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10 Essentials Pusha T Can’t Live Without (Video)

Of course, the Rolex watches. Of course, his Cartier game on point. And if you see Push out pushing, he got it on him. But what are the other gotta-haves for the Pusher? Let’s let him speak on that above.

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DJ Whoo Kid – “NY Sh!t” feat. Young Buck x Raekwon

Shaolin Chef Raekwon and Cashville’s Young Buck doing it up on some “NY Sh1t” with DJ Whoo Kid.


NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series Presents: Khalid (Video)

Can’t help but love the music. Can’t help but root for the singer. Well, here he is with an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Khalid is here (above), so wait no longer… click that play button and reward your soul with music from a young spirit.

Khalid’s music narrates life’s awkwardly necessary moments: the butterflies of young love, the angst of craving freedom, the apprehension of teetering on that next step in life. He creates honest, comforting pop for teens and young adults that speaks to the kid in all of us. Accompanied only by acoustic guitarist Jef Villaluna, the 20-year-old sensation captured this fleeting fearlessness of youth and brought it to the Tiny Desk for a heartfelt serenade session. The way his voice glided calmly over the guitar notes, switching between baritone and tenor, was fitting given that he sings about teenage peaks and pitfalls. Khalid’s sense of wide-eyed yet humble wonder permeates through the entire set.
– NPR Music

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Casanova Speaks On Squashed Beef With Tekashi 69 And Joey Badass Speaks On Fatherhood (Video)

Dope. But wait though. Did Casanova say Rosenberg was a ‘wrong person’… on his show? Hahaa. Dude don’t give a what!!

Joey Bada$$ joins Peter Rosenberg on the latest episode of “Open Late,” where he breaks down his role on “Mr. Robot,” his love for Erykah Badu and reveals that he recently became a father. Plus, Casanova, Jackie Cruz and Mouse Jones join the panel to debate the XXL Freshman cover, Tekashi 69 and more.
– Complex

AraabMuzik in there (we see you) and Jackie Cruz (with the lacy boots, whew)!

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Mobb Deep – “Boom Goes the Cannon”

Been a year since we lost Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Lin-Manuel Miranda (of ‘Hamilton’ fame) and others have not forgotten to be certain. Check out a snip of some unreleased heat he had from The P.


Snoop Dogg Speaks On Suge Knight And 2Pac Confronting Nas In New York (Video)

Wow. This clip puts that ‘gangsta’ stuff in perspective. A must-watch…

Snoop Dogg took a trip down memory lane with Arian Foster of the Now What? Podcast. During the exclusive, Snoop mentioned that 2Pac once confronted Nas in NYC around the time of the MTV Awards. Snoop also revealed that Nas had an armed crew with him during the confrontation — maybe even close to 100 people.
DJ Vlad

Good talk, starting with words on athletes and artists being considered in a common space.

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Drink Champs: Pusha T (Video)

Current online speak would be that we ‘get the tea’ from Push in this sit-down… but ain’t no tea on the table man. None! Good talk with G.O.O.D. Music’s main man (not named Ye at least).

Pusha shares some of his inspiration behind DAYTONA, working in Wyoming with Kanye, how beef started with Lil Wayne, exchanging disses with Drake, J. Prince’s comments, and more.
– Revolt TV

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Pusha T – “If You Know You Know” (Video)

You know the grind mode motto: Keep it pushing. Well, who better to know so and do so than Pusha T? Simply put, “If You Know You Know,” and Push knows. Check out his latest off “Daytona.”


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Amanda Seales Is ‘Smart, Funny & Black’ (Video)

Put some intellek on it… artistes… I mean, if I’m speaking pacifically…
Amanda Seales

Not low key with my crush on Amanda Diva Seales for real. So lovely. A frequent guest of The Breakfast Club, the crew has her up for another sit-down. Always great talk when she comes through…

Amanda Seales On Her ‘Smart, Funny & Black’ Tour, Social Media Ranting, Hip-Hop + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Haaaa! A perfect mix of ‘ratchetness’ and righteousness. C Tha God nailed it.


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“Creed II” Is About Way More Than Boxing (Trailer)

So we’re doing this. Saw some scuttlebutt and doctored clips claiming to be ‘trailers’ before, but this comes from the star himself (Michael B. Jordan aka RIP Killmonger). Official.

Expect “Creed II” to continue the ‘Rocky’ franchise in a major, critically acclaimed, way. Trailer above.

(Thanksgiving release. Big. But is that name on the opponent’s robe… DRAGO??? Avenge your pop’s death, Creed!)

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Prodigy – “Stay Chiseled” (Freestyle) / “Thief’s Theme” (Freestyle)

Two freestyles to commemorate melancholy Mobb memories. RIP Prodigy. Might make you feel a way today. But you heard his bro HavocMobb Deep 4 Life! Celebrate the Dun!



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MarQ Spekt – “BullsEYE” feat. Roc Marciano x Him LO (Prod. By Prospek)

MarQ Spekt always cooking with the hottest flame. This “BullsEYE” is just off the stove, cheffed up with Roc Marciano and Him LO. Ladled over the roasted beat by Prospek. Off the “At War With The Shadows” LP. Dig in!


Tamia – “Leave It Smokin’” (Prod. By Salaam Remi) [Video]

The LP is coming this September, but Tamia is giving us a taste of that ‘Passion’ right now. Smouldering… She’s just gone “Leave It Smokin’” (produced by Salaam Remi) like that now, huh? Yep.


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Comedy: Keep It Lit. Hit Her With The ‘Henny D**k’ (Video)

Is there such a thing as ‘too far’ when it comes to 50 Central going for the funny? I’m asking…

Vince Swann tries out the next craze in helping his member stay lit.
– BETNetworks

Harder than Black Panther’s armor. Yeah, she finna get it!


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Drake – “I’m Upset” (Video)

So Jimmy went back to Degrassi, no wheelchair, and brought ‘Jay & Silent Bob’ with him? Sure. Because why not wild the f**k out?! Especially if Drake is like “I’m Upset.”



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Joe Moses – “Bag” feat. Wiz Khalifa (Video)

So I listened… and heard something about her giving head so good Joe called her BRAINIAC… So I started back at the top like REEEEWIIIND! Get into this “Bag” (featuring Wiz Khalifa) and see if it’s ‘money’ to you. Off the “SuWop” EP.



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50 Central Needs These Actors To Be A Little More ‘Urban’ At Their Auditions (Video)

So right, but so wrong. Hahaaa!

I will admit to being a little uncomfortable, so I know the actors were when they got the Black card slammed down on them at the audition all of a sudden. Ole girl reeeeally drew it out for effect and let them sweat before letting them in on the joke.

Now, what would happen if you went to an audition & they told you to be ‘more Urban?’


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Chadwick Boseman Shares ‘Best Hero’ Award With Real-Life Hero James Shaw Jr. (Video)

Maaan #WakandaForever

Chadwick Boseman did a real ‘king move’ when he got that MTV Movie Award for best ‘Best Hero’… sending it home with James Shaw Jr., the brother who stopped the waffle house shooter in Tennessee. Dope!

(And don’t think I missed how HOT the presenters, Olivia Munn and Zazie Beetz, are in this clip. Whew! Psylocke and Domino, from Marvel movies, on the MTV stage, at the same time… WINNING!)


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Marlon Wayans Draws On His Life For The Truth, The ‘Funny’ And Speaks On His Realness In Family Relationships (Video)

The dude behind Envy was already laughing right at the start of this clip. Buckle up for funny! Without fail, I always think back to when Keenan, Damon, and Shawn Wayans were on BET’s Teen Summit back, back in the day, saying y’all think we are funny… You haven’t seen funny… just amping how crazy Marlon (a bit too young for TV at the time) is. And they were right. He’s matured since, and added some ‘tone’ to his funniness, but still hilarious…

Marlon Wayans Finds The Funny In Everything, Talks Season Two Of ‘Marlon’ + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Eye Candy: Alicia Marie Cosplays Princess Leia From ‘Star Wars’ (Video)

Okay, let’s play a new game called ‘Sexiest 15 Seconds On The Internet’… GO! Matter of fact, STOP. You are NOT coming anywhere close to beating this Alicia Marie entry. So I win… We ALL win, actually.


(And if Alicia Marie looks familiar, she should. Good eye! Posted on her dope cosplay as part of Wakanda’s Dora Milaje a while back.)


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