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xXx: Return Of Xander Cage (Teaser Trailer)

The guy that started it all… the “xXx” action movies is back like Jason Bourne to breathe new life into the franchise. Watch Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, and more in the teaser trailer for “xXx: Return of Xander Cage.” Coming to theaters January 20, 2017.

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2 Chainz – “Smoke Break” (Prod. By Statik Selektah) [Video]

You damn right they made a visual for that banger “Smoke Break” maaaan! 2 Chainz and Statik Selektah are in there, of course. But… is that Snoop?? Hahaaa. Where there’s smoke…



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Eye Candy: Elizabeth Ruiz (Video)

And holy sh!t LizziRu IG be LIT! Is that how the young’ns say it nowadays? Did I just give away that I am not a young’n? That’s okay. But I am a fan of Elizabeth Ruiz. Betting you will be, too, after this email. So HOT… her, not the weather… I mean the weather, too… but mostly LizziRu.

(‘LizziRu’ is the nickname I call her in my dreams. Yeah, I go IN in my dreams! Pet names, intimate games, the whole hun’dun.)



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Check This All-Black ‘Super Yacht’: The Black Swan (Video)

Duuuuude! This ought to make a “Most Expensivest Sh*t” episode, hosted by 2 Chainz, with theme music done by Rapsody (“All Black Everything”)!

This slick yacht looks like a supervillain’s hideout straight out of out of the next 007 film. The superyacht is called The Black Swan and is a design concept by designer Timur Bozca.
– Tech Insider


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Deflategate: Former NBA Player Doug Christie’s Wife Checks His ‘Balls’ To See If He’s Been Cheating (Video)

Drop your draws. Let me check your balls.

Aw hell naw! BALL STATUS CHECK?? Females out here examining dude’s balls to see if they come home empty? And what scientific journal did Jackie Christie get that ‘it takes 24 hours for balls to refill’ factoid? Crazy. Doug Christie, come get your wifey (but make sure your … um … you know … is full).

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The Myth Of Race (Video)

Race is not ‘real’ per se. It is made up… In medical science and diagnoses, it is actually ‘made up’ of (e.g. referring to) several contributing factors – like where your ancestors came from and social pressures exerted on the people considered to be part of the same cultural group as you. But just because it is not real (that is, having no distinguishing DNA identifier from person-to-person) does not mean it is not important.

You may know exactly what race you are, but how would you prove it if somebody disagreed with you? Jenée Desmond Harris explains.
– Vox

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Behind The Scenes Video)

Really hoping they go kinda old school with the making of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Such is implied in this behind the scenes video with the cast and crew. Some things you just can’t get out of computer simulations and green screenery. Get in there heavy with action sequences, fight choreography, and rich set scenery. Please. For the Star Wars saga’s sake.

Dope. So dope. Watch.

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The Other Guys – “Friends Old & New” feat. Tanya Morgan (Video)

We’ve posted a lot from The Other Guys (Isaiah Insanate Mensah & Mighty Joe) on here. And if they keep dropping off dope sounds, we will post much more. Exhibit now, “Friends Old & New” (featuring Tanya Morgan) off the “Life In Analog” album (out now).


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Money Mayweather Speaks On Everything: Nearly Five Hours Of Mayweather (Video)

King Build-A-B!tch… BWAAAAAHAHAAA!! Floyd Mayweather is speaking on ALL topics and people – Pacquiao, Trump, Nelly, 50 Cent – no topic is off limits in this five-part series. Each part is about an hour-long. So many wowwww moments like:

Young Thug is extremely talented?
Future was supposed to be signed to Mayweather?
Mayweather Money ain’t like ‘other’ money; neither is his fashion. True Religion, Jordans, that’s for others.
Traveling… Ibiza…. San Trope…. Floyd’s been there and all of there. Not impressed.
To Kanye West: Keep up the good work …really misunderstood.
It’s not all about the money… but he is ‘Money’ Mayweather.

(Biggest ‘wow’ though: Melyssa Ford like WOWWW! Still sexy.)

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Eye Candy: ChaChi (Video)

I don’t even sweat the music selection for this. All I hear in my head is Dame D.O.L.L.A.’s (aka NBA baller/rapper Damian Lillard’s) version when it plays (here to hear if you haven’t heard yet). Now, on to the short clip for this thick shawty. Deeeeem, ChaChi, I’m wishing we could see them ‘chi-chis’ but you are a fine chunk o’ Eye Candy. Puerto Rican and Trinidadian. Peanut butter and chocolate. What a combination. Mmmmm!



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Azie Faison Speaks On Getting ‘Paid In Full’ As A Coke Kingpin Back Then, Life Events Up To Now And Why There Is No Future In The Drug Game (Video)

Azie Faison. Bronx-born, Harlem-raised. Sugar Hill, baby. Former mover of weight in the ’80s…in love with the ‘co co’ (selling cocaine). Dude was making $100K a day when the “War on Drugs” was being fought heavy. Roc-A-Fella Films’ “Paid In Full” was modeled after his life!

Above Faison speaks on realizing Alpo murdered Rich Porter and why, why today’s drug game is stupid and much, much more!

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Jadakiss x Beanie Sigel – “Dinera” (Prod. By Buda The Future x Grand Muzik)

Jadakiss and Beanie Sigel. Once lyrical adversaries in one of the rawest beefs since the turn of the century, they are now gonna be forever linked on this “Dinera” – the latest banger from the “The Compound Gold Project.” Produced by Buda The Future and Grand Muzik.


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French Montana – “Two Times”


Okay. Gotcha. If it’s good… hit it “Two Times.” But that means we gotta hit it at least once, right? Ha! French Montana is on a roll as of late. Standard chant rap style from him, but in combination with this no-let-up beat you get heat… meaning there is no chill! Peep.


It’s LIT: How To Start A Fire With Sticks (Video)

Man WHAT? Countless survivalist shows all over TV will demo making fire with sticks, each sure to tell you how hard it is. But for this dude Kap… child’s play. Watch and learn, rookies. Then see how he flips the skills and breaks it down for the ladies. Putting that primal game down to ’em… like… if your man doesn’t smell like that real smoke, he is not ‘cooking’ for you. That smoke is older AND spicier than Old Spice, too. Hahaa!

But the real question: Who weaved up that grass headband?? Don’t act like you wouldn’t rock that on some tropical ‘ish!

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Tiësto – “Summer Nights” feat. John Legend (Video)

As though the “Summer Nights” could not get hotter. Tiësto takes this jawn down to hang out Dominicanooooo style! Feature vocals belted out by the crooner John Legend. Get this up-tempo Tiësto off the iTunes as soon as… well… now!


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Pre-Recorded Message From Baton Rouge Police Shooter Gavin Long (Video)

Folks who rail against the #BlackLivesMatter movement have tried to tie it to Baton Rouge police shooter Gavin Long (aka Cosmo Setepenra). But… big BUT… watch the video above. Long declared that the protests and words were NOT enough for him. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is a NONVIOLENT one. Do NOT let others rewrite the narrative. Agree or disagree with what he is saying, or what he did (and died doing), everyone MUST realize that his actions were NOT in keeping with anything #BlackLivesMatter has done or stood for.

Fearmongers might have you (or the police who will be present) believe differently. That’s DANGEROUS. They may well be inclined to spread propaganda that puts future demonstrators in danger. True, demonstrators may ‘break the law’… Drs. King, Abernathy, Lowery, Lafayette and others certainly broke the law of the land back in the day. The laws were unjust. They were CIVIL in their disobedience of the law. And, yet, they were beaten. Some who would stand with them lost their lives! Being civil, but still abused or worse.

So don’t think for one moment that folks seeing this Long video, recorded days before his shootout with police, won’t make a ‘leap’ and treat #BlackLivesMatter demonstrators like ‘terrorists’ (like they are already saying). Be careful. These are dangerous times for everyone.

(Goes without saying, but must be said: See what happens when folks are pushed too far? Bill Maher already alluded that he expected sh!t to hit the fan like in Baton Rouge and Dallas MUCH earlier.)


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Demrick x DJ Hoppa – “Low Key” feat. Self Provoked (Video)

Swear you’ll feel immediately transported to the days of ’90s boom-bap dopeness. Golden Era level dopeness dropped by Demrick and DJ Hoppa. Self Provoked also features on this track. Watch ’em light it up one time above, all while keeping it “Low Key.”



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Franchesca Ramsey Debunks Four Myths About #BlackLivesMatter (Video)

Franchesca Ramsey making the rounds from Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore over to MTV’s Decoded (all in the ‘family’…Viacom). Here you can see and hear her give facts that you can hit haters (e.g. those who insist on trolling against #BlackLivesMatter) in the head with. Now, do not get discouraged if all you get in response to your factual rebuttal is ‘All Lives Matter.’ You cannot have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Time for the truth. Press play above.


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Jadakiss x Nino Man – “One Dance” / “Oui Freestyle” (Video)

Dope double visual scoop mad thick with Honey dips with hips. Jadakiss & Nino Man go in and win on this “One Dance” & “Oui Freestyle” double-up. Truth!

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Sadat X – “Murder Soundtrack” feat. A-F-R-O x Rahzel The Legend (Prod. By Will Tell) [Video]

More and more bangers from that “Agua” a la Sadat X. This is a visual for that “Murder Soundtrack” (featuring that young rap phenom A-F-R-O and Rahzel The Legend). Beat by Will Tell.


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