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Heltah Skeltah – ‘Otis Freestyle’

Ok I know what you’re thinking. “Not more Otis?!?!?!” All I can say about that is yes… more Otis. They should have never gave you ninjas Pro-tools LE. This time we got Heltah Skeltah with thier ‘G-Mix’ of the song that has been out for 5 seconds. I’m a big fan of Sean Price so I’ll rock with this joint.

One Response to “Heltah Skeltah – ‘Otis Freestyle’”

  • IThinkImMe:

    Been around for a while you should have heard of me sooner
    Niggers front, Bugatti kids are murking me cougars
    African, Americans but German to Luger
    I put it to your head and then I murder you with duelers
    Listen I am brethren, you the type they talk the dummies I get legend
    Run rain on you niggas, take your funds and flee run trains on your bitches count em 1,2,3
    Watch this
    The iconic, damn near bionic, I rock this till you throw it up like vomit
    Ironically, that Brooklyn bullshit, I’m on it
    I roll up on you and serve you, I am like Sonic
    I promise you I’m not wile them guys try me
    The more kind of problems between nostrils and eye sockets
    … the nice target
    You could bet your life on them
    My niggers shit is like Saw 6
    Rub back the temperature
    Conehead hoodie on some go back to Afrika
    Fuck the white power, white powder for my soldiers
    Obama is the pres but a nigger voted for none of them
    None of them up in the slums with the base heads guns and the drugs
    Fuck change, I need money and tons, get it
    All the monsters and the apes have spoken
    Show em the difference between icepicks and facebook pokes
    Polo from head to toe niggers I can boost charge … murder like I can’t shoot
    White sheep niggers, stank heat niggers
    Fucked up, head busted, the white meat niggers
    Pea, candid on the waist, nigga overthrow your government
    Planet of the Apes nigger
    Straight niggers in the face with razors
    I’m a crook from the Brook you shook them tasers
    You straight bitch butt, but you say you got a club snitch in new york
    Probably your favorite club
    When you play with guys
    Man that weapon never fire
    You ain’t even tested fire bitch, you a testifier
    Tell them quiet on the set, only gorillas yell
    You a snake and a rat, should be easy kill yourself
    Monster, every day is Halloween
    But if I got a mask at your door, its’ a robbery
    On another double R nigger
    Rocking rough, fuck out of here.
    Now listen. Don’t walk away from me when I’m talkin’ to you! You get a god damn job before sundown! Or we’re shipping ya off to military school! With the god damn, Finklestein shit kid! Son of a Bitch!

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