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Joell Ortiz – “Precious” feat. Raven Felix (Prod. By 20th Letter) [Video]

The “That’s Hip-Hop” LP is out… like NOW! We posted on it yesterday here. Trying to hip y’all on the dopest music daily; so how about this? Another video leak from the LP – “Precious” (featuring Raven Felix). Produced by 20th Letter.

Yessir. Raw; kinda racy at parts! Enjoy (the story and visuals).


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Eye Candy: Queen (Video) [NSFW]

Good gravy and jelly!! She musta been raised on them THICK grits!

Okay, ’nuff wit the breakfast stuff. This is the nooner vid. So have a little HOT Eye Candy. Sweet, for sure. But this Queen is extra spicy with her twerk, so beware if at work. And keep the guttural hollers down if you can. Queen is hella sexy, but don’t lose your job enjoying her wiggling her treats at you.



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Kanan’s Nudity On “Power” Surprised 50 Cent… And His Aunt Geraldine (Video)

The opening theme of “Power” focuses on coming from the ‘poorest part’ of a ‘big rich town’… Well, show creator Courtney A. Kemp didn’t tell producer and star Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson (playing the arch enemy, Kanan, on the show) that his private ‘part’ would be prominently featured in episode four of the hit series.

Bad move. The bad blood caused by that surprise full frontal shown on-screen still lingers to this day. Fiddy has learned to joke about it, but we’re not sure about his auntie Geraldine. We can only hope she’s calmed down. Ha!

Watch. You gotta.

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“Tiny Desk Concert” Series Welcomes Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals (Video)

Anderson .Paak and his band The Free Nationals… Much of their sound is layered atop a soulful Hip-Hop foundation; from there, your safest bet is to call it a hodgepodge of genres in the best way possible. Guitarist Jose Rios and bassist Kelsey Gonzalez inject a hard-rock edge into the Hi-Tek-produced “Come Down,” this set’s opening number. When you hear them play the first few jazz chords of “Heart Don’t Stand A Chance,” it’s hard to simply call this R&B…

But what you can call this is a dope set, a mini-concert, a NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Yeah, call it that. Now listen to the band and .Paak.


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Science: Just Over In The Next Galaxy, Could Proxima B Support Life? (Video)

Watch this video with the hope of a sci-fi space explorer, knowing that science fiction becomes science fact more & more nowadays. Astronomers have made a startling discovery, the full implications of which are yet to be figured out: A planet they call Proxima B, thought to be orbiting a red dwarf star (Proxima Centauri) in a “nearby” galaxy, could (emphasis on could) be Earth-like enough to support life as we know it!! Watch the video, and ponder the possibilities.

(Oh, don’t pack your spacesuit just yet, though. We’re talking a distance of four light years. In other words, it would take four years for light to make the trip. So…we need somebody to invent warp or light-speed travel first…then have four years worth of ‘road trip’ music on deck.)

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Joell Ortiz – “Walk With Me” feat. Whispers (Prod. By Domingo x Armada Beatz)


If the leaks’ heat is any indicator of the temperature level of Joell Ortiz’s and Domingo’s project “That’s Hip-Hop” (out now)… then this “Walk With Me” is another signal of a banging body of work. Know what? Hear proof for yourself after the jump (where the album stream is embedded). And just as you get used to Whispers collaborating with Chris Rivers all the time, Joell drafts the homie for a track attack. Beat by Domingo & Armada Beatz.


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Jadakiss x Uncle Murda – “OOOUUU” (Remix)


So that Young M.A beat is the thing to bring ’em out nowadays, eh? Okay then. Check out J To Tha and Uncle Murda go in on it then.


Chris Rivers – “Run Girl” feat. Dyce Payne (Prod. By Domingo & Tonyroc) [Video]

This “Run Girl” single is slated to be on the “That’s Hip Hop – Generation Next” project. Beat by Domingo & Tonyroc. Listen for the twist at the end though. Damn, that’s a helluva story to tell Chris.


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Shabaam Sahdeeq – “Limitless” (Prod. By DJ Doom)

Shabaam Sahdeeq has an album (“Timeless: Of The Collection”) coming first thing 2017. “Limitless” (produced by DJ Doom) is a leak of that sweet boom bappage I am hoping fills the whole project playlist. Check it. And check out a bio blurb on S.S. after the jump.



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Eye Candy: MizzJSantana (Video)

Goodness gracious! Okay, pop quiz: You walk into that bar you’ve been meaning to try for Happy Hour and MizzJSantana – looking like THIS – is sweeping up. She winks and says, “Aw sweetie. We don’t open for another couple hours. We got these $5 waters though…”

What do you do? WHAT do you DO!?! (Hint: Seeing MizzJSantana in her bikini and heels, or pretty much any sexy get-up, is your happiest hour!)



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De La Soul – “Greyhounds” feat. Usher

Can you believe there are still more bangers to drop from De La Soul’s new album “and the Anonymous Nobody…” though? You should, because here is another – “Greyhounds” featuring Usher. So dope… and there’s a story behind this jawn, too.

We were taking a break from recording to drive and get some food. Along the way we passed the bus station and someone in the car said, in a tour guide voice, “and to the left is the bus station where people come from everywhere to get their piece of Hollywood.” I immediately thought that would be a great song, having the entry and departure point of the story be the Greyhound bus station. A few weeks later, music from a jam session presented itself as a perfect fit for that subject, birthing the song “Greyhounds.”



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Throwback: Joey Bada$$ Live In London (Video)

Watch DJSemtex – on-air jock on BBC Radio 1xtra – talking to Joey Bad back in the day. The interview vid is laced with live Bada$$ performance footage from DJSemtex’s ‘Arrival’ concert event. London was loving the young’n for certain. Check it!

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Curren$y – “Incarcerated Scarfaces” (Video)

Jet Life sent the boss to beast it out on this instrumental for the “Incarcerated Scarfaces” classic from Raekwon. Went in pretty nice with the flows. Check Curren$y out above.

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Beanie Sigel Speaks On His Life In the Streets, Rocafella, & Moving Forward (Audio)

Beans said, “Everybody gangsta ’til a gansta come in the room.” That’s been said, but it sounds like new truth coming from B-Sig. Listen as he tells all facts to Tax…about coming up & remembering ‘the have-not’ times, about his early days in rhyme, The Roc, current and future moves and more.

Every time I step in the booth, I speak the truth. Today we bring you the Broad Street Bully himself, Beanie Sigel.

Beans & Black Thought (of The Roots) used to be teamed up? Wow!


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Eye Candy: Wendy Hazze (Video)

So when Wendy Hazze finally says come holler at her ’round the barber shop for that good cut… and you shower up and say that ‘thank you’ prayer then jet to the shop… Will you expect this treatment? Better question: You won’t be that mad will you? Talk about ‘trim’ though. Wowzerrrs!

Yeah. I’m waiting until Wendy’s chair is open, sir. Yes, I know there is a line. I don’t mind waiting. Kinda like waiting on her to accept me as an Instagram follower anyway.



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Why Racism Isn’t Just a Southern Problem (Video)

Sure, Harriet Tubman led slaves away from the South to escape slavery… the Jim Crow and Civil Rights black & white photos and videos show the South as the true ‘home’ of racism… BUT, let Franchesca Ramsey hip you to fact that racism ain’t just in the South good buddy!

While the stereotypical racist in the US might be a southern good ole boy, the reality is that “progressive” Northern and Western states have had a pretty long and terrible history with racism as well. Whether it’s the history of sundown towns that threatened violence against people of color if they were found there after dark, the incredibly racist founding of Oregon, or the long history of redlining to prevent home ownership, it seems like racism certainly wasn’t and isn’t just a southern phenomenon.

Go Franchesca! Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show was cancelled, but you’ve got too much to share with the world to stop now. No joke. Keep it pushing!

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Kwesy Mojo “Burn The Industry” (Video)

It’s no secret that Hip Hop is held in a higher regard in a lot of places overseas than here in America. Kwesy Mojo was born and raised in Africa but now resides in the states.  He like most youths when they hear HipHop fell in love with it and sought to add his own twist to the genre.  The first visual off his latest mixtape titled Self Help is for the track Burn the Industry.  Shot in his native homeland Ghana he brings to life how he plans to shake things up and Burn up the Industry.  Directed by Kobe N. Debrah and co directed by Kwesy himself you see instantly that a high level of production was put into making this.  So if you feel some heat coming at you remember you were warned that Kwesy is coming to burn down the industry.  We all can use Self Help so do yourself a favor listen to the new Self Help mixtape by Kwesy Mojo.


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Consequence Says He Ghostwrote For Jay-Z? (Video)

Not Jay Hova. Nope. Maybe? If so, this is big! According to Bossip and others’ interpretations, Cons said on Power 106 that he and Kanye West actually came up with the verses for “Encore” off “The Black Album.” Is he saying that Jay wasn’t even involved in conceiving the rhyme? Is this a slip or shade? Most important to the Hip-Hop: Is it TRUE?

See the interview for yourself above. Lean in at about the 8-minute mark…

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Look At The 2.5 Million Dollar Supercar ‘Money Mayweather’ Is About To Get (Video)

Don’t you get nervous about even seeing a car like this Kode57 supercar being touched by humans, touching pristine tires to ‘used’ roads? Maybe? It’s 2.5 milli on the price tag. Still no jitters? Good. Well, ask Floyd Mayweather Jr. to drive his when he gets it. Yup, Money is about to add a new toy to his collection.

(Damn. Floyd told y’all his money ain’t like other folks’ money… Remember this post here?)

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Blu x ScienZe – “Assassin” (Prod. By Nottz) [Video]

Blu and ScienZe kill this “Assassin” – with mic destruction over that evil Nottz beat. Check out these dudes’ Bless The Booth Exclusive video!

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