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M-Dot – “The Atonement” (Prod. By Pete Rock)

Shout out to Revalation (of EMS) again. Letting me know that his bredren got the biggest get yet: Pete Rock production! Hellooooo! Rev linked this track to me, and now I share it with you. And I started penning this post as I hit play (because I knew it was gonna be flames)!

As M-Dot tells it, he and the legendary producer met in 2017 when they were on the same bill for a show in Switzerland. The two showed mutual admiration for their talents and kept in touch ever since, eventually leading to their making music together.

The first result of that work is “The Atonement,” a bars-first, punishing track that demonstrates M-Dot’s love for the art of rhyming. He flexes some crazy patterns and internal rhymes atop Pete’s fittingly chilling instrumental, leaving us hoping that this is the only the first of many collaborations we hear from them this year.

In addition to Pete Rock, egO anD The eneMy 2: A Dissolute Paradise boasts production and guest appearances from the likes of Erick Sermon, Apollo Brown, !llmind, M-Phazes, Method Man, Willie The Kid, Vast Aire, and more.



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Quelle Chris x Chris Keys – “Sudden Death” (Video)

Just clear that desktop and start fresh. Just let your seat back take a breath. You’ll find it’s worth it cause life ain’t perfect.

File this under ‘what in the…’

Okay, let me tell you how your first time watching experience is going to go. You read the title like, “Whoa!” And you recognize that Quelle Chris got spits, repping Mellow Music, all that. Then that Mellow Chris Keys Music drops, and you’ll be like, “Ooookaaay. Just wait until the drop, and when the BAR show begins… WOOOOWEE!”

And then, while waiting, a few minutes later, you see the final credits.

And now your mouth is open. Yeah. Now watch, and let it happen. Very different. Gotta play this again.


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Che Noir – “Win Lose Or Draw” (Prod. By 38 Spesh) [Video]

And none of these rap n!ggas never will top me.
And that’s a hard pill to swallow but I’m Bill Cosby.

Awwww she’s adorable… Wait… Is that a Wu-Tang shirt she’s rocking? And hold up… Is that a 38 Spesh beat spinning up? Uh ohhhh, it was a trap! Che Noir got more BARZ than all the jails, and she just LOCKED the cell. We’re going NOWHERE. Not you. Not me. Not until we get this work!

Che Noir, the First Lady of Trust Army, delivers her latest album titled “Juno,” entirely produced by 38 Spesh.

Features include Eto, Jai Black, Ransom, Planet Asia, Street Justice and Klass Murda.

Here’s an official music video for “Win Lose or Draw” off of the project.

Directed by Panoramic Films @panoramicfilms

“Juno” available now on all major streaming platforms.

– PaperChaserDotCom



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Reese Bangem – “Rapped Out Freestyle” (Prod. By Ego Cruz) [Video]

N!gga shooting with the same finger that he ratting with…

Know that I stick around on the streams long enough to see what comes up next. Like this banger by Philly’s own Reese Bangem. Ad money well spent sir! Due to what I heard, and this Freestyle, I am now a subscriber (plus I hit the bell) AND a blogger who posted your sh!t. Respek on the name Reese Bangem!


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Black History: Black Hockey Players… Old News. Black Polo Players… Say What? (Video)

When you watch this, substitute references to ‘polo’ with football, basketball, rap music… the stuff we’re supposed to be into… and you’ll start to really get it; and why the kids that succeed in polo would likely succeed in any endeavor given a chance to fall in love with and be good at it!

In Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, young people have found a path, and purpose, through polo. In Why I Play, The Undefeated documents the journeys of two young trailblazers who have dominated a sport that has long been considered an exclusive country club pursuit of privilege for centuries, while exploring the role youth sports play in the Black community as a means of opportunity and empowerment.

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3D Na’Tee | Forever T.Mix | Monday Morning Exercise #034 (Video)

Got another T.Mix and I am not slipping on this! Na’Tee beasting it out in the booth over the Tory Lanez jawn “Forever”… and being forever sexy on that M-I-C I see, Na’Tee… as always!


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Activism: Black History In Two Minutes… Or So. Watch And Learn! (Video)

Never, ever, let anyone tell you what your government will NOT do to its citizens… especially its brown and Black citizens. Americans are pretty okay with believing that ‘other’ countries do bad things to their people; but not us.


The Tuskegee Study smashes that idea to bits. Is this when America was supposed to be ‘great’… where they want to go back to… Because hell no, we won’t go!

But hold on. After this visual enlightens you and fires you up, hit the jump and watch all these Black History shorts. Let’s wrap this month in power #RaiseYourFist #RaiseYourAwareness #PressPlay

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Royce Da 5’9 – “Fubu” feat. Conway The Machine

What’s in my pocket at night I can’t fold.

Safe to say that Royce fux with Griselda heavy… Likely connected through Eminem, but we already know what a dope collabo that “Overcomer” with Royce and Westside Gunn is. Let’s see what this “Fubu” with Conway gone do.

“The Allegory” is out now.



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Boldy James – “Scrape The Bowl” feat. Benny The Butcher (Prod. By The Alchemist) [Video]

They say I got a morbid sense of humor but that made me smile.

That Alchemist beat is dirty! The bars from Boldy and Benny… gritty!! Stay low and keep firing guys. These cats are obviously ‘outside cats’ that choose to stay close to the streets. Money’s in the streets!

from the album “The Price Of Tea In China”
by Boldy James & The Alchemist
2020 ALC Records



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ElCamino – “Young Lordz” (Prod. By 38 Spesh) [Video]

If you’re lost, just follow my cadence…

Ohhhh, that 38 Spesh beat is melodic PERFECTION! And ElCamino’s verses are sick. Lyricism symptomatic of a real Hip-Hop INFECTION! And I’m here to try to catch all the ILLNESS! Loud shout to D. Gomez Films, too.

ElCamino just dropped his latest project titled “Martyrs Prayer,” which is entirely produced by 38 Spesh.

The first single off of it is “Young Lordz.” Peep the official music video for it.

Directed by D. Gomez Films @general_gomez


“Martyrs Prayer” available now!

– PaperChaserDotCom


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Crank Lucas – “You A Petty Rapper” (Video)

Take a pause and think it through: You probably have two or three rappers, successful rappers, who you could see being this petty… which makes this even more hilarious! Crank Lucas is BACK in the building with more funny AND funky azz beats.


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Classified – “Rap Sh*t” feat. Dax x Snak The Ripper (Video)

Aaaaand now Classified is on my radar. I wonder if this is the same Classified that produced one of my slept-on faves – that “Capture The Moonlight” from D.O. (featuring Joell Ortiz and Saukrates). If so, then I revise and say Classified is back on my radar.

Either way, salute and clap it up for legit spit and real Hip-Hop coming down from the upper up-top (Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada). Them sick barz! And the infection has spread to the States (Canadian Snak and Dax done made his way to L.A. U.S.A.).



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Eye Candy: When Kayla Jane Asks, “Will You Be My Valentine?” It’s A Rhetorical Question (Video)

Just about a minute after hitting start on this clip, I promise you will be screaming (from within, shhh… keep it down), “Noooo! It’s over already?” It’ll be okay. I mean, I agree that this clip featuring the ultimate Valentine Kayla Jane is TOO short. But what can you do? Just gotta be grateful for the great mocha latte shake (sweet, hot and cool) blessings that we get from Kayla Jane and All Good Things.


– @ojones1

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D Smoke – “LA Clippers vs Miami Heat Halftime Performance” (Video)

Lowry’s with black pepper. I’m fully seasoned!

You know, come to think of it, D Smoke is rapping like he’s rapped to thousands before. Solid performance here. I could actually see him holding down a halftime slot at the Super Bowl. The talent, energy and swagger… already big time. Given time, grind, and marketing push (of course), D Smoke could be a real force. That last element, the marketing, is probably what’s needed to wake this crowd up a bit more; because they got a show for sho’. Most times the masses have to be told to act like they know though.

Yeah, I said it.

Keep it pushing, D Smoke. Great performance during that Deontay Wilder entrance at the big Fury vs. Wilder rematch, too.


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Griselda – “Fire In The Booth” (Freestyle) [Video]

When Conway, Gunn, and The Butcher come through… Is it not ‘Fire In The Booth’ by default? ‘Fire’ like BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

Rappers Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine alongside Westside Gunn make up Griselda from Buffalo, New York and are in the studio for their first Fire In The Booth.

🎤Artist » @Griselda Records
🎼Producer » Beat 1 – @daringer_ + @beatbutcha_soi



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Curren$y – “Round 3 Times” (Prod. By DJ Fresh) [Video]

Money been my bottom b!tch always…

You see Curren$y living out here. He’s going to make certain you do, haters. That’s why he circles “Round 3 Times” before he’s done pulling up!

The Tonight Show available now on all streaming platforms
– Jet Life Recordings


– @ojones1

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Nino Man – “Life Without Love” (Video)

I ain’t curving n!ggas. I just got a family to feed.

So if you don’t feel love for Nino… all love… but fall back!

Man. He used to SWEEP the water, because his folks did not even have a MOP. No MOP, son! A mop costs nothing. So for a time, his family had LESS than nothing. Feel that? Struggle BARZ! I know that life (and I’m not alone, I know). Glad you made it out brother. Much love and a salute to Nino Man for this one.

I know that a “Life Without Love” is no life at all.



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Performance: D Smoke – “Black Habits” (Live On ‘Strahan, Sara And Keke’) [Video]

A’ight D Smoke! I see you. We ALL do. But most important right now, forever cutie Keke Palmer is seeing you… AND sliding into your DMs though! See what happens when your skills and BARZ are strong? Take note emcees!



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Kay Slay – “Back To The Bars” (Pt. 2) feat. Styles P x Sheek Louch x Vado x RJ Payne (Prod. By Suits And Twins Productions) [Video]

I’m the one Akh, without a gun shot at Curtis.
This is how it sounds when you fire at 50!

When Kay Slay is ready to hit the streets with more work, guess it’s “Back To The Bars.” Here we go again, with the Part 2 heat. And it’s gonna make you feel a way… A dope way, unless you’re a hater. If that is the case, then it’s best you get out of the way!

DJ Kay Slay is gearing up to release a new EP titled “Living Legend” on March 6. The lead single/video off of it is a lyrical barfest called “Back to the Bars, Pt. 2” featuring Styles P, Sheek Louch, RJ Payne, Sauce Money, Vado, Nino Man and Jon Connor.

The EP also features Jadakiss, Queen Latifah, Bun B, Juicy J, A$AP Ferg, Dave East, Papoose, Joell Ortiz, Ghosface Killah, Raekwon, AZ, Uncle Murda, DJ Paul, French Montana, Gangsta Boo, Project Pat and more!
Pre-order “Living Legend” now.

“Back to the Bars, Pt. 2” produced by Suits and Twins Productions.

– PaperChaserDotCom

Look at the features! Some of them have like ‘YOOOOOO’ (as in ‘Where have YOU been??’ AND others like ‘What them BARZ do, my friend?’)!



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Series: This Episode Of #BlackChicagoBeLikeTheSeries When You Lose Her Love, You Learn, It’s A Cold World! (Video)


Sometimes Korporate plays that role too well. He found a good girl when he was in a BAD way, and yet, he still found a way to f**k it up with her. Good story, message, and lesson. Plus, good-looking ladies!


– @ojones1

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