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…And Of The Son: The Legacy Of David And Jackie Robinson (Mini-Documentary)

David’s story begins by him talking about his going back home to Africa…Tanzania specifically. It’d be an interesting human interest piece if this was just that. But this is a Spike Lee [Lil] Joint. Why the Spike Lee treatment? And why on ESPN? David is activist & baseball legend Jackie Robinson’s son. ESPN’s headline – “Jackie Robinson’s son is a coffee farmer in Tanzania” – rather oversimplifies what this documentary is covering, but it’s a good watch!

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Attraction (Official Trailer #2)

I do not understand a thing they are saying in this “Attraction” trailer, but I get it; know what I’m saying? All Greek to me. Russian actually. But dope trailer nonetheless. That whatchamacallit in there… looks like something off “Ben 10” right?


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Technology: Google Maps ‘Timeline’ Setting Tracks Your Every Move (Video)

“When turned on” huh… and you can just ‘turn it off’ huh? Yeah, right. THIS is why I am not cracking when y’all crack on my ‘dumb phone’ though. Mind your biz, Google, not mine! No ‘Timeline’ on me. Thiz shiz right here…

There’s a setting in your Google account, which — when turned on — creates a record of everywhere you go and when you went there. It’s intended to make your Google Maps experience more useful, like providing a faster commute to work or home. In 2015, the company also started rolling out another feature called “Timeline,” which lets you easily view this information on a private, customizable map of your every move. Here’s how to access it and turn it off in case it creeps you out.
– Tech Insider

Ha! ‘Private’ or not (read: not), Google can (read: is) generating a “customizable map of your every move.” Yeeeeaaah, um, I know where I’ve been. I’m cool, Google. But thanks for offering. File this under ‘just because you can do a thing does not mean you should.’


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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (Trailer)

They’re baaaack. I have actually grown to like the zanier movie cousins in the Marvel Universe family – Deadpool (okay, zany AND macabre), Ant-Man, and now this new Guardians Of The Galaxy. Dave Bautista & Chris Pratt are both a fool in this trailer; had me cracking up with over a hug. Baaahahaaa! “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” is due out in the Universe in 2017.

(At the end… aaaaw, look at Li’l Groot Root.)


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Kabaddi World Cup 2016: Iran Vs. USA (Video)

The headline should read: Team USA Gets OWNED At Kabaddi World Cup 2016… But we’ll be back world… We’ll be BACK!

Wow, Kabaddi looks VERY interesting! American sports fans, this could be it! Okay, let’s back up a touch. What you see above is, as the commentator conveys starting around the 9-minute mark, the genesis tenet of a true world sport: “It’s a simple game to understand. Very tough to play.” But watch now, understand a bit of the way in, and understand that this Kabaddi thing is already enjoyed by MILLIONS, already being covered on ESPN3, already being played by teams from nations worldwide, already presenting a World Champion chosen via tournament games… Again, wow! Imagine a sport that has something in it for lovers of football, basketball, soccer…tag…f’n Red Rover… AND ‘Rasslin (yeah, the Greco-Roman stuff but with pro wrestling’s pop appeal)! This Deadspin (respect!) article put it perfectly:

Kabaddi is kind of like schoolyard tackle football, without the football. Or like red rover played by overzealous wrestlers. The PKL version of the game is played indoors on a large, rectangular mat and the teams are broken up into two sides, blockers and raiders. A raider must foray into the opposing half, tag a competitor, and then make it back to their own half without being tackled. The raider must do so with only one breath, repeating the word “kabaddi” so the referee knows they haven’t inhaled. Points can be gathered in a number of ways, but basically it’s just a bunch of big dudes tackling and evading with combinations of brute strength and agility. It’s fast-paced, visceral, intuitive, and a very big deal in India.
Jemayel Khawaja

Uh oh. Will Americans actually watch en masse a game not invented in the homeland? Truthfully, such remains to be seen. But if any sport has a legit chance, it is Kabaddi. Bet on it.

(And if and when Vegas starts laying odds on it. It will truly be IN… you can bet on it!)


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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Trailer #3)

You know what it is. Star Wars is moving major popcorn across the continents lately, and this “Rogue One” chapter is looking extra buttery! Check out this third (and likely final) trailer before the flick hits all the film houses with the Force!

(Ohhh! Got Forest Whitaker AND Donnie Yen in there. December 16th to-do list updated!)


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Edo. G x Shabaam Sahdeeq – “Trust Ya Self” feat. Ras Kass x Fokis

Ras Kass on here. Fokis doing double-duty on here (beats and lyrics, and you KNOW we know Beatz & Lyrics). Edo. & Shabaam with the boom bap bass-based hit “Trust Ya Self” off the “Recognize Your Power” EP.

“Trust Ya Self” is the 2nd single off the “Recognize Your Power” EP by Edo. G, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Fokis. The EP features Torae, Craig G, Planet Asia, Oh No, Ras Kass & more.



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Neil deGrasse Tyson Speaks On How Politicians ‘Cherry-Pick’ What They Want From Science (Video)

Come here kids politicians. Uncle Neil is NOT happy with you. Stop abusing the science. Matter of fact, if you aren’t gonna use it right, DON’T TOUCH IT!

Science is often the topic of heated debates between politicians, but Neil deGrasse Tyson really dislikes it when politicians do this one thing when it comes to science.


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Blu x Union Analogtronics – “One Two”

I need a two guard
Ay yo I can play the one
And we can both push forward
To the center of the sun

WHAT!?! Any talk about this new “One Two” from Blu ain’t a banger. Fuggg thaaat shiiiid! The extended intro was so necessary to let that beat build and breathe. Then Blu hopped on the track, laced lyrics and served. Now we share a taste of the forthcoming “Cheetah In The City” album from Blu & Union Analogtronics.


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Logan (Trailer)

Now THIS is how you go out, Hugh Jackman! If this “Logan” movie delivers like its trailer is teasing, the Marvel Universe is in for some of the best Wolverine watching to top off First Quarter 2017. Hope so. Jackman says this will be his last movie playing the iconic X-Men badass. Should be something to remember.

And what’s this? The Professor has brought a new gifted young’un to Logan to protect…and maybe train up? EPIC!

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Rick Rubin Talks With Kendrick Lamar Talk About The Music-Making Process, Motivation And More (Video)

Looking back on our posts on the two, a simple math emerges… Rick Rubin = Engaging viewing experience. Kendrick Lamar = Compelling content worth watching. So, Rubin and K. Dot, you must NOT miss this.

When we introduced K.Dot to Double-R at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, conversational fireworks flew. Hit play, and come away inspired.
– GQ

Know how we dig up vintage footage featuring artists and commentary on them. This feels like we should be digging this up AGAIN in 20 years and showing it to another generation. Nearly an hour-strong of great talk. Check it out!

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Barry (Netflix Teaser)

Not sure how Hollywood figured out that we’d need something a bit more palatable to wash away the nasty politics of the current U.S. Presidential Campaign. But then again, looking back, how could we not. At the very least, we’ve known and come to realize that a wildly popular – and by most accounts credible & and accomplished – President and First Lady were leaving the White House. We knew that there were no contenders to take up residence with the Obamas’ mix of composure, competence and charisma. That was sad enough.

And just when we thought we’d dug through the mud & sh!t and hit rock bottom, somebody threw down a jackhammer so we could dig for oil and bodies and get even nastier. Did you SEE the 3rd Presidential Debate? The candidates can’t even shake hands. But that phase is over now. Early voting has begun and the dust will settle after November 8th. Just in time for us to enjoy some farewell level good cinema.

Remember the future First Couple’s first date movie (“Southside With You”) we posted on here? Well, Netflix is bringing us another back, back in the day flick… talking about way back when Barack Obama was “Barry.” It won’t have as softened a tone as the aforementioned ‘date movie’ but viewers can draw strength knowing that even their President had it rough.

A young Barack Obama, known to his friends as “Barry,” arrives in New York City in the fall of 1981 to begin his junior year at Columbia University. In a crime-ridden and racially charged environment, Barry finds himself pulled between various social spheres and struggles to maintain a series of increasingly strained relationships with his Kansas-born mother, his estranged Kenyan father, and his classmates. Barry is the story of a young man grappling with those same issues that his country, and arguably the world, are still coming to terms with 35 years later. On Netflix December 16.
– Netflix

Check out the trailer above. Should be good watching.

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Eye Candy: Kay Simone x Naija (Video) [NSFW]

This is so very, very, very Not Safe For Work. So nice and naughty. Midnight time is the right time *wink*

Oh My. Girl-on-Girl. Sexy, sexy kissing and ass-grabbing. That’s what it is. Kay Simone and Naija going at it, soft and tender, on the floor, on the couch… forever on my mind. So HOT. I…I need a minute. DAMN THIS IS HOT!

(PLEASE check after the jump, too. PLEASE! It’s even hotter there. They say ‘behind the scenes’ but the cameras are on, filming and clicking. No way ANYONE would not capture this ‘extra’ action. O M GonG!! And hurry up. YouTube is already snatching these videos down.)



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MC Eiht – “Runn The Blocc” feat. MayLAy (DJ Premier Remix)

Yessir! Brenk Sinatra, DJ Premier and MC Eiht have got history with each other AND on here. Let’s see what’s popping above with this “Runn The Blocc” joint stream. And check out Eiht chopping (with XXL Mag in an interview) below.

When I originally got the beat from Brenk (Sinatra), rather than do something that glorified hustling, I wanted to drop something more along the storyline of how it’s so stressful in the streets. Then Premier sent MayLAy and I a beat and it just fit my vision of how the game used to be perfectly; knowing hustling is still a necessary evil and having to deal with everything that comes with it. Preemo heard the final product and said it needed to be on the album; so now it’s official.
MC Eiht


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Jidenna – “Chief Don’t Run” (Video)

Not speaking as an expert, just as a fan…a fanatic…a mascot of this Hip-Hop… Artists, you must keep working; keep that signal fire burning. So, when I look your way, I see you. Like Jidenna did. Now I see, really see, Jidenna out here. But that “Long Live The Chief” that I play several times daily now… he’s been working that since last year (that I know of). And now I am checking for what’s next.

That’d be “Chief Don’t Run.” So now I am a fan of Jidenna. Work artists. Stay working!



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Joel Ortiz, Nitty Scott And Bodega Bamz Speak On How They Formed ‘No Panty’ And More (Video)

Wow. Sway looks at the this No Panty move through a spitter’s lens; not even considering that Joel Ortiz, Nitty Scott & Bodega Bamz are all Latino spitters! Check out the Sway In The Morning interview of new super-group No Panty. Get deeper in depth with all that.

When Salaam Remi calls, you answer. First reaching out to Joel Ortiz about his idea to put together some Latin SPITTERS, it was a no-brainer to bring Bodega Bamz and Nitty Scott in that conversation. Introducing: NO PANTY. A new group spitting BARS while still conserving the Latin culture. Watch above and grab their new project “Westside Highway Story.”



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Eye Candy: Nicki Minaj Twerking Backstage (Video)

Okay, debate over. Every and anyone still arguing over whether Nicki’s derriere is all real down there are missing the point. I say that as I point to what is visual perfection and a candidate clip to break the ‘Net and make all the hit count numbers flip!! Nicki twerking in this all-too-short clip makes everything better.

Have mercy on me!

Nicki is not rapping or trapping here. But I tell you what: I’m caught up. Witness the sexy thickness that is Nicki Minaj and imagine… She had to have conceptualized this at some point and been like, “Ooooh when I hit ’em off with this thunder rump shake, THEY ARE MINE!” And hell yes, Nicki gets full noontime Honey treatment all the way down to me posting her ‘Gram page!



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Political Pundit Alex Jones Interviews Danny Williams, Who Says He Is Bill Clinton’s Biological Son (Video)

When Bill Clinton was Arkansas’ Governor, Danny Williams recalls being a kid taken to the Gubernatorial Mansion, then dragged away abruptly by his mother (Bobbie Ann Williams); an encounter that parabolizes the Clintons’ supposed denial of then-Governor Clinton’s extramarital son… That is what the Williams story being played on this the Alex Jones Show clip above purports. Williams goes further to say that Hillary Clinton pretty much banished him from seeing his biological father.

Now, we cannot know the truth with 100% certainty, unless folks are ready to take that trip and see Maury (ha!). But consider the source, as you consider the above vid from all angles. Why put this out? Who is served? It certainly serves Jones’ need for eyeballs on his channel. And Williams, if what he claims is true, could be seeking a public remedy for a grievance that would never have likely been resolved privately. We already know President Bill Clinton’s past has extramarital activity in it. Hmmm…

Oh, wait… Isn’t Bill’s wife Hillary the presumptive favorite in a Presidential election? Would Jones, Republican opponent Donald Trump, and/or those aligned with either/both of them, like to muddy the waters on the Democratic candidate’s side given Trump’s poll plummet?

Who’s to say? One might say this, though… freeze-framing Williams and looking at a young Governor Clinton… there could be some resemblance. Interesting.

But what do YOU think? That is all that really matters; now, and on into November.

(And, “It is really not my concern,” is an acceptable answer. Just saying.)

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EPMD Performs “So Wat Cha Sayin'” Live (Video)

So I come across Web 2.0 gold this weekend. Facebook, in its artificial intelligence wisdom, saw fit to bless my stream with this performance vid of two vets doing the damn thing! So what I’m saying is I got EPMD on stage doing “So Wat Cha Sayin'” all cued up for you. Just press play and get your Golden Era Hip-Hop appreciation on.


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Weed Infused Wine (Video)

This line of Mary Jane Wines though… wooo… the promise of a glass of high-class high. Some conjecture as to whether the hemp-infused wine will actually make you flyyyy robinnn flyyyy, but the prospect is fun to consider, isn’t it. Check it out and see if it’s something you and your friends can go five on.

(Normally the ‘Mary Jane’ comes in a sack, right? So, would this come in some kind of Crown Royal bag? Some folks transport in that… we’ve heard *wink*)


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