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Comedy: Shuler King Suggests That Drake Burning Down “Mama T’s” House MIGHT Allow Him To Get Even With Pusha T (Video)

Maaaan! The Internet went nuts, as expected, when Pusha T and Drake got to beefing for real. Now, I have SEVERAL favorites to share… but this one… take a deep breath, let it go, and press play. Your laugh muscles are about to get a workout. Comedian Shuler King’s reaction to Pusha T’s last diss to Drake is lethally hilarious #DeadFunnyAF


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Pusha T – “The Story Of Adidon”

So for all of Web 1.0 and 2.0 with the ‘sites, ‘grams, snaps, and heads that went ham when “Duppy” Drake dropped his bomb on the domain of King Push… hope y’all didn’t think that was it. Okay, Drake. T Pushed back HARD with “The Story Of Adidon.” Mr. Numbers On The Board checked you like a King do! Your move.

(Daaayummm, Push tossed a shot at Drizzy’s homie 40, too. And hit the jump for more heat for the beef. Wowww!)


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Robert Reich Raises The Question: Is Trump The Worst President In History? (Video)

Wonder how he really feels. Joking! There is no doubt about Reich’s position on President Trump’s performance and his place among the ranks of U.S. Presidents throughout the country’s history.

America has had its share of crooks (Warren G. Harding, Richard Nixon), bigots (Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan), and incompetents (Andrew Johnson, George W. Bush). But never before Donald Trump have we had a president who combined all these nefarious qualities.
Robert Reich


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Drake – “Duppy Freestyle”

Did you hear the Drake diss track going at Pusha T & Kanye West yet? Purely rhetorical question… Of course, you did! So, ummm… what to you think? Do you agree that Drake bodied King Push so hard that there is no coming back? Apparently, this is long-coming payback for Pusha T’s slick talk on that “Infrared” joint. But did ’nuff punchlines land to knock Push out?


President Trump More Compassioniate Toward Pundit Tomi Lahren Than To People Victimized By School Shootings (Video)

Y’all ever check out a video or three from uber-Conservative cute-but-ugly-talking ‘girl gone viral’ Tomi Lahren. Well, she’s usually the one calling out the wrongdoers and the waah-waah crybabies on The Left (Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, folks who disagree with her views). But here she is in the ‘victim’ role… again. Charlemagne Tha God might have found cause to make a case ‘for’ her a while back, but check out The Breakdown that Hasan Piker puts on her… and The President.

Our wetboy president Donald J. Trump showed more compassion to Tomi Lahren getting water thrown at her than victims of school shootings and the waffle house hero. Hasan Piker breaks down why Conservatives who spread hate speech whine about oppression at the first sight of backlash.
– The Breakdown

Oh, and Piker points and fires off on some other hot topics, like the NFL’s stand against #TakeAKnee (we posted on here).


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Comedy: Pardon The Interruption, Stephen. Deadpool Has A Movie To Promote (Video)

Have you seen that new Deadpool in theaters yet? Well, Stephen Colbert saw Deadpool a while ago… during his opening monologue… and it was hella funny!

Stephen talks about D.C. every night but, after a visit from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), it appears “The Late Show” is part of the Marvel Universe.
– The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


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Trevor Noah Suggests That Making A Frivolous 9-1-1 Call Should Cost The Caller Dearly (Video)

Hahaaa! Y’all are some SAVAGES for these memes I’ve been seeing on the extra-dry-snitching lady who called the cops on charcoal-burning brothers & sisters at the park. Keeping me in chuckle tears! And Trevor is in on the joking, too, but he has an idea that might result in good coming from the lessons learned from this ‘girl who cried Black’…

Trevor proposes an idea to stop non-emergency 9-1-1 calls in the wake of a White woman calling the police on a group of people for barbecuing while Black.
– The Daily Show With Trevor Noah


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Colbert Commenting On President Trump’s Mother’s Day Speech And Walking Back His Position On China (Video)

ROAST!! It’s hard being The President. Period. But when he tosses lobs for Colbert to knock out the park like this… Hilarity will ensue. Another funny Trump-filled monologue.

The President channeled “West Side Story” while defending his hypocritical directive to help China’s phone giant, ZTE, to “get back in business.”
– The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


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J. Cole Stops His “1985” Live Concert Performance To Spit Acapella To ‘Mumble Rappers’ (Video)

… you having fun and I respect that. But have you ever thought about your impact?

Wooooo! Take a few and WATCH this. Score for Montreality for sharing this jewel from J. Cole on Facebook. Carefully walking the line between giving guidance and ‘talking down’ to so-called ‘mumble rappers’ out here, J. Cole brings an argument that my folks and I subscribe to… Rappers who really want to be great should not just ‘make a hit’ but strive to make a lasting impression. Not all music (or music artists) has to have a ‘message,’ but it should matter. I submit that ANY rapper wants to be well thought of in at least some way when ‘the industry’ is done with them. NWA, Nice-N-Smooth, Uncle Luke, Juvenile, Craig Mack (RIP), Sean Price (RIP)… whether I felt they were ‘saying something’ or not, their classic music had impact on my life then, and still does NOW (I still bump their old joints 20+ years later).

So, do you think ‘mumble rappers’ or their fans will (1) sit still and really understand that Cole is not dissing them, but challenging them to be better; and (2) do you think they will be as excited in 21 20 years about that music as they [apparently] are today (e.g. that their music has lasting impact)?

Also, if there was a particular rapper Cole was going at… think they got the memo [to make good music, to save their money, and to NOT mess with Cole]?


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The Rock Speaks On His Rivary With John Ceno (Video)

WHAT? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson still got beef with his friend from the ring, John Cena? Yeah. Watch and get an idea of how RAW The Rock would ‘just bring it’ to Cena!

Dwayne talks about his WWE rivalry with John Cena, reveals what their relationship is like now and has a very important message for John.
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Ohhhh sh!t… John Cena has a response. Hit the jump for that!


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Kevin Hart & Terry Crews Hit The Gym, Joke, And Hydrate (Video)

Definition of silly ought to have these two as examples AND illustrations… both of ’em. Ha!

When Terry and Kevin hit the gym, everyone’s getting ripped and hydrated!


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Trey Budden – “Thoughts After The Courtroom” (Joe Budden Diss)

Ohhh shiiiiit. This could get a bit uncomfortable. Liking that Trey Budden got bars, but he’s using the skills to belly up to the bar and fire off some shots at his dad… Joe Budden. Wow.

Will Jumpoff Joe take his son to the woodshed and spank that azz for being disrespectful?

(And no, I did not miss an opportunity to work a ‘Slaughterhouse‘ reference in this post. I chose not to go that route.)


Comedy: Michael Blackson Is Boycotting Black Panther (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! The only African snubbed by #BlackPanther in every way. No phone call, no mentions, nothing. Son, Blackson says if #Wakanda don’t want to include him in their part of the [Marvel] Universe, he wants the whole jawn shut DOWN! And he is calling on YOU to support him, you mudda-suckas!

Michael Blackson Is Boycotting “Black Panther” For Not Casting Him In Movie.
– All Urban Central


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Comedy: Which Girl Scout Cookie Is The Best? (Video)

Now, JayForce is with the Samoas. World traveler. Plus, caramel cookies. I get it. But straight-ahead, meat-n-potatoes me… I’m still wondering where the sandwich cookies and chocolate chip joints at???
#OleSchoolCookieFool #COOOOKIES #OmYomYom

The SquADD discusses their all-time favorite Girl Scout Cookie.
– All Def Digital


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Michael Blackson Roasts N!ggas Who F**k Up. That’s What He Do. Muddah-Suckah! (Video)

Savage! Michael Blackson is a SAVAGE! He says so on here and lives that truth in the most hilarious ways in this interview.

Michael Blackson Addresses His Haters, Trashes Kevin Hart + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Comedy: Live From New York… It’s ‘The Grabbies’ (Video)

Bwaaaaahahaaa! So they finally got an award for all the real weenies winners out there; the ones with a firm grip on the Hollywood scene… only it seems the dudes are not as happy as one might think to be ‘recognized’ for what they’ve done in Tinsel Town. Go figure. And don’t worry, “The Grabbies” is an equal opportunity award event. Got women getting props “peeping peepees and squeezing sausages,” too.

But hold up: Is that Charles Barkley in there? Guy looks just like him. Turribul. Just turribul (as in terribly funny)!

Grabbie nominees Tom Sturgeson (Alex Moffat), Lenny Martin (Pete Davidson), Ronald Kellogg (Kenan Thompson), Tim Franklin (Charles Barkley) and Catherine LeBourge (Aidy Bryant) are interviewed on the red carpet.
– Saturday Night Live

SNL scored with this skit. Shots at ABC and the ‘Film City’… feel the burn!

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Hasan Piker Claps Back At Laura Ingram Telling Lebron James To ‘Shut Up And Dribble’ (Video)

Bwaaaahahaaa! Hasan Piker SMOKED Laura Ingram for her #ShutUpAndDribble dribble rant. Wonder if she has seen this… Might make her dribble, with her mouth wide open, leaking from the cheeks.

Laura Ingraham’s viral racist rant against LeBron James is the perfect example of how idiotic and hypocritical White Supremacy is.
– The Breakdown

Shout out to the fam Twice Born The God for sharing this epicness!


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Comedy: Which Star Wars Character Is The Best (Video)

Who will the SquADD choose as the best Star Wars character ever?

(Are you serious with that question? That is NEVER how these things go. They just take this, yet another, opportunity to bag on each other… hard. So hilarious!)


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Cam’ron Says He Did Not Diss Ma$e. He’s Just Telling The Truth About Him (Video)

For all the folks out there thinking that Ma$e ‘won’ that beef with Cam… or that they even know the whole way it went or how it ought to go… Hold the phone! Watch and learn something; at least Cam’ron’s side of the story.

I’ve never dissed Ma$e. I’m telling you stories about real life situations… I’ve never made up [anything] like… “f*cked my sister”… the imaginary sister I don’t have…

So, let’s start there. Click play and watch Cam break it down.

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Shots Fired, Then Returned! Killa Cam & Murder Ma$e Go At It, Releasing “The Oracle” And “Dinner Time” Diss Tracks

Woo hoo hoooo sh!t!! Shots fired, by both sides, over the weekend, over some beef that has been simmering for quite some time. Okay, get “The Program” (FREE here), because like the old guy at the ballgame yells, you can’t tell what’s going on without a “Program.”

And it’s not a game; it’s true. The first track, “It’s Killa,” on that FREE Cam’ron mixtape was the straw that rubbed Ma$e the wrongest way on this hayride. A couple of lines in that joint tell of a time when Ma$e was in danger and Cam bailed him out: He sent some of his goons in the area to deal with the danger and Ma$e got home safe. Grateful, but apparently not grateful enough, Ma$e’s offer of remuneration was met with indignation from Cam.

Then Ma$e called, said “Yo, I’m stuck inside some b!tches house”
Her boyfriend at the door, could I hurry up and get him out
Aight, what’s the address? Homie said “Kingsbridge”
That was great I had some n!ggas right on Bainbridge
Yeah, we play but believe it ain’t no game kid
Hopped off the elevator, aimed it at that lame lid
I ain’t give a damn, yeah Cam I was gung-ho
Got this n!gga home and he passed me a hundo ($100 dollars?!)
Told him straight up I ain’t feeling him
Let me curve this n!gga ‘fore I end up killing him
Cam’ron, from “It’s Killa” (as transcribed by Genius Lyrics)

Cam went on with, “I would make 80k on a lazy day.” And the dissing goes on from there. Yeah. Plenty of shade with no shadow! BEEF! In broad daylight, signified by bonafide unmistakable digs. And the streetz being the streetz, they watched… and talked. But they’ve been “talking” for decades about this sh!t. It all just recently came to a head when folks pressed Ma$e about it as he was trying to enjoy the Thanksgiving Day parade with his family (as documented by…

It took me about an hour. I went in the studio on Thanksgiving. I went to the parade with my family and I was like, “Nah I can’t.” I don’t know if it was Hello Kitty or Charlie Brown or one of them, I just said: “Nah, he can’t do that.”

Somebody asked me about it at the parade and I was with my kids, but that’s New York for you. So I put them on a plane, sent them back home and then was like “Daddy’s gonna handle this.”

And in the crucible of the studio booth, the fire burned and Ma$e came out that caustic sh!t like this (damn)!!

Much dirt as I got on you, don’t even need no research
My hand filthy, heart guilty, n!ggas like me need church
Tax know you as the nigga that snitched on the Roc
D.C. crips only know you the nigga they shot
OG n!ggas don’t have no history with you on the block
And everybody seen the footage I got
Every since 10 you was a thirsty nigga
I ain’t gone talk about the time you f**ked your sister
In 2002 you lost 50 pounds, ulcers in your liver
And now you tryna sell n!ggas liquor, N!GGA
You always play the sucker part
Where was all that Rico sh!t when you left Jim in Rucker Park?
Ma$e, from “The Oracle” (as transcribed by Genius Lyrics)

And now, we are at WAR!! The hotshot from Killa Cam’s ‘gram shows NO love (above). To be fair, here are the recent diss tracks from both – “The Oracle” and “Dinner Time” in order of release (below).

Wow. Just wow. More after the jump.

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