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Questlove’s ‘Q&A’ Discusssion with De La Soul (Video)

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Science: Why Don’t Ants Get Stuck In Traffic? (Video)

More smart programming produced by PBS Digital Studios. Brilliant insights in this vid on what ants have to teach us about building efficient traffic networks. Such simple solutions, but many seem impossible. Because they are? NO.


Just watch, and maybe remember this the next time you’re stuck in that road jam downtown.

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The Lone Buddhist Monk Who Stood Against The Communists And Saved His Temple (Video)

One man can make a difference. Full disclosure: There is no fist fighting in this docu-vignette. This monk fought Communist aggression against his temple in a different way, but he definitely stood his ground.

Very few of Mongolia’s Buddhist temples survived the Soviet era. But one particular temple in Erdenetsogt still stands thanks to the efforts of one monk, who risked a long prison sentence to save it.
– Great Big Story


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Khalid – “Location” (Prod. By Syk Sense x Tunji Ige x Smash David) [Video]

Smooth with the dopeness. This is Khalid, pronounced /KUH-leed/ (major enunciation alert!) and his “Location” jawn is that fiyah!

I don’t need nothin’ else but you…

Ahhh, young love.


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Kaytranada – “You’re The One” feat. Syd (Video)

Oh, that’s that Syd on the feature. Syd The Kid from The Internet. Dope!

KAYTRANADA’s video for “You’re The One” off the “99.9%” album takes it all the way back to the ’90s. Lovely like that! Check it, and check for that LP via link to an earlier post on here below.


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Rewind: Rick James Takes His Former Bandmate To Court on Judge Joe Brown (Video)

Yooooo! Don’t waste another second trying to figure out “what the…?” It’s RICK JAMES, B!TCH! And just like Charlie Murphy might tell it, this story has some crazy twists & turns. Check out this celeb drama, played out on the Judge Joe Brown show.

At around 3 min, prepare for your first legit “DAAAAAAMNN! Did he just…” reaction. And it won’t be the last watching this.

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Eye Candy: Glo Luis (Video)

Gloria Luis aka Glo Luis is a work of art! Especially with beautiful ‘piece’ she has on display in the back. Have MERCY on me! What we see above, sort of racy. So imagine the Instagram page… her PRIVATE Instagram page. MM MM MMM!



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Science: The Sun Isn’t Actually Yellow (Video)

Okay, if the sun is a star, and all the other stars we see are white, why is the sun yellow. Because… it’s NOT! Peep the science. Then (deep breath) somebody’s gotta tell Superman.

Think about the color of the sun. You thought “yellow” right? Well, the physics of light is playing a little trick on you. It all depends on where you are.
– Tech Insider


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Audio Push – “Play Action” feat. Hit-Boy (Prod. By G Dave x Hit-Boy) [Video]

Gotta feel this new “Play Action” from Audio Push (featuring Hit-Boy). Certainly feeling how they slipped in the fit-n-thick Honeyz in the visuals above to ‘make em flip’ (hahaaaa)! Get this single on the “90951” album Audio Push is pushing right now.

AUDIO PUSH – 90951 (LP)

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Blank On Blank: Stevie Wonder 2005 Interview (Video)

Incredible interview of the legend, Stevie Wonder, by British journalist Barney Hoskyns. The audio is good enough, but you know PBS Digital had to juice it up with animation in the best way. It is short but impactful nonetheless, esp. with Wonder talking about his first brush with racism.

“I think I discovered, you know, the whole thing of color when I went down South once, when my grandmother passed away,” the musician says in the video. “There were some kids, White kids that lived nearby or whatever, [that said], ‘Hey, n!gger!”


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Fences (Official Teaser Trailer)

Maaaan! They ought to get an Academy Award for the trailer alone! James Earl Jones originally delivered the piece that Denzel Washington does in there, but don’t sleep… Denzel owned it! Coming to theatres December 25, 2016. So put watching this on your Christmas list!

“Fences” is directed by Denzel Washington from a screenplay by August Wilson, adapted from Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play. The film stars Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Jovan Adepo, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Russell Hornsby, Mykelti Williamson, and Saniyya Sydney. The film is produced by Denzel Washington, Todd Black and Scott Rudin.
– Paramount Pictures

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Nipsey Hussle – “Clarity” feat. Dave East x Bino Rideaux (Video)

Bossed up like a Corleone…
Nipsey Hussle

Boom! Nip dropped a jawn off his “Slauson Boy 2” for this week’s #MarathonMonday release. “Clarity” is powered by a driving beat and no-letup lyrics from Dave East and Bino Rideaux. Nice visuals.


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ScienZe – “Water To Wine” feat. Blu (Prod. By Black Spade)

Breezy banger of a beat by Black Spade bodied by a Blu feature and a sizzling lead lyrical performance from ScienZe. You know, the duo doing what they do. Like the way this plays out with the horn at the end, too. Enjoy.

Additional Saxophone provided by: Hailey Niswanger.
“Kind of Dessert” EP coming soon.
All Praises Due to the Most High.


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DJ Yogi – “Fleet Radio Global Spin 365” (Mixtape)


One of the DOPEST spin sessions ever! Thank DJ Yogi for that head nod hangover you are about to get. Lean in and listen to this mix featuring tracks from Redman, KRS-ONE, Talib Kweli, Fat Joe & Remy Ma (featuring French Montana), Dynasty and more.



Prince Ea – “Dear Angry Facebook User, This Is For You” (Video)

If you don’t like something, why are you giving it so much airtime… like you are getting paid to promote it?
Prince Ea

Man, Prince Ea is talking about some powerful stuff. Love power. The power of positivity. That is not to say, “Do not be aware” or “Never get angry.” He’s saying don’t SPREAD anger and negativity (on Facebook or anywhere), and spread awareness and act from a place of love. Good stuff.


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First Lady Michelle Obama Talks About Her Bestie Beyonce, Her Husband Barack And More (Video)

Hahahaaa! She called her husband ‘swagalicious’… priceless! Watching Michelle Obama talk about it with Stephen Colbert, you really get the feeling that the evening mealtime is more ‘dinner with the Obamas‘ than ‘dinner at The White House.’

Turns out everyone in President Obama’s family does an impression of him, usually at the dinner table. But the leader of the free world would rather gossip.

Nice. Lively interview with the lovely First Lady. Going to miss the Obamas when they move out of 1600. But bet your last dollar they will not just ‘go away.’ Way too much charisma and gumption for that. I’m almost as excited about the post-Presidency as I was when President Obama was voted and sworn in…both times #Swag


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Regina Hall Educates Conan About Yoni Eggs (Video)

Did you see when the lovely Regina Hall was on Conan talking about her Yoni Egg; what it is AND where she ‘wears’ it??? First off, it’s Regina Hall. Second, you might learn something about them Eggs. I SWEAR TO YOU… BOTH make this worth watching!


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Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks On The Challenges Of Being High-Profile, Being Blindsided By The ‘Conscious Stripper’ And More (Video)

Dr. Umar Johnson: outspoken, massively popular… and a target. In the above interview, he clarifies that high-profile people, such as himself, are targeted by media spinners and even women with unknown motives; specifically, a woman he met in Florida who calls herself the “Conscious Stripper.” She turned on Dr. Johnson in a very public way, and in the fallout from the incident he lost a million-dollar donation from an NBA player he would not name. Dr. Johnson declared that if he had known that he was going to be famous, he would have gotten married before the fame. Marriage calms you down and keeps you out of trouble.

Hmmm… something to consider guys… Put a ring on her, so she can rein you in.

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Why Must You Put Your Phone On ‘Airplane Mode’ When Flying? (Video)

Airlines say the darndest things: Like, you “have to put your phone on ‘Airplane Mode’ on flights?” Supposedly, it’s because active cell phones could interfere with the plane’s navigation equipment. But that’s not the real reason why your phone has to be on ‘Airplane Mode.’

Okay, Tech Insider. What’s the real story?


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Tommy Nova – “Hillside Strangler” (Video)

New music & video release from Tommy Nova for his latest, “Hillside Strangler.” Dope! Here is what he had to say about it.

The video is a moody, dark and sinister piece… It serves as a complete dichotomy from what is going on in the game today. Signature raw East Coast flow on this one. If boom-bap and time-tested lyricism is your thing, this quality visual should definitely make your playlist!



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