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Basketball & Beyond: Former NBA Standout Kevin Garnett Reflects On His Career And More (Video)

Two Kevins. Two all-stars. Two Beantown Ballers. Two warriors of the hardcourt… Now off the hardcourt, Boston Celtics legend ‘Stuntman’ Kevin McHale talks with the Celtics’ ‘Big Ticket’ Kevin Garnett about getting into basketball, what he is doing nowadays now that he is out of basketball, the hardest game he ever played, and so much more!

(Start above, and check out much more after the jump.)

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Roots Picnic 2017 (Promotional Video)

Ha! Kinda dope (actually, really dope, and hilarious) ad for the 10th Annual Roots Picnic on June 3rd, 2017. Back to the lab with it. Animated.

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So…When Is Jay Electronica Dropping That Album? Here’s His Answer (Video)

Catching up to Jay Electronica wherever is a rare and cool occasion; more so at All-Star Weekend. He gave us camera time, mic time, and now for the Q&A session… Well, there is only one question on every Hip-Hop head’s (including Jay Z’s, apparently) mind: WHEN IS THAT ALBUM COMING OUT, SON?!

(Click play for Jay Elect’s answer.)

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Behind The Scenes With Faith Evans & Jadakiss: The Making Of “NYC” (Video)

Who knew about this and when??? Talking about “The King & I” by Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G. Yeah, Biggie! Wifey is stepping up to the plate with a plate that will be expected to knock a homer out the park! You can pre-order the LP well before it’s May release via the link below. Will it live up? Well, how about taking a look at the BTS video with the first all-star add to the team, Jadakiss. A single off the LP – “NYC” – has J To Tha on there, with some DJ Premier scratches and production on there, all with Faith on there with B.I.G. peppered in there.

Hurry up Spring. HURRY UP!


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Eye Candy: Joselyn Cano [Instagram Girls] (Video)

Seen Joselyn Cano before? Do you really have a problem seeing her sexy azz (all that azz, whew) again? Well, take a lunch break then, because she’s going all the way up for my top pic pick today. A delicious smorgasbord of imagery – both moving and still – show that Joselyn still got that good!

(Woohoo… she has been training her waist well… wow!)



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Technology: Scorpion-3 Hoverbike (Trailer)

The Scorpion-3, or S-3, is being touted as The World’s First Fully-Manned Hoverbike. Thanks to Russian startup engineering company, Hoversurf, we now have a crowd-funded hoverbike, single-seat aircraft, drone-car, drone-taxi, cargo-drone… you get it… whatever a 1-person vehicle does, the S-3 platform does – a few meters above where a motorbike does and a lot lower than where a helicopter does. The S-3 is a fully-manned, hovering quadcopter that represents a big leap in human mobility and Air Transport as a Service (ATaaS for short). Are you ready for another dream come true? That is…

Have you ever dreamed of flying with the same simplicity as riding a bike?

Watch the video.

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Ice Cube Goes Undercover All Over Social Media (Video)

All the slick talk you haters are Tweeting about Cube, he is catching that heat. Be ready for it to come back. The love, too. Yeah, Ice Cube is giving all of it right back at’cha just as slick on social media. Hilarious!

Ice Cube goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and more.

Best rhymer… taking aim at you, too, Mother Goose. Haaa!

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Miguel – “2 Lovin U” (Prod. By DJ Premier)

Wowwww…DJ Premier is an executive producer of VH1’s “The Breaks” series AND he is scoring the entire series. BANGING!!

Oh, okay, this post is supposed to be about Miguel on the Preemo-produced “2 Lovin U” song. And how do we know it’s a track by Preemo? It’s the signature scratching baby. You hear those ‘damn’ samples scratched into the hook? Well, the rough, eventually shelved, early version of this song was called “Damned.” So, naturally, Preem scratched the ‘damn’ thing the f**k up like you know he do!

They decided to keep that element. Dope music was the result. Nice collaboration!


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Big Sean Breaks Down “No Favors” (Video)

Big Sean sits down to break down a track off his latest album (“I Decided”). Talking through “No Favors” (produced by FrancisGotHeat and WondaGurl) lyrics, discussing Eminem and making it, speaking on repping Detroit, the Flint Water Crisis and more… all jammed into the short clip above.


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Oddisee – “NNGE” feat. Toine

Never Not Getting Enough is right! It is also the expanded title of “NNGE” from “The Iceberg” album being dropped by Oddisee… like TOMORROW! Certified banger with feature work from Toine on this jawn. Check out the liner notes, links (including a FREE single download and album pre-order), and an embedded stream below.

The prolific MC, producer and musician Oddisee’s new album ‘The Iceberg’ is a plea for humanity to dig deeper in search of understanding and common ground. His third release in just 12 months, ‘The Iceberg’ is a distillation of stereotypical tropes in Hip-Hop and beyond, 12 tracks about money, sex, politics, race and religion that appear superficial until his multi-dimensional lyrics unfurl to expose the complexities of individuality and identity: how we see ourselves and how others see us. Deeply soulful, and shot through with jazz, Go-go, gospel, thick r&b and hard beats, the album is a timely, poetic statement. ‘The Iceberg’ is out February 24 on Mello Music Group.


Mack Wilds Speaks On Adele vs. Beyonce, ‘The Breaks’ And More (Video)

Yup yup. Mack Wilds doing the media rounds, with his show “The Breaks” returning to VH1 for a season. A Power 105 promo stop-through was must for the menu. Something dope about a new school artist doing a Hip-Hop TV series set in the time of his childhood… and showing up on modern radio to talk about it. Watch above.

Mack Wilds talks his role in ‘The Breaks,’ working with Sanna Lathan in ‘Shots Fired,’ new music & more.

Wilds is wary of how WILD Ms. Yee is getting with that riding crop though. Hahaa! And he is very savvy about maneuvering around some of the ‘it’ girls of the world (Sanaa Lathan, Adele, Beyonce). We see ya young playa!

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Classically Beautiful: The Discussion (Docu-Series)

Visuals for this “Classically Beautiful” series begins with the NYC discussion and continues after the jump, taking the discussion to New Jersey. Each discussion clip relates multiple perspectives from women who are learning to fully embrace who they are and what they represent.

To the core, this piece is a representation of how we manifest our truths and convictions, how we identify ourselves in the face of adversity, and the power of dialogue. Dialogue so powerful that it can influence, encourage, and inspire us to exist with purpose, or fire. The way that you communicate and the things that are communicated to you will shape and build you for the rest of your life.
– Coal Brown Creative

Gotta love this. There are only so many ways that we can tell our beautiful and incredible sistas how beautiful and incredible they are. Watch as they share how they have learned to tell it, to boldly declare it, to themselves!

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CeeLo Green – “Power” feat. Tone Trump (Video)

Gangsta smooth music goes hella hard. This new CeeLo just might about be ready to blow. Damn dope job of taking a ‘soft song’ and roughing it up. Y’all young’uns might not remember that “Muscle” song from Diana Ross back in the day, but CeeLo and Tone must’ve. And this move is tried and true ATL stuff… remember how Bonecrusher flipped that Adina Howard (“Freak Like Me”) for his “Never Scared” hit?

Dope visuals, too.

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Murs – “GBKW” (God Bless Kanye West) [Prod. By K-R.O.K.]

so God bless Kanye West
and every other brither of color that’s under stress
they wanna make you feel like you are less
even though you didn’t make it gotta deal with this mess
hold your head and always do your best
it’s a long race you gotta pace your steps
and remember that you are blessed
it’s because God loves that he puts us to the test


Murs on a banging azz track IS therapy. So when you play him going in on this K-R.O.K. beat masterpiece, don’t be surprised if you holler out, “That’s IT!” Bump this on 12 and tell every DJ you know to put this on the waves and in their mixes. The (medicinal) dope we need. Verses speak deeply to ‘three different’ plots. Listen to Murs’ mic mastery above!


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Joey Bada$$ – “Victory” (Prod. By Kirk Knight x 1-900)

Joey Bad still good with them flows. Taking no losses, and the streak continues with his latest “Victory” (produced by Kirk Knight & 1-900). Listen up up above.


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CyHi The Prynce – “Nu Africa”

Daaaaamn this sh!t is DOPE! Guaranteed that new CyHi LP will be that FyHi (like ‘fire high’… because dope will get you… ah never mind)! That’s not until Summer, but we do have this banging not-so-subliminal “Nu Africa” piece from the Prynce to play. Hit it!

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Blank On Blank: Nina Simone 1968 Interview (Video)

Back in the day renowned Italian national radio on-air personality Lilian Terry recorded a favorite, long-sought celeb interview – of Nina Simone – by the skin of her teeth. See, Nina being Nina… She did not make a habit of talking to White people. And Lillian almost missed out, because she had the complexion for rejection. However, once Nina found out Lillian was ‘from Egypt’ though (born in Cairo to a father from Malta and a mother from Italy), the two were formally introduced and found themselves talking about Nefertitti and the Pharoahs in no time. Only days later Lilian went to Nina’s house in Mt. Vernon, New York, and recorded this conversation.

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Eye Candy: Ravie Loso (Instagram Girls) [Video]

Ravie Loso is oh so EVERYTHING that is wonderful about womanhood. She is sooooo gorgeous! And that smile though, infectious! Now, that is by no means meant to downplay her bright eyes, luscious lips, bodacious breastses, heavenly hips, and thunderlicious thighs… because Ravie definitely has all that in a sweet cake stack. Just saying, between her beauty and the beat selection, this vid is about the best thing popping at noontime.



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The Most Epic Hip-Hop Showdown: Big Daddy Kane vs. Kool G Rap (Video)

You remember how the two dudes in the “Five Heartbeats” movie had that soul-singing battle on stage and made the lady fans faint? This Big Daddy Kane vs. Kool G Rap showdown… It’s like that. Yup. And that’s the way it is! Two Golden Era legends going head up; doing hit-for-hit in front of the fans. An intra-squad rhyme-sayer scrimmage between two of the Juice Crew.

Oh yeah, Masta Ace shows up later in the show to rock a short set, too. Click play and overdose on the dopeness already!

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