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Technology: Carnegie Mellon Has A Way To Capture Memories In 3-D (Video)

So you are looking at a scrapbook full of pictures and sharing memories with your folks. A pleasant afternoon, right? Probably. But then comes the start of the “that’s not how it happened” argument. How about the “y’all should’ve been there” comment about events a recaller swears he could show you better than he can tell you?

Well, Carnegie Mellon has stepped up in the coolest way with some of the coolest tech. Man! Watch this short clip, and imagine instant replay or crime scene investigations being enhanced with rich 3-D video/photo like this. Incredible! Some Hollywood ‘Avatar’ *ish on the next level.

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BLITZ – 7/31/14: Booger Basketball

Bn3EKxUIUAEwHAhBiz Markie – Pickin’ Boogers (1988)HEADLINES

The NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers Demand To Be Rewarded For Losing

Gaza Conflict: Israeli Shell Strike Hits U.N. School Killing 19 Who Sought Shelter

6 Philly Narcotics Cops Indicted For Robbing, Kidnapping, & Framing Drug Dealers

Atlanta Makes Top 10 List Of Cities For IT Work; Growth Expected To Continue

Debunking The Myths About Gaza: The Truth Behind Israeli & Palestinian Talking Points

Will Kevin Durant Leave OKC In 2016 & Go Back Home To Play For The Wizards in D.C.?

The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin Has ‘Beef’ After Getting Kicked Out Of Fast Food Joint

An American Doctor Sick With Ebola Is Now Fighting For His Life

Ass Milk Is The Drink Of Choice For European Babies & Elderly Chinese

Geraldo Rivera Receiving Backlash For His Controversial Comments On Marriage

What Science Says About Marijuana: Less Dangerous Than Alcohol & Tobacco

Actor Djimon Hounsou Speaks on ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ & ‘Fast & Furious 7′ in ATL

5 Armed People, Including A Security Guard, Busted In Caesars Atlantic City Heist of $181,000

Woody Allen Won’t Hire A Black Actor Unless He ‘Writes A Story That Requires It’

Jay Z & Beyonce Rumored To Be Getting A Divorce At The End Of Their ‘On The Run’ Tour

NFL Cracking Down On Racial Slurs This Season, But Still Has A Team Named After A Racial Slur

One Congressman Says A Wage Of $7.25 an Hour Is ‘Inadequate’ For Supporting A Family

Judge Who Had Affair With Witness In His Chambers During Child Support Case Can’t Be Sued

The Oakland Raiders Possibly Eyeing A Move To San Antonio, Texans Owner ‘Not Surprised’?

Pat Riley Says The Miami Heat Recovered Well After Lebron James Exit To Cleveland

Apollo Brown – “Lonely And Cold” feat. Roc Marciano (Video)

And today’s damn-that-ish-is-cold selection: Black & white visuals for Apollo Brown’s “Lonely And Cold” (featuring vocals by Roc Marciano). Another banger off the “Thirty Eight” LP (linked below).


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REKS – “Garvey” feat. NORE x Saigon (Prod. By Hazardis Soundz) [Video]

Can we get an ‘aw yeah’ for REKS over here? Dope video for a dope collabo. “Garvey” features NORE and Saigon getting it in on the track. Hazardis Soundz…oh yeah, produced the hell out of this track! You know, you could have this track and album (“Eyes Watching God”) in your mp3 already; since we posted all that already (linked again below though)


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Kickstarter: Massive Ammo For Your Next Water Balloon Fight (Video)

Maaann! This should be out NOW! Heads would getting splatted!! Haaaa. Water balloon fights were the best back in the day, but chances are you could only have one, two… maybe three on deck for the battle. Not a lot of ammo for a ‘sustained battle.’ And how many balloons popped or split at the lip when filling or stretching them over the faucet/spigot to start? Well, no more.

Fill and tie hundreds of water balloons in minutes with our attachment that comes ready-to-go, no preparation necessary!

Yeah. Tinnus Enterprises’ Kickstarter page promises that Bunch O Balloons will fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than 1 minute. Oh, and for those who don’t care or don’t care for fun in general (haters). It doesn’t matter. Because the Kickstarter campaign is over 6900% funded. In fact, Tinnus is taking pre-orders right now for this party product (anticipated to market Spring-Summer 2015)!

Kudos to inventor Josh Malone (and his testers kids).


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Eye Candy: Lena Chase (Behind-The-Scenes) [Video]

O…M…Googley moogley! A BTS vid of the thicky thick Honey Lena Chase? For me? Thank you. Oh…um yeah…you folks can watch, too. Just, just keep it down. Janet’s playing, and Lena’s working it out for me. I’m focused maaan! Heh heh.

You can follow my idea of good clean fun (whew – watch her in the laundromat scene) – @Miss_LenaChase on Instagram.

- @ojones1

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Kirk Knight x Dyemond Lewis (Of Pro Era) – “Extortion” (Video)

“Been riding on nimbus. I’m out for the spinach…”
Kirk Knight

New from the home of Joey Bada$$, Pro Era. Producer/emcee Kirk Knight and collab partner Dyemond Lewis lay something very visually interesting for “Extortion” off their EP “The Shift” (an exclusive Scion AV release). Get the FREE EP (e.g. freEP) via the link below.


- @ojones1

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Phil Mic – “One Way Ticket” (Video)

West coast producer/emcee with that Cali bud medicinal for your audio therapy session. “One Way Ticket” by Phil Mic streaming FREE below for ya. This title track and the EP on which it appears is out now on iTunes. Embedded the video above, I hope. Second time trying. YouTube obviously has it in for the #SampleKing so watch it ASAP (word of advice).

Not much info out there on Phillip “Phil Mic” Guillory so far. But keep checking for him and for the full-length “One Way Ticket To Cali” project dropping later this year.

- @ojones1


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Rakim Challenges The New School: ‘So Whatchu Saying?’ (Interview)

rakimWhen the G.O.D.M.C. aka The 18th Letter aka Rakim Allah speaks, especially on Hip-Hop, it’s worth taking heed. Well, Keenan Higgins over at Green Label Sounds did more than take heed. He took notes! Wrote up an article chock full of insight.

I just need younger artists to understand the power that they have. What you’re saying, people are listening to. Don’t take it for granted that you just writing rhymes. Young kids are listening. Y’all are influencing a lot of people, so watch what you say.

- @ojones1


VICE: The Jim Norton Show Welcomes Mike Tyson And UFC President Dana White [Video]

If you have heard, or are a fan of in any way, of comedian Jim Norton, you know that at his shows anything f**king goes! Aaannyything! WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO. There are things you DO NOT want to miss; the least of which are the debut episode’s guests.

On the first episode of ‘The Jim Norton Show,’ Jim sits down with boxing legend Mike Tyson and UFC President Dana White for a discussion that could never happen on a traditional talk show.

VICE is definitely the place for this type of vanguard, no holds barred programming. Provides comic relief in a way left way for the channel. Check out Part 1 of Episode 1 above. Part 2 is promised soon below.

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Homeboy Sandman – “America The Beautiful” (Prod. By Jonwayne)


Shout out to Bad Magics for a killer find by a staple artist over here. This new Homeboy Sandman joint, “America The Beautiful,” is…beautiful. Embodying the internal conflict of those Americans who love the country but know it’s far from perfect. Truly balanced commentary. Homeboy Sandman doing a lyrical homage to what makes “America The Beautiful” in the midst of our struggle. A ‘Beautiful Struggle’ (word to Kweli) to be certain. Produced by Jonwayne. Sandman’s LP “Hallways” drops September 2, 2014.


Technology: The Maker Of Hoverbike Needs Your Help To Make It A Reality (Video)

Kickstarter lets us fund everything; including the future! Check out the above video, and imagine being able to ride a Hoverbike. That’s right, you can be part of the creation of the world’s first flying motorcycle. Nice!

Declared “a revolution in aviation” by the project head, Chris Malloy, the Hoverbike is the result of years worth of R&D to combine the simplicity of a motorbike and the freedom of a helicopter. Cheaper, more rugged and easier to use, the Hoverbike flies like a quadcopter, and can be flown unmanned or manned, while being a safe – low level aerial workhorse with low on-going maintenance.

We are in the final construction stages of the latest manned prototype of Hoverbike, and in a few months we will start flight testing. After the successful completion of test flights we will build a final engineering prototype for submission to aviation certification authorities.

Oh yeah. This is happening. It’s over 66% funded already. Watch and wonder above. Follow the link to get in on this below.


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Eye Candy: Nicole Mejia (Behind-the-Scenes ‘Show Magazine’ Shoot) [Video]

Oh yeeaaah! Another one for the Honeyz pile. Nice assets. I’m sure Show Magazine made some money investing in this shoot. This Nicole Mejia clip goes by so quick, you’ll want to watch again (and again). And that’s okay.

You can follow the very, very fit @Nicole_Mejia on Instagram.

- @ojones1

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Dayne Jordan – “I Want It All” (Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff) [Video]

Put your best foot forward, and put your next foot forward. If you take steps toward it, when ain’t no steps to warm up, that’s how you get toward it. Go for the goal, and you get rewarded.
Dayne Jordan

Super dopeness from Dayne Jordan (the artist formerly known as Dosage, now rapping under his government name) – a Philly born emcee whose steady grind and polish befits that of a rising star. Dig the GoPro cam shots (giving a first person view to the dawn of his day).

Relatively little is known about the up-and-coming artist thus far; but we do know he’s still rocking @THEREALDOSAGE on Twitter. He also makes no secret that super-producer and fellow Philadelphian DJ Jazzy Jeff is squarely in his corner as music-maker and mentor. Dayne doesn’t appear to be leaning on Jeff for career advancement though. The music videos, as is the case above, don’t feature Jeff (or anyone really; basically him going in). However, the latest Vinyl Destination videos (chronicling Jazzy Jeff’s travels, gigs and hijinks) do sport cameos of the rapper; as well as some of his music.

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The Other Guys – “Turn The Lights Out” (Video)

Double-shot with a bonus in this post. The Other Guys put this video out for “Turn The Lights Out”… AND we have the FREE download for this smooth jawn below. Conspicuous by its absence in the video above, there is a verse in the audio below. See, what had happened… ahh maaan, nobody knows. But we do know that the Guys’ “Seeds of Ambition” (LP) is out. So, that’s linked below.

Album, video, single…with a ‘bonus verse’ (actually that’s a triple with a bonus; four-point play).


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Supa Dave West – “Let’s Rock”


Hip-Hop producer/percussionist Supa Dave West drops his debut instrumental album “Beat Boxing” on August 19, 2014. For anyone reading with the audacity to mumble, “So what…” Well…that’s why this post is up well before the LP. “Let’s Rock” makes you wanna… rock! Infectious beat with a soulful singing loop. Yeah. You’ll become a believer, perhaps enough to pre-order the full-length (iTunes link below).


Mobb Deep – “All A Dream” feat. The L.O.X. (Video)

It may seem like a dream but it’s real. Mobb Deep & The L.O.X. connect on some Queensbridge-Yonkers type ‘ish for this new video with the Biggie sample from his classic ‘Juicy’ record. It’s crazy to think it took this long for Prodigy, Havoc, Styles P, Sheek Louch, & Jadakiss to collaborate altogether in some way.  Maybe it’s a start of good things to come in terms of crew collabos.  For now peep the new video & cop the song off the latest Mobb Deep album ‘The Infamous Mobb Deep LP’ that’s out now.

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Strobe & Essex – “Charades” (Produced By Jamille Malik)


YOOO! This is sooooo dope! Yessir, this goes up ASAP! Huge shout out to my home slices that come with the nicest in The Bean. Ye Olde Boston town, stand up! Respect to Strobe and Essex for hitting the Facebook with this hot off the press. Enjoy “Charades” – produced by Jamille Malik (nope, Strobe didn’t do the beat duty on this go ’round; just going in on the lyrics).


G.L.A.M. – “4Eva Lonely”

glam2You know what? Instead of us drawing comparisons about artistic style on this “4Eva Lonely”… you take a listen and tell us what you think. Now, it doesn’t spoil anything for us to say that it’s dope music. I mean, why else would it show up on here. G.L.A.M. stands for Good Lyrics And Music. Indeed! Oh, she did the lyrics and music herself. Yep. Now we gotta check for her upcoming album “FLAW” (due out September 2014).


MAHD – “Hello Detroit” (Video)

Happy Birthday to The 313 (aka Detroit, Michigan, USA)! Well, happy belated birthday. It was July 24, 2014.

Let’s celebrate with a video courtesy of MAHD for his “Hello Detroit” single. A little education on and a lot of love shown for his hometown in there. This song will appear on his debut album “13″ (due out this Fall). You can get the single off iTunes now though.


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