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Papoose ‘Got Cha Opin’ In “The Beginning” (Freestyle)

Awww, don’t front. You know good and damn well Pap ‘got cha opin’ with this freestyle (“The Beginning”) he did over that classic Black Moon beat!

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Comedy: America, Stop Calling ‘Michelle And Barack’… It Is Over (Video)

What’s cool about the 50 Central troupe, to me, is their willingness to take on impressions in sketches that they may not have down pat… It’s alright that the look or the voice characterizations are off if they still bring the funny. And they do. Especially at the end of this one.

“We’re blitzing. Oh yeah, we’re blitzing.”

Hope y’all enjoyed the Obamas while they were busy in the White House. It’s okay to miss ’em. But don’t be calling all late and ish. They are ‘busy’ at their own house now *wink*


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Talib Kweli – “Radio Silence” (Album)

Hm. Something about Kweli’s artwork for this… an abstract rendering of a screaming person we cannot hear. “Radio Silence” – finished, done, dope. Boom!

(Oh, bank on the music being good, too.)


Technology: The Latest ‘Atlas’ Robot Is A Lean, [Hopefully Not] Mean, Jumping Machine (Video)

Yeah, we’ve posted on this bot tech before (Atlas). It’s getting better.

(You do realize that we WILL all be wiped out by super-smart, super-agile ‘murder-bots’ someday, right? And it will be our own damn fault. At least, that’s what the movie trailer guy will say… Ha!)

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Finally, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Has Come Back… With A Trailer For His New Movie “Rampage” (Video)

And the undisputed testosterone-releasing arcade game of the ’90s – Rampage! Hope they have some building punching in this?

On April 20, big meets bigger. Watch the trailer for Rampage The Movie, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

(That’s rhetorical and tongue in cheek. They are gonna do waaaay more than ‘punch’ a building or two. Hahahaaa!)


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Foodie Tips: How To Properly Eat A Chicken Wing Flat (Video)

Hey! It’s BD Wong. The pyschiatrist/FBI guy from ‘Law & Order: SVU’… I mean ‘Hugo Strange’ from the FOX pre-Batman series ‘Gotham’… I mean… Why is he here telling us how to eat chicken wings? I mean… it’s good info, but…


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NxWorries (Anderson .Paak x Knxwledge) – “Yes Lawd!” (Remixes) [Album Stream]

The ‘Yes Lawd’ album has been one of my favorites since it dropped. I literally listen to it every other day. Now here comes the Remixes & we’re here for it!


No Script: How Do You Stop Beast Mode In His Tracks? Show Him Some Roller Coaster Tracks (Video)

Who’s idea was this? This was a terrible idea.
Shak, show writer

Patent answer from Beast Mode is usually, “I’m ’bout that action, boss!” But apparently, not about that roller-coaster action. Hahahaa!

He eventually got on. Wonder if that fine-looking boom mic operator might have gave him some ‘courage’ or ‘encouragement’… can’t punk out in front of the Honey *wink*

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“The Reason Dame Smacked Harvey Weinstein”… Dash Backs Up That Cam’ron Verse, Saying He Did Slap Weinstein (Video)

Okay, it kinda looks like Damon Dash got the ladies’ and folks like Terry Crews’ back way back when. Doing what they could not. Dash was apparently pressing with aggression over the release of “Paid in Full” (believable) and ended up smacking fire out of Harvey Weinstein, huh? Whoa.

Kenyatta of Hip Hop Motivation talks to Dame Dash about his personal issue with Harvey Weinstein as well as the recent allegations he’s faced with, and he also gives advice to women in the industry.

This is crazy. All of it! But sometimes you gotta have that Gotti boss that will go check another boss for the team. Wow!

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Terry Crews Speaks On Being Sexually Assaulted Early In His Career: “I Felt Like I Could Punch A Hole In His Head” (Video)

Oh my damn! Dude did ‘Damon’ wrong! Talk about art imitating life (re: bathroom scene between ‘Money Mike’ aka Katt Williams and ‘Damon’ aka Terry Crews). See, if he’d have whupped the sh!t out his azz when this groper tried him, Terry might not have had a career anywhere near like he’s had. And being the wrong color in the wrong situation, he might have lost his liberty (caught a case) or his life (caught a bullet). And for similar reasons he could not even speak on it as his career progressed.

Good thing he gets to talk about it now. A different look at abuse of power. Now that the story is out, and the suit is filed, maybe some payback in the form of serious greenbacks is coming, too.

IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE!!! Maaaaannnnn…


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Rosie Perez Speaks On “Do The Right Thing” And Her Own Thing (Video)

(Picturing that scene in “Do The Right Thing” with the ice cube… and a sensually sweaty Rosie Perez… and DON’T say the words ‘body double’… not now… shhhh.)

So, have you seen this Rosie Perez interview with Desus & Mero? Pretty fun, and funny, with some nice jewels in it. That part, plus some surprising revelations.

We talk to Rosie Perez about working with Spike Lee, being a survivor, her new NBC series “Rise,” and remaking “Dangerous Minds.”
Desus & Mero

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Watch This ‘Wet on Wet’ Teaser For “Deadpool 2” And Try To Relax… Try! (Trailer)

Keep your hands dry and your dreams wet.

How DARE he pervert classic PBS promgramming like this…Bwaaahahaaa! Ryan Reynolds Deadpool is f**king HILARIOUS maaan! And he is doing the worst with this Bob Ross painting show impersonation. Disclaimer: Ross was NOT on that coca (waaaay too chill for that power powder). Shiiiid, but Deadpool… He LOVES it (and is so NOT chill)!

But don’t hold that against him or this “Deadpool 2” trailer. It’s crazy. Crazy awesome! Hurry up June 2018!

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Cam’ron – “The Program” (Album Stream)

YOOOOOO! That “Lean” is one thing, and it is certainly a banger. But have you peeped “The Program” out yet, like, the whole thing?? Daaaayummm! A bag of bangers from the jump!! And for the FREE.99??? Maaan GO! Go NOW!

(And if you got that already, hip someone else to it.)


A Look At The Upcoming “Betty” Davis Documentary (Trailer)

Hmmm. Now this is interesting! Scuttlebutt around the Interwebs is that this was supposed to come out as a project called “Nasty Gal” but is finally seeing the [Festival] light in this form. Above is the trailer for Phil Cox’s upcoming Betty Davis documentary, They Say I’m Different.

She dropped MAJOR names at the end (Miles, Jimi) and put her name right up there with them, didn’t she? Dope. But maybe some folks are not knowing about the funk for real… yet! Wait and watch for this. Like the rest of us. Should be well worth it.

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Opinion: Should Artists Ever ‘Retire’… How Long Is Too Long? (Video)

Our good friends over at Dead End Hip Hop, but here’s my belief…..Never Never Never should artist announce they are retiring. They should pop in & out of the scene and quietly fade away. No announcements because no one likes a burnout.

Should artists retire on top or continue until they fall off? DJBooth’s Yoh (@yoh31) wrote an article a few weeks back discussing this topic. While in Los Angeles, we hooked up with Justin Hunte “The Company Man” (Ambrosia for Heads) and Justin Styles (All Def Music) to lend their thoughts on the topic.
– Dead End Hip Hop

Good talk. But since they asked: What are your thoughts?

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Iman Shumpert | Freestyles On Flex | Freestyle #085 (Video)

Yoooooo! NBA players out here rapping better than many of the mainstream mumblers. Iman Shumpert is doing the work on that mic though, spitting flames like the old NBA Jams video game… He’s on FIIIIIIRE!

Small forward, Iman Shumpert makes it very clear that he’s more than just a ball player! Reppin’ Oak Park, IL, Iman comes through Funk Flex with some bars!
– Hot 97

And, yeah, he got BARZ!


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Unity Sound – “Dancehall Moods 20” (Freestyle Suave Mix 2017) [Mixtape]

The smoothest dopeness. Flavaaaaa! Plus a range of artists show up to provide a range of danceable musical stylings for this mixtape. Press play and feel warmer (like back a few months ago).

Gytian & Tommy Lee Sparta, PartyNextDoor featuring Tory Lanez, Laden, Kardinal Offishall (featuring Celebrity Marauders, Joey Montana, Pree), Wizkid and more… showcasing some of the latest dancehall x afrobeats x crossover… “Dancehall Moods 20” #unitysound


Comedy: Clint Coley Lets Her Know She Needs To Be With Him (Video)

When you are a dude, making sense, and making battle rap lyrical works of art from the heart for a sista… how could she not want to get with you? Well, this Honey was about to make that mistake and pass on his advances; but Coley got them WORDS (BARS)! Hahaaa!

#ReadyToGoSteady #BlackMenDontCheat #ADD #Community


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Colin Kaepernick: GQ Magazine’s “Citizen Of The Year.” Here’s Why (Video)

I saw an attempt to reframe the whole ‘Kaep blackballed for #TakeAKnee‘ argument. Going so far as belittling his moves & societal standing. You might have seen it on Facebook or something: in essence saying current NFL standout JJ Watt raised millions for hurricane relief while Colin Kaepernick just gave a million or so.

Hey. JJ Watt did a great thing; inspiring others to join his cause. Colin is TRYING to do a great necessary thing; trying to compel law enforcement, lawmakers, and the uninformed majority to actually ACT like #BlackLivesMatter too. Yeah, less popular. Less money in it. But even though Colin’s number is “smaller,” the dollars are doing big things!

Watch. See why Kaep DESERVES to be “Citizen Of The Year!”


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CyHi The Prynce – “No Dope On Sundays” (Album)

Yep. We are living in a time when NPR is repping the realest real music. G.O.O.D. Music in this case, as CyHi’s forthcoming “No Dope On Sundays” LP is the focus of this “First Listen” ep. And they are FEELING the words of The Prynce over there.

CyHi The Prynce brings Jesus to the trap and spits a testimony full of raw human contradiction.
Rodney Carmichael, NPR

Ahhh, that explains the preacher’s collar CyHi’s been rocking lately.