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David Banner – “Magnolia” feat. CeeLo Green (Video)

We posted audio on this gem from “The God Box” almost a year ago. Now it has a music video and new life! Check out David Banner’s visuals for “Magnolia” (featuring CeeLo Green).


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An Enslaved Family Worked A Plantation Almost 90 Years After The Civil War Ended (Documentary)

It’s one thing for post Civil War slaves to be freed on paper, to actually BE freed from slavery is a whole thing altogether. Consider the ‘lag time’ between that Emancipation Proclamation and the slaves coming to know that they can stop ‘slaving’ for no wages… that they can stop being mistreated, brutalized and/or otherwise denied basic human rights & dignity. Especially with no formal education, exposure to ‘outsiders’ (not even mass media or Internet). Think ‘Massuh’ went to them slaves right away to tell ’em, “Y’alls free now”? Hell no. But just how long were they still enslaved? VICE goes to ‘The Slavery Detective of the South’ to get her to tell the whole story.

Slavery might have ended on paper after the Civil War, but many White landowners did everything they could to exploit newly freed slaves well into the 20th century. Thousands of Black laborers across the South were forced to work against their will as late as the 1960s—a new form of enslavement that went on in the shadows of rural America.

VICE’s Akil Gibbons traveled to Louisiana to meet genealogist Antoinette Harrell, the “slavery detective of the South,” who tracks down cases of modern-day slavery and abusive labor practices. They talk to a man whose family was held on a plantation against their will into the 1950s, and explains how she uses decades-old records to uncover how slavery was perpetuated long after the Civil War ended.


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A Beach Night With Veronica Valle (Video)

Great thing about the Eye Candy that is Veronica Valle: She always brings the treat to the party… herself! And wait, it’s a beach party this time. Sweeeet!


– @ojones1

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ESPN Teases New Morning Show With Jalen Rose, Michelle Beadle & Mike Greenberg (Series Trailer)

Think it’s about time Jalen gets truly spotlighted for what he brings to small screens. If you’ve seen him on something, you know he’ll shine. But this looks like he gets direct spotlight. Good look. Probably a good bet for a good show.

Get ready to “Get Up” with Jalen Rose, Michelle Beadle and Mike Greenberg. The morning show premieres April 2 at 7 a.m. ET.

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Papoose – “Underrated” (Prod. By Tie Stick)

Pap hashed and titled his own song #Underrated for real?? Says WHO?? Even the wack ones know better, and those in touch enough to stay in the know already stand and salute!

But… guess he had to call this song something. Ha!

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Watch The World’s Strongest Man Throw Back Some Kegs And Take Down 7 Meals A Day (Documentary)

Brian Shaw. Small-town Colorado dude. Three-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man contest. Check out VICE Sports’ coverage on him. And he is not only tossing kegs; dude can lift CARS!

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Snoop Gets The Scoop On That “Bad Boys” Sequel In A Sit-Down With Martin Lawrence (Video)

Mercy, mercy me. I mean, don’t get me wrong… Martiiinnnn Lawrence on with the DoggFather is epic in and of itself, but wait on the ‘weather forecast’ though. Just you wait. SO worth the wait #Wowzerrrs

The world of comedy wouldn’t have been the same without Martin Lawrence. From his start arguing about scuffed Jordans in Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” and early stand-up specials in shiny shirts to his self-titled sitcom and genre-shifting buddy cop flicks “Bad Boys” and “Blue Streak,” Martin hasn’t left the limelight in nearly 30 years. And if that wasn’t enough, the timeless comedian is nowhere close to stopping, with another “Bad Boy” sequel on the way.
– westfesttv


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Sports/Events/Activism: Support Cuba El Venenoso As He Readies For The Fight

Our homie “Cuba” will be in his first professional fight. If you’re in Atlanta you gotta support!

And he’s not even trying to pocket millions. He wants to fight, win, and help the children. Dude’s paying for his own equipment, training, attire, association fees, physical exams, gym time and memberships. You can cop tickets to attend; and separately, sponsorship donations under his name go to Open Hand Atlanta for charity. Learn more about that organization at

Check for Joshua Rodriguez aka Cuba El Venenoso. Search “El Venenoso” at to donate under his name. Click on the promo pic for starters…




VENUE: Southern Exchange Ballrooms at 200 Peachtree

Comedy: ‘What The Fit’ Outtakes Featuring Kevin Hart And James Corden (Video)

Hahaaa! Funny outtakes, kicked off by Kevin and James going in on a ‘place’ they NEVER want to ‘go’ in.

Soak up some more rays at Muscle Beach with these What The Fit deleted scenes, featuring the gurus of gains themselves, Kevin Hart & James Corden.
– LOL Network


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A Touching Documentary On Public Television’s Mr. Rogers (Trailer)

As it should be. This “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” trailer teases a film that might pull a few tears (happy, sentimental) from you. So when you catch it in theaters June 8th, tuck a pack of those mini-tissues somewhere on you… for the guy next to you (of course).

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Black Thought And Lupe Fiasco Rocking For Hurricane Relief In Puerto Rico (Video)

A post shared by Tony Turntup (@tonyturnt) on

Puerto Rico! Hoooooo!

Somebody had to do it: that chant above and the show embedded above that. That’s Black Thought up top. Boom bap rapping and it don’t stop. Neither does this party with a purpose. So nod ’til you get a li’l loopy. Then catch Lupe after the jump. They were down there helping raise money for hurricane relief. Enjoy.

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Knxwledge – “WT.PRT_13” (Mixtape)

Actually, this project is a Stones Throw away from a mixtape (see what we did… nevermind). Just saying: Eight tracks is more EP than mixtape, right? Well EP or tape, you can cop for $8.88. But stream it for FREE if you need to first.


CeeLo… For His Friend B.I.G. And For The Culture (Video)

Lots of stuff we may not have realized. But recognize that dope chair he brought to the Club though!

CeeLo Green On The Impact Of Losing Biggie, Sticking To His Roots + The History Behind His Hits
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

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Couple Tries An Open Relationship (Video)

Can you be open and happy?

Um… naw hell. I’m not ’bout that life. Either we in or out. And it’s not a ‘loyalty’ thing. We can be loyal, even faithful, to each other and not monogamous; if we’re honest. It’s about keeping each others’ confidence, happiness, well being, and such in mind. What’s more, IF we decide to be a ‘we’ (e.g. a couple) it won’t be ‘open’ to three, four or more. Naaah, maaaan. But some folks gotta try it I guess.


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Royce Castro – “Charlie Ward Flow” (Freestyle)

Heeeee’s baaaack! Time’s up for the waaaack!! Royce Castro blessed the inbox with a gem of lyricism over a classic boom bap beat. But anyway, f**k the further ado. Click play and hear how Castro do #CHELLO


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The Kid Daytona – “Lately” (Prod. By Harry Fraud) [Video]

This sounds dope!

The Kid Daytona & Harry Fraud team up again to bring you the official video for their newest collaboration “Lately” – In Stores Now! Directed by The Infamous Oz.


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Comedy: The SquADD Goes Hard Debating ‘The Best X-Men Character’ (Video)

And they go HARD at each other, and their picks, with the JOKES!! Hahaaa!

The SquADD discusses their all-time favorite X-Men characters. Which X-Men is the best?
– All Def Digital

But whyyyy Storm go all ‘Black Girl Eye Roll’ when she invokes her powers though? Haaaa!!!


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Raekwon – “C.R.E.A.M.” (Live) [Video]

Damn right. Gotta do this for the cause, Chef. Raekwon blessed the SXSW crowd with a live set that contained the blessing of a rendition of “C.R.E.A.M.”

On the second day of The FADER FORT 2018, Raekwon popped out for a surprise set, running it back with tracks from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and other solo projects. But a major highlight was Raekwon’s performance of his iconic opening verse from the Wu-Tang classic “C.R.E.A.M.”

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Crank Lucas – “Hostile Hoteps In The Booth” (Video)

Baaaahahaaa! Shout to all the ‘Hoteps’ still butt-hurt over “Black Panther” and all the success and African Heritage celebration. Even funnier… Crank Lucas in this clip.


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Marvel Releases The Latest “Avengers: Infinity War” Teaser (Trailer)

HOOOOOLY SHEEEIT!!! Let’s go. Let’s. F**king. GOOOOOOO!

The latest trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” though… Everything!! And EVERYONE in the Marvel Comics Universe throwing in in what looks like the ‘war to end all wars’ in the MCU.

Or a great big nuisance, from Thanos’ point of view, most likely.

But this trailer is promising a cinematic Spring like none other. Hurry up and get here April!

#WakandaForever #AvengersAssemble #UnitedWeStand #AgainstThanos #ComeTheInfinityWar

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