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R.I.P. Ms. Melodie (Cover Story)

We saw and heard word of the passing of Hip-Hop diva Ms. Melodie (formerly of BDP) many hours ago throughout the blogosphere and over the airwaves. However, everyone was reporting the same information (death, with no known cause); and none of the so-called majors had yet committed its resources or reputation to confirming the tragic loss. Well, though no new information of note has been shared, New York Daily News and MTV sources (and others) affirm that our beloved Ms. Melodie passed away yesterday, July 18 2012. We at express our deepest condolences and heartfelt sorrow at the passing of a sister that never did wrong by the culture of Hip-Hop, any of its elements, or the people who follow it and her. Rest in Peace, Ma…Rest in Power.


Rap Pioneer Ramona Parker aka Ms. Melodie, Dead at 43 (New York Daily News)

Read the entire article here.

Ms. Melodie Passes Away (MTV’s RapFix)

Read the entire article here.


3 Responses to “R.I.P. Ms. Melodie (Cover Story)”

  • AD:

    That’s not even Ms. Melodie in the first picture. How can you post random pics of people and say that’s someone who died??? Yo, take that pic down.

    • AD,

      Thank you for the comment. I have replaced the first picture with a screen shot from “Live on Stage” (a favorite of mine).

      I thoroughly researched this before posting, and I got several source confirmations on the first picture. Several sites used it. I even credited my direct source for the picture. Several of the folks who confirmed that pic still believe that that was Ms. Melodie. However, having gone back to re-confirm the picture’s validity, I am no longer as certain. So, to be 100% sure we are showing/respecting Melodie (and not “misreporting anyone else’s death), I made the replacement.

      This was/is important to all Ms. Melodie’s fans (including me). I wanted to get this tribute right. Now it is.

      Please keep coming back…and keep commenting. Tell others, too.

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