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Lenny Kravitz ‘Bought The Farm’ In Brazil (Video)

Legendary artist Lenny Kravitz gives a tour of his amazing 18th-century Brazilian farm & coffee compound. The fully functioning farm & home features produces plenty of organic food grown on the premises in which he feeds his various guests. It’s one of many perfect homes the legendary rocker mentions that he has in the world

Sam Peezy – “Floodgates” feat. BoneBreaker Jones x J-Sun

The “Peezy’s Way” project is out now. Loaded with bangers, but I pulled this joint to give you a good sample of what’s on the plate you’ll be copping (on all streaming services, iTunes linked below). This single is called “Floodgates” and features familiars from super-producer Sam Peezy’s (aka Tony Factory) #AvJo collective – J-Sun (King Of Alabama) and BoneBreaker Jones.



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1982 (Statik Selektah x Termanology) – “Pandemic” [Video]

You only got one life though, so treat it right.
Just keep the energy good, and you gone be a’ight.

Termanology and Statik Selektah roll together as 1982. You remember that, right? Well, whether you do or not, that is what it is. What you NEED to remember is that 1982 has a new album out to get us through this “Pandemic” and “The Quarantine” right now!



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Dave Chappelle ‘Sanely’ Walked Away From A Big Money Deal When Everyone Thought He Was Insane (Video)

This is wonderful. The full circle of Dave Chappelle’s life. Walking away from millions and millions of dollars, when you understand it was because he was doing what was right… for him, is the SANEST thing Dave could have done back in the day. And doing such is not a new thing to his family. For generations, since his Great Grandfather, Dave’s family history is rife with stories of folks doing what’s right; with the bigger picture in mind.

David Chappelle is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer, best known for his satirical comedy sketch series Chappelle’s Show (2003 – 2006). Chappelle is the recipient of numerous accolades, including two Emmy Awards and three Grammy Awards as well as a Mark Twain Prize. Dave Chappelle is renowned for his ability to point out the underlying truths in society and bring humor to serious issues.
– After Skool

We have shared this particular story from Dave before. But I like the way it is ‘remixed’ here.


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Will Smith Responds To Joyner Lucas’ New Song “Will” (Video)

Dude, I am humbled and honored…

And that’s what makes life worth living for an artist!! Admiration from an artist that you grew up admiring… who admiring your homage song giving props to him… who wants to MEET you one day! Dope!!

Joyner Lucas’ day/week/life must have been made by this response vid from “Will.”



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Curren$y – “Money Machine 3” (Video)

Jet Life Commandments: Thou shalt not rest until I make my whole fam rich.

You know how some emcees just got bars for days. And I mean spitting BARZ bars… The rappin’ azz rappers. I am here for them all day, every day. But then there are some emcees, like Jet Life Generalissimo Curre$y, who go further when they go in; spitting that make you feel a way when you hear them.

Yeah, Curren$y hit the jackpot with this “Money Machine 3” spinner off the “Back At Burnie’s” mixtape (out now). Click play and get the payout!



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Tisha Campbell Shares Memories, Stories About Her Kids, And Her Interview Time With A Surprise Guest (Video)

Wow. A Kid N Play ‘footwork’ greeting instead of a handshake greeting. Sounds like a cool idea if you have any level of coordination. But if you’re like me… maybe we can ‘modify’ that move. Ha!

But Tisha has no idea how this ‘cool idea’ will resurface (in a manner of speaking) in this interview clip.

It’s a “House Party” reunion! Tisha Campbell joined Access Daily hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover to chat about her new show “Outmatched,” which airs Thursday nights on FOX. Tisha opened up about why her two kids were the reason she joined the series. Tisha also gave an amazing update on her eldest son, revealing that he got into the college of his dreams. Plus, watch Tisha’s priceless reaction to former “House Party” co-star Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid crashing her interview!
– Access

Social distancing be damned when Kid comes on the set! And Kid cannot be mad at that. Tisha is still looking great!


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Dance: Kida The Great – Future And Drake “Life Is Good” Freestyle (Video)


Man. These young’uns finally reminded me of my place at the barbecue… I’m the old uncle cheering on the kids dancing to the music like there is no one watching (but we all are)! Watch out nih, Kida! Show ’em how they oughta be doing the do ’til it’s done!!

So great seeing Kida The Great still doing his thing at the highest levels. We have literally watched him grow up in his craft (Google and catch up on his ‘younger years’ if you need to).


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Performance: Erykah Badu – “Didnt’Cha Know” (Video)

Erykah letting us know it’s gonna be alright. With an intimate mini-concert performance from out the house; looks like from the living room. The band is masked up, but Ms. Badu is going ‘mask off’ in every way. Shouting out to her folks, including her babies’ fathers.

I like it. Badu The Badoula, and her energy, is just so dope. Give thanks and enjoy the clip!


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Fabolous – “Cold Summer” (Video)

Not to bring up old sh!t… I’m not a plunger, dog.

He’s right. A summer cold SUCKS! But I’ll tell you what does not suck: this “Cold Summer” visual that Fabolous just dropped on the masses. Trying to avoid the illness out to get us out here. But no avoiding how SICK Fab’s flow is on this one off the “Summertime Shootout 3” mixtape #SoCOLD


– @ojones1

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Godfrey Speaks On Who’s Benefiting From The Coronavirus Pandemic, Including Companies Getting Presidential Shout-Outs (Video)

Well, when the interview (1) starts with “It’s crazy right now” and (2) Vlad isn’t even in his studio with his interview guest… We now get this version of VladTV in the Coronaviral Era.

In this clip, Godfrey talked about the coronavirus and the precautions he’s taking to avoid getting sick. Godfrey spoke at length about the money that’s being made as a result of this pandemic and even queried whether this entire thing is engineered.
DJ Vlad

And Godfrey is right: It is CRAZY right now… And the Administration’s speeches and assurances have been less than reassuring.


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Cassidy – “Not Affected”

Yeah, the sh!t I’m speaking is increasing the Fahrenheit.

Aha! So THAT’S why Cassidy ain’t worried about getting sick in this Coronaviral Era. HEAT! The Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is scared of that HEAT! So, because of that, we know Cass is not infected. And because of this latest self-produced song he put out, we know he is “Not Affected.”


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Best Food Safety Practices: Grocery Shopping & Eating Takeout (Video)

In times like these, we must listen to the science; and to the practitioners! Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen aka Dr. Jeff VW is breaking the knowledge down to the very last compound (as KRS-ONE might say). Check out what he has to say about staying vigilant and being meticulous about the safest choices and sterilization processes for the food we eat.

It is NOT all ‘common sense’ but it will all make sense when your hear from it from the Doc.


This is the most current video for New CDC data, safe takeout food practices, and an updated practice for safe grocery shopping/handling.

Jeffrey VanWingen

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Eye Candy: If You Are Self-Quarantined With Kayla Jane… Congratulations! (Video)

Because woohoo! Looka here, looka HERE! All that re-THICK-ulousness!

See, I am the kinda guy who LOVES a THICK shake even when it’s cold out. Now that it is getting warmer, and that Cuffing Season is supposed to be all but a memory, maybe the COVID lock-down cabin fever is hitting some folks extra hard. Speaking of extra… nah, nope, not gonna go there… But I’m saying though. We may as well embrace it. I would not mind embracing buxom, bouncy, chipper Kayla Jane – have her ’round here spreading some of that curvaceous cheer. Bet I could help her burn off some of that excess energy, too!


– @ojones1

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Knxwledge – “1988” (Album)

Well, if someone is gonna drop something for the people after nearly five years, it may as well be good… and an extra-long 20-something strong LP. Like Knxledge did right here with this “1988” plate.


Ras Kass – “Soul On Ice 2: Instrumentals” (Album)

Okay! Now we got an artist thinking of other artists (and wannabe emcees) in this damned Coronaviral Era in which we find ourselves house-arrested in. From Ras’ house to yours, via the Interwebs, you are blessed with your OWN copy of the instrumentals for his latest album. So, now what?! What’chu gonna do?

As for me… I’m listening and bopping to the beats. Like, now, because how often will we get something this dope at this price (FREE.99)???

Cali legend Ras Kass has decided to release the instrumentals to his newest album “Soul On Ice 2” today. To make things better, he’s giving them away free all week so that people locked down on Covid-19 house arrest have something fresh to write to.


Doggystyleeee – “My Dayz Coming” (Video)

Every Doggy has his day. And take note: TODAY is Doggystyleeee’s day. But what about tomorrow, when dude is still saying “My Dayz Coming” though? Well, when tomorrow comes… guess what? That’s TODAY all over again!

I mean, y’all could beef with Doggystyleeee about it. I don’t think you want to. But feel free (HA)!


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Daz Dillinger x Capone – “Startender” (Video)

We taking shots to the face like it’s Botox.

So you don’t think thots are trying to be as close to the table with the dudes high-posting with bottomless drink and endless cake?? Like a party with wide open doors and an open bar? Okay, well you stay right there… But ask your friend if she wants to go chill with Daz & Capone. Don’t get mad. She just wants one drink, and to say “hi,” and sit in a lap, and get high.

(On second thought: Maybe you can get a li’l mad. But at least you know where her head is now. Yeah, and where it will be in a few. May as well follow the “Startender” on over. HA!)


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Rigz – “You Mad” feat. Flee Lord x Mav (Prod. By Thank5th)

Drunk minds deliver sober thoughts.

Getting Griselda gritty with it! And winning because of it. So sad (but not really) if you are mad at Rigz, Flee Lord, and Mav Mean eating out here… and eating WELL! Apparently with some strong drink… strong enough to bring out the TRUTH!

Don’t know which came first, the sample or the song idea, but I ain’t mad either way. “You Mad” though?


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DJ Drama – “350” feat. Rick Ross x Westside Gunn x Lule (Video)

…I like when they count me out. It makes it that much sweeter when I’m counting up!

This “350” is more Quality Street Music on behalf of Mr. Gangsta Grizzill aka DJ Drama! Oh, and his folks… Rozay, Westside Gunn, and Lule on the hook on the track!



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