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DJ Premier x A$AP Ferg – “Our Streets” (Video)

This is dope! Great to see 2 different generations of hip hop come together to make something that knocks!! Dope! PayDay Records bring it back with DJ Premier & forward with A$AP Ferg


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Joyner Lucas – “I’m Not Racist” (Video)

Way north of 4 million views in less than four days? Yeah. That’s pretty viral, Joyner Lucas. Though he must credit his fans, true Hip-Hop heads, audio art aficionados, and maybe a few duped “Make America Great Again” advocates (ha!) for hanging in there for this vid until the end.

Warning: If you have not seen this yet, it starts off RAW… sooooo RAW… you’ll wanna turn it off (or go hunting for the “MAGA” heads). BUT hang on. Trust. This is WELL worth watching and sharing.

A compelling piece of moving visual art. Click play and get into it.

(Kinda has a Hopsin feel to it. Biting social commentary therein.)

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Eye Candy: Gayana Bagdasaryan (Video) [NSFW]

Hot daaaaayyyyyummmm! Hot enough to warm you up in the winter? Maybe. Hot enough to get the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stamp? Definitely!

Are you seeing Gayana Bagdasaryan around the Interwebs. Well, I got you a treat if you have not had the pleasure. A plump rump and some barely there lingerie and swimwear. That’s Gayana’s recipe for some tasty-looking Eye Candy!


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Cam’ron Says He Did Not Diss Ma$e. He’s Just Telling The Truth About Him (Video)

For all the folks out there thinking that Ma$e ‘won’ that beef with Cam… or that they even know the whole way it went or how it ought to go… Hold the phone! Watch and learn something; at least Cam’ron’s side of the story.

I’ve never dissed Ma$e. I’m telling you stories about real life situations… I’ve never made up [anything] like… “f*cked my sister”… the imaginary sister I don’t have…

So, let’s start there. Click play and watch Cam break it down.

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Avengers: Infinity War (Trailer)

Can’t wait for next Summer. This is supposed to be the Grand finale linking many of the Marvel films & characters all together. Check out more about the movie & clues after the jump…

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Soul Flyers Catch Their Plane… In Wingsuits! (Video)

This is f**king INSANE! I have often said that you will not catch me jumping out of a perfectly good working plane. So, SOMEBODY goes, and films, not just one, but TWO wing flyers. And two crazy fools jump off a cliff and fly right INTO a plane, entering from the side, and LANDING inside!


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Faizon Love Does Not Travel With Security. Want To Know Why? (Video)

The whole Katt Williams controversy, guns, and all kinds of whatnot. Faizon ain’t scared to talk about it! Never scared. But always hilarious!

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Angela Rye Keeping Us Woke With Updates On The Trump Administration’s Moves And How They Affect Our Lives (Video)

A voice for positivity who is positively beautiful! The very crushworthy Angela Rye is back in her seat for another Breakfast Club appearance to break down how current political happenings affect day-to-day living. Always good talk. Always needed.

Maybe if she shows up enough, and talks to us enough, more of us will VOTE…


(Whew! You see how fine she is though?)


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Fabolous x Jadakiss – “Friday On Elm Street” (Album Stream)

Fabolous and Jadakiss announced a joint project – “Freddy vs. Jason” – March last year. But it kept on getting pushed back for some reason or another. Welp, here we finally go: “Friday On Elm Street” is here!


Comedy: Keegan-Michael Key Says Trump’s “Mind Is Free” (Video)

Hmm… that’s one way to look at it.

Key breaks down the reasons why Trump is a skilled improviser, and theorizes that the candidate is often sitting on the toilet when calling in to news programs.
– The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

This is before Trump was elected President. Wow, situation still looking crazy as it did back then.


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DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Holiday Mix 2017” (Mixtape)

DJ Jazzy Jeff did a mix to get you and your crew into the season. Why are you not clicking play and starting your party yet??? Cider and eggnog optional. Jamming… VERY necessary!


Penal Code: Former Inmate Speaks On The ‘Cheek Busting’ Hierarchy In Prison (Video)

Listen up. Real talk from someone who was on lock. Pay attention, too, for those who like their pants to ‘sag’ and sh!t.

We know you guys are worried about getting your cheeks busted in prison, we get these types of questions all the time. If this is something you are that worried about, it may be time to get out of the game. if you’re a square, stay a square and you wont have anything to worry about.
– Fresh Out: Life After The Penitentiary

Sheeeehzzz!!! It’s like that??

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Imagine A 600-Square-Foot Mansion. Look At This Tiny House (Video)

Japan’s Horinouchi House makes 600 square feet seem like a bona fide mansion.
– Digital Trends

I guess I’m weird when it comes to the desire for a big house and the acres… I actually have flights of fantasy about a tiny home; maybe on a big plot of land, but big being like an acre or less. Plus, I’d rather have one really good toilet in my tiny mansion than four mediocre ones in a big ‘un.

(Too much? Yes? Maybe?)

But check this dream house (in my mind) out. Dope!


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DL Hughley Give Perspective To The Louis CK Controversy & The ‘Protective’ Role Of His Manager (Video)

I usually do when DL gives social commentary, but I really leaned in on this one. A comedian speaking on another comedian going through a unique situation. Can expect some real talk. This is DL Hughley’s take on Louis CK’s taking liberties with the ladies.

Actually, this seems more in defense of their shared manager. Watch.


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‘Caramel Curves’ Takes A “Ride With Norman Reedus” (Video)

Mm mm mm! Ain’t nothing like a nice body on a bike… and the motorcycle’s is nice, too. Ha!

This “Ride With Norman Reedus” series looks like some quality programming. I am catching eps and clips online, which is nice, but I am more-and-more wanting to watch on TV/DVR now that I see stuff like this.

Norman meets a member of an all-female biker club who can’t believe she’s meeting The Walking Dead’s Daryl.

Go television AND Eye Candy for my vision. Win-win!


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Jay-Z – “Marcy Me” (Video)

Here’s the last of the music video trifecta Jay-Z dropped in the continuing promo for “4:44”. Above: The exclusive Tidal debut for “Smile”.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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Advice: How To Survive A Dog Attack (Video)

Now here’s some news you can use. This animated presentation shares recommendations regarding how to protect yourself when a dog is attacking you AND how to keep the dog from attacking in the first place!


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Erykah Badu ‘Takes A Knee’ At The Soul Train Awards (Video)

ErykahBadu kneels in honor of Colin Kaepernick.’ Now some say, THAT’S the way to kick off the Soul Train Awards! Could be a title for an interesting article post. Meh… went another way.

However, Badu started off the right way, right away! Respect. The struggle continues.

#BlackLivesMatter #TakeAKnee #SoulTrainAwards2017

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You Can Survive A Crash In A Free-Falling Elevator (Video)

Yes, you can. It’s not intuitive (like timing a jump up to avoid impact), not easy (like strapping yourself to a side of the elevator car like wearing a seatbelt in a crash), and NOT painless (this is gonna HURT)!

Oh, and surviving an elevator crash is not guaranteed


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Dave Chappelle On A Low Country ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ (Video)

Alright, that’s gangsta.
Dave Chappelle

I’m a fan and faithful watcher of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” but I have not made time to watch an ep. of star Norman Reedus’ show, “Ride,” yet. This one featuring Dave Chappelle looks like a great one to start with. Dave and Norman are already cool (and funny) in their own rights. But together – getting into some good food and great stops & historical sites – they go for a ride on a higher level.

Enjoy the clip above and the one after the jump. And here is the link to the full episode (need a subscription to watch).



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