Providing focus and structure to our youth. Off the streets, out of trouble, onto a directed path of achievement; by getting onto the yoga mats. These kids are learning coping skills, and they are choosing ‘to live by choice, not by chance.’ Great stuff!

These teenagers in Baltimore are practicing yoga, meditation and martial arts to help them cope with emotions and control impulse actions. It’s part of Project Pneuma, which means ‘breath’ in ancient Greek, set up to support young black men in overcoming some of the barriers that might hold them back at school.
– Guardian US


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How An 80s Arnold Schwarzenegger Film Predicted Our Future (Video)

First, it was NOT “Terminator”… That isn’t the film; not yet.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi film The Running Man first premiered in 1987, it presented a dark vision of the US in the year 2017: economically depressed, ruled by the military, and obsessed with a reality TV show. It seemed far-fetched at the time, even to its creators. But on the eve of reality TV-star-turned President Donald Trump’s inauguration, it seems more timely and plausible than ever. Watch all the parallels between this retro sci-fi film and reality in our inaugural episode of Future Shock.
– VICE Motherboard

Good start for VICE’s newest Motherboard series: Future Shock. Somehow you always knew Schwarzenegger would figure into the future somehow. Actually, even more chilling than the idea of an unstoppable time-traveling murder-bot… that part in Sly Stallone’s “Demolition Man” where they talked about President Schwarzenegger (whew)!

Of course, we might come to wish for that. We’ll see…

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The Making Of De La Soul’s “Three Feet High And Rising”

Mass Appeal kept the storytelling going; beyond its dope documentary effort “De La Soul Is Not Dead” (posted on here earlier) to tell the story of how the trio’s seminal album (“Three Feet High And Rising”) ultimately came to be.

…we dig deeper into the De La files to bring you an untold story in the words of two Tommy Boy Records staffers. Rod Houston—who elevated from mail room, to assistant to Tom Silverman, to the head of the label’s music video department—and Bryan Adams, the label’s long-time head of publicity. During an interview that didn’t make the final cut for the film, they shared details of De La Soul’s earliest studio sessions, how De La first got down with Tommy Boy and why their debut album almost didn’t include that monster hit that would change the course of their lives forever.

Tommy Boy Records, George Clinton… and they went all the way back to early Stetsasonic. Wow. Worthy reading!

Eye Candy: Jeneva Diaz (Video)

The way to success in this Eye Candy game: Make sure the video is high-quality & just let the music play while the model playfully goes about expressing herself. No offensive words. No crass gesturing or moves. Just a pretty girl and some pretty dope music, and we’ll be fine.

Especially if the package features someone as sexy and THICK as Jeneva Diaz in it. Mercy, mercy, MERCY! Wooooosaaaah!

Aaarrrgh! But I cannot find a stash of pics for the lovely Jeneva. And BELIEVE me, I looked! I will keep an eye out for an Instagram or something for her though. Bet that.


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Justice League (Trailer #2)

Haaa! Batman threw out that line from “Kick Ass” on him: His power is that he is ‘rich as sh!t.’

Hey, in pulling together a band of superheroes to defend the Earth against an alien threat, that has gotta help, though. Because… better snacks and stuff, right? But, of course, this coming “Justice League” movie is the next all-in gamble for DC to balance some huge L’s (Green Lantern, and lackluster Batman vs. Superman, looking at y’all). So an epic trailer that hints at a more epic movie-watching experience is a must.

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes – Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash – it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.
– KinoCheck International

Okay. This will do. Enjoy the trailer. Salivate while you wait on the November big screen debut.

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DJ CAVEM Moetavation – “I’m a Sunwarrior” (Prod. By Sticman) [Video]

You remember us talking about Ietef Vita aka DJ CAVEM on here, right? Well, the O.G. (Organic Gardener) is back with some more real talk… and granted, a bit of product promotion, in a dope visual presentation. Beautiful! In many ways. Just press play. You’ll see.

Produced by DJ CAVEM and Sticman of Dead Prez.


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Activist Tim Wise Gives “Anti-Racism” Lecture at University Of California (Video)

Nearly 90 minutes strong, this is video of the lecture given by Anti-Racist Tim Wise as part of UC Santa Barbara’s “Resilient Love In A Time Of Hate” series. Designed and delivered to ‘promote conversation and creative work that will forge a love-driven response to hate, hurt, and fear.’

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The Lost Streets Of Chicago (Documentary)

The caution on language for this BBC documentary. If that is what folks fret most about this video, then maybe they should not watch. Just saying, if harsh words make you cringe, you cannot possibly take an expose of the harsh reality Chicagoans face. Worse, if you are MORE affected by the language than the subject matter, you fail as a human.

Know what. Watch either way. We must do better. But first, we must not shy away. Otherwise, our great city will be lost.

Killings in Chicago have hit a 20-year high as the grim toll for homicides passes 500. The BBC’s Ian Pannell and Darren Conway explore a world where gangs and guns rule.
– BBC News

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All Jokes Aside (Documentary)

Something about every time Tichina talks in this is moving. Just saying.

This “All Jokes Aside” video is a documentary that celebrates black female comedians and takes a closer look at their varied representations and styles. After the jump, you can watch the Q&A panel moderated by Franchesca Ramsey. Featured in the documentary are Tichina Arnold, Michelle Buteau, Marie Faustine, Tiffany Haddish, Luenell, Yvonne Orji, April Reign, Amanda Seales, Sasha Stewart, Sydnee Washington, and Debra Wilson.

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The Gang From ‘The Warriors’ Reunite For One Last Ride (Video)

Decades ago, “The Warriors”… came out to plaaaaay, and the fans went wild. Obviously still going wild today! Nice piece by Rolling Stone magazine.

Most of the cast members that made up the titular street gang in the 1979 cult classic The Warriors reunited on the Q Train on September 13th to take one last ride together to Coney Island, where hundreds waited at a fan-organized event celebrating the Walter Hill-directed film. “These subways are different than they were in 1978,” actor Michael Beck, who played the head-Warrior-in-charge Swan in the film, told Rolling Stone on the voyage to the Boardwalk.

And the video. Dope! Updating the movie watch list. Gotta find & cue up “The Warriors” and press plaaaaay. Ha!


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Eye Candy: Sisters In Formation (Video)

So, I was gonna start this post with one of two statements: (1) “Aha! Bet you came here looking for some Beyonce’ & Solange type hotness” or (2) “Now, THESE sistas could feature at any halftime and make the wackest ball game a SUPER bowl event!”

(What’cha think? It’s the 2nd one right? And I’d follow with something like…)

Yes indeed! These sexy steppers’ halftime would be SHOWTIME for sure. And if they were in the parade before the game, I would be UP early that morning! Look at them sashaying down the street; bringing that HEAT! Beautiful. I used to look forward to parade folks tossing candy from the floats. But THESE Honeyz ARE the candy… and just like when I was a young knucklehead, I still feel like hollering, “Hey! Hey Ladies! Over here! THROW SOME OVER HERE! We need to treats over here!”

(Yeah, the second opening works much better. Shout to the Knowles sisters though. Enjoy the video!)


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CyHi The Prynce – “Legend” (Video)

“For Legend, I wanted to give the fans a strong performance video to show people where I’m from, my hometown Decatur/Stone Mountain, GA.”

Mission accomplished, CyHi The Prynce! Of course, the single was already dope enough to demand a video worthy of “Legend”… but with work out like what CyHi did over on Sway’s show, whatever else HAD to be dope, too! This vid did kid.


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