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Tony Stark Makes A ‘Few Improvements’ To Peter’s Spidey Suit And Web Shooters Just In Time For “Homecoming” (Trailer)

EPIC trailer for what ought to be an epic movie. Bet money that Michael Keaton is gonna be a smash as The Vulture in Spiderman: Homecoming. That said, Tom Holland (Peter Parker, Spiderman) is definitely the star. And he has two of the best parts of the trailer above. First of all, web grenade (dope!)… and second…

I stole his shield… Then he beat me up.

Watch the trailer above. Hurry up July 7th!

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Kumail Nanjiani Takes Us On A Mansion Tour… Of His Mansion… ‘Really’ (Video)

His favorite shape is ‘circle’ and that shape is all over the place. Okay then. That proves it, right? It MUST really be Kumail’s Mansion. Haha! Watch this MTV Cribs style tour of his… um… home??

Though we can’t confirm that this is ‘Silicon Valley’ star Kumail Nanjiani’s actual home.


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Shaq And Charles ‘Beef’ Over Chicken Wings On Set (Video)

Alright, by now we know Charles Barkley is a Hall Of Famer… at chicken wings AND at chastizing co-color commentator Shaquille O’Neal. Oh, and at basketball. Haaa! Barkley has NO chill going at The Diesel! But Shaq pulls NO punches either in this [sort of uncomfortable] on-set ‘disagreement.’

This Inside The NBA segment goes off the rails when Shaq and Charles Barkley threaten to punch and throw chicken wings at each other while trading barbs.

Okay, okay. They both pull ‘punches’ (meaning nobody got punched). But it got tense. Watch.

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Keith Olbermann With A Way To Corner President Trump In The Oval Office: Let’s Go To The Tapes (Video)

Damn. Keith highlights a good point on this episode of ‘The Resistance.’ If the tape or tapes that can clear President Trump of former FBI Director James Comey exist, investigators should demand them. And they better prove Trump’s innocence of EVERY allegation; because if he is proven guilty of even one Comey accusation in the recordings… he’s OUT of the White House.

By casually raising the idea he’s got tapes, Donald Trump has found new trouble.
– GQ

Plus, by now, Trump cannot simply claim the tweet about the tapes was in ‘error’ nor can he deny their existence. Well, he can. Because, you know, The Donald. But he should not be allowed to do that.


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Eminem Speaks On Dr. Dre x Jimmy Iovine As ‘The Defiant Ones’ (Trailer)

Getting closer to the July 9th release of this one on HBO. You saw Em on “The Defiant Ones” trailer, so you’d expect him to figure prominently in the film; but what he has to say (here) might surprise you (dope line about the ‘levitator’ and the ‘innovator’). Watch him and others weigh in in poignant, as well as playful snips in the above teaser trailer.

And hey look… some cool content on the project’s Instagram (here).

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Eye Candy: Irene The Dream (Instagram Girls) [Video]

Irene [that azz is] The Dream on here making a brother wanna go ‘yaaaaazzz queen yaaaaazzz’ (like ‘ya azz’ queen ‘ya azz’) AMAZING!! Man, she’s amazing all over in this video compilation… and on her Instagram page (wowzers)!



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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox With A Message For Donald J. Trump (Video)

Amigo, you have a ton of flaws…
Vicente Fox

(Imagine opening a battle rap with that line. Ha!)

Okay, SNL is still the champ of President Trump roasting, but yoooo… this Super Deluxe video starring former Mexican President Vicente Fox though. Bahahaaaaa!

Dear Donald J. Trump: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada has an important message for you.
– Super Deluxe


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Faith Evans x The Notorious B.I.G. – “When We Party” feat. Snoop Dogg (Video)

“The King & I” party bus is rolling with no signs of stopping. Well, there was that quick stop to pick up Snoop Dogg to join Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G. on this joint “When We Party.” Click play, catch a vibe and catch a ride with us.


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Puffy’s Bad Boy Documentary (Trailer)

I don’t want the Chrysler that looks like the Phantom… I want the Phantom!

Yep, the Hip-Hop storytelling dam is busted! Diddy did one and is droping it on Apple Music late next month. Baaaad Booooyyy… to watch the trailer press plaaaaay (above).

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story, produced by Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Heather Parry, alongside executive producers Michael Rapino, Andre Harrell and Alex Avant, explores the passion and personalities of Bad Boy and will be available on Apple Music on June 25.

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Joell Ortiz – “God Forbid” (Prod. By HeatMakerz)

SHHHHIIIIDDD!!! Hate on Joey O if you want. Just do it somewhere else. The dude do the bangers! Think this latest drop from him (over the Heatmakerz beat) could be anything less than super-lyrical and super-dope? “God Forbid” maannnnn!


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Future – “Mask Off” feat. Kendrick Lamar (Remix)

Not gonna ask if you’ve been checking for that Future joint “Mask Off” since it came out. In the end, among us folks on here, the argument ends up being fruitless. However, a K. Dot appearance on a remix to “Mask Off”… we can talk about that… after y’all listen.

And yeah, Kendrick snapped!

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Young M.A – “Self M.Ade” (Prod. By King James Beats x Land Keyz) [Video]

…it ain’t about a dollar. ‘Cause a dollar just a dollar. Only God can make you prosper.
Young M.A

By now we don’t need to tell you that a Young M.A joint is dope. You already know. But we still want to tell you. This “Self M.Ade” is DOPE! Banging beat by King James Beats & Land Keyz blessed by M.A. Song is off the “HERstory” EP (out now)

(Do yourself a solid and watch ALL of this; to the end. Ha! Crazy.)


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Sabrina Claudio – “Unravel Me” (Video)

Minimalist visual concept with seasoned with just the right amount of special effects; so very appropriate for this song. Good recipe for delivering a song that oozes with sensual goodness. It’s like the basic poundcake made by a sexy chef that brings the flavor when she cooks up the good stuff.

Sabrina Claudio singing “Unravel Me” in this is part presentation for a single; part challenge, in understanding what the singer wants to tell us. Enjoy the whole thing!


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Action Bronson Makes The Ultimate Stoner Sandwich (Video)

The only thing is… I cannot be certain if Bronson is 100% serious about the sandwich. Dude is hilarious, but he is always hilarious. And Action in the kitchen will come up with food that makes you go F#ck That’s Delicious!

It’s a multicultural stoner sandwich starring a hockey puck of salami.
– GQ

The ‘Dirty Rabbi’… looks like an insane snack. That doesn’t mean I would not try it. But would you eat this ‘420 special’ sandwich though?


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G-Eazy – “Maximum” (Prod. By 9th Wonder)

Snapping on the track! G-Eazy doing the righteous work on a 9th Wonder beat. Scratch that… dude did the “Maximum” on this joint. FACTS!


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Kobe Bryant Explains How The Warriors Work To Weaken Opponents’ Defenses (Video)

Communication is key. The confusion the Warriors create by their play confounds opponents attempts to communicate with each other as they attempt to keep up. Out of touch, out of step, opponents end up out of the playoffs. Ask San Antonio.

And there it is. A lot to take in, right? Well, the Mamba might be able to break it down. He’s pretty good at breaking things down (like defenses). Watch above.

In the next episode of Canvas, Kobe Bryant looks at the Warriors’ rare style and how it breaks down their opponents.

Liking ESPN’s ’70s stylized documentary presentation for this episode. The Golden Democracy. Cool.

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Brothers On The Grind: Growing The ‘Cafe Neo’ Coffee Shop Franchise (Video)

Café Neo was opened in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, by two brothers. Two entrepreneurs – who are also brothers (biological) – are currently capitalizing on underrecognized coffee demand. Ngozi and Chijioke Dozie have as their mission to bring out “the best African coffees produced by Africans, drunk in Africa”… and soon enough, across the globe!

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GLC Says Kanye West Defines Success As Being Embraced By White People (Video)

Don’t know if this is all real talk, sneak dissing, some dry snitching or what… but this word on Yeezus comes from a [likely former] homie of his who would know. Rapper GLC came up with Yeezy in The Go Getters crew back in Chicago back in the day. Well, GLC interviewed with The Chicago Morning Takeover show, and spilled a big bowl of Kanye beans – on everything from the hospitalization to the new hair coloring (blonde) of Ye.

Hey, we all have our weirdness; whether in phases or on the daily. But the most damning shot GLC might have let fly is alleging Kanye’s life goal of turning in his hood pass.

He equated success to being accepted by the caucasian masses. So if the caucasian people embraced him, that means he made it.


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Travel: You Can REALLY ‘Ball On A Budget’ In Medellin, Columbia (Video)

The travel team is going to take a trip to Columbia this summer & do our own review but for now check out a country some may have overlooked.

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Eye Candy: Ashley Ortiz (Instagram Girls) [Video]

OHHH MI GOOT! The ‘Gram tho’ fam. Fire. Lit. It’s soooo HOT! The music, videos and pics of sexy model Ashley Ortiz… all work together… especially on a hump day. Have mercy. Better yet, have Ashley *wink*



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