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Eye Candy: AngelicaBombshell (Video)

Aahhh… a little Honey drop medicine at sleepy time. So nice. You kinda gotta know that Boricúa AKA AngelicaBombshell is a tigress at bedtime though, dont’cha? Good news is, if and when you ever did get around to sleep with this lovely thickness in your bed, you would sleep WELL!



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Sports Legend Shots: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar With Harsh Commentary On Michael Jordan’s Lack Of Activism (Interview Audio)

npr-0010-1-_wide-2b9f72102a7976f8b5d3838d548456b3892a6850-s800-c85Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talks with NPR’s Michel Martin on Friday at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. NBA all-time leading scorer. Legendary center of the Los Angeles Lakers through the 1980s. But Kareem is also an actor (even co-starring with Bruce Lee), activist, and author. Since retiring from the game in 1989, he’s written several books, become a columnist for Time magazine, and continues to comment on issues of the day. He has since he was a college standout at UCLA. He has to…

“When something happens, it doesn’t matter if it’s convenient or not — if it’s time to speak up, you have to speak up. You can’t be afraid.”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Good stuff. But what has the Interwebs abuzz… When he calls out arguably the greatest b-baller ever, Michael Jordan, for NOT speaking up. Hear the interview below.


History: Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird? (Video)

Now, see here… you hear the way they talk here… There’s a history behind it.

It’s not quite British, and it’s not quite American – so what gives? Why do all those actors of yesteryear have such a distinct and strange accent?

Check out the fun and informative lecturette video above. Very interesting!

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KRS-ONE – “Now Hear This” (Album) [Video]

“Everywhere I go, from big festival stages to intimate clubs and bars, people want that boom-bap. But still, even though the streets are crying-out for more depth and authenticity in Hip-Hop, very few rappers today are willing to actually deliver.”

The Teacha – may as well be The Principal –  laying down principles, history and more for real Hip-Hop. Always! KRS-ONE dropped the new topics in his “Now Hear This” album out now. Created while KRS-ONE was touring the U.S., U.K. and Europe, check out the DOPE video above. We linked for the copping whenever you get ready to receive that blessing.


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Kevin Powell Speaks On His Relationship With Tupac Shakur, Shares ‘Rikers Island Interview’ Audio From 1995 And More (Video)

Very few people know the turmoil that erupted between 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. better than Kevin Powell. A political activist, author, and journalist who first became known as a cast member on the original season of MTV’s The Real World, Powell made perhaps his biggest impact as a senior writer for VIBE magazine in the mid-’90s. It was there that he had the opportunity to chronicle the life and career of Tupac Shakur. He penned three highly acclaimed cover stories about the enigmatic superstar. including one based around an interview conducted when Pac was locked up on Rikers Island.

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CeeLo Green Sings “Working Class Heroes, Work” On ‘The Late Show’ (Video)

Stephen Colbert welcomes CeeLo Green, as he performs his “Working Class Heroes, Work” single with ‘The Late Show’ musicians – Louisiana music maker Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

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Jadakiss Joins ‘The Nightly Show’ Panel Hosted By Larry Wilmore (Video)

Jadakiss joined Larry Wilmore’s panel on The Nightly Show the other night. Got in on the discussion on student protests against racism, stagnation of progress on race-related matters on campus and across the country and more. The dude got to show skills on the mic in a different light, and no doubt to keep making noise for his project “Top 5 Dead Or Alive” push and for his place among Hip-Hop’s top noteworthies.


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Unsung: Nate Dogg (Full Episode)

Damn. TVOne’s Unsung pulls on our heartstrings again with this tribute. Watch the hour-strong episode on G-Funk signature hook man and crooner Nate Dogg; lost to the world and to music March 15th of 2011. RIP Nate.

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Erykah Badu – “Hello” feat. Andre 3000


The heat! Erykah and he ex, Andre 3K, can still bring it on a track. Exhibit A: “Hello” is embedded below. Tried to find an active link to the “But You Caint Use My Phone” mixtape on which this appears; but it has been snatched from EVERYWHERE… including iTunes for some reason. Keep an eye/ear open for it though. Worth it.

(Another ex, the “Exhibit C” emcee Jay Electronica, also features on the mixtape. Seems like they all remain cool. Good.)


Barbershop 3: The Next Cut (Trailer)

April 2016, Ice Cube is coming back to big screens to SMASH! Another ‘Barber Shop’ movie, upon first thought, might be one too many, huh? Wait-wait. What if Cube brought back the old cast, added some new POWER hitters… AND AMPED THE EYE CANDY TO 12?

Yeah. Thought so! Give this Eye Candy… er… “Barber Shop 3: The Next Cut” a hard look. And at the same time, feel a bit of hope for change in Chi Raq. Love for Chi-Town y’all.

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Large Professor Takes His ‘Rhythm Roulette’ Challenge Seriously (Video)

Large Pro… They caught up with me… We gone do this Rhythm Roulette

Amazing that this epic episode has not happened sooner. Large Professor has done legendary work for legendary emcees and singers. And now that it has happened, Large Pro declares several times in the clip above that he is “not just gone make some ol’ bullsh!t” – which he does NOT!

Yooo… if you are a spitter, you will WANT this beat for yourself!! Ha! You slept! Tragedy is already jumping the track. WOOOOOOO!

For this installment of Rhythm Roulette, we connected with Extra P, aka Large Professor. We took the legendary Queens producer to Human Head Records in Brooklyn, where he picked three random records to begin a game of Rhythm Roulette. He ended up grabbing an Instant Funk record, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes’ Black and Blue album, and Shirley Scott’s On A Clear Day. From there, Extra P began to go through the records and create some new heat from what he picked.

Shout out to Tragedy Khadafi for the cameo.

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Redman Speaks On Hip-Hop Then And Now, His Projects And More (Video)

Reggie Noble! Dude has that “Mudface” out now, and he has “Muddy Waters 2” coming… so off he goes on the promo trail. Next stop: Power 105 to chop it up with The Breakfast Club. Speaking about Jersey, representing back in the day (Jersey was HEAVY in the game) and now (with a shout to Fetty). Talked about his MTV Cribs episode, too. No getting around that. Haaa!


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A Tribe Called Quest Performs “Can I Kick It” On The Tonight Show (Video)

Wait… ATCQ… ALL of them? Damn right this goes up on the site! “Can I Kick It” without the question mark; no question. Just Questlove and The Roots backing up the brothers reunited to do one of their seminal hits for Jimmy Fallon’s live audience. Dope!

You can get the 25th Anniversary Edition of “People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm” now via the link below, too.


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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: Siege The Day (Official Trailer)

Ha! James Bond franchise be damned. Game recognizes game… especially in the world of gaming! Take a look at cooler-than-cool Idris Elba talking us through the most intense close-quarters battle scenes brought to screen in the form of modern gaming…right in the middle of the action.

Rainbow Six Siege is a unique first-person shooter where infiltrating Attackers and fortifying Defenders clash with high intensity in all-new, exciting tactical combat scenarios. In the destructible playgrounds of Siege, anything is possible, but only those who prize brains over bullets will prevail in the high-stakes game of teamwork and strategy.

Are you ready to Siege The Day? Find out during the free Open Beta on November 25-29 and when Rainbow Six Siege hits stores on December 1.

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Spike Lee Speaks On Being Honored At The Oscars, With Having A Street Named For Him And More (Video)

There’s no overnight success. You gotta bust your ass.
Spike Lee

Truth spoken by the one bringing us the forthcoming “Chi-Raq” movie; a and a right to speak it, backed by decades of movie-making experience. Truly starting from nothing, getting a recent nod from the Academy (honorary Oscar award), and moves being made today; Spike speaks on all that and more with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (starting around the 29-minute mark of the full episode embedded above).

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Welcome to VICELAND: A New TV Channel by VICE (Teaser)

Dear VICE fans,

Over the past several years we’ve been making tons (thousands) of videos and documentaries for you, devoted to the topics and the subjects that you find most important, weird, or just plain funny.

Today we are thrilled to announce our latest venture – VICELAND – a 24-hour cable channel featuring hundreds of hours of new programming. We’ve been shooting and cutting for months, and we can’t wait to share with you our vision of what television should look like. The new shows are awesome. When we started making them, collaborating with our friends in the extended VICE family, we really didn’t know how they would come together to create a TV channel. But when we saw what we had, we knew we were on to something really special.

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Captain America: Civil War (Trailer)

Okay, Cap and Falcon found Bucky… not The Winter Soldier… good ol’ Bucky! So, all’s well and we can hug and go home right? Aw hell naw. All HELL is about to break loose! Can you say love at first sight? The Captain America side of the Marvel Universe movies has always put incredible stories and action up on the big screen, and it looks like this “Civil War” installment will not disappoint on that front! Cap and Iron Man going IN… on each other? War! And is that Black Panther?? RAW!

Check out the trailer above. And do not make ANY other plans for May 6, 2016.

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Pusha T – “Untouchable” (Prod. By Timbaland) [Video]

The new President of G.O.O.D. Music has been announced. A quarter-million a year, and that don’t bounce.
Pusha T

So, Pusha T letting go of some new heat has gotta be a pleasant surprise to any and all Hip-Hop heads out there. But I wonder if anyone was, at least, a little surprised at his move into the boss spot of the imprint.


Turns out that the video for “Untouchable” (produced by Timbaland) above is a might short. Gotta head over to Tidal to see the full video for the song. Business moves already. Peeping…

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Jalen Rose Speaking On Trash Talking With Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Hahaaa! It’s like the ‘crack’ commandments… as in cracking jokes and talking trash to opponents. Somebody get word of this to Kristaps Porzingis. Word is, he has an interest in trash talk. Jalen Rose is hilarious; but he admits Gary Payton’s got skills, too.

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Sav Killz – “Immovable Kings” (FreEP)


Dope. He made it FREE for the people. This “Immovable Kings” by Sav Killz. A true talent getting spins but needing more; dropping videos and doing more, including the interview after the jump. Respect

Shout out to all the DJs who have been supporting the project and giving us them spins! DJ Premier, Tony Touch, Eclipse, Peter Rosenberg, DJ Ero, DJ Modesty, DJ Homicide, and everyone else.
Sav Killz

Check out the Sav Killz sit down with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97’s Real Late after the jump (with Frank Knight & J-Ronin to Killz right, riding along). But before that, treat yourself to this EP for the FREE.


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