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The Code – “Muse” / “About Ava” feat. Cassie

Looked it up again to be sure. A “Muse” is “the source of inspiration for a creative artist.” Meet UK’s creative artist The Code (if you are not yet familiar) via this latest work, featuring the VERY ‘inspirational’ Cassie. Not saying she actually IS the “Muse” for this song. But it’s great music, what or whoever inspired it! Off the forthcoming “Paramount” LP.


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Mélat – “Push” (Prod. By Jansport J)

Mélat and‏ Jansport J doing some dope work. So nice to have this niceness to post today. Give this “Push” joint a play. Cool vibe to it. Might inspire you and that somebody to dance a bit; or nod approvingly to the beat with it.


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London Based Fitness Expert “Kemo Marriott” Speaks on “Living Life in Motion” by Odell Simmons

Each year millions of people say they are going to get fit, eat better, and a host of other things.  To make matters more complicated every year new fads and diets hit the market claiming to make miracles happen. I wanted to help cut through the nonsense and speak with someone who could give sound advice.  This brings me to Kemo Marriott a fitness expert, trainer, and music lover who travels the world sharing his knowledge.  Based in London, England yet Kemo can be found across Europe and when we spoke he was residing in Bangkok, Thailand.  So check out interview below where Kemo gives some tips on nutrition, fitness, and his nomadic lifestyle.

Odell: I came across your profile while reading a UK version of Men’s health magazine then started following you on Instagram. Your page is one of the highlights of my day. Full of fun videos of you working out shopping at the market or just doing a dance while enjoying music. What’s your main goals on how you use social media?

Kemo: Haha thanks so much for the kind words!  For now, Social Media- Instagram in particular is an outlet of creativity.  It’s a no holds barred insight into my life.  I know that for the most part, I’m portraying an active, healthy lifestyle but want to do so in a loosely entertaining way. It’s a continually evolving process, but I’m hoping that my following continues to grow so that I can work with interesting brands, whilst continuing to travel the world.

ArtbyOdell Twitter/Instagram

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Rejjie Snow – “Egyptian Luvr” feat. Aminé x Dana Williams (Prod. By Kaytranada)

Sounds dope. Gotta post. Simple.

This Rejjie Snow jawn “Egyptian Luvr” – with Aminé & Kaytranada – is something you need to experience, too. Rock with it as you fade your Friday away nicely. Off that “Dear Annie: Vol 1” EP.


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Real Talk On How To Win At Sports Betting (Video)

If you can’t take losses. Don’t bet. Recognize that truth. Play responsibly (or maybe go throw some darts).

Yeah. Folks might call it ‘recreational betting’ but it’s not a game… Put your money under the rock and leave it for the winner. Want some tips to better your odds as a better (e.g. to collect what is under the aforementioned metaphorical rock) at the end of the day? Well, watch.

How to Win at Sports Betting: TV host Johnny Detroit @Johnny_Detroit and special guests Kelly Stewart @kellyinvegas and Gianni The Greek @Greek_Gambler share their sports betting tips and give advice for the recreational bettor on how to have a better chance to win when betting on sports.
– WagerTalkTV

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Lloyd Banks – “Sugar Hill Freestyle”

Sh!t is real baby…

Lloyd Banks’ freestyle pedigree is unquestioned. Y’all know he goes hard with the bars. But does that make you wanna hear what’s next any less? Answer: Hell nah, son. Play that sh!t, son!


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Dave East – “The Hated” feat. Nas (Prod. By Joe Joe Beats) [Video]

Dave East talk that talk! Streets need that.

A real benefit to being on a label where Nas is a bigwig… you get them co-sign features from the G.O.D.M.C. Not saying this is not dope beyond that; but Nassir’s contribution helps Dave East take this beyond (it’s the little things)! Get this banger on the “Paranoia” LP out now.


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Black Eyed Peas Are At A Point In Their Career Where They Can Speak Their Truth In Their Music (Video)

Yep! “Street Livin'” got the Peas popping out here. Watch the interview above. And respect to for popping… them bands for philanthropy (as they talk about at the top of the interview)

Black Eyed Peas on saying “F” the system, new music & more.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Wait! Before You Take That Power Nap… (Video)

My brother (BoneBreaker Jones) and I speak on this from time to time. We’re both night owls trying to do us AND do our best to meet the daytime demands of ‘their’ world. Going hard, getting older wiser; we know we need rest and respect nap time. We can’t be #TeamNoSleep because that is just not healthy or even productive. But maybe we go about it wrong somehow. In the above clip, we (like me & you, bro can watch later after doing ‘their’ work) learn about the ‘power’ of naps… good and bad.

Let’s build that sleep pressure up while on the grind, then get only the good sleep.



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Eye Candy: Melissa Molinaro (Video)

Have mercy! Is this why they call it ‘hot’ yoga? The sexy Honey is Melissa Molinaro. And what she is doing in this clip is… heavenly!


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DJ Premier x A$AP Ferg – “Our Streets” (Live Performance) [Video]

Yessir, and please believe. Streets is watching this “Our Streets” move as two heavyweights in the game – DJ Premier and A$AP Ferg – keep elbowing out breathing space in the room by showing and proving their Hip-Hop excellence. Dope performance!


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People Do Know That Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Is NOT On Twitter… Don’t They? (Video)

Since this is Donald Trump’s first MLK Day in office we decided to commemorate it by going out on the street and asking people whose side they were on in the Donald Trump/Dr. King Twitter war. Of course, Martin Luther King has been gone for 50 years but that didn’t stop people from weighing in on this impossible feud in an MLK Day edition of #LieWitnessNews.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at sh!t. Like this Kimmel clip. Hope they don’t end up starting a ‘real’ Trump Tweet beef with Dr. MLK Jr. (RIP) Prediction on that: Would be reeeeeally one-sided.

(But you knew that. Some of these interviewees, well, may not.)

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Why Have We Not Gone Back To The Moon? Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Answers (Video)

Still won’t put down conspiracy theorists, but Neil deGrasse Tyson offers a really reasonable response to rumors of lunar landing fakery, to beliefs of America’s leadership in the field of space exploration, to general inquiry about the motivations for going into space in the first place (the moon, Mars and beyond).


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Jermaine Dupri Speaks On Outkast & Janet Jackson (Video)

Who was more influential to Hip-Hop culture in Atlanta, Jermaine Dupri or Outkast? Now that’s a good question! The answer has got to be nuanced, but Jermaine’s got his own answer to share… and more… during his sit-down with The Breakfast Club.

Start with the clip above. Hit the jump for more (another dope sit-down).

(Keep forgetting about him linked with Miss Jackson for the score. Salute to JD!)

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Rapsody Speaks On Her Grammy Nomination And Being Female In The Rap Genre (Video)

Absolutely! Of course, Rapsody should be on with Larry King. She can speak for Hip-Hop, esp. from her perspective as a female in the culture. She is one of our BEST! Very dope interview clip. Watch!

As the only woman nominated for Best Rap Album at this year’s Grammys, Rapsody says the honor is bittersweet, noting that – unlike in the 90s, which produced a plethora of chart-topping Hip-Hop from women – female rappers today struggle to break into the mainstream.
Larry King

After the jump, we got more!

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Koji The Bandit – “Never Enough” (Instrumental Album)

Not our normal musical fare, but this artist’s story though…

I never want to be so focused on an artist’s work that I ignore their worth as a fellow human being. Looks like in this write-up, that this bunch of banging beats was borne of a life journey that involved pain. I appreciate that: It is the burden of many artists (some we lost as a result). I also hope things looked up or will soon…

One night, I was sitting in my car, completely hopeless about life. Smoking a Black & Mild, in April, my life in limbo. I had no idea what I was going to do, and I was losing confidence in what I can do musically. I was about to give up. It seemed like anything I tried to do to get myself in a better situation, whether a potential job, music opportunity, etc., it was #neverenough. Fast forward to now, after doing a mentorship with Don Cannon and collaborating with him for my first major placement with Lil Durk, I’m honestly still not certain where this will take me…I pray that God will show me a way out of uncertainty with my life with this instrumental project. This is a tale of happiness, sadness, love, life, and glory. I present to you, “Never Enough.” #robothouse.



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A$AP Ferg – “Family”

New A$AP Ferg joint. Always Strive And Prosper… yeah Ferg did that on this killer track!


Travel: Arizona’s Blue Water Paradise (Video)

Admittedly, I’m more likely to take a trip and be fascinated enough by the hotel room. Probably why I am not on the official JayForce Travel Squad. But that’s alright because I know the fam would dig this!


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Baba Brinkman Is Dropping Science… Brain Science… In His “Rap Guide to Consciousness” (Trailer)

Not sure if you know like I know, but there are folks in Hip-Hop whose works I admire yet will probably never totally ‘get.’ Like, I know Raekwon is dope, but sometimes he goes into some bushes I have never seen before… and I can’t follow what he’s doing. I just chalk it up to him doing him doing Hip-Hop… and I stay on a Hip-Hop path because I know he will come back and stomp down a familiar path (or at least one I can follow) and we’re good. That kind of thinking is not just for Hip-Hop. I think about Neil deGrasse Tyson or Gary Vaynerchuk or some of the far-out science/tech articles I post here… not knowing all of what is going on, but knowing there is something there; that this is something I should be following.

This cat, Baba Brinkman. He’s like that; with his lyrical presentations about consciousness and such. I just dug some write-ups about him out of the inbox and peeped this trailer that came with them… I’m seeing critical acclaim, some building buzz, association with work I often follow into some of those aforementioned bushes (see Mega Ran – who I ran across while staying up on the moves of the homie SkyBlew). Yeah. So I subscribed. I get a good amount of what he is spitting about (yeah, like rapping about) in his rhymes that engage and explore the mind. And while I am sure Baba will head off into some bushes I’m not eff’n with from time-to-time, I get the feeling that he will brink it back (come, rewind). Like Chef Raekwon and Dr. Tyson do for me.

Check dude’s trailer out and see if you can keep up with what he’s putting down. One time for your mind!


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Science: Heather Berlin Asks, “Who Is Your Brain?” (Video)

Interesting! Check out this TEDx Talk from Dr. Heather Berlin – neuroscientist, spouse of consciousness rapper Baba Brinkman, and mother of a new ‘experiment in diapers.’

Dr. Berlin examines the relationship between the brain and mind, with a focus on borderline personality disorder. She looks at the neurological basis of identity, taking apart the stigmas that are often attached to mental illness.

By understanding how disordered minds construct a sense of self, we can gain insight into the selves that each of us creates through our choices and interactions with the world.”

– TEDx Talks

Hmm… the Doc’s got content on PBS and Discovery and off Broadway. Yup. Now she is on my radar!

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