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Bumpy Knuckles x Nottz – “Check It Out Yall” feat. Biz Markie (Video)

Awww daaaamn. They didn’t have to do the cute Honey at the start of the ‘talent show’ like that, did they? Well, yeah, they did. She was missing the kind of talent we need for the stage show, but get her number (to talk about her other ‘talents’ maybe).

Ha! Knucks and The Diabolical doing the Biz on that Nottz beat though. Fun dope visuals for a boom-bap banger. Cool.

…from the fully Nottz-produced project with Bumpy Knuckles, “POP DUKE.”

So these two old guys crash a talent search for kids and bully their way into an audition. What starts off as an uncomfortable situation for the judges, turns out to be pretty refreshing because there is nothing like pure, real, raw Hip-Hop.

In this video, Bumpy Knuckles is played by Biz Markie and The role of Biz Markie is played by Bumpy Knuckles.

Freddie Foxxx



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Rhythm Roulette With Tom Misch (Video)

Ah! A J Dilla disciple is on deck to play ‘Rhythm Roulette’ huh? This should be more than interesting!

Tom Misch is a devotee of Dilla who’s been putting in work for years as a lo-fi SoundCloud producer. The South London singer and beatmaker self-produced most of his recent debut album ‘Geography,’ which features a rare lyrical cosign from Native Tongue OGs De La Soul. The last time he was in NYC, Misch accepted Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge, pulling up to Norman’s Sound & Vision in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to tie a T-shirt over his eyes and go groping for vinyl. His random selections included ‘El Sabor De Gene’ by Gene Hernandez, as well as albums by the Panamanian vocalist Basilio and Hells Kitchen’s own Lisa Lisa. Wasting no time, Misch pulled the vinyl out, dropping the needle until he struck gold. Before you knew it, he’d isolated and chopped a funky break and started laying down keys and electric guitar over top. Check out the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette right now.


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Comedian Luenell Says If Are Down With Her, Do NOT Betray Her (Video)

Wow… almost forgot about that ‘leaked’ Kevin Hart extortion video situation.

Okay, you know how some folks (even in your circle) will put out that diss/shot/shade energy and be like, “Oh, I didn’t know you felt that way about it.” Well, miss Luenell with every pebble of that bullsh!t. She tells DJ Vlad, and by your watching, you, that if you are down, please stay down with her. Otherwise, her loving care for you will turn into intensive care. And if she can’t do you, she “keeps a goon on speed dial.” Daaayumm!

Luenell spoke to VladTV about working with both Kevin Hart and JT Jackson, the man that recently tried to extort Kevin, in the past. The famed comedian said that if something like that happened to her, it would have to be dealt with in the streets.

Moving along, Luenell also shared her thoughts on Kevin Hart and Michael Blackson beefing, which she called “bulls***,” adding that it’s juvenile to “bang online.” To hear more, hit the above clip.

DJ Vlad

Soooo, don’t try to ‘jank’ on Luenell either. Got it!


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Alternative/R&B: SZA – “Garden” (Say It Like Dat) [Video]

Okay, so who’s up for more Alt-R&B from the sexy SZA? Well, we got the latest visuals (for “Garden”) for you right here. Apparently, that “CTRL” LP has still got some bubble in it. Sip that drink y’all. It will help with the thirst *wink*

(Plus, Donald Glover on cameo duty heavy… because why not?)



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Food/Travel: Exploring The Pizza Scene… In Sicily (Video)

Almost time to get some grub! Who’s craving Italian… like pizza? If you’re not, just watch this clip for a taste. You will be.

Frank is headed to the motherland, Sicily. Not only does he visit his family in the small town of Baucina, where they are celebrating Santa Fortunata, their town’s patron saint, he also explores the pizza scene in Palermo. In Sicily, it’s all about the Sfincione, the regional style of focaccia that is traditionally topped with breadcrumbs, anchovies, and a hard sheep’s milk cheese. Viva Santa Fortunanta!
– Munchies


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Blank Face – “Best Of Me” (Freestyle) feat. Ya Highne$$

As boom-bap as the beat is, that Mya “Best Of Me” occupies the R&B side of your mind, right? Well, remember Jay-Z was on the track as a guest, too. So it would not be totally out of balance to max out the rap side of this track’s equation. That’s what Blank Face and Ya Highne$$ did. Check it out!

Blank Face returns with a new freestyle featuring Brooklyn’s Own, Ya Highne$$. Rapping over the classic DJ Clue & Mya track “Best Of Me” (featuring Jay-Z). Both display two different styles that showcase bars, originality and dope rhyme schemes. Blank Face starts it off and passes it to Ya Highne$$ to end the track.



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Minty Burns – “Green Man” (Prod. By Pops) [Video]

Hey, it’s Ox! Haven’t seen him since he and DJ Khaled were clowning around in the “Nas Album Done” video. That said, Minty Burns (aka “Green Man”) damn well better NOT let Ox down. Ha!



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C Keys x Kazi – “Remember When” feat. DJ Grazzhoppa

Yeaaah mannn, let’s take it back. Reminisce with this “Remember When” joint (speaking of… this song might make you wanna put one up in the air… get a drink and roll ’em if you got ’em). Sure, there was good, and not-as-good, but remember anyway; then turn the page.

C Keys and Kazi release “Remember When,” the first single from their upcoming collaboration album “Keys 2 Kazi.” Cuts are provided by DJ Grazzhoppa.

California emcee C Keys (fka The Infamous MC) was born in San Francisco, raised in Oakland and now residing in Sacramento. Oxnard emcee and producer Kazi did his first record with C Keys back in 2004 on “So Invincible” from Kazi’s “The Plague” album.

The new album “Keys 2 Kazi” will be done soon, written and performed by C Keys and is primarily produced by Kazi. C Keys adds the following about the single: “Remember When” was one of the first beats Kazi sent me, without thinking I immediately turned on my phones voice recording and started improvisational freestyling my verses into it. Once done, I went right to the booth and recorded.”

– Below System Records



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Frank Knight – “Black in America II” feat. Killah Priest (Of Wu-Tang Clan) [Prod. By The Gonz]

Shout and respect to The Frank Knight rises… doing Justice to The Gonz track, and showing that he’s definitely in League with the likes of Killah Priest. See what I did there? Now, hear what they did on “Black in America II.”

The young Brooklyn emcee Frank Knight revisits his “Black In America” subjected record in his latest release “Black In America II” featuring Killah Priest of Wu-Tang Produced By Minnesota native The Gonz.

Both artists take the time to deliver a multi-layered perspective of two generational experiences that relate to being Black In America. The record entails their lives as black men growing up and living in America. They touch on points ranging from black excellence, police brutality, slavery, Black on Black crime, religion, and spirituality, just to name a few.

This is the perfect mesh of what New York sounds like over smooth modern boom bap vibes, dope lyrics, and perspectives of a legendary MC and a newcomer with something to prove.

Notable Quotables

“America’s history, show they want to get rid of me/They want black history, without credit in history” – Frank Knight

“Police brutality, the beast mentality, eat up our young in the streets of poverty/Melaninated and devil hated they had us selled on slave ships, cause we fell from the spaceships” – Killah Priest

“My zone is New York, it’s get the chrome when you talk/I don’t know what you thought, but when they draw you chalked/You just a lost game of hangman, a body in chalk” – Frank Knight

“Reject from the system, accept ancestors wisdoms/Y’all not God that’s dog backwards, that’s Anubis practice” – Killah Priest



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Marz Money – “The Truth” (Freestyle)

Another dope rhyme from Marz Money. Yup, it goes up! Calls his freestyle over Beans’ beat for “The Truth” a freemix (freestyle + remix, I reckon).


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Eye Candy: Mame Anta At Cannes (Video)

See we even rep #WakandaForever at the Cannes Film Festival… with French model Mame Anta!



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Comedy: Pardon The Interruption, Stephen. Deadpool Has A Movie To Promote (Video)

Have you seen that new Deadpool in theaters yet? Well, Stephen Colbert saw Deadpool a while ago… during his opening monologue… and it was hella funny!

Stephen talks about D.C. every night but, after a visit from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), it appears “The Late Show” is part of the Marvel Universe.
– The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


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Dave East – “NYCHA” feat. Nas

Likely get into that “Rapture” on Netflix later. But now, gotsta get into this new jawn from Dave East and Nas off the soundtrack. Because… BANGER!

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Anderson .Paak – “Bubblin” (Video)

I’mma take your momma to the Mariott and wear it out!

Super dope crazy song and visual. No question! But the real question: What’s “Bubblin” in that smoke or that drank for Anderson .Paak to come up with it?? Hahaaa!


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For Starters, Snoop Dogg And Howard Stern Talk About Tupac Bringing Weed And Madonna To Him (Video)

Long time between seeing but Snoop D-O-Dub gets the love whenever he drops in on Howard Stern, as well The DoggFather should. Hear his interview in the series of audio snips below. Got a lil Facebook audio widget above to start with.

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Due Out Mid-Summer, An Epic Bio Film Will Tell Us All “Whitney” (Trailer)

This July 6th in U.S. theaters… there will be tears. Man, oh, man. They got commentary from Bobby, best friends, family, and insiders who KNEW “Whitney” for real. The film promises to tell all, ALL of it! Sure you want to know it ALL?

Really think about that. The answer is ‘yes’ of course. But if you murmured the words, “I Love You, Whitney at the end with the cat in the trailer… just saying, everything about the ‘beautiful people’ in our lives wasn’t beautiful. Prepare for that, but certainly keep the love. Always.

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Watch The Red Band Teaser For “Sorry To Bother You” (Trailer) [NSFW]

Well, damn. ‘Weaponized hilarity’ for a film about telemarketing though? Okay. The jury was kinda out with us on this flick, but Lakeith Stanfield gets a nod for his work in “Atlanta” to be certain. He and Zazie are on to other screens with their careers since their Fx breakthrough. Good looks!

“Sorry to Bother You” is a 2018 American science fiction comedy film written and directed by Boots Riley, in his directorial debut. It stars Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Jermaine Fowler, Omari Hardwick, Terry Crews, Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Danny Glover, Steven Yeun, and Armie Hammer. Set in Oakland, California, the film follows a young African-American telemarketer who adapts a White accent in order to thrive at his job.

The film showed at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2018. It is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 6, 2018, by Annapurna Pictures.

– Consequence Of Sound

Red Band trailer. Always a good look ahead for a movie that is gonna go raw. Speaking of going raw… Maybe don’t play this at work.

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Eye Candy: Amber Rose With A Swing-And-A-Miss Is Still A Hit (Video)

Holy sheeeeeit!! Say what you will, and holler all about my late pass all you want, but I am posting this Amber Rose vid. Them genes in them jeans though… Take me out to the ball game like a motherf**ker (and she is a MILF for real, so I guess that makes me a motherf**ker, too)!



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Did You Know That Bob Ross Did Much More Than Paint On PBS? (Video)

I thought about whether or not many of you are even old enough to remember how awesome “The Joy Of Painting” and host Bob Ross were. PBS was home to some great television. And if watching Ross paint ‘happy trees’ gave you joy back in the day, too, you will likely be as wow’d as I was (in a good way) when you learn even more about the PBS icon.

He inspired generations of young people to paint, but did you know these facts about him?
George Takei Presents


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Anoyd – “If I Ruled The World” (Freestyle)

BARZZZZ…to put wack rappers and mumblers under like ZZZZ. See Flex, they go heavy on the barz out West, too. Need proof? Anoyd gone give it to ’em!

Connecticut spitter ANOYD took a trip to the West Coast and pulled up on the Power 106 #LIFTOFF to drop some bars off with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk on #Freestyle042. Carrying a chip on his shoulder the rapper came as advertised and spit heat.

Over Nas and Lauryn Hill’s classic “If I Ruled The World” instrumental, ANOYD went off for a little more than 5-minutes dropping lines that were too sick and too fluid to talk about.

– LA Leakers


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