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Fashawn – “Pardon My G” feat. Snoop Dogg (Prod. by Louie Lou)

Aha! Go back and peep that GGN episode where Uncle Snoop and nephew Fashawn were chopping it up and consuming the good smoked greens. That vibe they had would have to give birth to something like this. Fashawn – with Snoop Dogg on the feature – doing this “Pardon My G” with Louie Lou on the beat. Fresh off the “Manna” EP.


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Comedy: Dave Chappelle On Meeting Kanye West, Getting Played By Prince, And Being The ‘Lost Root’ (Video)

Okay. The Yeezy story is awesome, but the ones about meeting The Roots and the Prince judo move… YES! Enjoy this recent throwback interview. Stories told as only Dave Chappelle can tell ’em.


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Fat Joe – “So Excited” feat. Dre (Video)

Goodness gracious! Popping bottles and sipping on a boat full of sexy models shaped like Coke bottles. Dre on hook serenade. Joe on the lyrics over the beat you hear play. This vid IS the dream. You ought to “So Excited” to watch this dopeness. Another one off the “Platos O Plomo” LP.


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History: Hear The Recorded Voices Of Former Slaves (Video)

My Grandma had a neighbor across the street who took these kinds of insights to the grave. When folks would ask what slavery was like or how she made it through, she would respond, “We don’t talk about those times.”

And that’s it. That’s all she’d say.

And now she’s gone. All that perspective lost to the ages. And since she never even talked to my Grandma (her dearest friend) about it, I never even had a second-hand account. Rest in peace, Grandma.

But now, we get to hear audio from actual former slaves – their words, their voices! And lean in around three minutes in… Former slave Fountain Hughes was born in Charlottesville, Virginia. Yeah, the place racists and counter-protesters just gathered.



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Ice Cube And James Corden And Their ‘Very Physical’ Hand-Checking (Video)

Hilarious!!! Have you peeped Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball League on FS1 yet? Not quite like this, but entertaining. And respect to Corden for the skills… at trash talk and flopping. Bwaaahahaaa!


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Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Are Expecting (Video)

Wow. It’s like Joe and Cyn got on lock (see them declare it during an interview here) and started the clock… or should we say “timer” since Cyn Santana has that Budden bun in the oven. Check out the lovey dovey photo shoot and featurette above.

Here’s to happiness for the two; and happiness for us, too, if Joe (or some other worthy emcee) hops on that banging azz beat playing in the video.

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Say No To The Dress, The Caterer, To The Whole Expensive Wedding… It’s All A Total Rip-Off (Video)

How could the College Humor crew dare to attack the sacred, traditional, necessary institution of marriage? Well, because it is really none of that. Just hella expensive for no damn reason (except, well, commerce)!

No hate, even though Adam does Ruin Everything… like the need for big weddings in this episode. Just like he did the ‘wedding ring’ racket (see here).

(Your fiancee might not need to see this though. Haaa!)


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Joey Bada$$ – “Temptation” (Prod. By 1-900 x Kirk Knight) [Video]

Another joint from Joey Badass’ album “All Amerikkkan Bada$$” (out now). This one is for “Temptation.”


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VICE News Reports On ‘Race and Terror’ In Charlottesville (Video)

Here is a VICE News piece on the protests, counter-protests, why everyone is REALLY there, the points of view, passionate responses and tragedy coming out of Charlottesville.

On Saturday hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to participate in the “Unite the Right” rally. By Saturday evening three people were dead – one protester, and two police officers – and many more injured.
– VICE News

The lens through which we observe events that affect us should be handled responsibly. The lens in this instance is journalistic reporting. There is stuff we ought to know. A free press should (read again: SHOULD) keep our eyes on what is important, tell us why, and provide proper focus long enough for us to make up our own minds about it. Extending the metaphor, the lens should be kept clear of clutter so we can see the TRUTH. That truth is left to each of us to find for ourselves.

On what’s going on in Charlottesville, VICE News does that. Like they always do: They go to the hot spot and embed, clear out the clutter and show us what it going on and why we should care; and viewers can go from there. Elle Reeve was there for VICE News to show us the raw truth, including what everyone said… including the U.S. President and White supremacist leader Chris Cantwell. Their words. Footage of actions and aftermath. Truthfully presented. Point blank period.

(You will likely feel enraged, sad, confused, helpless, or some combination. But if you feel anything like akin to Cantwell’s smirk at the end of this piece, LEAVE. And NEVER come back!

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See All The Nice Rides At The Atlanta Car & Bike Show (Video)

Cars, cars, cars are the stars! Shining liked they were just dipped in the sweetest glaze. Couple of bikes in this vid, too. If you see a fly & flashy motor vehicle and it gets your motor running, this visual has much whip appeal for YOU!

(Shout to photographer Ralph Lenard aka DaMan WithDaPlan for going HAM on the cam when he attended this cars-travaganza!)


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History: Life In Roman Britain (Video)

Caught a BBC write-up on this Roman Britain history animation video. Intriguing – both that the animators/producers chose to mix in brown-skinned characters as something other than slave-level AND that there was much Twitter beef about the historical accuracy of including Black people in the mix. Well, that second part is not that ‘intriguing’ as you KNOW someone is gonna hate when folks give Black people anywhere near a fair shake.

Come on. Why can’t haters skip the arguments (which they just might lose, seeing some scholars clap back that there were Brit Blacks back then)? To historical accuracy… would this clip’s detractors argument against White actress Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra or all the non-Native players of Native Americans in the ‘classic’ movies? Want to go deeper? Okay, anyone want to tackle the ‘accuracy’ of Tom Cruise playing a White American Army officer who becomes the bad-azz sword-swinging ‘Last Sumerai’ in a year or so?

Yeah. Just watch the cartoon. LISTEN to the content. Maybe learn something about Britannia back in the day.

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Mysonne – “Survival Of The Fittest” (Freestyle) [Video]

You daaaamn right 5-Star General Mysonne can touch and rough up that Mobb Deep “Survival Of The Fittest” track. See for yourself!

(Shouldn’t even be a question after the bodying he did on that Flex Freestyle we posted on here a while back.)



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Eye Candy: Jalande Jaguar (Video)

Somethings (yeah, with an ‘s’) about this cutie Jalande Jaguar… Hmmm, what could they beeee?! FOH! If you got eyes to see, you gotta be kidding me! Jalande is the epitome of caramel MILK chocolate Eye Candy. If you are a sucker for a succulent bosom, Jalande Jaguar got you baby. MERCY!

I am overloading this post with maaaaaddd clips after the jump. Starting with a fave above, where she does a Friday redux of the ‘Ms. Parker’ scene that would likely make Chris Tucker and Ice Cube say DAAAAAMN in real life, too.



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Cassidy – “BARS Is Back” (Freestyle)

Cass Larsiny pretty much telling all y’all AND Philly that he run sh!t like he runs these tracks. And he’s strapping up and throwing his city and Hip-Hop on his back. Trying to bring ’em back to where/what they ought to be about. About them BARS! “BARS Is Back” maaaaan.


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Cassidy – “I’m A Prodigy”

The only ghostwriter that be really writing with actual ghosts. Facts!
P in the booth with me right now!

By now, Cassidy almost HAS to say crazier and crazier stuff to keep us off balance and convinced that he is forever on point. Dude is pretty much saying he literally channeled the spirit of Prodigy AND got his cosign to get in the booth and lean on n!ggas. Wowwww.

But it is a dope freestyle though. Awesome flows over Mobb Deep beats.



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Pete Rock x CL Smooth – “Mecca & The Soul Brother” (25th Anniversary) [Mixtape]

Man, 25 years since Pete Rock & CL Smooth dropped that “Mecca & The Soul Brother” though! That alone is worth celebrating, but this 25th Anniversary mixtape put together by DJ Chris Read in celebration of that ought to be ‘celebrated’ too. Really good stuff.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s classic 1992 LP ‘Mecca & The Soul Brother,’ our homie Chris Read whipped up yet another fine mix of album tracks, alternative versions, remixes, and original sample material. Enjoy!
– Wax Poetics


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Skyzoo – “Bamboo” (Video)

Bumping! Here are the visuals for a hot rock Skyzoo let fly off his “Peddler Themes” EP. This is “Bamboo.”


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Watch The Full Comic-Con “Justice League” Sneak Peek Teaser (Trailer)

Oh snap! I just caught something around 1:30… before dude said “no Kryptonians”… he said “no LANTERNS!” Think they might try to make up for that Green Lantern goof-up a few flops back? Maybe.

Or maybe let The CW add it to their #DareToDefy line-up. The John Stewart kick-azz Marine Green Lantern (who dated Vixen, another #DareToDefy character on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow already, on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series back in the day). And maybe that story ties into the new Black Lightning series arc. Just an awesome idea.

Okay, so above is the 4+ minute trailer folks saw at SDCC for the upcoming “Justice League” movie. Here’s to hoping that the best part of this thing ain’t the trailers… again.


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SikzPho – “Sunburn” (Google Doodle Remix)

YOOOOO!!!! Thiz shiz iz yoga-flame-FIYAAAH! You probably know PhoBro from Greasekydz. He does production for Sikz when they link up to form the Hip-Hop monster SikzPho. Well, see, Google put this fun widget (called a ‘Doodle’) on its main search page last week to honor the widely accepted birthday of Hip-Hop. The widget let even a novice like me have fun ‘deejaying’ (definitely in quotes when it comes to my skills, but epic fun still).

Well… SikzPho was NOT effin’ around even as they were effin’ around with the Google Doodle. This is what they produced. Banging!

Happy Birthday, Hip-Hop! To one and all!


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Little Caesars Pizza Portal Will Let Customers Grab Their Pizzas And Skip The Small Talk (Video)

Hot-N-Ready. That’s what Little Caesars is selling to the masses. Gotta say that the pizza is also pretty tasty (for the price). But now it looks like somebody somewhere in the company got a wild notion to ask, “Can I get something other than pepperoni, Hot-N-Ready, and FAST?”

Answer: Sure, if you have a smartphone and a way to come get it!

Watch the clip and see what the LC is cooking (and piloting) now. Tailor made pizzas on the go. The only way to get it better faster is adding mind-reading tech and drone delivery to this. But that’s not… possible… Is it?

Um… Hello? Have you been READING our posts at all?? It’s definitely possible in the future. But let’s try this Pizza Portal out for a while.

(Unless you are die-hard Pizza Hut or Papa Johns or something other… sorry. Hahaaa!)


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