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BLITZ – 11/15/11: Def Meditation

It’s Tuesday & time to ‘Def-initely’ meditate on everything going on around the world. So Yoga ya ass into the BLITZ! News & information from around the world in just a few clicks.


Occupy Wall Street Movements Around The Country Find Police Moving In To Clear Sites

Former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky Denies Child Rape Charges

Sandusky Admits He’s ‘Horsed Around With Kids & Showered After Workouts’ With Them

Jerry Sandusky’s Defense Attorney Once Impregnated A Teenage Girl & Later Married Her

The Green Bay Packers Improve Undefeated Streak To 9-0 After 45-7 Beat Down Of The Vikings

Lebron James To Leave The NBA For The NFL During The Lockout? NBA Analyst Jalen Rose Suggests He Does Not

Actor George Clooney Says He Considered Committing Suicide

Scientists Find A Way To Harness Energy From Urine

Kim Kardashian Sues Her Alleged Former Publicist For $200,000

Artificial Blood Grown In A Lab Pumped In A Human’s Veins For The First Time

The New Economics Of The Music Industry

Writer George Nelson Speaks On “The Plot Against Hip Hop”

Get Ready For An Entirely New Human Species

NY Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Curses At A New England Patriots Fan

How To Erase Your Digital Footprint

The “Baby Got Back” Smartphone App

NBA Players Reject The Owners Offer; What Happens Next?

Mike Vick Has Two Broken Ribs After Philadelphia Eagles Loss Versus The Arizona Cardinals

Are High IQs Are Linked To Drug Use?

6 Things Nobody Tells You About Donating Sperm

Shaq Explains Why He Was Eventually Out With The Miami Heat

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